Race Report July to September 2017


30th Sept 2017

No Report


U11 Girls
33 Caitlin Saunders Stafford Harriers U11G 8.18
U17 Women
18 Taygen Pike Stafford Harriers U17W 22.08
19 Saffron Latham Stafford Harriers U17W 22.52
20 Chloe Burrows Stafford Harriers U17W 23.58
U11 Boys
33 William Gray Stafford Harriers U11B 9.38
48 Ned Holland Stafford Harriers U11B 10.55
U13 Boys
37 Matthew Hilsdon Stafford Harriers U13B 15.55
45 Jack Heath Stafford Harriers U13B 16.16
61 Ben Green Stafford Harriers U13B 18.55
U15 Boys
27 Jake Oliver Stafford Harriers U15B 17.01
36 Robert Gray Stafford Harriers U15B 19.56
U17 Men
13 Matthew Bonney Stafford Harriers U17M 20.22
16 George Hodkinson Stafford Harriers U17M 20.52
26 Robbie Gorman Stafford Harriers U17M 22.28
28 Ben Deakin Stafford Harriers U17M 23.29
Senior Women
48 Kerry Hall Stafford Harriers W35 25.31
82 Chris Skellern Stafford Harriers W55 27.16
87 Mel Deakin Stafford Harriers W45 27.25
117 Debbie McDermott Stafford Harriers W45 28.40
150 Jo Oliver Stafford Harriers W45 31.45
Senior Men
59 Phill Hilsdon Stafford Harriers SM 32.04
124 Justin Green Stafford Harriers M45 34.58
138 Ian Heath Stafford Harriers M45 35.29
150 Michael Dobson Stafford Harriers M50 36.00
152 Jason Littlewood Stafford Harriers SM 36.13
158 Spencer Holland Stafford Harriers M45 36.32
159 Ian Wood Stafford Harriers M50 36.33
178 Ian Hodkinson Stafford Harriers M45 37.18
195 Anthony Haycock Stafford Harriers M60 37.51
214 Jim Smith Stafford Harriers M50 39.21
231 Dave Marsden Stafford Harriers M60 40.40
234 Steve Turner Stafford Harriers M55 40.57
251 Darren Mattocks Stafford Harriers M40 42.36
253 Roy Clay Stafford Harriers M60 43.03
267 Mark Burrows Stafford Harriers M45 45.05
272 Ed Smith Stafford Harriers M60 45.24
276 Peter Williams Stafford Harriers M65 45.40


Stafford 10K

24th September 2017


No report yet.


115 runners


Position Name Time Club Class Class Position PB
5 Phil Hilsdon 35:37 Stafford Harriers M 4
13 Steve Vaughan 36:37 Stafford Harriers M 11
18 Harry Perkins 36:59 Stafford Harriers M 13 PB
29 James Found 38:16 Stafford Harriers M 19 PB
37 Justin Green 38:50 Stafford Harriers M45 7 PB
48 Simon Cope 39:24 Stafford Harriers M 30 PB
73 Ian Heath 40:41 Stafford Harriers M45 8 PB
95 Matt Bonney 41:43 Stafford Harriers MU21 5 PB
96 Jason Littlewood 41:44 Stafford Harriers M 57
98 Paul Higginson 41:49 Stafford Harriers M40 15
100 Robert Gorman 41:54 Stafford Harriers M
111 Liam Duggan 42:20 Stafford Harriers M 67
117 Richard Draper 42:29 M 73 PB
125 Spencer Holland 42:54 Stafford Harriers M45 18
150 Jim Smith 43:41 Stafford Harriers
163 Alan Griffin 44:11 Stafford Harriers M45 25
172 Dean Hibbitt 44:22 M40 32
190 Kian Arnott 44:23 Stafford Harriers MU21 10
198 Kev Darby 44:57 Stafford Harriers M45 29
202 Ben Deakin 45:24 Stafford Harriers MU21 11
234 Gareth Hudson 45:52 Stafford Harriers M 117 PB
247 Kerry Hall 46:10 F35 6
251 Simon Bromley 46:17 Stafford Harriers M40 42
259 Paul Reece 46:26 M 119 PB
261 Tim Hough 46:29 Stafford Harriers M45 38
284 Nia Nokes 46:48 Stafford Harriers F 9
302 Craig Harris 47:02 Stafford Harriers M 138 PB
317 Stella Dennis 47:22 Stafford Harriers F40 6 PB
367 Chris Skellern 48:17 Stafford Harriers F55 2
374 Mark Burrows 48:33 Stafford Harriers PB
457 Mel Deakin 49:59 Stafford Harriers F45 13
484 Neil Eisenhauer 50:20 Stafford Harriers M45 61
489 Jenny Beckett 50:27 Stafford Harriers F35 18 PB
499 Nicol Hudson 50:41 Stafford Harriers F 26 PB
510 Chris Elsley 50:52 Stafford Harriers M50 23
512 Debbie McDermott 50:53 Stafford Harriers F45 15
518 Mark Withington 50:58 M45 78
531 Darren Mattocks 51:17 Stafford Harriers M40 80
Joseph Heathcote 51:21 Stafford Harriers
544 Natalie Boswell 51:25 Stafford Harriers F35 22 PB
545 Jon Freeman 51:26 Stafford Harriers M 217 PB
576 Eddie Smith 51:57 Stafford Harriers
587 Ian Williams 52:07 M45 71
627 Helen Richardson 52:39 F35 27
641 Lizzie Jasper 52:51 FU21 5
643 Craig Baxter 52:51 Stafford Harriers M45 80
688 Selena Powell 53:36 F35 30
703 Caroline Nichol 53:44 F35 34
710 Scott Kelsall 53:48 Stafford Harriers M40 102 PB
721 Graham Williams 53:57 Stafford Harriers M70 3
741 Ruth Edwards 54:08 Stafford Harriers F55 4 PB
749 Peter Williams 54:17 Stafford Harriers M65 4
754 Georgina Coggins 54:23 Stafford Harriers F35 46
802 Emma Withington 55:00 Stafford Harriers F45 40 PB
830 Mark Bentley 55:26 Stafford Harriers M55 27
835 Kerry Robertson 55:31 Stafford Harriers F50 7
865 Ian Williams 55:53 Stafford Harriers M45 94
881 Saffron Latham 56:06 FU21 7
885 Claire Jackson 56:09 F 71
909 Karen Murray 56:29 Stafford Harriers F50 14
947 Kim Parsons 57:08 F55 6
973 Taygen Pike 57:25 Stafford Harriers FU21 11 PB
992 Mark Oliver 57:40 Stafford Harriers M45 99
995 Jo Oliver 57:41 Stafford Harriers F45 39
1022 Karen D Murray 57:50 Stafford Harriers
1015 Keith Wilson 57:54 M 345
1018 Keith Wilson 58:02 Stafford Harriers M 346
1021 Alison Conaghan 58:04 Stafford Harriers F45 42
1082 Charlotte Reeves 58:37 Stafford Harriers F 114 PB
1121 Tina Darby 59:13 Stafford Harriers F45 58
1199 Julie Nokes 01:00:02 Stafford Harriers F55 11
1277 Liz Simcox 01:01:10 Stafford Harriers F40 64
1279 Julie Mogey 01:01:13 Stafford Harriers
1307 Sarah Whyte 01:01:37 Stafford Harriers F45 56
1309 Evie Whyte 01:01:37 Stafford Harriers FU21 18
1384 Rachel Marsden 01:02:40 Stafford Harriers F40 72
Jo Probyn 01:02:42 Stafford Harriers 99
1394 Michael Bamber 01:02:44 Stafford Harriers M50 61
1393 Linzi Jones 01:02:44 Stafford Harriers F40 90 PB
1450 Gemma Gray 01:03:37 Stafford Harriers F 180
1461 Austin Whyte 01:03:47 Stafford Harriers M50 65
1499 Joanne Carson 01:04:33 Stafford Harriers F45 81
1519 Karen Hilsdon 01:04:49 Stafford Harriers F45 82
Leala Winshup 01:05:04 Stafford Harriers
1566 Chloe Burrows 01:05:27 Stafford Harriers FU21 23
1575 Samantha Stone 01:05:36 F35 165
1583 Maxine Mills 01:05:45 Stafford Harriers F50 39
1598 Alice Hawkins 01:06:00 F35 151
1638 Lorraine Flory 01:06:30 Stafford Harriers F45 89
1649 Wendy Sears 01:06:40 Stafford Harriers F55 22
1681 Dawn Gibbons 01:07:14 Stafford Harriers F40 133 PB
1682 Bill Whitworth 01:07:15 Stafford Harriers M70 5
1692 Tessa Jasper 01:07:28 F45 91
1725 Suzanne Brotherhood 01:08:11 F45 95
1747 Stephanie Burrows 01:08:36 Stafford Harriers F 265
1779 Liz Shillito 01:09:25 Stafford Harriers F40 140
1819 David Kumar 01:10:09 Stafford Harriers M 483
1822 Julie Petrek 01:10:11 F45 103
1854 Charlotte Ward 01:10:48 Stafford Harriers F35 208
1895 Emma Metcalfe 01:11:34 Stafford Harriers F 282
1932 Andrew Carter 01:12:36 Stafford Harriers M65 10
1996 Deborah Garcia 01:14:22 Stafford Harriers F45 124
2040 Farhana Patel 01:15:39 Stafford Harriers F35 234
2093 Sarah Gray 01:18:14 Stafford Harriers F55 33
2094 Alison Martland 01:18:14 Stafford Harriers F45 139
2102 Lindsay Lillico 01:18:42 Stafford Harriers F40 182
2155 Frank Evans 01:21:30 Stafford Harriers M70 8
2158 Hayley Steele 01:21:38 Stafford Harriers F 360
2182 Jane Fletcher 01:24:16 F45 150
2187 Shirley Smith 01:24:32 Stafford Harriers F50 78
2188 Abigail Smith 01:24:32 F 371
2213 Diane Green 01:27:11 Stafford Harriers F50 80



