Race Report October to December 2008

Wheaton Aston 10k


A clear crisp (make that bloody freezing for the first 2 miles) day saw the running of the last race for 2008.
This was also the last race included in the harriers Road Challenge – so check those tables for final results for 2008 also.
28 (or more?) Harriers turned out for this popular run that was closed to further entries quite some weeks ago. 387 finished.
The race was won in 32:45, with first Lady home in 35:25 (8th overall).

The following list of Harriers is from the provisional results that had no Club names – apologies if I’ve missed someone – let me know please.
Great runs from Chris Hollinshead and Tom Hobbins – not too much Xmas pud consumed at their houses!

Photo. courtesy of Brian Smith of Dudley Kingswinford Running Club. See http://www.flickr.com/photos/baldeagle/sets/ for race photo’s.

And here is Sally Gray, who is in the process of transferring membership from Bournville Harriers to Stafford harriers – finishing in a brilliant 40:23 (47th place).

56th Harriers Handicap


What a treat for everybody who turned out for the Christmas handicap.
OK there was a little mud and water, but the weather behaved itself, mild and dry.
But the treat, as we finished, there was father Christmas with a warm fruit drink and a mince pie for all the finishers and helpers.
Darren Bathew was first in, with the ever green Chris Skellern 2nd,
We had a good turnout of new members, who seemed to enjoy the run – although some didn’t like the mud and water on some parts of the course, did they Liz.

Christmas Cracker MT


This race from Tittesworth Reservoir and over the Roaches rock outcrops near Leek, grows in popularity every year.
413 runners finished the race this day – though only 2 Harriers – which was won in 48:37 by Matt Barnes (Unattached).
Very many of them ran in Santa outfits or other fancy dress – see Brian Dale’s photo site, or Mick Halls.
The weather was mild and dry, but the fields and pathways on top of the Roaches were waterlogged and slippery.
Harriers who ran were:
Pete Sarson finished 91st in 78:18
Stu Turner finished 103rd in 69:43

Sneyd Striders Christmas Wolves & Bilston Turkey Trot 5ml


1st Seb Duffy, Stroud & District, 25:45
2nd Daniel Cotterill, Tipton Harriers, 25:45
3rd Dave Evans, Wolves & Bilston, 25:49
1st Audrey Wilson, Wolves & Bilston, 30:31
2nd Lynn Green, unattached, 31:17
3rd Sally Evans, DASH, 33:09
32nd KEITH SKELTON 32:25 M40
169th NATALIE MOUNTFORD 44:48 Female
185th JOHN HATELEY 45:44 M60

Sneyd Striders Christmas Pudding Run 10mls


A pre-race photo courtesy the Express & Star!
A fast course with only gentle uphill stretches and last 2 miles downhill – potentially a PB course.
725 finished the race, which was won by P Ward of Wrekin Road Runners in 53:32.
Pete Sarson was 1st MV60 home – by 7secs!
Oh, and Lew Badger ran as well – though I didn’t see anything of him. He finished 398th in 1:24:15.

Newcastle Apedale 10k Trail


A beautifully sunny day for this run – cool but not cold, especially when running.
It was good to see Jenny Addison running her first senior 10k race – though it was a very tough one to start her on Nigel!
Other Harriers finishing the race were: Pete Sarson, Chris. Skellern, Steve Turner (ALMOST recovered from a bad cold), Nigel Addison & Mike Jones.
The race was won by Simon Bailey of Mercia Fell Runners – the terrain was like a fell race – in 35:09.
Young Sarah Johnson from Trentham RC was first female home in 42:33.
Harriers runners were:
…..162 finished

Cheddleton 10k


A cold and murky day for the race this year and only five Harriers made the effort to run the 3 lap course. The winner was Damian Nicholls from Wilmslow, beating Ben Gamble by 9 secs in 32.35. The ladies competition was close as well, with Jane Dickens of trentham beating Sarah Harris from macclesfield by only 5 secs in 39.07. Harriers were:

Suicide Six


A popular race for the Harriers this, possibly due to the fact it is one of the Harriers Off-road Challenge runs.
658 finished the race, won by Martin Williams of Tipton in a time of 35mins dead.
Harrier positions & times were :

Someone told me this wasn’t a tough race and it needed to be renamed, but look at this photo and judge for yourself !

Sandon 5 mile off-road challenge


Two members represented the Harriers at this inaugral race in Sandon Park
Conditions were cold and drizzly first thing,though there was some sunshine when we finished.
We started at 10.30 to run a multi-terrain and very hilly course in parts, approx. 2 miles
on hard tracks and 3 on soft grass, quite slippery in places, as 2 or 3
found out! Well marshalled by Stone Lions.
Quite a challenging course, as Maureen found out, having only returned
to running 7 weeks ago. Chris really enjoyed it and benefited from his
Sunday morning runs on Cannock Chase.
121 completed, we all received a medal(rubber!) and goody bag. Chris\’
time was 54.4,96th place, Maureen\’s time 62.03, 117th(not quite last)
Winner was Robin Sedman-Smith, Telford AC, in 27.6.
Thanks to Maureen Howe for this report.
Maureen & Chris



Everyone on the trip enjoyed their visit to CUBA as a holiday, but only two of the party managed to run in the Marathon. Dave Preece finished 108th position in a time of 4:18:46 and Lew Badger was close behind in 114th place in time of 4:23:49. The race was won in2:20:56 by Aguelmis Rojas De Armas and 149 finished.

