Booking for training sessions.

We first introduced booking for our training session during Covid restrictions. As national restrictions were lifted we changed the need to book to optional. A consequence is that most people and parents have stopped booking.

Our coaches and session leaders have lost the ability to see who was going to attend and so can’t preplan the session. Last week we had the unfortunate situation of a leader turning up to take a session to find no runners.

To help your coaches and leaders we are reintroducing the need to book to attend a session. We don’t need email and phone numbers as this isn’t part of any track and trace system.

We live in the real world and unexpected things happen to all our plans. Don’t worry if you find out that you can’t make a session that you booked. If you know of a potential issue when booking please put it in the comments field. If you have time you can email us to cancel a place.

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