Race Report April to June 2009

Penkridge 2.5ml Fun Run – 28/06/09

The Penkridge section of Stafford Harriers were all out to support the local race. Richard, now bored with just running, decided flying would be a better option and did the run dressed in full flying gear and a spit fire, which he had spent hours in the garage making, (anything to get out of doing his chores!). It didn’t help him get to the line first though. It was a beautiful hot day and the festivities carried on well into the afternoon and with 501 runners is becoming more popular every year. Nathan Sabin came 5th overall in 15.37 and Tom 9th in 15.57. They came first and second in the under 13’s section. I finished in 19.23 and was 3rd Lady, Karen Sabin finished in 21.59 and Richard in 46.53 and was not even last by far!! We were all shouted through the finishing line by Carmel, who is a new member to the harriers. The race was won by Ian Milner from Stoke n 14.22. Jane Bisiker Well I’m surprised he ever managed to take off ! Will Richard be appearing at the Duxford Air Show a week on Saturday ??

Torbay Half – 21/06/09

For those wishing a weekend away with sun, sand, sea and s…… (silverware for the race winner) then this is a race for you. With marvelous organisation and energy from Torbay Athletic Club this event has a carnival atmosphere with lots of support from spectators and locals alike. Starting at 9.30 am the route is a two lap course from Paignton to Torquay and back on closed roads and is therefore traffic free. There were plenty of marshalls and water stations and even bands playing on route which has some fine views and scenery. The race was won by Toby Lambert a local who now runs for Winchester & Distric AC in a time of 1:08:11, first lady was Joe Meek from Tavistock Athlectic Club in 1:21:55, while myself managed 1:37:55 (first and last harrier and not a horse in sight !) Terrain: Starting at Paignton the first two miles are flat as you complete two laps of Paignton Green, the course then heads off for a two lap route to Torquay and back. This means there are are a number of hills (and downhills) you have to encounter four times. The finish is along the promenade at Paignton, after crossing the finish line you turn left into the sea ! (optional) but highly recommended. Dry warm and sunny. Report from Steve Turner

Stone St. Michaels 10k – 21/06/09

Perfect running conditions and a good turnout by Harriers (28). We also had a good group of Juniors running the relay version of the race (see Juniors Section page. Race won by Ben gamble of SMM in 33:13, with Claire Martin of Telford AC as 1st lady in 34:44 (wow). Chris Owen is shown incorrectly in the results as he finished closely behind Rob Simpson, though he’s not sure of his time. . James Thorpe enjoying his run…. . . as did Tracy and Karen !

Potters ‘Arf – 14/06/09

Ben Gamble won the race again, this year in 1:11:12. The first Lady home was Charlotte Penfold of Bournemouth AC in 1:23:47. Harriers placings were: . Tracie Wallis Paul Douglas also ran – and finished in 1:30:32 – but isn’t in the official results due to a timing chip problem. It was a very warm morning and a very hilly route. 1475 finished. Well done to all those who battled the conditions! Here’s a brief report from Tim Hough: Enjoyable race, despite the warm weather. The crowd, as usual, were out in force handing out drinks, sweets and jelly babies. I found the first 3 miles a struggle, then got into my stride untill I hit that ‘vertical hill’ at mile 11. Most people walked the hill but I decided to keep going, allbeit very slowly. The last mile or so was great with the crowds giving all the runners loads of encouragement. I finished 5 minutes behind my best Potters Arf time but was more than happy with that. It is a fairly hilly course, especially the vertical one at 11 miles. Weather conditions: very warm and sunny

Stourbridge Stumble – 13/06/09

Ten Harriers turned out to take part in race fifteen of the challenge races run on an all terrain 10k around the local fields and parks of Stourbridge. A mix of farm tracks, sand and mud paths and lots of hills combined with the high temperature made the going quite tough, although all that took part commented on what a good race this was. The first Harrier home was Keith Skelton in a very respectable thirteenth place followed by the first female Harrier Chris Skellern who was fifth lady. The race was won in a time of 38.26 by Andrew Butler of Halesowen A&CC. An exceptionally well organised race, one I hope more Harriers can enjoy as part of the challenge next year.

Craig Baxter


Just a few Harriers managed to navigate their way south of the A5 and take on the 6 ish mile course on the Saturday evening around the Stourbridge countryside. We were to negotiate Step hill, muddy lane and dinosaur beach with the water station being well used by all the runners. There was no horse’s for us to beat or try and beat, but there was plenty of there remnants to avoid under foot. Keith Skelton was first Harrier home with Chris Skellern coming home 2nd LV45. With this being a Challenge race there was plenty of points to be had. The winner was Andrew Butler from Halesowen A&CC in a time of 38:26 with first lady being Helen Tromans from Dudley and Kingswinford in a time of 46:24.

