2018 Membership fees


Last year the committee discussed and proposed an increase in member’s fees that were ultimately agreed and implemented for 2017.

However it appears that the increases have not gone far enough as once again we are faced with a year where the club financially is going to be at a deficit. Although we have a small amount of reserves this allows us to forward plan/purchase items and/or services during the year. Clearly those reserves have reduced over the last couple of years and if it wasn't for our very generous donors the situation would be even direr.


We have looked at other running clubs fees & structures to ensure we are offering a competitive deal to all and taking into account what the club provides thereby ensuring the club lives financially within its means and has a stable future.


Part of your membership fee goes to England Athletics which is £14 increasing again to £15 from 2018 for every affiliated member. We also have to pay for use of the Cricket Club, Rowley Park, kit storage, club affiliation fees to EA and North Staffs XC league. Added into this the subsidies on travel put on for certain trips/events/races it doesn't leave much.


As such the committee have discussed fees for 2018 and proposed a restructuring of fees. These will be subject to ratification at the AGM on 18th January 2018 which any member can attend.

Essentially there will be NO increase in the individual membership fees however the couple & family memberships will no longer be available from 2018, I apologise to those people affected as it will mean the overall amount you pay will increase and hope you continue being a part of Stafford Harriers.


This will leave the below membership structure:-


Membership Rate from 1 January 2018


Junior Membership (aged 16 & under) - £20 (Paypal £20.80)
Full Time Student Membership - £20 (Paypal £20.80)
Single Senior Membership - £40 (Paypal £41.60)
Associate Membership (Non-runners no EA fee) - £5 (Paypal £5.20)


Please if anyone has any queries get in touch. As said earlier these are proposed changes for the AGM in 2 months.



Darren Mattocks



If you join on or after 1st October then the membership for the current year is £15 (PayPal £15.60) per person and lasts until 31st December of the current year. People will then need to renew in January along with all current members.

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