Harriers Lottery Bingo IV


We are holding our fourth Lottery Bingo.

The first draw will be Saturday 18th September and so entry will close on 17th.

Good Luck everyone.

Club Lottery Competition Rules

  1. Each person selects 6 numbers between 1-59
  2. The lottery drawn on BBC on Saturday night will be the only draw to count in the competition
  3. Every weekend, when the main lottery is drawn, the numbers that appear from the machine, if they match any of your selection will be used to cross off your selected numbers
  4. The Bonus Ball is not counted as a part of the selection
  5. The draw will keep going until a winner (or winners) have successfully had all their numbers crossed off
  6. The winner will be the first person or persons to have all their numbers crossed in the shortest number of weeks
  7. In the event of multiple winners, the prize pool will be divided equally between all winners
  8. Cost to enter is £10 (£7 to prize pool & £3 to Stafford Harriers)
  9. The last date to enter will be midnight on the 17th September 2021.  Any entries after that will not be counted.
  10. Open to all senior members of Stafford Harriers only

Enter on-line


Winner of the first Bingo competition was Eddie Smith who won £259

Winner of the second Bingo competition was Sarah Bromley who won £182

Winner of the third Bingo competition was Antonio Treglia who won £147

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