Coaches Additional Information


Additional information for the existing and potential coaches for the club.




For Stafford Harriers there are three main coaches qualifications.

For adults sessions :-

Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) or Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF)

For Young Athletes sessions:-

Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) or Childrens Coach


If you are interested in becoming a coach please talk to one of our existing coaches.


For the club to refund your fee you need to be proposed by an existing coach at a committee meeting.


Once qualified you will be expected to assist in one or more of the club sessions on a regular basis (as a guide the cub expects you to take at least 10 sessions or assist with 20 sessions within the first year).




Please check England Athletics Web site for most up to date info.

click here for England Athletes Coaching Courses




First Aid Course

It is strongly recommended that all coaches have some form of First Aid training. It is also important that this is renewed every 2 years.

This may be through your work, St Johns or a specialist course.

Coach License Information

How to apply for DBS (formally CRB)


New procedure introduced May 2105.




You will automatically be sent renewal information. 
For this to happen it is essential that your details at are correct and up to date.




UKA Disclosure and Barring Service check
Coaches and officials need a current UKA Disclosure and Barring Service check. This can be applied for online as follows:

1. Log into your profile at If you are applying for a coaching or officials licence for the first time your profile will be created for you after you have booked on a course. Information confirming your profile has been set up and how to access the portal will be sent to you once you are booked on a course.
If you have forgotten your username and/ or password you can click on the ‘Forgot your username?’ and/ or ‘Forgot your password or need a new one?’ link to proceed.*

2. See the 'Personal Details' section at the top of the page once you have logged in. At the bottom of the first column you will see your current DBS status:
o If you have no DBS check or your DBS check has expired this will be shown in red - please click on the link to 'Access online DBS' next to this to complete the online application.
o If your DBS check is due to expire shortly this will be shown in amber - please click on the link to 'Access online DBS' next to this to complete the online application.
o If your DBS check is fully up to date the date and status will be shown in green - you do not need to act, there will be no link to access the online DBS process. It is, however, worth noting when your application is due to expire so you can act a few months before this.
The online form process is simple to follow, on screen information at each stage will help you complete it effectively.

3. You will need to physically show three forms of identification to your 'evidence checker/ verifier'. More information on who to choose as your 'evidence checker/ verifier' is given in the online process and information on the types of identification is available here. They can then complete their part of the process online, or fill in and send the printed verification form in the post to Athletics Welfare after seeing and validating your documents.
Applications made online will still receive an ‘applicant’s’ certificate from the DBS. If the certificate finds ‘no information’ you do not need to send the certificate to UKA for verification. If you have previously received a DBS certificate but not via the UKA online DBS application process, or your certification contains information, you do need to return this certificate to the UKA Welfare team.

4. When UKA have received electronic confirmation for online applications, your licence will be produced and sent out to you.


For those applicants who do not wish to use the online application process you can still apply for a paper application form from the Athletics Welfare team.

If you have any queries regarding updating your DBS record please contact the Welfare office on 0121 713 8450 or email:

(*If you have a query regarding accessing your online profile at please contact Membership Services on 0121 347 6543 or via

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