Blithfield Reservoir 10K

Saturday 23rd September 2017.

Report by Dave Marsden

We approached the reservoir down a narrow country lane from Abbots Bromley, parking in a field which overlooked the waters. The race headquarters and the start and finish areas were located at Blithfield Reservoir Sailing Club. It was a damp, grey morning with a light breeze blowing up the reservoir, but not cold and ideal for running.

The course followed a track up the side of the reservoir until it reached a road which crossed over the water. At the other end of the bridge, it turned off onto a track down the other side of the water, to a turning point at 5K. We then retraced our steps, along the track, over the bridge and back to the Sailing Club.. It was relatively flat, just a couple of humps on the far side to contend with.

The race was won by Ryan Friel, unattached, in 38:02. The first lady was Annabel Roberts also unattached, in 42:43. 134 runners finished. Harriers’ times were:-


Position Name Time PB
Dave Marsden 48:37
John Finney 53:01
Lizzie Pellowe 01:05:40

September 5K time Trial

20th Sept 2017


Continuing on from August’s Time Trial, this was the fourth and last of several planned time trial events for the Juniors over the summer months, in which we had 14 run on this occasion, and who also ran with the adult improvers group along the disused railway track. The event is intended to monitor the Junior’s progress, and chart how they do, over time, and offer support and coaching accordingly. Thank you to all that helped with this event.