Stuart Fowlie

Mike Moore looks lonely on the run – don’t think the knee bandages are from a stumble though. And Karen Murray obviously enjoyed the route.

Man v. Horse Marathon (22mls) – 13/06/09

Seven hardy Harriers travelled down to Llanwrtyd Wells in mid-Wales for the annual Man V Horse Marathon. The heavy rains of the previous couple of days had ensured that there was plenty of mud present on various parts of the course, especially on the latter stages. This was reflected in various peoples’ times being down on last year.
The Horse beat the Man (again) so the sponsor’s prize money was safe for another year (again).
Geoff Allen won the race on Dukes Touch of Fun in 2:11:43, whilst the first runner home was Peter Cole of Pontypridd Roadents in 2:19:06.
Stafford Harriers results were as follows;
Mark Bentley 3:28:13
Eddie Smith 3:38:30
Dave Preece 3:39:56
Karen Davies 3:48:58
Ralph Wedlock 3:52:40
Steve Turner 3:56:53
Tony Baker 4:34:19
Once we’d all had some refeshments at the finish at Victoria Wells, it was back to our various digs then onto the Stonecroft, the Belle Vue, and finally the Neuadd Arms where we partied until the early hours.
Full results can be found at the website www.onlineraceresults.co.uk
Terrain: Multi-terrain, Country, Hilly, Undulating
Weather conditions: Hot & Sunny, occasional cloud cover.
Report from: Mark Bentley

I loved the entire race and my training has been geared for this through the year, with runs on the Chase, very special.
Wow, tough run but absolutely fantastic!
Will be back again – maybe with a horse sometime!!
Thnaks Karen

Thanks Karen

Everyone enjoyed the sheep dip halfway round And they enjoyed the finish even more – Ed said the race had “just flown by”

58th Pete Hodgetts Easter Handicap – 11/06/09

Running time handicap net time num run next handi

1st Dave Banner 36-05 4-45min 31-20PB 2 8-00

2nd Ellie Baxter 37-55 2min 35-55 1st time 6-30

3rd Nathan Sabin 38-36 10-15min 28-21PB 2 12.15

4th Mike Jones 38-50 5-45min 33-05 58 8.15

5th John Richard 39-39 12-15min 27-24 1st time 15-00

6th Michael Harris 40-07 13-45min 26-22 6 14-15

7th Craig Baxter 40-29 9-45min 30-44 3 10-30

8th Allison Kellie 40-37 zero 40-37 1st time 2-00

9th Chris Skellern 40-47 12-15min 28-32 58 12-45

10th Chris Owen 41-11 12-15min 28-56 1st time 13-30

11th Lydia Atkins 41-17 11min 30-17PB 3 11-15

12th Kenton Sharpe 41-20 13min 28-20PB 2 13-45

13th Vicky Lowndes 41-38 10-30min 31-08 7 10-45

14th Sara Broome 41-42 Zero 41-42 13 Zero

15th Caroline Stark 41-44 10min 31-44PB 2 10-30

16th Jenny Addison 41-47 9-45min 32-02 16 9-30

17th Joe Atherton 41-52 14-45min 27-07 11 14-15

18th John Leese 42-12 12-15min 29-57 39 12-30

19th Chris Ross 42-19 17min 25-19 8 25-19

20th Jane Bisiker 42-30 9-30min 33-00 15 9-30

21st Tom Hobbins 42-52 19min 23-52 5 19-00

22nd Helen Smith 42-56 9-30min 33-26 1st Time 9-00

23rd Nigel Addison 43-16 12-45min 31-31 23 12-15

24th Karen Murray 43-30 7-45min 35-45 1st Time 7-15

25th Frank Evans 43-35 4-30min 39-05 30 4-00

26th Stuart Turner 43-35 14-45min 28-50 10 13-15

27th Judith Colman 43-37 2min 41-37 29 1-30

28th Laura Clough 45-30 11min 36-30 1st Time 6-00

29th Lew Badger 46-50 8min 38-50 33 5-45

30th Bill Whitworth 47-05 8min 39-05 13 5-45



Midland Vets Track league – 10/06/09

at Rowley park Chris Hollinshead and Sally Gray got their track season off to a flying start by both winning their 3,000 metre races. Both athletes were running for their track club, Cannock and Stafford. Chris convincingly won his race after trailing 60 metres behind the leader after 3 laps. As this was her first track race since she since leaving school, Sally was apprehensive about the prospect of running nearly 8 laps. There was no need to be as months of training paid off, with Sally storming to victory and rekindling her enthusiasm for track racing. Weather conditions: dry in between heavy rain Report from: Chris Hollinshead


