Wednesday Fast Run

NEW SESSION - Wednesday "FAST" run out session Starting from 15th November !



Wednesdays, 6pm til 7pm from Rowley Park


Leader; Phil Hilsdon


We already have improvers speed & improvers run out plus beginners on Wednesdays.

So this new session (between 5 to 7 miles) is aimed at providing our faster runners & senior Juniors (approx 7 to 7.30 min/mile pace) an extra mid-week push.

This has been specifically set up for the benefit of senior Juniors who are making the transition to senior ranks and the longer distance races, but is open to seniors who are capable of maintaining this pace and are willing to help and encourage the Juniors.



Anyone interested but not sure if this applies to them should speak to Phil or Ian Hodkinson (07703-687906)

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