Club News

This page has two parts. This weeks runs and club news articles. Scroll down to see the latest information.


All evening runners must ware High Vis Tops

Monday 25th

6pm Rowley Park Stadium

High Visibility Vest required for Improvers and Progression Group

Juniors, Improvers,  Progression Route: Route Nine: town, Castlefields 9.19km (5.71 miles)

Tuesday 26th

6:15pm Riverway

High Visibility Vest required for all runners

Speed Session @ Riverway

Alternative road run (no leader)Route Thirteen: 7.5 Miles Radford Bank, Wildwood, Stockton Lane

Wednesday 27th

6pm Rowley Park Stadium

High Visibility Vest required for Improvers Road Run and Fast Run Groups

Improvers Speed, Improvers Road Run, Fast Road Run (7 minute per mile or faster!)


Thursday 28th

6:15pm Riverway
High Visibility Vest required for all runners

Route Fourteen: 5.9 Miles Silkmore Lane, West Way, Newport Road

8:00pm Thursday Social

A post club run gathering at the cricket club for drinks, chat & chip butties.

Just turn up on the run, shower at the club or dash home and change or just join us from 8pm if you're not running.
Please bring £2 for your food and some drinks tokens.

Friday 29th

6:00pm Riverway

High Visibility Vest required for all runners

Improvers road Run

Last Friday run from Riverway: next week will be the Castle

Saturday 30th

Parkrun this week

Local Runs

Coniston 14

Sunday 31st

@1AM the clocks go forward 1 hour

Local / National Races
Lilleshall Monument 10K (No entry on day)

Club Run
9:00am Chase run: meet at Marquis Drive


Club News


We are thinking of organising a night out to the Dog racing at Monmore Green on Saturday 18th May.

But before we go ahead and book anything we want to be sure that there is enough interest from the membership to fill a coach.

Tickets will be approx. £22 each (including transport)

Also included is your admission, race card, Food (scampi/chicken/beef burger/veggie burger & chips), 2 x drinks, 2 x tote forecasts & 1 x jackpot tote.

It’s really good value for money and a great night out for a laugh with your fellow harriers, and we’re not racing for once!

Bus will leave Stafford at approx. 4.45pm with return departure at approx. 10.45pm


Interested ????

Please let Ian Hodkinson (Club coach) know at next training session or next Thursday social or via

New Complete Beginners Course

We will start our next Complete Beginners Course on the 1st April 2019 at 6:15pm

You’ll be encouraged to jog / walk / jog / walk for gradually increasing longer distances. You will be in a group of people in the same condition as yourself. You’ll soon be jogging continuously and ready to face longer distances.

We offer the first few weeks free of charge so what have you got to loose.

There is no need to pre-register just come along Monday night 6pm for a 6:15pm start at Rowley Stadium (off West Way). Please park in the top car park and walk down to the lower car park (for safety please keep off the road and walk on the grass). We will be on the left hand side of the lower car park (by the bike shed).

Ask for Colin or Kim.

If you can’t make Mondays feel free to come along to the Wednesday session.

Harriers Handicap Race (The Peter Hodgetts Memorial Handicap)

Thursday 4th April 6:00pm for a 6:30pm start.

Four times a year we hold the Harriers Handicap Race. Each race is open to all adult members and advanced juniors.

The winner is the first to complete a lap of the course on the Chase (approx 3.7 miles). To make it fair, the faster runners are delayed from starting. It is this handicap that makes the run interesting and gives everyone an equal chance of winning. To keep people from “under estimating” their speed people can’t win the race on their first attempt. Recent race results can also be used as evidence of current performance.!

The route used to be very muddy but over the years the route is now mainly gravel, with a short section that at times (after heavy rain) can still be testing.

Meeting point is the Chase Vista car park. 

Go to the “green triangle” in Brocton and take the steep hill out of the village, past the old quarry on the left and the car park entrance is on the next left bend (car park is on the right).

Ed Smith is in charge of setting people’s handicaps, helpers for marshalling and time keeping are required.



Summer starts soon

The clocks change next sunday and so it must be summer. Well not just yet, but we will switched to Harriers summer routine on 1st April 2019.


  • Rowley Park – all the gates are now open allowing a wider range of routes.
  • All mapped road runs now switch to summer routes.
  • Tuesday Speed session continue to meet at Riverway, but other locations are used, an alternative road run is available
  • Thursday the main run will now be on the Chase. Different car parks are used so look at the schedule for this weeks. Mustering is every 7 minutes, there is always a back marker so no one is left behind. There is an alternative road run but due to popularity of the Chase option there isn’t usually a leader.
  • Friday will move to the Castle and the Chase on alternative weeks. This week is the Castle. Both are off road improvers sessions with short muster sections. They are a great way to start your off road running experience.





To this end the following dates have been confirmed:-