Two Harriers, Dave Marsden and Craig Baxter took part in the second of the City Parks Grand Prix at Tunstall Park. A fast 5K race around the paths of Tunstall Park, 3 laps with some undulations and fast straights, well worth more Harriers running next year. Dave ran an impressive time of 20.07 and Craig in his first ever 5K ran a time of 22.45. Three of our juniors entered the 2k race and all put in very good performances, Ellie Baxter, 5th in FU11, Tom Sabin, 2nd in MU11 and Nathan Sabin, 4th in MU13 categories. They are all in good positions going into the final two races, good luck to them. Craig

Aldridge 10k – 07/06/09

Well, it appears that only Chris Owen ran this race – and finished 95th overall in 44:37 The race was won in 31:53 by Jon Pepper of Enfield & Haringey AC. The first lady home (Claire Martin of Telford AC) was 5th overall in 35:40, 3min 10secs ahead of team-mate Nellie Sanders. Thanks to Brian Smith of D&K AC for the photo.

Westbridge 5ml – 07/06/09

No fewer than 35 Harriers enjoyed “a few showers” this morning, made even more pleasant by the long grass and canal paths to be run on much of the course. This latest of the NSRRA races and a Harriers Challenge event was won by Mark Dalkins of Telford AC in a super 25m38secs First female home was Ruth Watchorn-Rice in 30:39 (22nd overall). Joe Atherton made a rare foray into local racing .

Wincle Trout Trail Race – 30/05/09

289 athletes completed this extremely popular & demanding 9 mile multi-terrain trail race, which was won by Stuart haycock of Hallamshire Harriers in a time of 38:39 (a full minute ahead of the next home).

Only 3 intrepid Harriers ran the race:

Tom Hobbins, 24th in 44:52

Dave marsden, 150th in 57:53

Ed Smith, 153rd in 58:06

LATE UPDATE – IT APPEARS MIKE MOORE ALSO RAN AND FINISHED 274th in 77:03 (soory Mike you were listed as “Unattached&rdquo Tom, Dave & Ed enjoying a cooling-off splash on their way around the course!

Buxton Half – 24/05/09

This event turned out to be the most challenging of my short running career so far. This small race (350 competitors) is on rural roads with a long hill for the first 3 miles followed by more hills with, in my opinion, the crux hill at mile 7-8ish. The geography combined with the gorgeous sunny weather ensured that all water stations involved both a drink and a dousing! Official results haven’t come out yet but by my watch I managed 1.49 (without melting!) and I understand I was the only Harrier. More hill training required methinks! The views were fantastic and I would recommend any Harrier to give this race a go as the scenery and satisfaction on completion are well worth it! Summary from Buxton AC Website (Race Organisers): “It turned out to be a scorching hot day in every sense of the word. The sun was beating down on the runners and it was hardly any breeze to talk of. A few runners suffered with early signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration. To my knowledge, all those runners have since made a full recovery. The winners were Mark Powell from Owls in Leicester and Christine Howard from Matlock AC.” Terrain: A hill at the start followed by more hills…. Weather conditions: Sun burn sunny…..slip, slop, slap required! Thanks to Kenton Sharpe for this report. AND congratulations on his time – it really is a toughie route ! Also running were two recently joined members. Well done to them for achieving times not much slower than for the Stafford Half in this much hotter and hillier race. 267 Sharon Hawkins Stafford FV35 2.14.21 298 Tracie Wallis Stafford FV40 2.36.57 FULL RESULTS HERE.

