Harriers Challenge 2020

Some race have yet to be confirmed and so the list of races is still provisional.

21/12/19 Race revised. Newcastle 10K clashed with another race and so replaced with Stone St. Michaels in June 2020

The Harriers challenge is open to all members of Stafford Harriers, it’s a bit of fun and adds a little interest to your race diary & maybe introduces you to some races that you may not normally try or of even heard of.

Here is this year’s Challenge and there are 24 races to choose from. Twelve Road Races, Twelve Off-Road Races. Please check actual dates nearer the times as race organisers have been known to change dates. If you find out confirmed dates that are different to the below, then please let us know.

Scoring is as follows, the first runner gets the same number of points that there are runners in the group at the start of the Challenge. (eg If there are 12 runners then 12 pts.) Second place gets one less (11 pts) and so on. In the event of a tie, then the runner with the least number of races wins. If still tied then a countback on head to head results will be done. (If it’s still a tie then we give up!)

In fairness to all runners, we ask that you wear club colours in all challenge races (without exception) so your group members can spot you. Failure to do so will mean that you don’t get any points in that particular race.

Double point JOKER;

Each competitor can select “One” race to play their JOKER and receive double points.

You are free to select one race from the 24 races at any time during the year. The only rule is that you must notify the JOKER referee in writing (either by email or text) at least 1 week before the actual event (Ian Hodkinson, on 07703687906 or hodkinsonig@btinternet.com).

Any disputes will be addressed by the challenge committee and their decision will be final.

Charity donation Entry Fee;

There is a charge of £5 to enter, all entries will go direct to the clubs’ charity fund. This is still a bit of fun with a chance of a trophy at the end of the year. In 2018 we donated £250 to Stafford’s House of Bread at Christmas time & in 2019 we donated to Eadie’s Wishes (Stella’s daughter’s charity).

Off Road Races; Road Races;
12/01/2020 Milford Trig Race 02/02/2020 Alsager 5
22/03/2020 Lilleshall Monumental 10k 16/02/2020 Rugeley 10 mile
TBC 9/04/2020 Spring Treble 1 08/03/2020 Knighton 20
TBC 16/04/2020 Spring Treble 2 3/05/2020 Uttoxeter Half
TBC 23/04/2020 Spring Treble 3 20/05/2020 Stone 5 Mile
6/06/2020 Chillington Hall Half 14/05/2020 Mow Cop Killer Mile
TBC 04/07/2020 Birm & Black Country Half 20/06/2020 Meerbrook 15
TBC Sept Sept. Handicap 28/06/2020 Stone St.Michaels
7/11/2020 Chase Park Run TBC – 16/07/2020 JCB 5
TBC 22/11/2020 Tuff-un (Suicide Six) 13/09/2020 St Thomas 10k
TBC 29/11/2020 Apedale Dash 04/10/2020 Chester Marathon
TBC 5k Time trial 01/11/2020 Flying Fox 10

Reserve races are;

Off Road; Westbridge 5, December Handicap & selected Park Run (Chase or Isabelle Trail)

Road; Cosford 10k, Coven Canter, Wheaton Aston 10k & selected 5k time trial

Above dates correct as of 15/12/19

Challenge groups will be reviewed & decided in the New Year before the Trig race. Anyone wishing to join should contact Ed Smith or Ian Hodkinson at training.