Trackless 10 (miles)


Got up in the morning to a lovely dry, sunny day and decided to pop over to Stafford for this race – run in memory of Vernon Olivant and to benefit Katherine House. Just setting off in the car and the sky went heavily clouded, the heavens opened and the cold wind arrived. Great! Fortunately, by the time I got to Castlefields car park, the rain had almost stopped and the cold wind had eased to a chilly breeze. Due to start at 11:00 we stood for a minutes silence in memory of Vernon and the troops who lost their lives in the first World War (and since). Then it was a quick trot around the pond near the rugby club and out along the disused railway line (now Trackless – get it?), for 4.5mls to turn and reverse the route. A very gentle climb in the track on the way out is offset by a very gentle downhill return – though by then you are too kn*****d to notice! A poor turnout for a local Harrier organised run (though 1 more than last year). Was it the weather, was it the prospect of the relentless – seemingly unending – straight line route, was it that many ran a 10 miler only last week, was it the lateness of start time ? Who knows. Those that did run found it challenging to maintain pace and somewhat lonely running, but on the whole enjoyed the experience. …….See here for photo’s.

Flying Fox 10ml


Harrier positions & times :

According to one witness, Mike Saint-Dunn “turned up yesterday at the Flying Fox looking like death warmed up with flu and somehow managed to complete the course”. He was only there to make sure of gaining a 3rd place in his group.
New Club age group best time for Chris Hollinshead – well done Chris.
And a new PB for Bec Bostock – getting faster Bec!
Report from Chris Ross 3/11/2008:
22 Harriers made the short journey into the badlands around Stone for the last fixture of the NSRRA season, a good turn out in spite of the recent outbreak of marathon running that has afflicted the club.First Harrier home ( probably sitting down for lunch by the time the rest of us finished) was Chris Hollinshead just losing out overall to Stones Ben Gamble.The weather was typical Autumn fare, cold and breezy but the rain held off though the course was a tad damp in places, if not as bad as previous years.Gillian Cauldwell was first female over 70 and congratulations go to Judith Coleman for being compleat in the NSSRA this year.Overall a friendly local race well run and well supported .\”10 mile + \”a slight error by marshalls in the later stages of the race meant we finished the course by the wrong route, personally desperate to see the 9 mile marker I was very grateful to find the finish at just about the correct distance 10.05 miles according to the guy I finished withs Garmin. Damp, cold & breezy conditions on strongly undulating country roads.

DUBLIN marathon


We hope that mark will send a race report soon.




Position Name Gender Cat Race No. Chip-Time Club Name

1167 Robert Proctor Male 793 01:46:47 Stafford Harriers
4024 Justin Harrison Male 2374 02:09:51 Stafford Harriers


I understand that a new member, Sally Gray, also ran – though was entered as her old Club of Bournville Harriers. She ran a great time of 1:34:55 to finish 347th overall.

SNOWDONIA marathon


Well thought I’d send a report in as i was a marathon virgin. This is a really tough challenge where to start was a down pour with very high winds before the start and we ran straight into it for the first bit. As for the marathon, ran the first 16 miles very steady but hit 22miles and things got really hard. The wind pushed you along but turned in a second to go against you LOL. Just as i was about to stop to walk a hill after the Drinks station, took a look at my watch to see i had a chance of sub 4 hour which kick started me again. But found the descent to the finish was very very hard due to calves being tight and hill being steep. All in all, I would go and do this again as to finish it gave me a sense of achievement. The organisation of the race was spot on and was loooked after well at the end of the run. Plus it has lots of supporters who cheers anybody and everyone on so if you fancy a challenging 26 mile this race is worth a do. Report from Mike Harris Mike harris was joined by Chris Ross on the tough undulating course around the base of Snowdon. Chris Ross was 87th overall in a time of 3hrs 27:24 and Mike was 243rd overall in a time of 3hrs 47:05. 902 males and 231 females finished the race.

Leicester Marathon


Three Harriers travelled across to Leicester for this run – the 2nd time it has been run from Leicester City Centre (actually Victoria Park, just outside but the 26th mile is run through the “new” town centre).
An early start (7am from Stafford) must have frazzled my mind and at one point along the A5 on the way there, I decided for some reason that I’d taken the wrong exit off a roundabout, turned around and a mile later realised we were heading back home! Eventually arrived at Victoria Park after other confusing signs in Leicester at 8:30 for a 9:20 race start.
The weather at the start was dry & fresh with a very slight breeze. The breeze developed into an “in your face” wind an hour or so later and made running a little harder.
All three of us struggled from around 18mls – no doubt partly by having run (me & Paul) and marshalled (Bernard) the North Staffs. Cross Country at Park Hall the previous day.