Burton 10ml – 24/05/09

A well organised, low key event in Burton. A wide starting area gave runners plenty of space before heading onto pathways along the riverbank. The warm conditions slowed myself and Rob (Proctor) down adding 5 minutes onto last years time. (or was it the few beers we had Saturday night!!). We only saw one other Harrier competing in the race. The fun run before the race, again was well organised with nice medals and a Mars bar given to all the finishers. It was 2 1/2 miles long with around 75+ runners competing. My two sons both ran with Sam (aged 9) finishing in 22 minutes and James (aged 13) in 25 minutes. Terrain: Two lap race on pathways partly along the river bank. Fairly flat with one slight incline for about 1/2 mile Weather conditions: very warm and sunny Report from: Tim Hough The race was won by a V50, Gary payne of George Elliott Striders in 55:16 and Harrier placings/times were:

Chester Half Marathon – 17/05/09

What a pleasure for a half on slight gradients – unlike Uttoxeter. Start of race was organised except i got elbowed as someboby had left a car just after the start which caused a slight bottle neck. Run was easy going except for quite a strong headwind. Two Harriers entered Ruth Umerah(1.35.31) and Chris Owen (1.37.32 pb). Winner was Kenneth Svendsen(1.13.26) of Tettenhall Runners and Nicola Bird (1.22.40) of Ellesmere RC first Lady Terrain: Traffic free roads with a slight incline at beginning (only slight), mainly flat Weather conditions: windy light rain after approx 1hr 20 then heavy rain 1hr 40 Thanks to CHRIS OWEN for this report

White Peak marathon – 16/05/09

Keith Skelton had planned to run this race but unfortunately had to cancel his plans due to an injury. No other Harriers ran it this year. Ex-member Keith Jellyman ran 3:08:21 to finish 6th in the demanding marathon race run in Derbyshire. which was won in 2:59:14. Keith had finished 27th in the Uttoxeter half marathon in a time of 1:26:08 (another good time). Keith runs for Teignbridge Trotters, a club close to where he has lived since leaving the Harriers several years ago. . Keith finishing the Uttoxeter Half

City Parks Grand Prix – Longton – 12/05/09

Dave Marsden was our only Senior representative at the first race of this years series! He finished the 5k run in 47th place in a time of 20:31


Stratford Triathlon – 10/05/09

Two harriers decided to have a go at the Stratford Triathlon Lynn & Richard Geoghegan we had both done the fun one in October last year, Richard was first off as he decided to give the sprint a go and did his 400 metre swim in 10mins 53 secs which for both of us is the worst part, in the lovely sunshine he took off on his bike for 15 miles around stratford and came back nearly 4 mins faster on his bike than last year 54mins 55 secs, then through the transition area for a 3 mile run which he completed in 24mins 58secs. I went off in the afternoon in the pool for a 200 metre swim in 5 mins 40 secs which I was gasping for air when I finished not the thing to be doing when you still have the bike and run to go, I went through the transition area quite quick and was on my 15 mile bike ride I returned from that sunburnt but nearly 8 mins faster than last year, I was doing a 1 and half mile run which you would think should be easy, have you tried running after cycling I was like bambi but did start to take over a few in this, I completed the run in 12mins 13 secs. I would like a 100 metre swim, the bike at 15 mile is fine and then a half marathon but it doesn’t work like that. However it was a fantastic day and other than the swim we both enjoyed it, excellent training as every muscle in my body is aching. Terrain: Pool, Country Lanes, & Trail Weather conditions: hot & sunny Lynn Geoghegan

Muller 10k – 10/05/09


Forty-five Harriers enjoyed this very popular race – with a total of 800 completing the run. Stuart Fowlie reports: Again there was a big choice of races over the weekend, the Cheshire 20 or the Muller 10k. Well I am sorry to say only 45 harriers chose the Muller, it must have been the goody bag! . Then again it is on the Challenge calendar. There was a good turn out from the Monday nighter’s and the ladies were still celebrating their win at Uttoxeter last weekend. With weather conditions perfect, 1200 plus runners set off around Market Drayton. First Harrier home was Steve Turner (41:02) and first Harriet was Ruth Umerah (42:19) also congratulations to Ruth who was 1st lady F40, Chris Skellern 2nd F45 and Frank Grant 1st M70. Won by Chris Davies of Telford AC in 32:14 (men) and Alison Lavendar of Coventry AC in 37:43 (ladies), our Club members achieved: . Tim Houghton (150th) should read Tim Hough ! This was a Harriers Challenge event.

