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All runners on adult night time runs require High Vis Tops

Monday 18th

6 pm Rowley Park Stadium

Juniors, Improvers and Progression Route Eight: town, Corporation Street 9.75km (6.06miles)

Complete Beginners Week 11 Although we have changed time to 6 pm -- we won't leave the park until about 6:10pm

Tuesday 19th

6:15 pm Riverway

Meet outside the club. There will be no access (ie no toilets, changing rooms or bar)

Speed Session @ Riverway

Road run (no leader) :-

Wednesday 20th

6:00 pm Rowley Park Stadium

Improvers Speed Session, Improvers Road Run

Complete Beginners Week 11 Although we have changed time to 6 pm -- we won't leave the park until about 6:10pm


Thursday 21st

6:15 pm Riverway

Meet outside the club. There will be no access (ie no toilets, changing rooms or bar).

Route Fourteen: 5.9 Miles Silkmore Lane, West Way, Newport Road

Friday 22nd

6:00 pm Riverway

Meet outside the club. There will be no access (ie no toilets, changing rooms or bar)

Improvers Road Run

Saturday 23rd

Cannock Chase Park . For more info


Sunday 24th

Club Runs

9:00 am Chase Run from the Whitehouse

Local Races

The Rotary Club of Cannock 10km Charity Race

Tuff-Un (formally Suicide 6)

Club News

Jenny Meadows to Stafford in December to deliver an exciting workshop

Jenny Meadows is coming to Stafford in December to deliver an exciting workshop for road runners, leaders and coaches.

The workshop will take place at Stafford Rugby Club on Monday 9th December at 6.30pm.

Teas / coffees will be served from 6pm and the event will finish at 9pm.


This event is open to all members of the club. Lots of good quality information, tips & advice from a true top British athlete.

Places need to be booked via an email directly with EA Chris Mallender 


NSRRA 2019 Results

Congratulations to Spencer Holland on completing all twenty races.

The final Harriers positions are:-

Michael Dobson 2nd Group C and 2nd M50
Ian Wood 2nd Group D and 2nd M 55
Darren Mattocks 2nd Group E
Graham Williams 3rd Group G
Chris Skellern 3rd Group M and 2nd F55
Karen Murray 3rd Group W

Harriers Team positions:-

The ladies team were third out of seven.
The mens team were fourth out of eight. They were one point behind Newcastle AC.

Presentation Night

The Presentation Night 2020 is Friday 10th January.

What is NSRRA?

For people that have recently joined us. I thought it may be helpful to understand what NSRRA is.

North Staffordshire Road Runners Association was set up in July 1974 to promote road running in the North Staffordshire region. Members are organised into groups based on ability. There are seven mens and four ladies groups. There are also leagues for different age groups 40 to 44, 45 to 50 etc.

Each year 20 races are chosen to go into the NSRRA programme and the best 12 performances in these races count towards the league competition. In each of the events the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc in each group receives 50, 49, 48, 47 etc points.

For more information or to see if it is for you ?

I recommend that you talk to one the people above

London Marathon 2020 Ballot Draw

5th November the draw was taken for our London Marathon club place.  Being affiliated with England Athletics we get a number of places dependant upon the number of EA members we have.

Congratulations to  Mel Deakin.

Names as drawn out  –

1. Mel Deakin
2. Scott Kelsall
3. Jason Littlewood
4. Liam Duggan
5. Vanessa Welham
6. Rachel Marsden
7. Nathan Tierney
8. Justin Green
9. Ruth Edwards
10. Kerry Robertson
11. Simon Bromley
12. Alan Jones
13. Graham Williams
14. Richard Crump
15. James Bream
16. Lisa Sanzeri
17. Sam Bream


For 2021 Marathon Draw the following rules will apply:-

1. You must have entered the London Marathon 2021 ballot and have a rejection slip or email. (No photocopies)

2. You must have been a fully paid up with EA membership, 1st claim member of the Harriers for 12 months. (from the date of Marathon)

3. To have volunteered on at least 2 occasions in the year at either Showground Relays, Staffs Knot 5, Harriers Handicap, Cross Country hosted by the club or Cannock Chase Park-run (when Harriers are responsible for providing marshals)



North Staffs Cross Country League 2019

Here are the dates for cross country:

Saturday 16th November: NSCC – Parkhall — See note below about car sharing
Saturday 14th December: NSCC – Rodbaston

To be eligible to compete for us in any of these fixtures you must be a paid-up member of Stafford Harriers and have paid to be registered with England Athletics for 2019-2020.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility or wish information about registering with England Athletics please contact the Membership Secretary at the above e-mail address.

Car Sharing to the NSCCL venues by Senior Athletes

For the third fixture at Park Hall, to reduce the problem with regard to parking, we must encourage those attending not to arrive individually in a vehicle. It would be best if several people could travel from their home town together, but otherwise, they should arrange to meet up, say, 5 miles away from the Venue and proceed in one vehicle to the Venue Parking Area.



Social Event

Saturday 9th November 2019

November Birthday Night out will be in Stone this year.

Meeting in the Royal Exchange (it’s near the station) 5 o’clock ish onwards. Later moving on to a few more pubs. All welcome, the more the merrier.
Trains from Stafford at approx 5 to the hour.
The last bus back 22:41 or taxi if later

Friday 20th December 2019

The Xmas party will now be at Rangers Club on the same date as was originally planned to be at the Cricket Club.
Events next Year
Friday 14th February 2020
The Harriers Awards night will be at Chase Golf Club (Time TBC)
Showground Relays – 10th June 2020
Harriers games – 27th June 2020
Staffs Knot – 22nd July 2020