London Marathon 2023 Ballot Draw

If you’ve entered the London Ballot and had the “Sorry” email, you could be entered in the club draw.

We think we’ve got a club place for next year’s London Marathon being held in  April (we will get confirmation by the end of November). Usually, we don’t get much time to nominate someone. So we need you to act quickly.

For London 2023 Ballot Draw the following rules apply:

1. You must have entered the London Marathon 2023 ballot and have a rejection slip or email.

2. You must have been fully paid up with EA membership, 1st claim member of the Harriers for 12 months. (from the date of the Marathon)

3. If your name was drawn from the ballot last year you are not eligible to enter the draw this year.

4. To have volunteered on at least 2 occasions in the year at either Showground Relays, Staffs Knot 5, Harriers Handicap, Cross Country hosted by the club.

5. Send us proof of the rejection either a screenshot or pdf by the end of November to (please list the event you helped at).

Good luck everyone!

The names will be drawn out of a hat in December.

I will list the people below that have contacted us so far and meet the above rules.

Simon Bromley
Nitesh Thakrar
Marie Larivoire
Kerri Delaney

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