The race was won by Steve Bateson of East Hull Harriers in 2:31:32. 465 finished the full marathon.

Peter Sarson – 35th – 3:03:49 (chip time) – 1st V60
Paul Douglas – 60th – 3:11:32 – 4th V50
Bernard Wilkes – 298th – 4:02:09

The Bells of Pattingham 7ml M/T


The Bells of Pattingham Run attracted an impressive 735 runners aged 17 to 80 from across the Black Country and Staffordshire and as far afield as Southampton. The 19th Bells event was won by last year’s runner-up Robin Sedman-Smith, a 30-year-old teacher who trains with Telford Athletics Club. At 73, Codsall pensioner Brenda Dallow was the oldest female entrant and the woman who had run the event the greatest number of times.

Harriers who ran:

Deon Vlok makes a return to competition ! Richard, Chris and Kellie seemed to have enjoyed it as well!

Great North Run


Three Harriers made the long journey up to Newcastle to join more than 50,000 other mad souls to “chase” Tsegay Kebede, the race winner in 59:45, over the 13.1 miles of very crowded roads. Tim Hough and Rob Proctor ran together in fancy dress to finish in 1:50:07 & 1:50:09 – wa-hey lads ! Tracey Ireland ran closely behind to finish in 2:51:14

Congleton Half Marathon


Heavy rain overnight and on the journey up to Congleton eased a little for pre-race warm-up and the start of the race, then the drizzle persisted for the first hour of the race at least! And it was chilly. As usual the car park was full and runners cars filled the surrounding kerbsides also. Pre-race entry had closed early and there was a long line of ‘on-the-day’ entrants alongside the long line of pre-day entrants waiting to pick up their numbers. Thankfully there were no long queues in the Gents – but there was no toilet paper and the hand dryers weren’t working! In spite of all this the runners at the start line (start delayed by 15mins) all seemed in good humour. On this course there is a short steep downhill followed by a longer, steeper uphill section just after the first 1ml marker, a short steepish uphill around 8mls then a longer steeper hill immediately after the 12ml marker (the ‘sting in the tail’ advertised on the entry form). Other than those stretches the route follows mainly flat quiet country roads – with two 30mtr stretches flooded under 2″ of water. The race was won by Malcolm Fowler of Wilmslow RC in a time of 1:14:19, with the first lady, Clare Thompson of Congleton. Harriers home in 1:25:04.

Harriers placings and times were:

P Sarson beat his own Club Age Group Best time that he set last week.

Well done Ruth for finishing 3rd in her age group.


Lew Badger, running for his first claim club Stone MM finished 291st in 1:50:20.

The Badger Bite


4 mile, multi-terrain race at Badger, Shropshire
It rained, it rained and then it rained some more as 216 competitors turned up in rain soaked Badger to take part
in the 2008 Badger Bite.
Runners, marshalls and spectators pitted their determination against the elements and enjoyed a race that was full of everything x-country is about – blood, sweat, tears, ankle deep water, slippery slopes and a lorra, lorra of mud!

Report from Nige Addison:
Nine harriers made their way to Badger through flooded back roads to park on a field which had us wondering whether or not we would get off again.The rain was\’nt too bad during the race although conditions underfoot were very muddy which made it hard going. Typically the the sun came out at the end.The 4 mile course is very similiar to the handicap with a 1 mile stretch downhill at the start which is repeated for the last mile in the opposite direction hence \’bite\’.The race was won by David Evans Wolves & Bilston in 21:25 and first lady was Denise Sanders Telford AC in 27:00.
First home for the harriers was Steve Turner in 75th place in a time of 32:13 and first lady harrier was Lisa Percox 101st in a time of 34:21.
Other times were:
> 085th – Nige Addison 32:52
> 100th – Steve Cartlidge 34:19
> 111th – Jane Bisiker 35:45
> 158th – Mike Moore 39:59
> 188th – Michael Jones 43:29
> 195th – Richard Bisiker 44:38
> 208th – Sara Broome 48:01

Coniston Trail Race


Tom Hobbins and Lydia Atkins went up to The Lakes for the penultimate trail race in the series (of 5) and joined father Dave Hobbins (first claim for the Black Coombe Runners).
Here’s Tom’s report:-
Despite what were probably the worst conditions I’ve ever run in, 300 people still turned out for the Coniston trail race on October 4.
Torrential rain and driving wind didn’t stop all day, forcing the organisers to change the course. The original 15k route, which took you higher up towards the Coniston Old Man, was changed to a two lap lower level course, which was more like cross country and around 11k. Still, at least they didn’t cancel it, as had been the case with the previous Derwentwater race.
I managed to come in 19th place in 45.06, Lydia was 233rd in 1.02.57 and my dad Dave Hobbins 269th in 1.07.16.
We also did the Hawkshead race in April and I’d definitely recommend the series (there are four of them) for next year. Check out the website at www.lakelandtrails.org Hobbins


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