Grand Prix Lockdown 3 Week 3

As we start another lockdown (Tier 5) we thought a new Grand Prix series would help to motivate you.

This is open to all members and you are free to take part in as many as you want (beware it is addictive once you start).

Eight are free and require no registration (**N/R), the other four events do have online registration and fees.

As you can see from the table some are part of the Stafford Harriers Challenge 2021 (this year the Challenge is free) and others are part of the NSRRA (a £5 fee – plus race fees).


Distance / event
Challenge race
04-Jan to 31-Jan
Open2TheElements Virtual 10K
Race 1
11-Jan to 17-Jan
Grand Prix 1 Mile
18-Jan to 24-Jan
Grand Prix 2 Mile
Race 2
25-Jan to 31-Jan
Grand Prix 5KM
05-Feb to 9-Feb
Virtual Alsager 5 Mile (NSRRA)
Race 3
08-Feb to 14-Feb
Grand Prix 4 Mile
19-Feb to 23-Feb
Virtual Potters 10 Mile (NSRRA)
Race 4
22-Feb to 28-Feb
Grand Prix 6 Mile
01-Mar to 7-Mar
Grand Prix 7 Mile
12-Mar to 16-Mar
Virtual Knighton 10K (NSRRA)
Race 5
15-Mar to 21-Mar
Grand Prix 8 Mile
22-Mar to 28-Mar
Grand Prix 15K
Race 6


How to send us your run times

For the Online events please follow their rules and we will use their published results. For our Grand Prix events please use our results page, use our private Facebook page, email or contact us within 48 hours of the event date.

Stafford Harriers Grand Prix Rules

  1. You must complete each race on or between the dates posted, evidence of your run must be uploaded within 48hrs of the race finishing.  Late entries will not be accepted.
  2. Plan your route in advance of completing your run, thinking about elevation, terrain. any restrictions on your intended route.
  3. Evidence of your run must be submitted, either a photo of your watch, Strava details, screen shot of phone app etc.
  4. You can play your joker but must advise the club in accordance with the challenge rules (see website for clarification)
  5. The above rules, except for a Joker, also apply to the juniors.
  6. Everyone’s safety is paramount.  Especially for the juniors, however, the club cannot accept any responsibility of any injury received whilst competing in the Grand Prix.  We would advise all runners to notify someone of their intended route and carry some form of emergency contact card in case of an incident.
  7. Junior runs should be supervised by a responsible adult or completed with the consent of parent or guardian
  8. We would advise all runners to carry water and a basic first aid kit when completing your run, but this is at your discretion and the club cannot be held liable in the event of any incident should you choose not to do so.
  9. Current government guidelines surrounding the current social distancing etc must be observed.
  10. While everybody’s course will be different, in the spirit of sporting etiquette wherever you start is where you must finish.
  11. Separate entries are required for the (NSRRA) Virtual races.  A link to enter the Virtual races can be found in the table.
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