Helpers and Marshalls required for Staffs Knot -17th July

Hello members we are coming upto our third major event of the year. Without everyone help we can’t put on these events.

Less work is required in building the event (than the Showground) but marshalls are essential so the race doesn’t go the wrong way !

So we need your help, we will publish roles and timing closer to the event.


Please help our race director (Ian Hodkinson) by putting your name down ASAP.

Please indicate when you expect to arrive in the message box — this will help with our planning

This form is now closed for submissions.

List of volunteers so far

Colin Mitchell
 Sarah Gray.
 Mark Bentley
 Chris Skellern
 Liz Austin
 Sam Jones
 John Scott
 Nitesh Thakrar
 Leon Stringer
 John Finney
 Ruth Edwards
 Abi Wells-Day
 Val Stuart
 Craig Baxter
 Georgina Baxter
 Paul Bentham
 Eddie Smith
 Wayne Gallagher
 Tayne Cornelius
 Karen Murray
 Graham Williams
 Mandy Kitson
 Sally Haycock
 Natalie Muller
 Robert Mitchell
 Joanne Oliver
 Siobhan Crawford
 Mark Jones
 Mark Oliver
 Gill Hodkinson
 Ashley Jones
 Antonio Treglia
 Chris Bennett



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