First Name Surname J/S 12-Apr-17 31-May-17 09-Aug-17 20-Sep-17
Michael Bamber S 28:31 29:08
Nick Beckett S 22:20 21:21 21:09 20:53
Jenni Beckett S 24:23 24:39 24:19 24:08
Harry Beckett J 27:54 28:25 29:55 30:37
Isabelle Beckett J 27:16 28:56 30:44
Matthew Black J 26:01
Olivia Black J 29:27
Matt Bonney J 18:39
Nicola Bridgwood S 31:04
Gemma Brown S 44:47 37:28
Naomi Brownless S 27:11
Mark Burrows S 23:15 23:51
Chloe Burrows J 29:34 27:31
Steph Burrows S 30:20 31:19
Joanne Carson S 28:55
Amy Cartwright S 29:13
Ben Cook J 20:20 18:46
Lorraine Cotterill S 32:35
Mel Deakin S 24:04 24:03 23:43
Mark Deakin S 25:03 24:54 24:14
Ben Deakin J 20:46 21:41 21:05
Liam Duggan S 20:30 20:13 20:27 20:02
Mandi Edwards S 39:59
Ruth Edwards S 26:43
Jane Fletcher S 38:45
Lorraine Flory S 32:06
Michelle Fox S 20:37
John Freeman S 24:43 23:32
Harvey Freeman S 32:21
Peter French S 34:31 34:51
Karl Gillibrand S 24:02
Robbie Gorman J 18:37 19:48
Gemma Gray S 31:55
Sarah Gray S 32:54 31:42
Justin Green S 19:21 19:43 19:11
Ben Green J 27:09 26:55 26:20
Alice Hawkins S 30:33 31:09 30:11
Ian Heath S 19:53 20:00
Jack Heath J 23:55 21:45
Claire Heath S 31:10
Dean Hibbitt S 22:57 22:38
Phil Hilsdon S 18:05 19:16 17:50 17:21
Matthew Hilsdon J 21:31 21:58 22:20 22:02
Karen Hilsdon S 30:24 31:05 31:27
Ian Hodkinson S 20:26 20:05 20:32
Alex Jackson S 27:04
Alix Jackson S 27:33 26:46
Rohiatou Jobe S 32:52
Andy Jones S 20:41
Ben Jones J 24:45
Lindzi Jones S 30:03 29:07
Alan Jones S 22:20 22:02
Saffron Latham J 26:51
Jason Littlewood S 20:35 19:25
Rachel Marsden S 29:48
Alison Martland S 33:31 36:13
Ellie Mills S 32:50
Maxine Mills S 31:01 30:13
Adam Morris S 28:15
Anthony Nicholls S 25:33
Daniel Nicholsan S 24:05
Jake Oliver J 21:29 22:29 27:23
Amber Page J 29:02
Farhana Patel S 36:43
Taygen Pike J 26:34 27:18
Claire Pilsbury S 27:14
Jonathon Platt S 26:42 24:32
Selina Powell S 26:02 26:43
Jakob Reece J 25:37
Charlotte Reeves S 27:19 28:05
Kerry Robertson S 25:38
Danielle Salkind S 44:47
Will Sammons J 19:47 20:24
Jack Sammons S 24:44
Lisa Sanzeri S 24:07
Caitlin Saunders J 26:01 24:48 27:03 26:58
Jim Smith S 23:31
Shirley Smith S 30:33 30:14 29:25
Samantha Stone S 29:55
Valerie Stuart S 36:06 38:02 37:47 37:17
Stacey Terry S 31:11
Michelle Turner S 37:41
Nick Walklett J 22:31
Rachel Weaver S 30:06
Rose White J 26:46
Mark White S 21:45
Keith Wilson S 28:36 27:40
Lucas Wilson J 21:46



St Thomas 7

September 17th 2017


Report by Graham Williams

Ten Harriers travelled to Upper Tean for the seventeenth race in the NSRRA series. As it was my turn to drive, I drove three youngish ladies – Chris Skellern, Tracy Riding and Karen Murray to the race. The highlight of the journey was over an inability to understand two GPS and a wayward fly in the car!

Race Headquarters was the local school where we collected our numbers and a long-sleeved tee shirt. The start was in a narrow country lane some ten minutes away. We ran in ideal cool weather but the sun came out later to make it a very pleasant day. The race was mainly on quiet country lanes with a couple of short road sections. However this is where the word undulating must have come from because there were lots of ups and downs with one section like a switch back. The last section was downhill with a sharp climb to the finish in a field. Here we were rewarded with a goody bag containing a medal, water and a pack of local oatcakes.

The winner of the race was Carl Moulton of Boalloy in 39.44 and first lady Kristina Defries of Trentham in 44.41. First home for the Harriers was Phil Hilsdon in a fantastic second place, wearing his new trainers for the first time! Matthew Hilsdon also had a great run to come second in the Fun Run and finished before his Dad.

Harriers results:

Phil Hilsdon 42.09
Ian Wood 49.34
Alan Jones 54.02
Chris Skellern 57.50 2nd L50
Roy Clay 58.23 2nd Group F
Tracy Riding 58.56
Eddie Smith 59.54
Debbie McDermot 60.17
Graham Williams 62.25 2nd M70
Karen Murray 68.08




Report Chris Elsley

Meeting fellow harriers at upper tean for the St. Thomas 7 on what was a very nice morning. The finish is next to the school on the sports field with the start a short climb though a cul de sac and a hedge onto a narrow lane then up until you get to the chalk starting line.

The lane being narrow made the start a bit crowded however Phil hilsdon was soon on the tail of carl moulton as we climbed for the first two miles over part of Cheadle 4 route I was having a battle with john wood on the steep downhill section down to the half way turn but started to pull away from him and picked off a few others as we climbed towards six miles and a sharp left hand turn up a nasty little climb which takes us back to the road we started on. we now head steeply downhill over the start line into tean with a tight left we climb up then left past the school before turning right into the finish.

One of the lads I went past at five miles was rob ibbs this was not the last I would see of him as he got me on the finishing line with the same time in a photo finish.

After collecting my oat cakes and goody bag I bumped in to Phil who had a great race finishing in second place to Carl Moulton then I watched the remaining harriers finish with Tracy Riding out sprinting a lady to Mark Churnton running Sunday as he was the chap who organised the first St Thomas 7 and made it the great race it is today.


Lichfield 10K

10th September 2017


Report Chris Elsley

James Found was the first Harrier home of 11 who entered James completed the 10k in 38:30 to finish


Position Name Time PB
15th James Found 38:30 PB
26th Justin Green 39:37
37th Michael Dobson 40:21
52nd Adam Lightfoot 41:23
99th Ben Deakin 44:01 PB
200th Simon Groom 47:56
222nd Chris Skellern 49:08
283rd Mel Deakin 50:38
409th Sarah Whyte 54:33
562nd Gemma Gray 58:23 PB
917th Sarah Gray 01:09:41


In an overall field of 1,023 finishers, Jonathan Read (Birchfield Harriers) was the race winner in 35:39 with team mate Katie Allen taking the ladies prize in 36:51 (7th overall)


Ipstone 5ish

9th Sept 2017

Report Graham Williams

Six Harriers travelled to Ipstone for the latest NSRRA race. I did this race many years ago when we started and finished at the Old Fire Station, now it is up the road at the local village hall. There is always a local fete taking place and there were several stalls, a tombola and BBQ. While we waited in the hall for the start, we were serenaded by a guitarist who sang several popular songs, outside it poured with rain! The start and finish were on a muddy wet field next to the hall. The race was started by the local Town Crier in full regalia. Having done a circuit of the field we entered a side road and ran the first mile up a steady incline. We then turned left and went down a muddy stony track. It then started to rain hard and there was a stream running down both sides. The course proceeded along some road and track sections with endless puddles. I gave up trying to go round the water and ran though them. At four miles we were confronted by a very steep hill before a gentle downhill section and finishing with a half circuit along an increasingly muddy field. At the end of the race we received a bottle of water and a nice medal. The race measured 4.95 miles hence the Ipstone 5ish.


Winner 27:21 Simon Myatt

First Lady 32:12 Kristina Defries

Spencer Holland 34.37
Ian Wood 36.25
Dave Marsden 39.29
Roy Clay First Group F 41.23
Graham Williams 2nd over 70 46.47
Karen Murray 3rd Lady over 50 48.09


Report by Dave Marsden.

