Change to Thursday summer runs

We have been finding that having a Chase run followed by the social event at Riverway don’t align too well.

As some of the summer road runs are partial trail anyway & quite nice to re-visit, so we agreed that during the summer we would keep to the Chase as it is except the first of the month would be one of the Summer routes from the club followed by social.

Even if you don’t feel able to join the run, the social event is open to all members.

You are all invited to join us from 8pm @ Cricket Club, Riverway.

Rather than stay at home and cook the tea & watch the soaps or question time, come & join us for a quick drink & a chip butty!

Either post run or just pop in for a social and catch up ! A good chance to end the week and have a good catch up with fellow harriers.

All welcome (£2 each for food)

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