Return to club sessions 26th Oct to 30th Oct

Changes for this week:-

  • No changes this week

Track and Trace Records.

In order for us to hold our sessions, we have to keep a record of who attends. We do this via the on-line booking system.

It is essential the booking data contains the full name and contact number for the person attending the session (for juniors a parent or guardian phone number and email address is required).

If you can’t make a session.

If you find you can’t attend a booked session please contact me via email or our contact page and I will make sure your place is freed up for someone else and that you are removed from the Track and Trace Record.

I want to take part in more than one session per week.

As we increase the numbers at each session, it may be possible for you to attend more than one session per week.

Please give everyone time to book a session. Please book your preferred event first in advance and wait until Sunday night to book your additional events.

Bookings close at midday on the day of the event.

Is it safe?

We are following England Athletics guidance, we will be strictly enforcing the 2-metre social distancing rule. It is a judgement call – if you don’t feel safe then move away or don’t attend.

Why the Cricket Club and not Rowley Park?

The Cricket and Hockey Club is private land and fully fenced. We feel it is a safer and more controllable environment to restart. We will be using the rugby pitches as well as the car park, entrance road so there is plenty of room for us to spread out. We are starting to use Rowley for Progression runs and Complete Beginners we will then be able to judge the suitability for all our sessions.


England Athletics

EA Full Guide updated 21st October

Outdoor organised activity & group coaching allowed on Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.


More details in the link

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