Junior News 2020

Junior Section Report for April 2020

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, all races and events planned for April were either postponed or cancelled, so, unfortunately, there is little to report. We are however aware of some Juniors continuing to run with members of their household, maintaining their fitness, ready for the return of the races, so well done to them and keep up the great work!

Finally, all of the Stafford Harrier Junior Coaches send their best wishes to all and their families, and please stay safe during these ongoing difficult and uncertain times.

Junior Section Report for March 2020

Unfortunately, due to the fast-developing Covid-19 situation, many of the local races were cancelled or postponed, however, we are aware of several events that did manage to take place before lock-down was introduced across the Nation.

Stafford Half Marathon Fun Run, Stafford

Sunday, 15th March

For the second consecutive year, Matthew Hilsdon won this race, so a massive well done to him and to any other Juniors who may have also taken part.

Schools Cross Country Races, various locations

We are aware of a number of Juniors who ran in the first two of these events, before the remainder were cancelled – a big well done to all who participated!

Future Races and Events

As of the end of March, it is unclear what the medium to long term future holds for all races – short term there will clearly be no such events, but if the Covid-19 situation starts to improve over the coming months then we can hopefully start to look forward to carrying on with our races. In the meantime, if you are able to do some runs with other members of your household, keep this up ready for the return of the races. Finally, all of the Stafford Harrier Junior Coaches send their best wishes to all and their families, and please stay safe during this difficult time.

Junior Section Report for February 2020

February has once again been a quiet month for the Stafford Harrier Juniors (possibly due to the bad weather), with just one event in which some of them competed.

School Event – Saturday, 1st February

County Schools Cross Country Championships, Betley Court Farm

Matthew Hilsdon, Jack Heath, Harry Beckett and Murphy Hamilton all represented their schools in this event, which at county level meant they were competing in a field of good quality runners. No official results appear to be available, but all that took part ran very well and the event provided them with some valuable experience – well done to all.

Park Runs

As per the norm we’ve had a number of Juniors continuing to take part in these events at various locations during the month, one being in Leeds – keep up the good work!

Junior Section Report for January 2020

It has been a quiet start to the new year and of course decade for the Stafford Harrier Juniors with no one participating in any races, as far as we know. This year there was little appetite for the Staffordshire County and Midland Cross Country Championships, where compared to previous years we have seen at least a handful run.

Park Runs

We have seen a number of Juniors continue to participate in the Cannock Chase Park Run, and possibly others, which is a great way over time, to help improve people’s performance over the same distance, and on a weekly basis. Keep up the good work and well done!