DO’s and DON’Ts


Warm up properly and make sure you stretch a lot
Wear appropriate gear and keep it clean and in good order
Keep more than one pair of shoes on the go at a time
Keep a record of your training and diet
Run with others as often as you can
Get support from your family, they will not see much of you for 3 months!
Check with your Doctor before you start the programme if you are either overweight or have been unwell


Bolt out of the door and sprint down the road
Wear old worn out shoes – this will cause injury!
Run only on roads, get on the grass when you can
Eat too much fatty food or drink a lot of alcohol
Train if you are ill or injured, it will make things a lot worse
Run straight after a meal – unless you enjoy indigestion!
Run if conditions are very dangerous i.e. ice or snow

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