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We plan to start slowly, expanding the range and size when it is safe to do so. Places are limited and need to be booked in advance. To ensure as many people as possible can take part we ask that you only advance book one event per week. You may be able to attend additional events if they aren’t full, by booking on the day of the event.

As before we will be mainly at the Cricket Club as this is the most covid secure location, the event will confirm the location.

There will be no changing facilities or toilets at the venues.

The clocks changing on 28th March and so we will be in our summer routine ie no need for high viz tops.

Bookings will remain open from Friday morning the week before the event, until 4 pm on the day of the event, or until the event is full.


How to book

Go to our calendar page, select the session you want by clicking on the title. When it opens it will confirm the time and location. At the bottom of the page, there will be a list of people that have booked, or waiting for approval and a booking form. We need the runner’s name, contact number and email of the runner or guardian.

Group Size and Location
Monday 12th April
Newcomers Junior and Improvers Speed Session
18 people Cricket Club
Monday 12th April
Progression Road Run
12 people Rowley Stadium
Tuesday 13th April
Slightly Harder Speed Session
24 people Cricket Club
Wednesday 14th April
Newcomers Junior and Improvers Speed Session
18 people Cricket Club
Wednesday 14th April
Improvers Road Run
12 people Cricket Club
Friday 15th April
Improvers Road Run
12 people Cricket Club


What to do at the event

Plan to arrive close to the start time, remain in your car until a few minutes before the planned start time. Please keep 2 metres away from anyone not in your family group. For Juniors, a parent or guardian must stay within sight of the group.

Complete Beginners

The September 2020 course wasn’t able to complete the 14-week schedule and will resume Monday 29th March at Rowley Stadium. This group is restricted to the people that started in September and is not bookable. A new group will start in May.

Track and Trace Records.

In order for us to hold our sessions, we have to keep a record of who attends. We do this via the online booking system.

It is essential the booking data contains the full name and contact number of the person attending the session (for juniors a parent or guardian phone number and email address is required).

If you can’t make a session.

If you find you can’t attend a booked session please contact me via or our contact page and I will make sure your place is freed up for someone else and that you are removed from the Track and Trace Record.

I want to take part in more than one session per week.

As we increase the numbers at each session, it may be possible for you to attend more than one session per week.

Please give everyone time to book a session. Please book your preferred event first in advance and wait until the day of the additional events before booking.

Bookings close at 4 pm on the day of the event.

Is it safe?

We are following England Athletics guidance, we will be strictly enforcing the 2-metre social distancing rule. It is a judgement call – if you don’t feel safe then move away or don’t attend.

Why the Cricket Club and not Rowley Park?

The Cricket and Hockey Club is private land and fully fenced. We feel it is a safer and more controllable environment to restart. We will be using the rugby pitches as well as the car park, entrance road so there is plenty of room for us to spread out. We are starting to use Rowley for Progression runs and Complete Beginners we will then be able to judge the suitability for all our sessions.


England Athletics


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