See all the photo’s of the race on http://www.flickr.com/photos/baldeagle/sets/72157617586753256/ OR courtesy Bryan Dale

South Cheshire 20 – 10/05/09

The Harriers provided 7 of the 160 runners in this latest of the NSRRA series. Won by Martin Williams of Tipton in 1:50:25 – over 10mins ahead of 2nd runner home. The first lady home was Monique Hollinshead of Dewsbury RC in 2:26:58 Well done lads and Karen! Not sure if it’s the course Mike doesn’t like, or the photographer

CLAYTON 10K – 06/05/09

No report received from any of the runners, but positions were: .. . .. Graham Williams returns to racing after his knee operation. But where is he in the results? Race winner was Ben Gamble in 33:09 and 1st lady home was Ruth Watchorn-Rice in 39:15. Mike Saint-Dunn’s time is a really good one on that course and congratulations to Chris Skellern for gaining 2nd F45 (also to E Lander, J Lees, L Geoghan and J Colman for their age group placings)

DK10k – 06/05/09

This has to be one of the best midweek runs in the Midlands. 939 finishers with 5 pb’s for Harriers. Keith Skelton was 1st Harrier home with a pb after running both the London Marathon and the Uttoxeter Half in the last 11 days. First lady Harrier home was the ever-improving Liz Stanyer who even managed a sprint finish to beat Craig Baxter for an extra point in the Harriers Challenge. Martin Williams of Tipton won the race in 32:03 followed by Paul Ward of Wrekin RR in 32:17. First lady home was a Nicki Nealon of Huncote Harriers in 37:22


61st Keith Skelton 39:46 pb

144th Steve Turner 43:14 pb

262nd Darren Bathew 46:29 pb

355th Nige Addison 48:47

372nd Andy Bourne 49:14

387th Liz Stanyer 49:33 pb

390th Craig Baxter 49:35

419th Ralph Wedlock 50:12

440th Caroline Stark 50:42

499th Tony Baker 52:03

563rd Jane Bisiker 53:27

617th Karen Murray 54:34 pb

711th Frank Grant 57:12

764th Stuart Fowlie 59:01

792nd Mick Moore 60:17

851st Sara Broome 63:34

906th Richard Bisiker 68:35


Report and photo’s from Pete Burns . Keith . . Liz . . Andy & Craig


THANKS TO STUART FOWLIE FOR THIS REPORT: With 17 Harriers travelling south of the A5 (and we didn’t need a passport) and choosing the more scenic of the two 10k races on offer (sorry Clayton but!!) and with what some would have thought would be some easy challenge points to pick up, a good race was had by all. The race was very well organised with over 900 runners at the start and with the first 2 kms on the flat you soon got settled into a good pace. Runners were well supported around the course especially at the Navigation Inn, they even squeezed a water station in at the 5k mark, shame it wasn’t at the Navigation. Winner was Martin Williams from Tipton Harriers in a time of 32:03, first lady home was Nicki Nealon from Huncote Harriers in a time of 37:22 A PB course and one for the diary next year.

Uttoxeter Half Marathon – 03/05/09

A dry, sunny, but blustery day greeted the runners for this year’s race – won by Ben Gamble of Stone MM in a time of 1:11:48 (more than 3mins ahead of 2nd man home.
The Ladies race winner was Ruth Watchorn-Rice of Cheadle AC in a time of 1:26:20.

Harrier placings:

21 – Mike Saint-Dunn 01:25:04
43 – Christopher Ross 01:28:59
55 – Keith Skelton 01:31:01
101 – Ruth Umerah 01:37:02 3rd LV40
107 – Chris Owen 01:37:34
109 – Steve Turner 01:37:39
111 – Chris Skellern 01:38:00 2nd LV45
116 – David Preece 01:38:43
126 – Robert Simpson 01:39:08
138 – Eddie Smith 1:40:28 3rd V55
151 – Kenton Sharpe 01:41:36
170 – Kirsty Stephenson 01:43:12
173 – Lucy Earnshaw 01:43:23
193 – Darren Bathew 01:45:11 PB
195 – John Finney 01:45:38
203 – Bernard Wilkes 01:46:36
277 – Karen Davies 01:54:34 6th LV45
288 – Lynn Geoghegan 01:55:12
305 – Michael Jones 01:56:54 7th MV65
310 – Tony Baker 01:57:15
320 Dave Cowley 1:58:55
356 – Samantha Gill 02:05:22
357 – Karen Murray 02:05:30
366 – Scott Palmer 02:08:33
368 – Ann Button 02:09:03
401 – Frank Grant 02:21:34 2nd MV70

Mike Saint-Dunn enjoyed an excellent race only 1 week after struggling around the London Marathon.
Darren Bathew continues to improve and knocked 7 minutes off his previous PB.
And special congratulations to our lady runners who won the Ladies Team prize.
As well as that Ruth Umerah won Gold medal for L 40 and Chris Skellern won the Gold for L45 in the Staffordshire Championships.

