London Marathon 2020 Ballot Draw

5th November the draw was taken for our London Marathon club place.  Being affiliated with England Athletics we get a number of places dependant upon the number of EA members we have.

Congratulations to  Mel Deakin.

Names as drawn out  –

1. Mel Deakin
2. Scott Kelsall
3. Jason Littlewood
4. Liam Duggan
5. Vanessa Welham
6. Rachel Marsden
7. Nathan Tierney
8. Justin Green
9. Ruth Edwards
10. Kerry Robertson
11. Simon Bromley
12. Alan Jones
13. Graham Williams
14. Richard Crump
15. James Bream
16. Lisa Sanzeri
17. Sam Bream


For 2021 Marathon Draw the following rules will apply:-

1. You must have entered the London Marathon 2021 ballot and have a rejection slip or email. (No photocopies)

2. You must have been a fully paid up with EA membership, 1st claim member of the Harriers for 12 months. (from the date of Marathon)

3. To have volunteered on at least 2 occasions in the year at either Showground Relays, Staffs Knot 5, Harriers Handicap, Cross Country hosted by the club or Cannock Chase Park-run (when Harriers are responsible for providing marshals)



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