Harriers Challenge 2021

We have published the groups for this year’s Challenge.

The race subcommittee has approved the groups and people ranking is calculated from last year’s Challenge result and current performances. Some times these are subjective views and open to dispute. If you strongly disagree with your group placement you can ask us to review it. Please contact us before the end of January.

If you can’t find your name or we have made a mistake please contact us.

If you haven’t made up your mind you have until the end of January to enter (you won’t miss any points from the first two races).

Your Joker.

Your Joker is still in play this year, it is worth double points in any race you choose. It can help you move up a place or two so please think about how and when to play it. To play it, you need to contact Ian (or via our contact page or email) a full week before an event starts.


Challenge 2021 page




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