AND, our Junior runners performed well in the Fun Run that raced around the horse racing circuit – they certainly got the bit between their teeth!
See the Juniors Section page for details.

Our winning team:
. . –
.Scott Palmer . and Ann Button. ..And new member Kenton Sharpe finishing his run. .


Spring Treble – Kibblestone Clamber – 30/04/09


Here are the results hopefully a report will follow from someone because it would be great to hear about the two dead heats in the Harriers Challenge.
Note that the race positions are for either the mens race or the ladies race.
34 Harriers ran this one. Congratulations to Serica, Chris and Jill for their 1st places in their groups.
12 Mark Cooper 34:49
17 Chris Ross 35:13
38 Mike Saint-Dunn 38:05
51 Joe Parkin 39:45
54 Mark Bentley 39:56
60 Joe Atherton 41:00
63 Steve Turner 41:15
66 Jason Littlewood 41:31
7 Serica Atherton 41:41 1st L35
8 Chris Skellern 41:41 1st L45
71 Darren Bathew 41:57
75 Dave Marsden 42:21
87 Steve Cartlidge 44:00
94 Ed Smith 44:40
96 Ralph Wedlock 44:56
98 Nigel Addison 45:30
18 Liz Stanyer 46:33
106 Andy Bourne 46:33
20 Vicky Lowndes 46:45
108 Craig Baxter 47:18
23 Tracey Gee 47:49
26 Jill Ross 48:36 1st L40
113 Graham Williams 48:37
29 Sue Johnson 50:00
118 Michael Jones 50:16
30 Jane Bisiker 50:29
34 Karen Davies 50:56
122 Tony Baker 51:39
127 Stuart Fowlie 56:22
129 Mick Moore 59:20
131 Frank Grant 64:04
132 Scott Palmer 64:04
47 Kellie Lee 68:48
48 Sara Broome 68:55

London Marathon – 26/04/09

Here are the provisional results for the London Marathon taken from the London Website. If you are aware of any others or if any are wrong please let me know. Just the one pb as far as I can see and that is Tom Hobbins, continuing his most improved runner status by knocking 14 minutes off his time. Well done Tom.

Chris Hollinshead
Tom Hobbins
Mark Bentley
Sally Gray
Dave Preece
Pete Sarson
Keith Skelton
Rob Simpson
Mike Saint-Dunn
Gary Hemming
Eddie Smith
Bernard Wilkes
Tim Hough
Mike Harris
Ian Spencer
Mick Jones
Clare Stokes
Tony Baker
Karen D Murray
Sally Burns
Andy Bourne
Frank Grant
Rebecca Bostock
Allan Bradshaw
Richard Bisiker
Val Lowndes

Spring Treble – Milford Murder – 23/04/09

Twenty-eight Harriers turned out for the second race of the Spring Treble on a very pleasant evening on Milford Common. I think the course was described as undulating. Well thats one of the printable words I heard. Chris Ross showed his love of hills by finishing in 20th spot and first Harrier home. Serica Atherton for the second time running finished 3rd lady overall and Chris Skellern was 1st L45 and Jill Ross 1st L40. Full Harriers positions as follows or for full race results ——-Click Here

Chris Ross
Mike Saint-Dunn
Joe Parkin
Joe Atherton
Steve Turner
Serica Atherton
43:32 3 rd Lady
Ruth Umerah
Chris Skellern
43:43 F45
Darren Bathew
Dave Marsden
Deon Vlok
Nigel Addison
Kirsty Stephenson
Vicky Lowndes
Caroline Stark
Liz Stanyer
Sue Johnson
Jill Ross
51:17 F40
Jane Bisiker
Tony Baker
Michael Jones
Graham Williams
Karen Murray
Karen D Murray
Michael Moore
Stuart Fowlie
Kellie Lee
Sara Broome

The happy bunch before the start at Milford.

