Race Report April to June 2010

Stone St’ Michaels 10k – 27/06/10

34 Harriers enjoyed this race in very warm conditions.

Shugborough Relays – 23/06/10

RESULTS HERE AS PDF or XLS Our winning mixed relay team with their trophies:


DownloadShugborough results 2010

Bourton Hilly Half – 19/06/10

After a four year break of running this race we decided to have a go at this one again, not a wise choice after running Potters Half the Sunday before, two hilly half marathons in less than 6 days!!
The only good thing about this race is the start time, 6pm, as it gave me time to hit the shops before getting ready to run the race.
Both of us agreed at the end that we did not remember the course being so hilly the last time we ran it (or perhaps we are getting old!!!)
We would recommend the race as it has some great Cotswold scenery, along quiet country lanes and through beautiful villages.
Well marshalled course and a good quality long sleeve t-shirt at the end.
94 – MV45/17 – 01:52:32 – Tom ROGERS 129 – LV45/8 – 02:26:03 – Denise ROGERS Guess who came last again!!!!


Aldridge 10k – 13/06/10

The official results show 3 runners registered as Stafford Harriers:
Shane Duggan finished 152nd in 48:01,
Grahame Cooper finished 212th in 50:53,
and John Hateley finished 401st in 62:29.
The race was won in 31:36 and 455 finished.

Potters ‘Arf-marathon – 13/06/10

Thanks to Caroline Nichol for this report: The conditions were perfect for running a very challenging course.
It was warm with a lovely breeze and it even rained half way through for a few welcoming minutes.
The course was mainly through housing areas and streets which meant that the crowd support was fantastic.
The crowd encouragement was much needed especially on the hilly areas. There were about 6 tough hills and the last hill was an absolute killer.
It came at around 11 miles however I got it all wrong and thought that the hill at 10 miles was the nasty one that everyone was talking about.
After the hill at 10 miles I picked up the pace in victory thinking that I had just survived the worst hill on the course to then be faced with a monster at 11 miles!
The wet sponges were a treat between the 8 and 9 mile marks and the spectators with their hoses was a refreshing touch.
I really enjoyed this race and would definitely be back to do it again.
It was really well organised and we got a medal and a t-shirt at the end.
It is definitely not a P.B course however if you want a good fun run to take part in or want a challenge it’s definitely the one to enter.


1394 runners finished.


Peter Sarson discovered that running the Man v Horse race the day before was not ideal preparation for a fast half – though he wouldn’t have managed a fast one anyway!

Track Championships – 13/06/10

Nina Skelton won the Midland Masters 5000 metres Championship race in Leicester Sally Gray won silver medal over 5000 metres at the Midland Championships in Birmingham with a new personal best time of 18.07.30


Newport Carnival 10k – 12/06/10

There were just 155 finishers at the Newport Carnival 10k, which was won by Robin Sedman-Smith of Telford AC in 33:57.
Chris Hollinshead was very close behind, finishing 3rd in 34:26, followed by five other Harriers:

Hoar Cross 10k – 12/06/10

Only Mark & Nicola Ecclestone travelled the short distance to this race, won by Ian Yates in 34:34.
Mark Finished in 21st place in 43:57, while Nicola finished 123rd in 78:59.
Bryan Dale’s photo’s suggest it was a nice rural route.


It’s a three hour drive there (from Uttoxeter), through very winding Welsh roads, and a three hour run (or more),
full of very steep hills or very long steady climbs and experiences of jockeyed horses tearing past you,
almost touching your shoulder and with little warning of their approach. So why is it so popular with so many
– 252 full distance runners, 131 teams of runners and 38 horses finished the course. Well mainly because it is such a pleasant &
scenic course, and probably secondly because it is a good challenge – very strenuous. And for many, including most Harriers,
it’s a good weekend trip – travelling down on Friday pm, getting-in a few pints and the included pasta meal that night,
run Saturday afternoon, then more drinking and live entertainment Saturday night, then travel home Sunday morning.
And it’s a good excuse to miss the Potters ‘Arf on Sunday morning. The race is advertised as 22 miles, but Deon’s GPS measured it at only 20
(but it felt like 30). The first runner home was a Kenyan, living in the UK, in 2:17:27 – 10 minutes slower than the first horse.
The Harriers before the race – including ex-member Mike Nugent in the background One of the horses + jockey decided to join the runners

