Four Villages Half – Helsby

This event has taken place. The information below is historical


All Day

As you can imagine, we’re doing this differently for 2022. The race is being run but slightly lower key:

  1. Covid – we need to keep you safe
  2. New venue – our fantastic new club house on Callender Way is the new race HQ. This is the first time we’ve used this venue (it’s great, really great) but we have lost a large number of parking spaces. We have plans to get back to previous entry numbers, but because of point 1, it only seems sensible to feel our way this time.

Please note the cancellation policy on the Nifty site.


Race day is Sunday 16 January 2022, start time 10:30am. Help make it a special one!

  1. Read the race entry details page for race rules and conditions — do this before entering.
  2. Decide if you want a souvenir race running top. We are again running a competition with local schools for the artwork design. Last year’s was a cracker, so high hopes for another high standard of entry!
  3. Have a look at the route map here.
  4. When you’ve done this, ENTER HERE on the Nifty Entries site (and check the cancellation policy).
  5. Doing this you confirm you’ve read the race entry details page and agree to the conditions.
  6. Any questions, use this email address (preferred). But please try and answer your own question if you can — many queries are routine and you might get a quicker answer by reading the website. Not that we don’t want to help you understand! Thank you for supporting this race and enjoy your run! Have you thought about joining our club?
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