Bungay Black Dog Marathon – 19/04/09

Report: from Jill Ross This is a 2 lap marathon course, with the option of doing the half marathon which starts 2 hours after the full. I did this race 5 years ago which was flat apart from one hill. Chris opted to join me this year but unfortunately upon arriving at Bungay (small village approx 30 miles from Norwich) the course had altered beyond recognition. There were lots of hills (undulating) I think is the correct running terminology. The race started at 10:30am & it was hot !! This is a great race for plodders & there is little danger of being last. Its great if you can get half way before the half starts as the other runners give you support & encouragment when you need it! The whole village turns out to support & there were drink stations every 3 miles. The course is on road & rural & runs through the Waveney Valley of Suffolk & Norfolk. The last 6 miles is flat & along a cycle path tucked away from the road, which is ideal if the \”wheels come off\”, as you can limp along without being seen. Although a long way to travel, it is a lovely race to run & there are nice showers & a bar if a drink is required at the end. ( Always handy for a Harrier to know) Times as follows 1st male 2:50:53, 1st female 3.07:56. Chris came in at 3.25:27 & I was 3.57:32. For the half marathon 1st male 1:17:23, 1st female 1:27:46.

Newcastle 7 – 19/04/09

Report from Mick Jones Stafford Harriers had a good turnout at Newcastle for the latest race in the north staffs road runners league, with Mike Saint-Dunn first home in 16th place in a time of 43-20, with Paul Douglas in next 24th in a time of 44-32 and was 2nd M55,

Harriers times were:

16 Mike Saint-Dunn 00:43:20

24 Paul Douglas 00:44:32

47 Mark Bentley 00:46:54

67 David Preece 00:48:25

88 Robert Simpson 00:49:48

92 Chris Skellern 00:50:11

104 Eddie Smith 00:51:04

124 Lucy Earnshaw 00:52:50

134 Eric Lander 00:53:35

137 Bernard Wilkes 00:53:46

140 John Leese 00:53:57

183 Karen Davies 00:57:34

190 Michael Jones 00:58:20

191 David Cowley 00:58:21

194 Lynn Geoghegan 00:58:29

208 Tony Baker 00:59:44

265 Judith Colman 01:11:04

269 Gillian Caldwell 01:14:13

270 John Hateley 01:14:14


Looks as though it was easy.

Spring Treble, Hanchurch – 16/04/09

Report from Mick Jones Stafford Harriers had a big turnout at hanchurch, run over a tough offroad of over 5 miles, with good downhil, deep mud to get across and a long punishing hill to finish you off. Young Mark Cooper had a brilliant run to finish 7th in a time of 32-02 from nearly 200 runners, well done Mark, thirty two other Harriers ran.

26th Chris Ross 34-06,
37th Dean Geoghegan 34-59
40th Mike Saint-Dunn 35-17,
47th Mark Bentley 35-51,
49th Joe Atherton 35-59,
51st Josepth Parkin 36-28,
62nd Sereca Atherton 37-48 3rd lady,
65th Steve Turner 37-57,
68th Chris Skellern 38-19 1st L45 and 4th Lady,
75th Jason Littlewood 38-54,
84th Dave Marsden 39-35,
86th Eddie Smith 39-58,
95th Darren Bathew 40-37,
100th Nigel Addison 41-04,
107th Ralph Wedlock 41-30,
111th Kirsty Stephenson 41-44,
115th Craig Baxter 42-07,
119th Tracey Gee 42-15,
132nd Liz Stanyer 43-09,
136th Caroline Stark 43-51,
147th Sue Johnson 45-09,
150th Lisa Percox 45-27,
155th Jill Ross 45-57,
156th Jane Bisiker 46-05,
158th Mike Jones 46-48,
164th Tony Baker 47-13,
171st Karen Murray 48-42,
178th Mike Moore 51-17,
182nd Frank Grant 54-52,
186th Stuart Fowlie 56-30,
188th Kellie Lee 57-15
189th Sara Broome 59-52.


Easter Handicap – 12/04/09

A good turnout of 25 harriers, with 24 finishing, on a cool cloudy morning, fairly dry underfoot, perfect for running, and what a run Craig Baxter had, over five and a half minutes faster than his Christmas run, to finish first in a time of 29-51, losing one and half stones I’m sure helped. It was very nice to see ten ladies enjoying the run, many of them fairly new to running, with Caroline Stark finishing third, just behind Frank Grant, other good runs came from Darren Bathew 4th 29-31 PB, Colin Mitchell 7th 34-29 PB and Sarah Johnson 9th 36-00 PB.


report from Mick Jones

Run time
Net time
Next handicap
Craig Baxter
Frank Grant
Caroline Stark
1 st time
Daren Bathew
Mike Jones
Chris Skellern
Colin Mitchell
Kenton Sharpe
1 st time
Sarah Johnson
Sara Broome
Jason Littlewood
Eddie Smith
Frank Evans
John Leese
Lyn Geoghegan
Kellie Lee
1 st time
Tracey Gee
Nigel Addison
Joanne Carson
1 st time
Lew Badger
Sam Evans
Julie Addison
Jenny Addison
Morgan Webley


The handicap time at the end of each row, is your handicap for the June Handicap, don’t get to excited, you have all got a lower handicap, because the hare which is Sara Broome, runs faster than the previous hare.