A group of 6 Harriers made their way to the village of Ipstones on the edge of Staffordshire Moorlands to take part in this vintage event. It has been going for many years now, the start and finish locations have changed but it has always taken place in early September to coincide with Ipstones village fete, to the best of my knowledge.

The weather was not the best, we were subjected to some distant relative of Hurricane Irma without the wind but plenty of rain. Runners sheltered in the Memorial Hall from the wet and the cold, some foregoing their warm-ups.

There was a brief respite from the rain as we got underway but it resumed with increasing intensity as we climbed out of the village. The road and track off the climb became shallow waterways.

The last mile is quite brutal. A steep hairpin climb is followed by a more gradual incline back into the village, finishing with an uphill,half circuit of a soggy grass field to the finish line.


ReportChris Elsley

Six Harriers went on a very wet Saturday to Ipstones to do this tough 5 ish mile race. This race has a country fete feel with stalls and entertainment no different this time although it was a bit restricted by the rain. We huddled in the memorial hall until the last minute then headed to the start at bottom of the field it had now stopped raining but it would not last. We started with a loop of the field and climb though Ipstone which was where I last saw Spencer in the distance,

Once the steep first hill was climbed you turn left and level out before a couple of small climbs the next left takes you downhill onto a slippery farm track it was now the rain returned with a vengeance. ( just look at Bryan Dales photos taken at four miles to see)

At around of four miles we have a short twisting climb before heading to the finish with half a lap climb around the field to finish by the memorial hall.


Autumn Handicap

7th Sept 2017




1 JACK HEATH 37:07 7:30 29:37
2 IAN HEATH 37:16 10:30 26:46
3 BETH DARK 38:28 8:00 30:28
4 DEAN HIBBITT 38:29 8:15 30:14
5 PHIL HILSDON 39:05 15:30 23:35
6 JASON LITTLEWOOD 39:08 13:00 26:08
7 JUSTIN GREEN 39:10 13:00 26:10
8 MATTHEW HILSDON 39:42 7:30 32:12
9 CHRIS ELSLEY 39:50 8:15 31:35
10 BEN GREEN 40:06 6:30 33:36
11 DEB McDERMOTT 40:07 6:30 33:37
12 JIM SMITH 40:08 11:30 28:38
13 CHRIS SKELLERN 40:37 7:00 33:37
14 CAROLINE NICKOL 40:47 7:00 33:47
15 ALAN JONES 41:17 11:15 30:02
16 MARK BURROWS 41:19 7:30 33:49
17 ROBERT MOTTRAM-JONES 41:24 13:00 31:24
18 LINZI JONES 41:29 2:45 38:44
19 MICHAEL BAMBER 41:29 2:45 38:44
20 IAN WOOD 41:39 12:00 29:39
21 SAFFRON LATHAM 41:59 7:00 34:59
22 KAREN MURRAY 45:26 6:30 38:56
23 JANE BISIKER 46:10 7:30 38:40
24 ALISON CONAGHAN 47:29 7:30 39:59

South Cheshire 20 & Wolverhampton

On Sunday runners had the choice of races with the South Cheshire 20 and the Wolverhampton Series comprising of a marathon, half marathon or 10k.


South Cheshire 20

3rd September


Report Chris Elsley

The South Cheshire 20 attracted 8 Harriers in a field of nearly 200 runners –and it was an especially good day for one of them as Debbie McDermott took the 3rd place in the Ladies 45 category.

The race starts from Shavington Leisure Centre and takes in the surrounding country lanes taking in the border villages of Weston, Betley, Audley and Barthomley before returning back to Shavington. It is a hilly course which provides a tough test for all.



Position Name Time PB
39th Ian Wood 02:29:52
49th Spencer Holland 02:33:20
59th Jason Littlewood 02:35:57
80th Simon Bromley 02:44:13
126th Alan Jones 03:00:59
143rd Eddie Smith 03:11:32
150th Kerry Robertson 03:15:37
151st Debbie McDermott 03:15:37


Race winner was Gary Priestley (Salford Harriers) in 1:52:17 with Rachel Wood of Blackburn Harriers taking the Ladies prize (2:15:16).


Simon Bromley’s report on the South Cheshire 20:

The day started out like any other race where you get a horde of Harriers turning up to run, by planning which pub we were all going to after the race. It was a rather cool Sunday Morning with a few spots of rain in the air as we stood outside Shavington leisure centre waiting to be told that we could get on the road for the start.

My fellow Harriers, Ian Wood, Spencer Holland, Jason Littlewood, Ed Smith, Debs McDermott, Alan Jones, Kerry Robertson and myself lined up in the road poised and eager for the start, a young lady from South Cheshire Harriers stood on a table to give us some barely audible race instructions and then 187 runners were off.

As we trundled off up the carriageway and over the bridge to the first corner, the group started to spread out and we got into the flow of the race and dropped into a steady pace.

As we headed out of Shavington towards Weston and the lovely country side, thoughts start passing through the mind such as “I’m sure we’ve done 5 miles by now”, “did I put enough Vaseline on?” and the ever popular “Bloody Hell, look at the size of that place”. After mile 4, and the glow of Ian Woods Orange shorts disappearing in the distance, we made the right turn into the start of the loop that would take us out and back again. A well marshalled and well signposted route took us along mainly country roads out of Cheshire back into Staffordshire for the next 10 miles or so.

The course was planned for everyone to stick to the footpaths as much as possible to avoid any traffic related incidents, those roads that we had to cross had a well marshalled position to either stop the traffic or see us safely across the roads

Several picturesque villages (and some dodgy footpaths) later, we made our turn at mile 9 to begin the long leg towards Audley to begin the back half of the course and encountered a rather gentle incline past a farm and all the way up to mile 10.

Feeling rather pleased that the hill was conquered, without passing out, it was onwards towards the half marathon mark and beyond. A rather fantastic feeling passing the 13-mile marker leads to thoughts of a finishing time to begin floating around (as well as where the next water stop is.)

3 miles down the road, through some lovely countryside and very quiet roads, we began the run back towards the finishing line along the same roads we ran out on and a little rush of adrenaline kicks in as we know were so close to the end and helps to push us onwards.

Mile 18, so close to finish and only 2 miles to go. Legs start to feel a little tired now. But being so close you know you can’t give up. 20 minutes down the road is the finish line and the glory of being able to bag a 20 miler under the belt.

Mile 19, probably the hardest mile I’ve run in a long time, running towards the finish line cursing the race and the ever cheerful marshals, still smiling despite being stood in same place for several hours, with their “Not far now” comments swearing to myself that I’ll never run again, gave way to an immense feeling of satisfaction as crossing the finish line and being able to down several gallons of water means that the race is over, the distance conquered and someone has goody bag to handover.