<img ” src=”https://www.staffordharriers.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/cache_2415604538.jpg” alt=”” />

Pete Hodgetts Memorial Handicap – 09/06/10



Westbridge 5ml – 06/06/10

A NSRRA event and local so 31 Harriers competed. It’s a pleasant and FLAT run, firstly around the Westbridge Park in Stone, then along the canal bank for a mile or so, a bit of road and footpath round to the A34, a quarter of a mile alongside the A34, then back to the canal bank to return to Westbridge Park and the finish. Fresh conditions at the start and a light shower, but then turning quite humid. Race winner was Ross Jones of Wolves & Bilston in 26:12. 219 finished.

Wincle Trout 9km “Fell Run” – 05/06/10

Not quite a pure fell run, but with a couple of steep gradients to climb and 900’ overall it was as close as I care to get. A smashing, scenic route comprising mainly of field and woodland paths, with a stream crossing thrown in part way around, I’d highly recommend you run it in future years. And a unique – though highly perishable – memento is given to each finisher – a fresh trout ! Sponsored by the Wincle (north of Leek and near Meerbrook) Trout Farm, the event forms part of the village fete, which includes entertainment such as maypole dancing, childrens dance troup, sheep shearing demonstrations and dog obedience contests, plus a few “fairground” type sideshows and rides, plus a BEERTENT. A dozen Harriers enjoyed the run: All looking “fresh as daisies” before the run. Results found at last: Just enough water in the brook for Sara to make a “song & dance” about. Graham couldn’t wait till the end of the run to get his trout.

Chester Marathon – 31/05/10

750 runners completed this inaugural marathon, including Keith Skelton, who finished in 156th in 3:25:05.
The winner was Julian Macdonald of Chester Tri club, who ran 2:33:05. First lady home,in 3:00:44 was Jenni Muston of Charnwood AC.
I imagine Keith will send me a report when he’s recovered.


Burton 10ml – 30/05/10

Just 2 Harriers made it to this race, which was won by Tom Doe of Lincoln Wellington AC in 52:34.
Mark Ecclestone finished 61st overall in 72:30 and John Hateley finished 175th in 105:42.
A total of 185 finished the race. Thanks to Mark for this report:
We arrived early to ensure a parking place only to find this was unnecessary given the size of the field and the amount of parking available.
The 5 mile course started in the Washlands area of Burton on Trent and followed the meandering river for a while before crossing it, heading away from the town centre prior to looping back to the start.
It was mostly flat with some undulations and only really one hill that had to be completed twice.
The course was adequately marked out and had marshals at the crucial points.
I was surprised more Harriers had not entered given the locality and what is in my opinion a good potential for a PB which this turned out to be for me given I have never done a 10 mile race in this format before.
Overall a well organised and informal race providing a good distance outing for those wanting to move up from 10K to half marathon.
I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to others as a first 10 mile race. Will be back next year.


