Members Photo Upload Page

We have a new system to down load files to us. If you have any issues then please email





For the Harriers web site we only require pictures with a maximum size of 1024 x 768 pixels. Your camera or phone will take much bigger pictures. If you have the software and knowledge you can convert then before uploading or we will do it for you.


You can select the require pictures either with file explorer or with your internet browser.

File Explorer:- Select the files and drag then over the specified area

Internet Browser:-  Press the select button and browse to the files.


You can select multiple files (it will not accept whole folders) by using the shift and/or the ctrl keys.



The web masters may alter the size, and crop the photos for use on the web site. By uploading the photos you are giving the club permission to use the photos on both web sites.

Please ensure that you keep the masters files safe.