Our Training Sessions

The Club offers group training sessions six days a week depending upon your ability and desire to improve your running capability.


A 14 week coaching program for those completely new to running.

See the "Complete Beginners groups" page for more details.


Those who can already run 4 to 6 miles without stopping too often, but slowly, may like to join our Monday, Wednesday and Friday "Improvers" groups.

See the "Improvers groups" page for more details.


If you can run 6 miles in 10 minute miling pace or slightly faster, you can prepare for the Tuesday and Thursday groups by joining the Progression group on Monday night.

See the "Progression running group" page for more details.


If you can run 6 miles and more at 5 to 10 minute miling pace, you should join our Tuesday and Thursday training sessions - and one of our Sunday groups for longer runs (generally over 9 miles road or country).

See the "Slightly harder running" page for more details.


Those who are comfortable with their present running capability should consider building some improvement by joining one of our Speed sessions.

See the "Speed Development" page for more details.



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 No excuse for missing Tuesday or Thursday runs.