Ian Woods was the first Harrier back in a respectable time of 2:29:52, closely followed by Spencer Holland and Jason Littlewood some 3 minutes and 6 minutes later.

A big shout out to our very own Debs McDermott who not only finished the race (despite telling everyone she could that she’d done no training) but also won third prize in her age category.

All in all a good race, with good support from the marshals, well signposted and worthy of anyone training for the full 26.2


Wolverhampton Series

3rd September

Report Chris Elsley

Only one Harrier was among the 214 who took on the challenge of the full 26.2 mile distance in Wolverhampton. Mark Birkett ran it in 3:18:31 to finish in an excellent 28th place. Mark Ince of Birmingham Running & Tri was 1st in 2:53:36 with Trentham’s Debbie Thomas the leading lady in 3:09:35.


Four Harriers took part in the Wolverhampton Half with three claiming a top 20 finish.



Position Name Time PB
14th Harry Perkins 01:25:08
19th Justin Green 01:27:09 PB
20th Robert Mottram-Jones 01:27:42
526th John Hateley 02:35:20


584 runners completed the half which was won by Daniel Turner (Lawley RC) in 1:18:03 while Helen Tromans (Dudley Kingswinford RC) took the ladies prize in 1:31:27.


Adam Lightfoot ran the 10k in 42:56 to finish 32nd of 369 runners. Unattached runner Richard Whitewas first in 32:53 with another unattached runner – Lynne Hill – the first lady home in 40:18.

Rugeley 10K

27th august 2017

Report Chris Elsley

A small band of Harriers ran this cracking 10k on a very warm bank holiday Monday starting next to the Rugeley Leisure Centre.

Using part of the heritage trail and with a steep climb up to 5k just short of Marquis Drive. This is soon followed by a steep tricky downhill section towards the Stepping Stones then back to the heritage trail to finish.

It was a shame that only around 100 runners got to experience this great race.



Race winners

Matt Williams 38.46

Penelope Barber 46.19



Position Name Time PB
7th Spencer Holland 45:07
14th Ian Wood 48:25
33rd Chris Skellern 53:10
35th Eddie Smith 54:25
97th Sarah Gray 01:17:11

Ellesmere 10K

27th August 2017


No Race Report


Position Name Time Extra Extra2 Extra3 PB
258 John Finney 51:48 Stafford Harriers Ages 70 – 74 1
579 John Hateley 01:06:32 Stafford Harriers Ages 70 – 74 9
610 Karen Jones 01:09:19 Ages 50 – 54 22
653 Craig Harris 01:11:12 Male Senior 132



Borth Beach 10K

Sunday 20th August 2017.


Report Dave Marsden

Borth is a small seaside town just north of Aberyswyth. It has a long sandy beach that stretches northwards to the River Dovey estuary. The race, organised by Aberystwyth AC, is an out-and-back course along the beach.

The race started at 2.00pm to coincide with the low tide. Conditions were ideal, cloudy, still and with slight drizzle. As there were obviously no climbs, I thought this may be a comparatively easy course. It wasn’t. The soft, wet sand was reasonably firm but offered no return or spring of step compared with road or trail running. Also, running in a continuous straight line is very wearing especially when you turn to come back.. The finishing line seemed to be a long time coming. Despite this I enjoyed the event overall, it was well organised, reasonably priced and all entrants were given a pair of running socks, which I thought was a nice variation on the more usual prizes. Additionally, I was first in my age group for which I received a cheque for £10.00.

There were 114 finishers, the winner was Matthew Costello from Telford AC in 34:33. The first lady was Catherine Cole, Haldon Trail Runners in 44:25. My time was 48:46.


Leek Half

20th August 2017


No Race Report


Position Name Time Cat PB
42 Jason Littlewood 01:39:34 MSEN
72 Spencer Holland 01:45:35 M45
89 Simon Bromley 01:49:08 M40
113 Steve Turner 01:54:49 M55
116 Alan Jones 01:55:11 M50
163 Eddie Smith 02:03:12 M60



Dave Clark 5 Multi Terrain 5K

17th August 2017



No Race Report


Position Name Time Cat
46 Adam Lightfoot 20:33 M Sen
74 Dave Marsden 22:12 M 60-64
75 Alan Jones 22:18 M 50-54 74
78 Nia Nokes 22:26 F Sen
110 Chris Skellern 24:24 F 55-59 549
156 Julie Nokes 29:36 F 55-59 47



