Preparing for First NSCCL Cross-Country 2022 – 2023 event

For people running Cross country this year.



Good morning, 


I hope everyone is well and, like me, excited that we will be having the first event this coming Saturday. 


The hosting club and Race Director are doing everything to make sure all the athletes and supporters have a great experience. 

But, let us all as club officials make sure we play our part and ensure that the event runs smoothly and with the minimum of stress!   

Please read the below and pass on this information to your members who have registered to run.


Briefing Points
Entries: All online and by midnight Friday, please. No entries on the day at the event.
Race numbers:  Collected on the Day (retain for the series) – one member per club will collect all numbers for their club.
Remember to remind your runners to retain numbers – replacements cause extra work and will be charged for. If we don’t have replacement numbers, the runner can’t race.
Safety Pins: Bring your own safety pins (we all have way too many already)
Start times: It’s the runner’s responsibility to know the start time for their particular race and assemble in good time.
The first race starts at 12noon with the last race starting at 2:10pm
Runners to make sure they know where to assemble before the start.
Communications:   Will all clubs please have effective communications channels with their runners to pass on these briefings and also should we have to act/notify runners at short notice in reaction to unforeseen events.
Club Gazebo’s: Allowed in the usual area at Betley. Please make sure all Gazebo’s and Tents (and anything else) are securely staked and positioned to minimise potential injury risk.
If it’s windy please bring plenty of long tent pegs.
Respect: Securing locations for Cross Country is our biggest challenge. Annoying the landowners and local residents has historically been our biggest risk – we have lost venues because of this.
Please ask all runners to treat the venue and officials with respect. Take litter home, remove all tent pegs (it’s farmland) and be careful manoeuvring in the car park area (no skid marks please!).


Start Times


Chip Timing:  Results are chip timed and will be published as soon as possible after the event.
Errors:  We ask that all clubs check the results after each race for accuracy and completeness (e.g. missing runners) and where they believe there to be an error to please notify us within a week.
After a week NSCCL reserves the right to refuse any further amendments to the results.
A particular risk area from the past is runners changing race numbers during the series (see also the note above), so please pay special attention to this with your checks.
Risk Assessment Briefing points
Dogs: Dogs are discouraged as the venue is private farmland. Any spectators with a specific requirement to bring a dog are asked to contact the Race Director prior to attending.
Litter: Clubs and Runners are to be asked to take all litter home.
Lost Children: All clubs are asked to familiarise Juniors with the course and club meeting points and advised that if lost to contact the nearest marshall.
Uneven surface: Please watch where you run and ensure you have suitable footwear and clothing for the course and weather conditions.
Warm-up: Runners are advised to warm up and warm down as appropriate to reduce the risk of injury.
Severe weather: If there is a risk of severe weather impacting the safety of the race, the organisers may take the decision to cancel the race.


I looking forward to meeting many of you on Saturday!


NSCCL Secretary

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