Return to club sessions Week 4

Changes for next week:-


Monday night we have introduced an event for newcommers and adults members.


Statement from our Chairman about club sessions.


Answers to questions members have asked about the statement above.


Is it safe?

We are following England Athletics guidance, we will be strictly enforcing the 2-metre social distancing rule. It is a judgement call – if you don’t feel safe then move away or don’t attend.

Why speed work and interval sessions?

These allow us to take small groups of people safely. People may be worried about the word speed – this is always relative to your ability and current fitness. I know some have run for a long time whereas others may have been running more frequently. Anxiety is normal, but we want to help you return to the sport we love.

Also, we can’t see how to hold road runs with the 2-metre rule. This is a safer environment to build up your fitness without committing to a run of any distance.

Why the Cricket Club and not Rowley?

The Cricket and Hockey club is private land and fully fenced. We feel it is a safer and more controllable environment to restart. We will be using the rugby pitches as well as the car park, entrance road so there is plenty of room for us to spread out.


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