Changes to Harriers Grand Prix

We have added an additional competition element to our Grand Prix Series.

The list of races and their dates haven’t changed. The series is still open to all members (senior and juniors) and you are still free to join in when you want, you are free to do just the events you fancy.

So what have we changed?

We have added points to runners performances. This will allow us to have a series competition as well as individual race performance.

We have two tables one for seniors and one for juniors.

Basically the faster your performance the higher the number of points will be awarded. To make it fairer the number of points you get is determined by the number of people that take part in the whole series and your relative performance in each event. We will recalculate your points every time someone new joins the series.


We have a new dedicated web page to the Grand Prix on our races menu.

Grand Prix Home Page


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