Jordan Dead Sea Ultra Marathon – 10/04/09

Here is a link to the ultra marathon site for the Dead Sea Marathon.
I went on Friday for a jolly and ended up winning the thing!

50k is obviously my thing. I did in 4.05.

I can’t sit down at the moment but its a small price to pay.

My next ultra is Comrades in South Africa. I am hoping for a bronze there, will keep you posted.

Well done Sara. One year the Relays the next conquering the world.

Blackpool Marathon – 08/04/09

There were three Harriers who travelled to sunny Blackpool to take part in the Marathon Karen D Murray, Mick Jones and myself. Saturday saw a cold and very windy day adding to the panic of my first marathon the thought that the wind would blow us all away, but alas, Sunday proved to be a beautiful sunny day. There were over one thousand people who took part in the full marathon and many more who did the half.
Although the run was a bit boring in places it was enjoyable and a nice flat one for a first marathon. Thanks to Karen and Mick for their support and company. I didn’t even need to call on the donkeys to help me finish.
Report from Sally Burns

461 Michael Jones 04:25:01
474 Karen D Murray 04:28:48
495 Sally Burns 04:32:44

Lilleshall 10k – 08/04/09

Nearly 300 runners took part in this 10k on a warm evening at Lilleshall, we headed into a woodland area which we also had to do a lap of at the end of the race. We then headed down the drive towards the main road which was 3 k and downhill which was the best part of the race, I was only half way down when Tom Humphries who was the winner of the race in 31mins 8 secs came sprinting past in the opposite direction, we then ran round a cone at the bottom of the drive and headed back up the drive 3k which was up-hill, this was the worst part of the race. There were 3 Harriers in the race all of them Geoghegans, Dean finished 76th in 42.13, Lynn 189th 51.54 and Richard 199th in 53.28. Great race, nice course and weather. Report from Lynn Geoghegan Here we see Dean first Harrier home, and first Geoghegan.

Sutton Park Relays – 04/04/09

On what was a very pleasant spring day the Harriers made their way down to Sutton Park for the Midland Mens 12 stage and Ladies 6 stage relays. We had quite a number of first timers for this event and on arrival at Sutton Park it was obvious that some were a little nervous and wondered what they had let themselves in for. For those who have not been, the format is that in the mens 12 stage there are three long legs (5 miles) and nine short legs (3 miles). For the ladies it is just six short legs. It is a very scenic course with a couple of hills just to make it interesting, particularly the finishing hill. The mens team went of first and the ladies race started some 20 minutes later. We had 11 men so Paul Douglas ran the last leg as well as his own and for the ladies we had one full team of six and just two in the second team. Everyone ran well and the firstimers really got into the spirit of things and enjoyed the day. The men finished in 43rd place out of the 53 teams that started and our ladies finished in a very creditable 22nd out of 54 starting teams.

Here are our teams times. The number in brackets is the place they were in the race on their lap.
43 Stafford Harriers 5:06:15
1 Tom Hobbins (43) 32:08 (Long)
2 Michael Harris (49) 21:12
3 Edwin Smith (51) 21:13
4 Paul Douglas (50) 33:55 (Long)
5 Jason Littlewood (50) 20:08
6 George Mafu (50) 19:12
7 Steve Turner (52) 39:58 (Long)
8 Roy Clay (52) 24:10
9 Mark Bentley (48) 20:04
10 Malcolm Mountford (46) 36:30 (Long)
11Keith Skelton (46) 18:49
12 Paul Douglas (44) 18:56
Ed battling his way up the final hill and Liz Stanyer ‘enjoying’ her run.

22 Stafford Harriers ‘A’ 2:11:53
1 Ruth Umerah (29) 20:31
2 Chris Skellern (26) 20:57
3 Caroline Stark (29) 23:25
4 Liz Stanyer (29) 23:13
5 Kirsty Stephenson (23) 22:01
6 Lucy Earnshaw (22) 21:46

Stafford Harriers ‘B’ 1:04:05
1 Lydia Atkins (37) 21:51
2 Tracey Gee (34) 22:14

For the full results go to:-
Ladies 6 stage

Mens 12 Stage

For photos go to Brian Smiths site at DK10K

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