Castlefields 5K Time Trials

9th August 2017



First Name Surname J/S 20-Apr-16 08-Jun-16 14-Sep-16 12-Apr-17 31-May-17 09-Aug-17
Kian Arnott J 22:05
Lindsay Ashforth S
Ryan Ashforth S
Michael Bamber S 28:31 29:08
Craig Baxter S 22:20 15:53
Nick Beckett S 23:53 23:23 22:20 21:21 21:09
Jenni Beckett S 30:51 30:08 24:23 24:39 24:19
Harry Beckett J 29:41 32:09 27:54 28:25 29:55
Isabelle Beckett J 31:04 31:25 27:16 28:56 30:44
Helen Begg S 32:31
Cathy Behan S
Heather Bennett S 27:59
Jane Bisiker S
James Black J
Matthew Black J 23:39 23:20 16:18 26:01
Olivia Black J 27:40 28:54 20:48 29:27
Matt Bonney J 19:48 20:09 18:39
Natalie Boswell S 26:36
Gemma Brown S 44:47
Naomi Brownless S 27:11
Katie Burrows J 34:26
Tracey Burrows S 34:27
Mark Burrows S 23:15 23:51
Chloe Burrows J 25:12 26:59 19:24 29:34
Steph Burrows S 30:20
Joanne Carson S 28:55
Amy Cartwright S 29:13
Angie Charlesworth S
Faye Codack S 27:58
Cieron Coghlan J
Ben Cook J 21:10 21:35 15:50 20:20
Lorraine Cotterill S 32:35
Harry Dale J
Rachel Darby S
Beth Darke S
Evan Davies-Fuller J
Ben Deakin J 21:25 21:50 15:21 20:46 21:41 21:05
Mel Deakin S 24:25 24:43 24:04 24:03
Mark Deakin S 27:15 17:01 25:03 24:54
Liam Duggan S 20:31 21:17 14:36 20:30 20:13 20:27
Ruth Edwards S 25:37
Mandi Edwards S 39:59
Chris Elsley S 21:20 21:40
Anabel Evans S
Michelle Evans S 32:29 32:23
Lorraine Flory S 32:06
Michelle Fox S 20:37
John Freeman S 24:43 23:32
Harvey Freeman S 32:21
Peter French S 34:31
Debbie Garcia S
Karl Gillibrand S 24:02
Libby Gonsalves J
Robbie Gorman J 19:19 20:03 14:14 18:37
Robert Gray J 23:34
Will Gray J 25:32
Gemma Gray S 31:55
Sarah Gray S 35:12 32:54 31:42
Justin Green S 19:21 19:43
Ben Green J 27:09 26:55
Alice Hawkins S 30:33 31:09 30:11
Claire Heath S 21:50
Ian Heath S 20:45 14:19 19:53
Jack Heath J 23:52 16:20 23:55
Dean Hibbitt S 22:57
Phil Hilsdon S 12:54 18:05 19:16 17:50
Matthew Hilsdon J 17:03 21:31 21:58 22:20
Karen Hilsdon S 30:24 31:05
Nathan Hine J
George Hodkinson J
Jack Hodkinson J
Ian Hodkinson S 20:26 20:05
Spencer Holland S
Alex Jackson S 27:04
Ewan Jackson J
Alix Jackson S 27:33 26:46
Rohiatou Jobe S 32:52
Sarah Johnson S
Andy Jones S 20:41
Ben Jones J 22:11 22:04 16:10 24:45
Lindzi Jones S 30:03 29:07
Alan Jones S 22:20 22:02
Jason Littlewood S 20:35 19:25
Gabby Lufton J
Rachel Marsden S 29:48
Alison Martland S 33:31 36:13
Chris McCrady S
Debbie McDermot S 18:05
Steve McHugh S
Maxine Mills S 31:01
Ellie Mills S 32:50
Julie Mogey S
Kieron Mogey J 24:17 24:25 16:16
Ali Morgan J
Louise Morgan S
Adam Morris S 28:15
Robert Motram Jones S
Amy Oliver J
Jo Oliver S 19:36
Mark Oliver S
Jake Oliver J 22:29 22:46 19:20 21:29 22:29
Chris Owen S
Amber Page J 19:20
Ollie Patrick J
Dave Payling S
Lucy Payne J
Amanda Pearce S 29:36
Taygen Pike J 22:45 24:33 18:35 26:34
Claire Pilsbury S 27:14
David Plant S
Jonathon Platt S 26:42
Selina Powell S 26:02 26:43
Polly Pye J
Charlotte Reeves S 29:23 27:19 28:05
Paula Roderich S 26:52
Danielle Salkind S 44:47
Will Sammons J 19:06 19:57 19:47 20:24
Jack Sammons S 24:44
Chantel Sandford J
Lisa Sanzeri S 24:07
Caitlin Saunders J 26:01 24:48 27:03
Nigel Smith S
Sandra Smith S 18:34
Jim Smith S 22:27 21:39 14:50 23:31
Shirley Smith S 30:33 30:14 29:25
Ellie Smith (Blue) J
Danny Stevens J 28:10
Valerie Stuart S 36:06 38:02 37:47
Hannah Talbot J
Stacey Terry S 31:11
Michelle Turner S 37:41
Helen Underwood S
Nick Walklett J 15:22
Rachel Weaver S 30:06
Rose White J 26:46
Mark White S 21:45
Ian Williams S
Lucas Wilson J 21:46
Keith Wilson S 28:36
Ellie Withington J 28:55 19:35




Cannock Chase 10k

6th August 2017


Report by Chris Elsley

Stafford Harriers’ Harry Perkins finished in an excellent 2nd place in Sunday’s Cannock Chase 10k, being beaten to the line by Richard McKenna (Shropshire Shufflers) by just two seconds after running the route in 38m 10s.

Four of Perkins’ club mates also took part in the event which attracted over 650 entries.

Jon Freeman finished 155th in a time of 52:52, Helen Richardson 179th in 54:21, John Richardson 180th in 54:24 and Russell Horsley 290th in 59:35.

Kim Fawke of Lawley RC was the leading lady in 9th place (40m 29s)


Position Name Time PB
2nd Harry Perkins 38:10
155th Jon Freeman 52:52
179th Helen Richardson 54:21
180th John Richardson 54:24
290th Russ Horsley 59:35


Trentham 10k

6th August 2017

Report by Chris Elsley

More than 230 runners completed one of the longest running races in the area on Sunday in what was the 42nd year of the Trentham 10K.

The race consists of a hilly one lap course, starting and finishing in the village of Tittensor but despite the tough climbs involved, it remains a popular one amongst local runners.

Ten Stafford Harriers were among the entrants with Jason Littlewood the first of them to finish, completing the course in 43m 7s to take 31st place overall.





Position Name Time PB
31st Jason Littlewood 43:07
45th Spencer Holland 44:32
50th Ian Wood 45:00
88th Alan Jones 49:12
113th Chris Skellern 51:38
131st Tracy Ridings 53:38
133rd John Finney 53:39
154th Graham Williams 56:34
189th Gael Earp 01:04:10
212th John Hateley 01:09:25



The race winner was Charlie Hulson of Sale Harriers in a time of 32m 21s while Kristina Deffries (Trentham) was the first lady finishing 16th overall in a time of 40m 20s



Meerbrook 15

29th July 2017


Report by Chris Elsley


The major race at the weekend was the Meerbrook 15k.


This event is said to be one of the hilliest of its type in the country although a downhill start greets all runners as they head back into the village. But the notorious Gun Hill awaits with the climb made famous in the Tour of Britain cycle races soon thinning out the field.


Another down hill awaits but the climbing is not yet over as runners have to ascend Gun Hill once more before the final run down to the finish at Meerbrook.


Ian Wood was the first of six competing Harriers to complete the course, finishing in 106th in a time of 71m 52 secs, just three seconds ahead of club mate Spencer Holland.


Dave Marsden finished 197th in 79m 50s while Tracy Ridings came home in 88m 22s (260th).


Graham Williams was 296th in 94m 33s with Gael Earp 323rd in 100m 28s.


The race was won by Heanor’s Joe Rainsford in 52m 15s with Wilmslow’s Diane McVey taking the Ladies prize in a time of 60m 5s


Report by Ian Wood


After celebrating Gill and Jack Hodkinson’s birthdays it was a early start to get to Meerbrook for the 10.00 start. If you fancy doing this race next year a few things you will need to know firstly it is the 15k now held on a Saturday and is said to be the third most hilly course in England.

The start is a 15 minute walk from the race HQ in Meerbrook up hill towards leek over a cattle grid and up a farm track the race usually starts late due to runners arriving late at the start, a 10 minute delay this year.