Stoke 2010 10k – 30/05/10

Not too many Harriers turned out for this new local race, and those that did went the wrong way (along with every other runner bar one !). So, I understand, a slightly short 10k. However, that didn’t affect the positions and the good Category places achieved by 60%+ of our runners – with 5 out of 8 gaining 2nd or 3rd in their age category. 615 finished the race, which was won by Steven Bazelle from City of Stoke club in 28:56. And here’s a report from Mark Bentley, explaining it all: An opportunity to run a 10k over my old stamping ground was not one to be missed. ( I did seven years’ day-release studying at Staffordshire University’s Stoke Campus back in the ‘orrible Eighties.) I was surprised at the low turnout of Harriers for this race, being local and also its inaugural running. Ed Smith popped up at various points in the race to lend his support, though. Starting and finishing at the King’s Hall in Stoke, the facilities were good, with ample (free) parking at the various car parks in the city centre and secure baggage storage at the race venue. There was a threat of rain before the race, but this lifted and the weather became brighter and breezier for the duration of the race. Starting off at quite a fast pace, we did a small loop of Stoke city centre, before doing a second, larger lap now incorporating part of Campbell Road and London Road. At the end of the second lap, we turned left onto the bridge over the A500, then under the railway and up a short, sharp hill onto Leek Road for a long drag down to the Joiner’s Square Roundabout in Hanley. It was halfway down Leek Road that Dave Marsden passed me, obviously enjoying himself on home territory. Turning left at the roundabout, we negotiated a couple of sharp hills and backstreets before the top gate at Hanley Park was reached. It was here that the marshalling went awry. Instead of being sent through the top gate to do a lap of the park, we were sent down College Road and through the bottom gate with no lap of the park. This had the effect of lopping 1.37k off the distance, which was confirmed by some kind lady with a Garmin afterwards. Only the winner was marshalled correctly, the rest of us following the runner-up like sheep. On exiting the park, we hit Boughey Road, then rejoined Leek Road, went under the railway again and turned right into Glebe Street then right again to finish at the King’s Hall, where everyone thought they’d done PBs (then it dawned on them they hadn’t done the full distance!) I saw race organiser and NSRRA head honcho Ken Rushton in frantic discussion with two officials afterwards, and knowing Ken’s meticulous attention to detail, the marshalling problem should be sorted for next year’s race. Let’s hope so, because this has the makings of a cracking race. Dave Marsden was first Harrier home, followed by yours truly and Chris Skellern. Various Harriers (Dave Marsden,Chris Skellern, Keith Faint, Graham Williams & Tracy Gee) all got in the top three placings for their respective Vet’s categories, so well done to them all. Harrier times that we would have done over the correct distance: Dave Marsden 42:16 – Mark Bentley 43:13 – Chris Skellern 43:42 – Keith Faint 46:17 – Graham Williams 47:44 – Tracey Gee 48:01 – Tom Rodgers 50:10 – Denise Rodgers 62:05

Edinburgh Marathon – 23/05/10


Report from Bec Bostock


So the question is what do you do when the weather is 26 degrees? Do you a) sit in the garden chilling with a nice cold drink, b) sit in the garden chilling with a nice cold drink or c) run 26.2 miles along the coast in Edinburgh!! and myself and a few other mad harriers choose c!!!!. On the morning of the marathon we woke up to light drizzle and overcast which is what the weatherman forecasted, at the start of the marathon it was overcast – within 10 minutes of starting the weather changed completely and the sun burnt through and it was hot. I think most runners where happy till about 18 miles and then the heat and conditions really hit. The last 6 miles for me was a run/walk as by then it was about 2pm and it was so hot, added to the heat you run along the coast so I felt the heat intensified due to the reflection of the sea – and there was no sea breeze. There were lots of poorly folk on the side of the road all looking in a very bad way, the marathon organiser put on extra water stations and the people of Prestonpans spent the day soaking runners with their garden hoses, which was very welcome. My time was way out due to the heat but I finished and am in one piece today which is all that counts for me. I had a great weekend in Edinburgh with Jackie Allen, Sally Burns and Sarah Johnson and Sarah and Jackie popped their marathon cherry. I would always recommend Edinburgh as it is a great marathon course – but maybe not when the weather is 26 degrees! Can’t find the full results at the moment for everyone who ran but from the back it looked like Ed and Graham were running strong – didn’t see anyone else out on the course.


Report from Liz Stanyer


On the hottest weekend of the year, 12 ( I think ) Harriers travelled north of the border to Edinburgh for the marathon.
Saturday was a blisteringly hot day and we got quite worked up about how we were going to cope running 26 miles in those conditions when we
had struggled to walk up the bank from the train station! Sunday morning was grey, overcast, cool and slightly drizzly.
We got quite excited at what seemed to be perfect conditions. However about 10mins before the 10am start the clouds started to disappear
and then the sun broke through and remained blazing for the entire race. There is absolutely no shade to be found around the whole course,
which takes you downhill out of Edinburgh and out to the coast for a long section along the promenade.
The sea wasn’t even kind enough to give off a breeze.
We then headed out to Mussleborough along coastal lanes and to the section where you meet the elite/faster runners heading back towards
the finish. There were two sections where you beared left for a long loop off the main coastal road. I found this the hardest part of all,
as mentally, I wanted to just keep going straight on and these sections appeared to go on forever. The second loop took you slightly uphill
around dusty farmland and the heat at this point was quite savage.
We then hit 18 miles where you turn around and you finally feel like you are heading home!
Back along the coastal route passing many casualties as a result of the weather and two mad men who were pulling tractor tyres.
The finish was at Mussleborough race course where the support from the crowds was deafening.
The course was really flat, lots of variety and some of the scenery along the coast was lovely.
It was just too hot! The local support was fantastic with families dishing out a much needed soaking with hosepipes and water pistols.
The staff at a garage even used a jet wash on the runners, but it was a little fierce on the face!
The water and lucozade stations were plentiful and the overall organisation was excellent.
Our only grumble was the painful hour long walk ( or shuffle in our case ) to the shuttle buses that took you back to the city.
For a few of us this was our first marathon experience,and it was a shame to tackle such an event in such unforgiving temperatures.
However I would definitely recommend this as a marathon weekend to anyone, as Edinburgh is a fantastic city, and it really is a flat course.
Did I mention that it was hot?!!


1st male finisher was Steve Littler in 02:26:30

1st female finisher was Sarah Gee in 02:38:14 (I have rechecked that result as seems quite incredible)

1st Harrier home was Kirsty Stephenson in 3hrs 38:21 – finishing in 1203rd place from the 9459 finishers.


Report from Craig Baxter


Wow, what a first marathon. Promised by the weatherman to be an overcast day, Sunday looked like being perfect conditions.
This was so when I first woke up and even on the start line, then within ten minutes of starting the clouds completely vanished and suddenly
we were left with very uncomfortable running conditions. The half way mark was just as I had planned, around the two hour mark with no problems.
Just after this my arm was starting to burn so I had to spend a few minutes in the first aid shelter to receive treatment on a badly sunburned arm.
I never really settled into a decent pace after this and my biggest fear started to happen, my troublesome heel,
that stopped me from training in the previous four weeks, was starting to become unbearable.
I carry on to the end, trying my best to run but this was almost impossible, but I managed to put on a spurt for the finishing straight
,on the race course, finishing with a disappointing time of 4.51, but this has made me more determined to extend my marathon career.
I would highly recommend the Edinburgh Marathon and a special mention goes out to the supporters around the course and in particular the
villagers of Prestonpans, who with hosepipes in hand kept us cool on a very trying day. What a great experience and exceptional weekend with
great company and the odd pint of Deuchars IPA.

Chester Half – 16/05/10

Report from Joe Parkin:

For those of you who haven’t run this event before, it’s perfect PB material. It’s a pretty flat course with only one or two sections which
could laughably be called ‘hills’. I set my previous half marathon PB (1:27:57) on this course back in 2001 not long after taking up running,
and I was back to do it all over again (although without near killing myself this time) . My mission was helped by the perfect weather,
the great organisation and the fantastic support from the very noisy crowds. I’m extremely happy to say that my mission was a success.
I finished with a sprint in a time of 1:25:56. I’m particularly pleased considering that I’ve been out with injury for the last 6 months.
May my recovery continue. The winning time was 1:10:55, set by Damian Nicholls from Wilmslow RC. Looking down the results,
it looks like I was the only Harrier at the event. I’d highly recommend it to you all; put it in your diaries for next year (book very early!).


Hinckley Half – 09/05/10

Report from Tony Tompkins:

A bright and sunny morning greeted runners for the 10th anniversary of this event over a rather deceptively undulating course.
Recorded a disappointing time of 2.20.43 and came in 897th out of 999 finishers. Mars bars and t-shirts for the finishers.
Winner was Mark Powell (Wigston Phoenix) in 1.10.55 and 1st lady was Nicki Nealon (Huncote Harriers) 1.22.43.
More importantly my mate came in 6th and won the V40…£30 pub fund!!


Tewkesbury Half – 09/05/10

Report from Karen Davies:

John Greatholder and myself made the trip down to Gloucester to run the Tewkesbury Half marathon a change from the Muller rice pudding run.
The weather was warmish with a fresh wind, the event was well organised starting and finishing in Tewkesbury Park with good parking facilities.
The route went out through the town and out into the Gloucester country side; very scenic. I hit another PB 1.38,20 3rd in my group and 215
overall. John’s time was 1.50,27. Also running was Dave Cook who was visiting his brother in the area – he finished in 1.46.08


Muller 10k – 09/05/10

Fifty-seven Harriers ran the race.

Congratulations to Keith for being first Harrier home – another strong performance.
And congratulations to Graham Williams on gaining 2nd V65-69.

1585 runners completed the race, won by Ben Gamble in 31:59.


Karen Fidgett reports:

I did the Muller 10k on Sunday for the first time – it came highly recommended by fellow Harriers.
However, I’d just like to say what a miserable bunch Market Drayton spectators are.
There was no support along the route from those watching – even running through the Muller factory grounds – very disappointing;
perhaps it was a bit early for them! Also, the second water station had been completely disassembled as I ran past (I wasn’t THAT slow !)
On a positive note – the work that went into the event – both before and after the race was amazing – and the goodie bag was almost worth the run ! ….. A nice day out in the sunshine.

Dudley & Kingswinford 10k 05/05/10

Only one Harrier turned up for this run: Keith Skelton finished 49th out of 884 finishers in a very good time of 39:33.
Race winner was Ross Jones of Wolves & Bilston AC in 32:12


Clayton 10k – 05/05/10

Eighteen Harriers raced this latest of the NSRRA League event, which was won by Mark Dalkins of Telford in 31:33.
Welcome back to running to Joe Parkin, who has obviously recovered from his injury ! Some good Category Group places achieved here.
196 finishers.

Uttoxeter Half – 02/05/10

326 runners completed this tough half-marathon course, 24 of them Harriers. Race winner was Kevin Farrow from Notts.
AC in a time of 1:12:56, some 2.5 minutes ahead of the next man home. Adela Salt from Trentham AC was first lady home in 1:26:42.
Harriers positions & times were: Our Mens team was 6th from 14 full teams and our Ladies team 4th from 5 full teams.

Wiggle Thunder Run – 01/05/10

The Wiggle Thunder Run is a 10K trail race round Catton Park, Alrewas.
It is part of a weekend of events, mainly for cyclists but now including this race. As the course is also used for the cycling events,
it is a well-marked, single lap route through the fields and woodlands of Catton Park.
The event is very well organised (chip & numbers) and I think it will become more popular in the future.
The Park will again host the Adidas Thunder Run 24 hour endurance race on 31/7 – 1/8. Teams of one/two/five or eight can enter,
running 10K efforts over the 24 hours. On the day, there were 89 finishers, with joint winners, Geoff Beetham &
Simon Newton in 41 mins 34 seconds. For Stafford Harriers:- Dave Marsden 17th – 47 minutes 10 seconds
Emma Greensill 38th – 53 minutes 16 seconds Thanks to Dave Marsden for this report.


SMM Spring Treble Series – 29/04/10


Fairly humid conditions provided an extra challenge for the runners competing in 2010 and a few of our contingent suffered disappointing runs for other reasons: But well done to everyone who finished, particularly Chris Hollinshead who bettered his 2009 time by more than 6 minutes.

South Cheshire 20 – 25/04/10

So today myself and about 7 other Harriers travelled up to Shavington to run the South Cheshire 20. In my car were Sally Burns, Jackie Allan and Sarah Johnson, the race is all practice for us for Edinburgh. The weather was threatening to be hot but was actually okay and fine to run in. This was the first time I had run the South Cheshire 20 and in my unofficial undulation score board I would like to award it an 8/10 which is obviously quite high and gives a pretty good indication of the race terrain. The worst climb was at mile 9 it went on a bit. I’m glad I did the race and glad I finished, it was tough, I’m not sure I will do it again but it was great preparation for the Edinburgh Marathon plus the girls won the ladies team event and the boys were fourth in the mens team event. Brilliant running everyone on a tough course. Thanks to Bec Bostock for her report Harriers placings: 167 finishers. Winner Martin Swensson of Penny Lane Striders in 2:03:37

Newcastle 7ml – 18/04/10

A lovely warm and sunny day saw 296 runners exert themselves up the first 3 miles and then speed down the last 4 miles (well sort of !) The race was won by Mark Dalkins of Telford in 36:36 – with the first lady, Sarah Johnson of Trentham finishing in 43:54. Twenty-eight Harriers enjoyed the race:


Just a few of our Harriers running the latest NSRRA race. Thanks to Marie-Claire D’arcy-Barron for these photo’s. Results below.

Brighton Marathon – 18/04/10

The inaugural Brighton Marathon fell on one of the warmest days of the year so far, just one of a number of factors making life challenging for the runners. The park and ride system at the University of Sussex was nothing short of disastrous on this occasion and, along with the toilet provision in the starting area (Preston Park) needs a serious rethink for future years. The course began with some pleasant miles winding through the city centre, past many of the major landmarks, including the famous Pavilion. Crowd support was tremendous in these sections, as indeed it was throughout the day, one of the highlights of this particular marathon experience. Once the course hit the seafront, it took an eastward turn along the coast road to the village of Ovingdean. Following a loop through the village, (during which I managed to have a little chat with superstar DJ and local celebrity, Fatboy Slim), we headed back towards the city again, the first of three such long ‘out-and-back’ sections. The halfway point coincided with the finish line and, as I crossed halfway in 2:07, I was pleased to see that no-one had yet finished. Mile 16 was when my own problems started and coincided with one of the more difficult sections of the course, a 3 mile U-turn along a wide boulevard, designed in my opinion to dull the senses. By this stage, I was feeling the heat, and despite my training runs going pretty well, started to suffer from what was to become 8 miles of debilitating stomach cramps. Whether it was the heat, lack of/excess of food/water, I’ll never know but it was agony at the time! The final ‘out-and-back’ took the runners out to Shoreness, looping through some fairly grim industrial estates along what the race organisers had christened ‘The Road to Hell’. There was even a mock wall for us to run through! A loop of the power station brought us back to the final few miles along the sea front. Support here was again excellent and because of that, (and all that walking previously!) I was able to complete the last couple of miles at a run. I crossed the line in what was for me, a disappointing chip time of 5:12:37. Still, it’s not a personal worst! I was told that fellow Harrier, Tracey Wallis was also running, and she was listed in the results as having finished in a chip time of 5:12:16. Sorry for not greeting you, Tracy but I think you must have been wearing a charity vest as I didn’t see the gold of the Harriers! The race was won by Ser-od Ba-otochir of Mongolia in 2:19:05. In summary, the event was a good addition to the Spring marathon schedule, assuming that some of the teething troubles can be corrected. The course was almost totally flat following a couple of inclines in the first 10 miles and the post-race goodies were great, including a brilliant medal. I may well do it again, if only to exorcise a few personal demons! Thanks to James Thorpe for his report.


Stone Spring Treble – Hanchurch Hilly – 15/04/10

A good number of Harriers were at the start line for the first race of the Spring Treble, the Hanchurch Hilly. Conditions were pretty much perfect – bright and sunny, if a little on the cool side, and with some time to spare I headed to the ‘check in desk’ to collect my commemorative t-shirt for doing all three Spring Treble races. The distance was between 5-6 miles, most of which was on dry forest tracks, though there were some ‘marshy’ sections to negotiate at times. I was soon into my stride and enjoying the ‘downhill’ feel that the start of the race had, whilst trying to keep some in reserve for ‘The Hill’ that I’d heard other Harriers/runners make reference to. And my goodness, what a hill it was!! Fairly steep, and it seemed to just go on forever – I’ll never worry about Tixall Bank on the Stafford Half again… After conquering the Hanchurch Hill, there was another nice downhill section to recover, and it was at this stage that Bill Whitworth came thundering down the hill behind me, seemingly from nowhere!! Another small incline and the finish was in sight – my first race at this distance was complete, and despite not having any great ambitions time wise I was very happy with the 47m 30s that I recorded. As with the Stafford Half, I guess I could call this a Personal Best… Next up, part 2 of the Spring Treble at Milford Common – looking forward to it. Lee Denton (Race #144)

