Complete Beginners group


If you have done very little running and don't think you can run more than half a mile, or less, but really want to get started, the Club holds two complete beginners course a year. You'll be encouraged to jog / walk / jog / walk for increasing amounts over 14 weeks. You will soon be jogging all the way  and then ready to face longer distances.







The next group will start in April 2018




The group will meet at Rowley Park at 6:15pm each Monday (except bank holidays) and Wednesday. There is no need to preregister or put your name down or pay (for the first 3 weeks). Come along and meet us.

The group is open to anyone, if you have any medical history or you are unsure then please talk to your doctor before coming along.

During the first few sessions there will be advise on buying the right footware, so please don’t rush out and buy new shoes for the first session. However if you have nothing then we would advise going to a sports shop that has trained staff and a treadmill. They can then check the movement of your feet and ankles when you run (the technical term is Gait Analysis).

One local shop that do this is Mammoth Lifestyle & Fitness (You need an appointment please check the current cost. Milford - 01785 664228). Please ring them before you travel.


Others places include : (Burton-Upon-Trent), Running Bear (Alderley Edge)

Your first session will consist of introductions, talk about our club, some basic rules, talk about kit and then the first runs.

We will start with running and walking within Rowley Park on the edge of playing fields.


We will build your running up gradually over the weeks until you can jog/run comfortably for 55mins without stopping.



Contact  email






The current training plan




The group meets at Rowley Park at 6:15pm each Monday (except bank holidays) and Wednesday for the first 9 weeks then we change to 6pm for the last 5 weeks. On Bank Holidays we don't run on the Monday and on the Wednesday we repeat the previous weeks session.



Please try and do a third session on Friday or Saturday until week 10


Any questions  email




11th Sept week 1 -- Monday & Wednesday Rowley Park 6-15pm

18th Sept week 2 -- Monday & Wednesday Rowley Park 6-15pm

25th Sept week 3 -- Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-15pm

2nd Oct week 4 -- Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-15pm

9th Oct week 5 -- Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-15pm

16th Oct week 6 -- Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-15pm

23rd Oct week 6 --  Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-15pm

30th Oct week 7 --  Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-15pm

6th Nov week 8 -- Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-15pm

13th Nov week 9 -- Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-00pm

20th Nov week 10 -- Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-00pm

27th Nov week 11 -- Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-00pm

4th Dec week 12 -- Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-00pm

11th Dec week 13 -- Monday & Wednesday  Rowley Park 6-00pm

18th Dec week 14 -- Monday & Thursday  Rowley Park 6-00pm



The last groups


The Sept 2017 group started with 16 people

The April 2017 group started with 21 people

The Sept 2016 group started with 18 people

The April 2016 group started with 24 people

The Sept 2015 group started with 37 people

The March 2015 group started with 18 people.

The Sept 2014 group started with 14 people.

The April 2014 group started with 38 people.


As with all groups:

Some moved onto other groups during the 14 weeks, some got injured, the rest have now joined the next group. This is called the "improvers group" they have a good foundation and will continue to get more confident and stronger.



The training plan

To check the schedule or start it if you can't make the beginning of the sessions open this document.


Beginners_Running_Schedule version3.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [22.7 KB]


The complete beginners group started 14th September 2015


Some of the group that after the 14 wek course joined the improvers group on the Christmas hat run. 4.5 miles in 55 minutes.





Messages from previous people that have done the beginners course:-



"Back in September 2013 I saw that Stafford Harriers were starting a beginners session - I hadn't run since I was a teenager and now at 34 weigh more than I used to. A friend who is a runner convinced me to try the beginners session. That was 18 weeks ago - I only knew 1 person and couldn't run half a mile. I can now run 4.5 miles in 1 go and have many friends and the support of fellow beginners. I have lost about a stone since I started running and my health is great. I would recommend the beginners course to anyone who wants to start running but doesn't think it is possible. Myself and many others are now running 3 times a week and can run between 4 and 5 miles - something we never thought possible. The support of the coaches, other runners and beginners has been amazing and continues to be the main thing helping drive me on - it is not to be underestimated. No matter how poor you think you may be at running everyone is always there to help you get to the finish of whatever run you may be doing. They will never leave you to run alone."



Here are a group of past members of Complete Beginners - who ran the Race For Life at the County Showground BEFORE they finished our course: