Junior News 2018

Junior Section Report for April 2018

Wednesday, 4th April

Castlefields Carpark, 5k Time Trials

Continuing on from previous years, this was the first of several planned time trial events for the Juniors over the summer months, in which we had 11 run on this occasion, and who also ran with the adult improvers group along the disused railway track. The event is intended to monitor the Junior’s progress, and chart how they do, over time, and offer support and coaching accordingly.

First Name Surname Time
Robbie Gorman 19:32
Kian Arnott 21:29
Jake Oliver 21:50
Matthew Hilsdon 23:41
Ben Green 25:10
Saffron Latham 26:24
Chloe Burrows 26:45
Jack Heath 27:23
Rose White 27:57
Caitlin Saunders 28:52
Harry Beckett 34:50

Well done to all who ran!

Thursday, 5th April

Harriers Handicap

Three Juniors ran in this event, Jack Heath, Matthew Hilsdon and Jake Oliver, this being the first Handicap race of the year, with Matthew actually winning the race coming home first. A massive well done to Matthew for beating off some stiff competition from the adults!

Position Name Net Time
1 Matthew Hilsdon 31:38:00
5 Jake Oliver 31:11:00
10 Jack Heath 33:09:00

Sunday, 15th April

Newcastle 10K

George Hodkinson was the only Junior running in this event this year, completing the race in an excellent time of 37:54 and finishing in 20th position, some 79 places in front of his dad! There were 432 finishers. Well done George!

Stafford Fun Run

We are aware of four Juniors who ran in the Fun Run, which took place after the half marathon had started; these were Alfie, Harrison and Charlie Darby, and Jack Heath. Well done all!

Wednesday, 18th April

Lilleshall 5 Mile

We had just one Junior competing in this race which was Ben Deakin. Ben returning from injury and running against his Mum, finished in a commendable162nd place, and in a time of 40:15. There were 403 finishers. Needless to say Ben finished ahead of his mum – well done Ben!

Park Runs

As in previous months a good number of Juniors have been competing in the Cannock Chase Park run each Saturday morning, so well done all, and keep up the great work!

5k Time Trial

4th April 2018

Over the summer we hold a number of 5K time trial on the disused railway to Derrington.

Thanks to those who helped out with the timing and recording of results

The results of the juniors that took part.

First Name Surname 12-Apr-17 31-May-17 09-Aug-17 20-Sep-17 04-Apr-18
Robbie Gorman 18:37 19:48 19:32
Kian Arnott 21:29
Jake Oliver 21:29 22:29 27:23 21:50
Matthew Hilsdon 21:31 21:58 22:20 22:02 23:41
Ben Green 27:09 26:55 26:20 25:10
Saffron Latham 26:51 26:24
Chloe Burrows 29:34 27:31 26:45
Jack Heath 23:55 21:45 27:23
Rose White 26:46 27:57
Caitlin Saunders 26:01 24:48 27:03 26:58 28:52
Harry Beckett 27:54 28:25 29:55 30:37 34:50


Junior Section Report for March 2018

Staffordshire Athletics Network 4 x 1 mile Relays, Rowley Park

Saturday, 24th March

We had 28 Juniors running in this event, with some great effort put in and which turned out to be enjoyable for all those who took part on their home ground. A very big well done to all who ran at this event, and thanks to the coaches and parents that supported, and to the Staffordshire Athletics Network for organising it.

Under 11 Girls 3rd Place

Name Leg Time
Isla Fraser 1
Victoria Shrehorn 2
Anna Byrne 3
Caitlin Saunders 4

Under 13 Girls

Name Leg Time
Willow Heath 1
Edie White 2
Rose White 3
Keeley Hamilton 4

Under 11 Boys

Name Leg Time
Ruben Willson 1
Jack Moran 2
Murphy Hamilton 3
Dylan Shrehorn 4

Under 13 Boys

Name Leg Time
Jack Heath 1
Matthew Hilsdon 2
Ben Green 3
Lucas Willson 4

Under 13 Boys

Name Leg Time
Harry Beckett 1
Senen Byrne 2
Max Croston 3
Evan Sadler 4

Under 17 Boys 1st Place

Name Leg Time
Ben Cook 1
Jake Oliver 2
Robert Gray 3
Robbie Gorman 4

Under 11 Mixed

Name Leg Time
Seb Fraser 1
Molly Key 2
Summer Saddler 3
Angelica McHugh 4

Times still to be published at the point of writing this report.

A big well done to the Under 17 Boys who won their age category and were presented with trophies, and to the Under 11 Girls for coming third. All those who ran were presented with certificates.

Lilleshall Monumental Fun Run, 2K, Lilleshall

Sunday, 25th March

Jake Oliver ran this race along with his Dad which took in the beautiful sights of Shropshire and included a sharp climb up to the monument. For a Fun Run this was no easy race by any means! Jake finished in 3rd place (well ahead of his Dad) and first in his age category, which earnt him a trophy. Well done Jake!

Park Runs

As always the Cannock Chase Park Run has been proving popular this month with the Juniors, some achieving PB’s – well done to all!

Junior Section Report for February 2018

Sunday, 11th February

Walton Wobble 10K, Walton, Stafford

Saffron Latham and George Hodkinson were the only Juniors to run in this local race, this being George’s first 10K event.

Name Position Time
George Hodkinson 3 39:28
Saffron Latham 139 59:23

Both ran very well in what is quite a tough and hilly course, with George having an excellent race, finishing first in his age category. Well done both!

Park Runs

As per the norm we’ve had a number of Juniors taking part in these events at various locations during the month – keep up the good work!

Junior Section Report for January 2018

Saturday, 6th January

Staffordshire County Cross Country Championships, Sandwell Park Farm

Five juniors turned out to participate against some quite stiff competition in somewhat damp and cold conditions.

Category Under 13 Boys
Name Position Time
Ben Green 33 14:27

There were 33 runners in total.

Category Under 15 Boys
Name Position Time
Ben Cook 11 15:58
Jake Oliver DNF

There were 30 runners in total.

Category Under 17 Men
Name Position Time
Kian Arnott 17 25:07

There were 17 runners in total.

Category Under 17 Women
Name Position Time
Saffron Latham 17 34:04

There were 17 runners in total.

Telford 10K, Telford

Also on the same day, Ben Deakin ran in the Telford 10K, finishing in a time of 42:52 and in 243rd place. There were 881 finishers. Well done Ben!

Sunday, 22nd January

Open 2 the Elements 5K, Gnosall

Ben Deakin was once again the only Junior to run in this event, finishing in 3rd place, in a time of 21:11, beating his Mum – well done Ben!

Saturday, 27th January

Midlands Counties Cross Country Championships, Wollaton Park, Nottingham

We had seven juniors running in this event, the course of which was laid out in the beautiful parkland area, passing the imposing old hall. Everyone seemed to enjoy the experience, despite the wet conditions, and ran very well in their races, in what was a very challenging field of some of the Midland’s best junior athletes.

Category Under 13 Boys, 3k
Name Position Time
Matthew Hilsdon 89 14:36
Ben Green 113 18:12

There were 114 finishers in total.

Category Under 15 Boys, 4k
Name Position Time
Ben Cook 39 15:22
Robert Gray 104 20:18

There were 105 finishers in total.

Category Under 17 Boys, 6k
Name Position Time
George Hodkinson 38 23:31
Kian Arnott 68 27:49
Ben Deakin 69 27:55

There were 70 finishers in total.

A massive well done to all who took part in this event.

Park Runs

As per previous months, a number of Juniors have been participating in these events, which are a great way over time, to help improve people’s performance over the same distance, on a weekly basis. Keep up the good work!