Blackpool Marathon – 11/04/10

Quite a few people ask ,how far is a marathon. Now i can say a long way. This isn’t the most scenic and supported runs around
(quite a few say its awful and i would agree). You go approx 3miles in one direction, turn around past the start point ,
for another 3 miles turn around to go back start/finish point and then do it all again.
The only good thing, it is flat and also the weather was kind: warm with no wind, ie perfect.
It definitely won’t go in my diary for next year. I would recommend it to marathon virgins and someone who wants a quick time.
3 harriers attended steve vaughan 3.19.23,chris owen 3.34.22 and kenton sharpe 3.42.51 621 ran chris owen After preparing for this since
the beginning of January I was confident I would stand a good chance achieving the target I had set myself of sub 3 hours,
even with picking up a couple of injuries throughout my training. That was however until I spent 2 days in bed this week ill.
The weather was ideal in my opinion, not too warm. Both the Half Marathon and Marathon started together at 9am at The Hilton Hotel.
The Half Marathon was to complete 1 lap and the Marathon 2 laps. My race didn’t go to plan. I started too far back and spent the first
few miles gradually picking the pace up. I went through half way just over 1.29 which was bang on target and I felt fine.
From 18 miles I began to struggle and my pace decreased rapidly until I fell just outside 3 hour pace by 20 miles. From here it got worse.
It felt more like a shuffle than a run and my mile splits were very slow. From 23 miles I had to stop and walk on 3 occasions and eventually
stumbled across the finish line in about 3.19.23. The final 10km had taken me just over an hour. Needless to say I was dissappointed.
Im still unsure if it was a training or nutrition issue or if my illness earlier in the week played a part. Had this not have been my first
Marathon I would have probably dropped out at 20 miles but I was determined to finish regardless.
I didn’t get anywhere near my GFA time for London but I’ve recently found out it has dropped to 3.10 for an 18-40 male so thinking about
having another crack at it at the Chester Marathon in 7 weeks. My time is from my watch as I haven’t seen any official results yet.
I saw a couple of other Harriers on the way round but not sure of their finishing times. Steve Vaughan


Run in the Forest 6ml – 11/04/10

Just two Harriers turned up for this local race – obviously a little too far away from Stafford for many! Just short of 6 miles and ran
on forest tracks and hard pathways the going was mainly dry but occasionally muddy.
It meandered around the grounds of the Rosliston Forestry Centre, a little south of Burton on Trent, and the two lap route only had a
few gentle rises to contend with. In a total field of 130, headed by Ashley Hurdman of Hatton Darts in 32:03.
Peter Sarson finished 24th in 38:25 (1st V60) and Lynne Geoghegan finished 97th in 51:24.


Wombourne 10ml – 05/04/10

Dave Cook achieved a Harriers PB time of 1:20:01 when finishing 47th from 82 runners in this race which was won by Paul Ward of Wrekinn Road
Runners in 53:38. Apparently the course was rather muddy! Typical easter weather.


Air Products 10k – 04/04/10

I ran the Air Products 10k yesterday, my second 10k this year since getting back into racing!! Its the first time Id ran this race, and its certainly not the most scenic. Two laps round a business park, but very flat. The rain stayed away, but it was very windy! There wasnt that many people out supporting the runners on the course, but those that were at the finish were very vocal. I crossed the finish line to be told that I was the first Harrier home…a new first for me ( however I was also the last Harrier home, as the only one there!!!), and smashed my PB which had stood since 2008, by nearly a whole minute!!! Gun time 46.01, and my garmin told me it was 45.56!! CHUFFED TO BITS!!!!! Thanks to Neil Oldfield for his report – and well done Neil. Where was everyone else ???

61st Pete Hodgetts Handicap – 04/04/10

Twenty four Harriers turned up on cool Easter Sunday morning, over a very wet and muddy course, with Sarah Johnson in first place just ahead of a fast finishing Nathan Sabin, (with fastest net running time) and two times winner Karen Sabin in third place. Second fastest running time was Mark Bentley (28:28), only narrowly pipping Sam Evans in 28:40.

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