Race Report April to June 2008

Wetton & Manifold 10k – 29/06/08

Report from Pete Sarson.

The weather was fine & dry until just before the start, then the heavens opened and the winds blew and it continued like that until halfway through the race. It was a steep downhill run for 1st 2km, then flat along the Manifold Valley for 3km, before starting off up a very steep climb for 2km followed by mainly uphill undulations to the finish. I was the only Harrier to trial this one and finished 15th overall (from 133 finishers) in a time of 43:14. I was 2nd MV50+

Stone St. Michaels 10k – 22/06/08

On a dry, dull and windy morning (though the wind probably helped as much as hindered), 20 Harriers gathered for the latest NSRRA race.
Several of them were bravely facing a fast short run this day after completing several legs of the Club’s charity run the previous day.

The race was fully subscribed at 400 entries and anyone turning up on the day to enter had to put their name on a reserves list – to be given a place only when the organisers were sure that some of the pre-entered would be no-shows. Half of those who ran were “unattached” – perhaps reflecting that this was a charity run.

The race was won by Alex Derricott of Staffs. Moorlands club in 33:23, heading Ben Gamble of Stone MM by only 10secs. The first lady runner home was Debra Mason from Rotherham Harriers in 35:43.

Harriers’ times and placings were:


Pete Sarson set a new Club Age Group best time.

Shugborough Relays – 18/06/08

The annual Shugborough Relays were held, as ever in the grounds of Shugborough Hall, on Wednesday 18 June 2008. Here are the results: Table
If you’d like to see some photo’s that were taken on the night go see: Photos

Stourbridge Stumble – 14/06/08

Tom Hobbins raced brilliantly to finish 5th in this race, won by Ian Mansel of Dudley & Kingswinford AC in 36:04

Newport Carnival 10k – 14/06/08

This was the third race this weekend that Harriers took part in. A great run by Mark Cooper!

The race was won by Chris Davies of Telford AC in 33:10. and there were 195 finishers

MAN v HORSE – Llanwyrtyd Wells, Deepest Wales – 14/06/08

Ten intrepid Harriers found their way to deepest Wales to race against Horses (!!) over a very tough 22mile course. Unfortunately Mick Jones found himself suffering from a virus after running the Potters ‘Arf and decided this was a challenge too far. In total 258 individual runners raced 28 horses and 73 relay teams, so you can see the results below reflect great performances amongst everyone else. They’re off! The Team !


Sunny sweltering conditions caused most runners to run slower than they might have otherwise. Temperatures were in the low to mid 20c range. The course is notoriously HILLY! – particularly where you turn a sharp right at 11mls to find a near vertical incline about 400m long (high?).

The race was won by Ben Gamble of Stone MM in a time of 1:13:07 and the second man home was a V50 – Garry Payne of George Elliot Striders in 1:14:24. The first lady home was Michelle Ross-Cope from City of Stoke AC in a time of 1:15:40.

54th Club Handicap – Pete Hodgetts Memorial Run – 05/06/08

See Club Challenges page for a history of Handicap races.

Westbridge 5 – 01/06/08

Sunny warmish weather saw the Westbridge 5 run across parkland, canal path, gravel paths and roadway, to give some nice variation underfoot – though mainly flat. The race was won by Ben Gamble of Stone MM in 27m14s and the first lady home was Michelle Buckle of Newcastle (Staffs) AC in 31m08s Paul Douglas gained 1st V55 and Pete Sarson gained 1st V60, Ruth Umerah 1st LV40, Chris Skellern 2nd LV45. Mike Saint-Dunn and Sally Burns gained a PB. Pete sarson set a new Club Age Group best time.


Winkle Trout Run – 31/05/08

Fresh Trout for every finisher! Demanding 9km fell race, crossing woodlands, river and high moorland (950ft climb) in the picturesque Dane Valley. River crossings subject to conditions! Under FRA rules. This is a very hard fell race – compensated by the reward of a trout fish to all finishers. It’s a popular event and the entries closed a week before the run date. 297 finishers Three Harriers completed, with Dave Marsden finishing 142nd in 60:38, next Mick Moore 276th in 77:22 and then Frank Grant, 295th in 87:53 .

Edinburgh Marathon – 25/05/08

Two Harriers travelled to Scotland for this growing marathon. Keith Faint finished 2228 in a time of 3:52:06 and Rebecca Bostock ran her maiden marathon in a good time of 4:51:14. Well run Becs !

Burton 10ml – 25/05/08

The Burton 10 is not a race the Harriers normally consider running. Perhaps they should as it is a flat fast course and is not too far to travel to. Two Harriers made the journey and ran extremely well. Tim Hough finished 86th in 1:12:46 and Sara Houlton 135th in 1:21:00. A sizeable field of 212 finished.

Chester Half marathon – 18/05/08

Ruth Umerah was the only Harrier to run this popular race; running a good time of 1:34:24 to finish 210th overall but 4th LV40.

South Cheshire 20 – 11/05/08

A very warm day with temperatures around 25-27c and a small field of only 80 runners meant that the field soon spread out.

The race was won by Ray Plant, entered as NSRRA club, in 1hr 57:39 – more than 10mins ahead of 2nd place runner Stuart Jones of South Cheshire Harriers.
First lady home was Julia Myatt of Newcastle (Staffs.) AC in 2:19:35 – running only 2wks before competing in the Edinburgh Marathon!


