Who we are

The trainers at Stafford Harriers are qualified England Athletics Coaches, as well as being genuinely friendly and helpful. They're available to assist you in all aspects of your training programme. Their personal, friendly approach always helps you to feel welcome and at home.


We also have a Young Athletes Section for keen youngsters aged from 8yrs to 16yrs.  Follow the link here or on the sidebar to see what they get up to.



Enjoy jogging / running but not got around to joining a local running club ?
Think that joining a club is too much commitment ?

Think that running clubs are full of "elite runners"?
Think that membership fees will be too expensive ?
Find it hard to get out for a jog / run ?


In the summer months it's so much more enjoyable to be outside fit and active than staying indoors. And the beautiful weather (hopefully) makes it so much more encouraging to get out there. And it's even easier to do that when you have friends that want to do it as well. If you don't already have friends who want to, you'll find new friends at a club.
So join a running club !

In winter months the evenings are dark - especially with all those rain clouds about ! It's far less attractive to get outside and exercise in the dark, cold and wet on your own.  But meeting up with others to do some running is more appealing, fun and safer.
So join a running club !




If you have done very little running and don't think you can run more than half a mile, or less, but really want to get started, the Club periodically run a complete beginners course. You'll be encouraged to jog / walk / jog / walk for gradually increasing distances along with others in the same condition as yourself. You'll soon be jogging all the way for a mile or so and then ready to face longer distances.

Our friendly coaches start new groups of beginners on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Rowley Park in Stafford. 




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We are a friendly bunch of folk, a good mix of male and female runners with a wide range of abilities - from slow jogging starters to fit class-winning enthusiasts.  If you are new to us we’ll make sure you’re welcomed. We mainly run the roads and trails around Stafford, but also have track speed/endurance sessions at Rowley Park. 

If you want to you can run for our team in competitive races, but ‘social only’ runners are equally welcome. The club operates a 'try-before-you-buy' policy so come down, join in, see how you like it and then make your decision.

Should you decide to join, your membership subscription will cover Midland Counties AAA registration and insurance on club nights. Many events are subsidised as well as the purchase of club kit. All cross countries are also free to club members. Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st each year.

Let us help you towards enjoying some Happy Feet -



If you should have any queries about possible membership you are welcome to contact:

Christine Skellern - Mob. 0779 1502601

Pete Burns - Mob. 07676 884892

Now have a good look at the rest of our web-site to see what we get up to!



Come and run with us first, however after a couple of weeks we expect you to know if we are right for you and ask that you join.




No other fees are payable on a weekly or monthly basis.

Entry in all Cross Country Leagues are covered.

Membership is renewable on 1 January each year.


To join go to our Join Now Page. Click Here