Do you want to run cross country ?

Entry for Race1 has to be completed by Thursday this week.

With traditional Cross Country courses in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire, this League offers excellent competition for both male and female club runners of all ages and abilities from all over Staffordshire, South Cheshire, Shropshire, the West Midlands and even North Wales!

Their website is

The following dates have been confirmed

Event 1 – Betley – 17/09/22 – hosts Stone Master Marathoners

Event 2 – Stafford Common – 15/10/22 – hosts Stafford Harriers

Event 3 – Parkhall – 29/10/22 – hosts Trentham RC

Event 4 – Keele University – 10/12/22 – hosts Silverdale RC


How to enter

The club will pay 50% of your entrance fee.
You will need to enter individual or all four races on the AV Timing website.
When entering you will need to enter a voucher code to get the club discount.
When you add your name below I will email you this code
             Single race cost £4:50 reduced to £ 2:25 with the discount applied.
             All four races £15:50 reduced to £7:25 with the discount applied.



If you are interested in taking part and want the code please can you put your name down below?


This form is now closed for submissions.


List of people so far

George millinchip
 Nitesh Thakrar
 Neil Summers
 Chris Skellern
 Ashley Jones
 Tom Davall
 Mel Deakin
 Sarah Gray
 Mark Oliver
 Joanne Oliver
 Jake Oliver
 Amy Oliver
 Jason Littlewood
 Dan Findlay-Robinson
 Vanessa Welham
 Antonio Treglia
 Adam Lightfoot
 Justin Green
 Ben Green
 Ian Hodkinson
 Caitlin Mills
 Charlotte Mitchell
 Melanie Gorman
 Ruth Edwards
 Julie Nokes
 Liam Duggan
 Jack Dawson
 Tony Burbidge
 Nicola Pestel
 Beth Cambidge
 alan jones

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