Muller Carnival 10k – 11/05/08

With only the South Cheshire 20 to compete with in the area it wasn’t too surprising to find most Harriers opting for this 10k road race. Nineteen Harriers battled bravely in the very warm conditions to compete with 712 others and achieve some very creditable age group placings. Chris Skellern was actually 3rd LV45 (not 28th MV45 as below) and Rebecca Bostock gained a PB. Well done Becs!

Nike Dudley Kingswinford 10k – 07/05/08

Two Harriers travelled to Kingswinford to run this popular Wednesday night 10k, with keith Skelton 71st and Dave Marsden 150th in 44:06. 1008 finished.

Clayton 10k – 07/05/08

Tom – 37:25

Pete – 41:39

Brian – 43:52

Ruth – 44:17

Mark – 44:54

Mike – 45.00

Ed – 46.4

Ian – 47.22

John – 48.00

Chris – 48.03

Graham – 59.29

Mick – 51.0

George – 51.21

Mick – 54.34

Jackie – 54.38

Judith – 65.06


The Clayton 10k is not liked by many runners, but others find it a good fast course. Perhaps the fact that it’s an evening run race reduces numbers a little; though this is offset by the race being one of the NSRRA events.
Tom Hobbins ran a PB while Pete Sarson was 1st MV60, Ruth Umerah was 1st LV40 and Chris Skellern was 1st LV45.

Blackpool Marathon – 27/04/08

Mike Jones travelled up to Blackpool to get a qualifying time for next year’s London marathon. Now he is 65 he only needed to get under 4 hours. On a perfect day for running – dull with light drizzle and no wind – he set off at a steady pace, got stronger as the race unfolded he finished 255th overall (from 476 finishers) in 3:45:01. QUALIFIED FOR LONDON 2009 AND 2010 !

Uttoxeter Half – 27/04/08

As usual a good turnout of Harriers ran this tough half, with Paul Douglas having an excellent run to be first Harrier home in 1:24:43 and first MV55. The mens team were 6th from 18 and the ladies team – very well fronted by Ruth Umerah – finished 3rd team from 5

London Marathon – 13/04/08

The day started very nicely with very clear sky and sunshine – even at 08:30 – and there was no sign of the forecast rain. But then at 09:00 the whispery clouds rapidly filled the sky and it became clear that the rain was on its way.
However, it didn’t start until 10:30 and lasted only 30mins; though a strong breeze added to the pressures while the rain continued!

Harriers placings and times were:
Position Age grp. posn. Name Chip time
198 27 » HOLLINSHEAD, CHRIS 02:40:58
587 49 » BOSSON, PAUL 02:52:45
934 8 » DOUGLAS, PAUL D 02:58:21
1466 6 » SARSON, PETER 03:05:41
2880 437 » BENTLEY, MARK 03:19:57
3857 96 » SKELTON, KEITH 03:27:40
4123 612 » SPENCER, IAN H 03:29:13
4419 323 » PREECE, DAVID J 03:31:05
4618 942 » HEMMING, GARY 03:32:24
4765 690 » THOMPSON, MARK L 03:33:35
5228 384 » WILKES, BERNARD T 03:37:01
5383 947 » VLOK, DEON I 03:38:01
5573 1124 » DENHAM, BRIAN R 03:39:19
6018 1197 » SMITH, ED 03:42:03
971 192 » DAVIES, KAREN J 03:45:36
6833 198 » LANGSTON, BRIAN 03:46:43
7100 1399 » SIMPSON, ROBERT J 03:48:07
8314 1154 » WOODCOCK, STEPHEN 03:54:09
8384 1609 HOUGH, TIM………03:54:35
9049 148 >>WILLIAMS, GRAHAM…03:57:30
9272 40 » JONES, MICHAEL 03:58:17
11897 2279 » PROCTOR, ROBERT M 04:11:50
12252 1631 » BAKER, TONY 04:13:46
12914 61 » SINGH, GEORGE G 04:17:13
3803 381 >>MURRAY, KAREN D…..04:25:25
14504 239 » FINNEY, JOHN R 04:25:55
6288 1120 » IRELAND, TRACEY 04:52:40
22472 172 » BRADSHAW, ALLAN 05:46:18

Pete Sarson set a new Club Age Group best time.

Dougie Mac 5km – 06/04/08

Toi of our ladies ran this 5km race around the lake in Trentham Gardens. Sharon Harrison finished in 3o8th place in a time of 38:24, with Elaine Bates finishing 369th in 52:20. 377 finished in total.

Sutton Park Relays – 05/04/08

Our Mens Masters team finished 13th from 16 teams, while our Ladies finished 29th from 38 complete teams.

The Mens Masters team comprised:
1…….Malcolm Mountford…………….36:02………….13th position at end of leg
2…….Mark Bentley………………………20:36………….13th
3…….Eddie Smith………………………..21:16………….14th
4…….Paul Douglas………………………34:05………….13th
5…….Steve Turner……………………….20:29………….13th
6…….Michael Harris…………………….21:52………….13th

The Ladies team comprised:
1………….Ruth Umerah……………..20:03………….26th position at end of stage
2………….Sue Johnson……………..22:16………….34th
3………….Sara Houlton……………..22:35………….31st
4………….Jane Bisiker……………….22:44………….31st
5………….Vicky Lowndes…………..24:11………….30th
6………….Karen D Murray………….24:30………….29th

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