The climb to the start means a downhill run back into Meerbrook which is where the first climb starts up gun hill for 2km which was when I went past Spencer. The view from the top is amazing the following few kilometres are all downhill past the water station which to my favourite part of the course the hairpin climb out of the valley and zig zag up the hill before I knew it I was going past 10 km and looping back to the water station for the second time the next 3km climbed back to gun hill passing several fellow runners just short of 13km we started to drop down gun hill to Meerbrook this was when the boot was on the the other foot and I lost a few places over the last 2km as I finished Spencer was literally seconds behind me.


This year’s race was also a inter county race with north Wales, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire and Cheshire.




Staffs Knot

26 July 2017



Report Chris Elsley

Last Wednesday evening saw nearly 450 runners head to Marquis Drive on Cannock Chase as Stafford Harriers staged their Staffs Knot 5 mile and fun run events.

The main event was run over a brand new single lap course and with a £400 prize on offer to the fastest man it attracted a high quality field.

It was Tipton’s Martin Williams who led from the front to take the top prize, finishing in 26m 33s. Trentham’s Simon Myatt followed in some 23 seconds later, just popping James Skelton while for Stafford Half Marathon winner Carl Moulton (Boalloy) finished in 4th.

Leading the way for the host club was Phil Hilsdon who finished 8th in 30m 18s.

Harry Perkins (17th – 31m 28s), James Found (28th – 32m 35s) and Jason Littlewood (29th – 32m 39s) also finished in the top 30 in a field of 352.

The Ladies prize of £200 went to Sally Gray of Cannock & Stafford who finished in 33m 51s.

The leading Harrier lady was Michelle Fox (69th – 35m 34s).


Position Name Time PB
8 Phil Hilsdon 30:18
16 Harry Perkins 31:28
28 James Found 32:35
29 Jason Littlewood 32:39 PB
31 Matt Bonney 32:53
34 Robert Mottram-Jones 33:05
36 Ian Heath 33:19 PB
49 Liam Duggan 34:10 PB
53 Spencer Holland 34:22
60 Ben Deakin 34:49
70 Michelle Rushton-Fox 35:34
82 Ian Wood 36:06
89 Nick Beckett 36:41
134 Stella Dennis 38:54
136 Dean Hibbitt 38:56
139 Nia Nokes 39:08
141 Chris Skellern 39:24
173 Jon Freeman 40:47
178 Jenny Beckett 41:25
183 Roy Clay 41:49
187 Mel Deakin 41:56
195 Dean Smith 42:09
200 Caroline Nichol 42:18
212 Selena Powell 42:49
235 Georgina Coggins 44:39
236 Saffron Latham 44:41
239 John Finney 44:44
240 Russ Horsley 44:52
243 Kerry Robertson 44:54
248 Graham Williams 45:14
259 Rachel Smith 46:08
262 Karen Murray 46:23
269 Jonathan Platt 47:02
278 Joanne Carson 48:16
291 Laura Agu 49:40
292 Julie Nokes 49:44
293 Michael Bamber 49:52
294 Linzi Jones 49:52
299 Tessa Jasper 51:05
302 Shirley Smith 51:24 PB
314 Julie Birtles 52:28 PB
315 Gael Earp 52:47
323 Lorraine Flory 53:34
324 John Hateley 53:37
334 Michelle Turner 56:58
348 Megan Emery 01:04:22
349 Hayley Steele 01:05:00
352 Kim Smith 01:17:35


Photos of some of our runners. Sorry the phone camera wasn’t very good in the shade.

Bryan Dales photos are here

Mick Hall photos are here

Queens Park 5k series race 2 of 3, Crewe

Tuesday 25th July 2017

Report Mel Deakin

This is a series of three 5k runs in Crewe over the summer organised by South Cheshire Harriers. Ben and I did all three last year, that was before we had Cannock parkrun on our doorstep and found they were a great way of challenging ourselves to improve. This year we can only make one of the dates but decided we would make the effort to go back despite it being the day before Staffs Knot and see if we could beat our best times from last year. The course is through Queens Park, all off road, mainly on tarmac path but a short trail path section and wooden bridge to get over – and a hill!

We got stuck in a traffic jam on the way to Crewe – we sprinted from the car park to the start line and arrived at 6:58 for a 7:00 start! No time to worry about anything before the gun sounded and we were off. The first 1.5 km is flat, and the field soon thinned out and there was plenty of space to overtake if you needed to. Then came the hill down, over the bridge and to the turn point before heading back up the hill. I knew from last year once you get to the top of the hill you can see the 4k marker and it is flat thereafter. That didn’t make the hill any easier, neither did the fact I realised in the rushed start I hadn’t started my watch so didn’t know my splits, or did running the last 500m with one lace undone!! I had to wait until the following day for the results to find out I had improved by just 9 seconds but I was still pleased and I was first FV45. Ben took 16 seconds off his best time and ran sub 21 which eluded him last year. Despite the journey we were really glad we went and had a good evening out.



1st Chris Williams Vale Royal AC 16:06

1st Female Holly Weedall Vale Royal AC 17:46


49th Ben Deakin Stafford Harriers 20:49

90th Melonie Deakin Stafford Harriers 24:09

161 finished


Race to the Stones 100K

22 July 2017

Report Nick Beckett

Last weekend I took on my most challenging run to date, the Race to the Stones 100k ultra marathon. Two years previous I attempted a 100k and got a DNF so this was my chance to put that to bed once and for all!
My training had gone well, lost a bit of weight and planned the run fully, leaving nothing to chance. I had got a marathon PB the month before so I was feeling confident and prepared. I even had all the gear and some idea!
The start was 7:30am, cloudy and busy. I set off with the stupid people who were doing it all in one go! The first 10k went past very quick, with 2 steep hill walks and a pit stop. The second 10k I went through the infamous ‘field of dreams’ which was a massive corn field, beautiful. It started raining for a while which suited me totally, love the rain.
Jenni and the kids met me at pit stop 3 which was a welcome surprise, always great to see your family when on a long run. I managed to run (walk up the steep hills) the whole 31 miles to the half way point. First marathon was done in 4:30, which although very happy with it was a bit quicker than I had planned.
After stopping for half an hour with my pit crew, it was time to go. The next 9 miles were fine and as I approached the 40 mile mark I knew it was going to start getting tough, it did. It was lonely and getting warm. At mile 49 my only companion (my watch) ran out of battery, so I didn’t even have the occasional beep to break the silence, also after 50 miles trying to work out timings and things is near on impossible!!! Mile 50 to 56 I was feeling quite depressed, I was still running, shuffling, but I was feeling sad. Got to the final pit stop and loaded myself with coffee and coke and my new favourite fruit satsumas. I felt much better for just having some banter with the staff, who were amazing!
The last 6 miles hurt but they were a formality. At 95k I chuckled (to myself) and said “only a parkrun to go!” There was no PB for that parkrun I can assure you. I managed to run the last 3k non stop and as I approached the finishing straight my twins ran in the field next to me and I tried talking to them but I couldn’t! As I crossed the line I was emotional and as Jenni hugged me I said “I bloody did it!” And then cried!!!
I loved every minute of this race and I am already planning my next 100k next year. It was so well organised and the support was amazing. Thank you to everyone at the club who have supported me through this journey, but my biggest thanks has to go to my family who keep trailing around with me and on this day they trailed around for 13 hours and 11 mins! (Sub 12 next year!)


