Improvers Goups

Mondays at Rowley Park - meet at the lower car park from 6:00 pm

If you can manage to run continuously for 55 minutes, join a group for a 3 to 5 mile run.


Due to the number of runners some times we split the group into two sessions. There is no difference in how the sessions are taken or the routes run.


This is one of our 'feeder' group nights which is aimed at  those just starting out on the road to fitness and those hoping to improve from a slow base. The aim is to show people that running can actually be fun and that you don't have to be an international class runner to belong to a club!


It's great for those wishing to take up the sport and wanting to find out what club running is all about.




Wednesday at Rowley Park - meet at the lower car park at 6.00pm

This is a speed/endurance session  and a road run every Wednesday night.

Fridays at Stafford Cricket and Hockey Club (Winter) - meet at the Club entrance hall from 6:00pm

Similar to a Monday but also open to faster runners that muster well.



It is a great way to start the weekend.


Please keep an eye on the News Page for the dates when these runs change venue.

Fridays at different locations (Summer) - meet  6:00pm

This is an Improvers session to off road running. Mainly on gravel paths and footpaths. Mustering will take place every 5 minutes, and last 50 minutes, distance will depend upon speed and mustering.


This is great for people that have never run on the Chase.


We meet at the Castle car park or at a number of car parks on the Chase. See this weeks runs for the location.