This weeks news

The club is following the recommendation of EA and all club running sessions are stopped until further notice.

May Extra Newsletter

Everyone should have got an email with a newsletter from our chairman.

If for some reason you haven’t had one, it may be in your spam folder or we may not have a valid email address for you. If you email me ( I can check our system.


Harriers Lottery Bingo

28th May Update:-

Only 1 day to go. Entry will close midnight Friday 29th May.  Prize pool currently £224.



Do you fancy the chance at winning a lot of cash?  Enter the Harriers Lottery Bingo competition.  Pick your lucky Lottery numbers, enter our competition and watch each week as you could get closer to winning a cash prize.  See the rules below and follow the link to enter.  The more people that enter, the bigger the payout will be, you’ve got to be in it to win it and remember, it could be you.



  1. Each person selects 6 numbers between 1-59
  2. The lottery drawn on BBC on Saturday night will be the only draw to count in the competition
  3. Every weekend, when the main lottery is drawn, the numbers that appear from the machine, if they match any of your selection will be used to cross off your selected numbers
  4. The Bonus Ball is not counted as a part of the selection
  5. The draw will keep going until a winner (or winners) have successfully had all their numbers crossed off
  6. The winner will be the first person or persons to have all their numbers crossed in the shortest number of weeks
  7. In the event of multiple winners, the prize pool will be divided equally between all winners
  8. Cost to enter is £10 (£7 to prize pool & £3 to Stafford Harriers)
  9.  The last date to enter will be 12 pm on the 29th May.  Any entries after that will not be counted
  10. Open to all senior members of Stafford Harriers only


Click here to enter and good luck

Stafford Harriers Grand Prix

The Harriers challenge this year is…  well challenging.  Covid-19 has seen most of our challenge races cancelled for this year and the prospect of getting your trophy at the annual awards night is looking doubtful.  But have no fear, we’ve got your back.

Starting on Saturday 31st May is the first Harriers Grand Prix.

A series of races, well, virtual ones for you to run over the course of a week for 9 weeks.  Starting at a one-mile sprint through to a half marathon.  The Grand Prix also includes the virtual NSRAA race, St Thomas 10k.

All you have to do is complete each event in between the dates shown and either upload your Strava or Garmin details to a weekly pinned post on the Harriers Facebook page or send your details directly into the website via email (or Contact Us)

We will record the results and update the challenge tables and award your points.

The Grand Prix series is also open to all members (not just challenge members).

The Events


Senior Grand Prix
1 Mile 2 Mile 5 Km St Thomas 10k 5 Mile 5k TT 10 Km 10 Mile 1/2
31/05 – 06/06 07/06 – 13/06 14/06-20/06 14/06 21/06 – 27/06 28/06 – 04/07 05/07 – 11/07 12/07 – 18/07 19/07 – 24/07


Junior (15+) Grand Prix
1 Mile 2 Mile 5 Km 5 Mile 5k TT 10 Km 5 Mile 10 Km
31/05 – 06/06 07/06 – 13/06 14/06 – 20/06 21/06 – 27/06 28/06 – 04/07 05/07 – 11/07 12/07 – 18/07 19/07 – 24/07


Junior Grand Prix
1 Mile 2 Mile 5 Km 5 Km 5k TT 1 Mile 2 Mile 5 Km
31/05 – 06/06 07/06 – 13/06 14/06 – 20/06 21/06 – 27/06 28/06 – 04/07 05/07 – 11/07 12/07 – 18/07 19/07 – 24/07



  1. You must complete each race on or between the dates posted, evidence of your run must be uploaded within 48hrs of the race finishing. Late entries will not be accepted.
  2. Plan your route in advance of completing your run, thinking about elevation, terrain. any restrictions on your intended route.
  3. Evidence of your run must be submitted, either a photo of your watch, Strava details etc.
  4. You can play your joker but must advise the club in accordance with the challenge rules (see website for clarification)
  5. The above rules, except for a Joker, also apply to the juniors.
  6. Everyone’s safety is paramount. Especially for the juniors, however, the club cannot accept any responsibility of any injury received whilst competing in the Grand Prix. We would advise all runners to notify someone of their intended route and carry some form of emergency contact card in case of an incident.
  7. Junior runs should be supervised by a responsible adult or completed with the consent of parent or guardian
  8. We would advise all runners to carry water and a basic first aid kit when completing your run, but this is at your discretion and the club cannot be held liable in the event of any incident should you choose not to do so.
  9. Current government guidelines surrounding the current social distancing etc, must be observed.
  10. While everybody’s course will be different, in the spirit of sporting etiquette wherever you start is where you must finish.
  11. A separate entry is required for the St Thomas 10K. Click here

Treasure Hunt

The winner is Leon Stringer.

The hunt:-

His answers

1. Deans Park Court.

2. 20 minutes.

3. North Gate.

4. It says OLD FLAKE, I think the answer is GOLD FLAKE.

5. St Chad’s Place.

6. 16. (So many ways to count these!).

7. £10.45 (I think).

8. County Staff Club.

9. Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

10. Coach & Horses and The Yard.

11. 1st April to 31st October.

12. 6, 7, 74, 74, 75, 75A, 75B, 825, 826, 827.

13. Thomas Sidney.

14. £5.95.

15. Police station.