13th July 2017


No Race Report

Position Name Time PB
8 Phil Hilsdon 30:43
9 Ryan Nokes 31:07
22 Robert Mottram-Jones 33:08
24 Jason Littlewood 33:19 PB
25 Ian Heath 33:21
30 Ian Hodkinson 33:57
37 Adam Lightfoot 34:39
38 Liam Duggan 34:39 PB
40 Ben Deakin 34:40 PB
41 Ian Wood 34:42
50 Gemma Gray 36:01
61 Robert Proctor 36:52
70 Simon Bromley 37:39
73 Gareth Hudson 37:56
76 Alan Jones 37:59
77 Steve Turner 38:10
91 Tim Hough 39:19
95 Nia Nokes 39:27
98 Chris Skellern 39:38
99 Mark Burrows 39:39
114 Mel Deakin 40:44
133 Nicol Hudson 41:50
137 Caroline Nichol 42:07
136 John Finney 42:07
153 Eddie Smith 43:24
160 Jo Oliver 44:13
161 Mark Oliver 44:14
181 Karen Murray 46:24
204 Alison Conaghan 48:38
210 Evie Whyte 48:56
209 Sarah Whyte 48:56
211 Julie Nokes 48:59
235 Charlotte Ward 51:03
250 Sarah Gray 55:58




Cheadle 4

9th July 2017


No Race reports


Pos time no name club cat nsrra no nsrra group
18 24.20 23 R. Nokes Stafford Harriers M
35 25.56 409 R Mottram-Jones Stafford Harriers MV55 1 B
52 27.31 222 S Holland Stafford Harriers MV45 778 C
77 29.04 9 B Deakin Stafford Harriers M
82 29.21 319 I Wood Stafford Harriers MV50 356 C
100 30.26 310 A Jones Stafford Harriers MV50 74 E
132 32.08 850 C Skellern Stafford Harriers LV55 549 M
141 33.16 756 M Deakin Stafford Harriers LV45
174 36.39 809 K Murray Stafford Harriers LV50 224 M


Summer Handicap

6th July 2017

The winners were:-

1 Matthew Hilsdon

2 Matt Bonney

3 Peter  Williams 1st time so no prize

4 Ben Cook.

1 MATTHEW HILSDON 35.50 6.30 29.20
2 MATT BONNEY 37.23 12.15 25.08
3 PETER WILLIAMS 38.05 2.30 35.35
4 BEN COOK 39.00 10.00 29.00
5 SPENCER HOLLAND 39.05 12.00 27.05
6 ROBERT M JONES 39.11 12.00 27.11
7 ADAM LIGHTFOOT 39.50 12.00 27.5
8 BEN DEAKIN 40.01 12.00 28.01
9 MICHELLE FOX 40.01 12.45 27.16
10 DEAN HIBBITT 40.22 8.30 31.52
11 CHRIS SKELLERN 40.36 7.30 33.06
12 IAN HEATH 40.56 10.30 30.26
13 MARK BURROWS 41.15 8.30 32.45
14 ALAN JONES 41.36 11.15 30.21
15 RUTH EDWARDS 42.09 6.45 35.24
16 BETH DARK 42.18 8.00 34.09
17 GRAHAM WILLIAMS 43.12 5.30 37.42
18 SIMON GROOM 42.22 12.00 30.22
19 ALFIE DARBY 42.43 6.45 35.58
20 KEV DARBY 42.44 6.45 35.59
21 TINA DARDY 42.53 5.30 37.23
22 LINZI JONES 43.18 2.30 40.48
23 MICHEAL BAMBER 43.19 3.45 39.34
24 KAREN MURRY 44.53 6.45 38.08
25 ALLISON MARTLAND 49.36 0.00 49.36

Marcus Gynn Newmarket 10k

Sunday 2nd July 2017


Report by Mel Deakin

5am start to get to this event – you may think we are mad but Ben and I ran this event last year and enjoyed it so decided to return. It is also a good excuse to meet up with my sister and nephew who are Ely Runners, this is just down the road for them.

The race is just outside Newmarket in the pretty village of Stetchford. This part of the world is known for being flat, however this 10k is certainly not that! I think it must find every hill in the area as it has ups and downs throughout, with a long drag uphill to the finish. It is multi terrain, starting on grass, then parts on road, path and bridleway. The countryside was stunning, the sun certainly helped but this was one of those events it was just good to be at.

I had not run for a week before due to a sore calf, so decided to take it steady. Taking a week off was really difficult as that was the longest break I had since starting running in 2013. But on the day I really felt the benefit, for once the kilometre markers came too fast, I didn’t want to finish! My time was over a minute faster than last year – lesson learnt.

Meanwhile, Ben, having no particular race plan galloped around, and by the time I had finished he had warmed down as was on his way to the homemade cake stall to refuel. Great medal in the shape of a horseshoe – but after all Newmarket is horse country. Ben was first U21 male and was awarded a small trophy to keep and the Sean Harper cup which he gets to keep for a year then must return. I guess we’ll be back at next year’s event then!


1st Chris Darling Unattached 33:40

1st female Bethany Runciman Unattached 42:15


Position Name Time PB
52nd Ben Deakin 45:53
107th Mel Deakin 51:20

244 finished.


Black Country Half

1st July 2017


No Race Report


Position Name Time PB
19 Ryan Nokes 01:25:40
23 Robert Mottram-Jones 01:27:59
59 Ian Hodkinson 01:32:34
95 Michelle Rushton-Fox 01:36:11
166 Jason Littlewood 01:40:54
170 Ian Wood 01:41:12
322 Steve Turner 01:48:20
346 Simon Groom 01:49:22
382 Alan Jones 01:50:56
533 Debbie McDermott 01:56:59
607 Ruth Edwards 01:59:23
612 Eddie Smith 01:59:34
1235 Liz Shillito 02:35:16