Race Report April to June 2016

South Cheshire 5k Series

Queens Park Crewe, Tuesday 28th June 2016 7pm



This event is a series of three 5k’s run on the last Tuesday of June, July, and August. Although it may seem a bit mad to go all the way to Crewe to run a 5k, it promised to be a good run around one of Cheshire’s most beautiful parks and it didn’t disappoint. The park is great, has good facilities and it’s easy and free to park.

The course was virtually all on tarmac paths and looped around the park, then there was an out and back section which included a hill, then back around the lake with a little incline to the finish – and my Garmin measured it exactly 5k. I really enjoyed the run, it seemed well organised and marshalled, and it was only £4 to enter, wow! There was a good mix of ability there, the finish times varied from 16:27 to 37:35. The race started in rain but by the time we finished it had stopped so Ben and I enjoyed an ice cream while we cooled down and watched the last runners finish. A good evening out, much better than stopping in to watch the football, and we will definitely try to get back for the second race in July.


1st Oliver Williams Vale Royal AC 16:27

1stlady Sarah Griffiths Vale Royal AC 18:10


52nd Ben Deakin Stafford Harriers 21:05

83rd Melonie Deakin Stafford Harriers 24:50


133 runners finished.


Marchington 10k, 2k and Little Legs Run




Report by Mel Deakin


This event was organised as part of the Marchington village festival. I ran the 10k and I think it would be fair to describe the course as undulating! Full of ups and downs throughout, some more challenging than others, I thought it was an interesting run in great surroundings, helped by near perfect weather. There were only 53 entries in the 10k, which I am not complaining about as I had loads of space to run, and I got an age category prize which was lovely. But it would be great to see a bit more support for this local event, it is well organised and one I will look out for next year.

1st Ian Salt 35:47

1st lady Niomi Warr 41:34

36th Melonie Deakin 53:04


Stone St Michaels 10K



There were just under 400 runners who completed the Stone St Michaels 10k last Sunday with 16 members of Stafford Harriers among them.

The race starts near to St Michaels First School on Lichfield Road and consists of a two lap course, heading out past Westbridge Park and along the A34 towards Stafford before taking a left turn onto the A51 and back into Stone along the canal towpath.

Phil Hilsdon maintained his good run of form to be the first Harrier home, finishing 10th overall, in a time of 35:31 (PB).

Darren Pyatt (47th – 39:44), Andrew Locke (59th – 41:15) and Ian Wood (78th – 42:33) also finished inside the top 100.

Other Harrier times were:

Alan Cook 126th 45:34
Craig Baxter 132nd 45:53PB
Chris Elsley 152nd 47:11
Alan Jones 157th 47:36
Mark Bentley 186th 49:58
Chris Skellern 191st 50:26
Tracy Ridings 192nd 50:45
Melonie Deakin 212th 52:15
Chelsie Cook 259th 55:26
Fred Chidlow 275th 56:58
Georgina Sumner 281st 57:15 PB
Heather Bennett 315th 59:52 PB


The race was won by Stone’s Ben Gamble (Tipton Harriers) in 32:11 with Lucy Holt (NSRRA) the leading lady in 37:48 (25th)

The event is also popular with junior runners who compete in a relay event run over the same course. Harriers team filled the first five places with Ben Deakin, Jake Oliver, Matt Bonney, Will Buckley and George Hodkinson taking the top spot in a time of 36:51.


Gavin Tipper 5K



report by Mel Deakin



Organised by Dudley Kingswinford running club, this 5k is held in memory of Gavin Tipper with all proceeds going to Action Heart. The run is all off road, mainly on grass and goes around the grounds of the rugby club and an adjacent field, two laps, all very flat. Considering the amount of rain over the preceding days the ground was good, although the grass was wet it was firm and there was no mud.

As we gathered at the start, thunder rolled around the sky and spots of rain started to fall! I like running in the rain as it keeps you cool, and with a flat course I hoped to run a decent time. Ben Deakin did his usual fast start and sprinted away, by the first corner Alan Jones overtook me, both of them looked strong and confident. I dug in and tried to keep them in sight.

I was really pleased with my time although I won’t count it as a PB as I (and others) thought the course was a little bit short. Despite this, I enjoyed the event. It coincided with the graduation of the DKRC beginners group and it was great to see a swathe of runners in gold shirts completing 5k and celebrating their achievement, lots of smiles and happy people. It was also a bargain, only £8 to enter, chip timed, and you got a technical t-shirt on finishing. It was well marshalled and organised too. A good evening run.


1stTom Holden Tipton Harriers 15:30

1st Lady Sophie Lynch Tipton Harriers 17:58


Stafford Harriers:

40th Ben Deakin 20:30

44th Alan Jones 20:46

77th Mel Deakin 23:42


205 runners finished.




Potters Arf


Report Chris Elsley


A handful of Harriers hit the roads of Stoke on Trent last Sunday for the Potters ‘Arf Marathon.

Leading the way was Martin Smith 59th in 1:29:17 followed by Kevin Darby (73rd in 1:31:28) and Harry Perkins (74th in 1:31:37)

Alan Griffin (151st)was next in 1:38:39, just ahead of Michelle Fox (158th – 1:39:10) and Ian Wood (166th – 1:39:31).

Nia Nokes finished 250th in 1:43:55 while Ian Williams came home in 1:44:58 (269th). Tracy Ridings and Karen Murray came in together at 2:01:09 (745th and 746th) while Julie Nokes just managed to finish inside the top 1,000. Her time of 2:15:28 giving her a finish place of 999th.

The race, which was completed by 1,323 runners was won by Ben Gamble of Tipton Harriers in 1:10:33, almost two minutes ahead of Carl Moulton (Boalloy). Debbie Thomas (Trentham) was the leading lady with a time of 1:26:56 to finish 36th overall.





Meanwhile, Richard Rea and Craig Baxter were among the competitors in the Ironman Staffordshire last Sunday.

Rea knocked 5 minutes off his 2015 time to finish the gruelling event in 341st place in 5hrs 28 mins while Baxter came home around an hour later, finishing in 6hrs 25 mins in 1,246th place


Grasmere Gallop



On an unusually warm and sunny day for the Lakes some eighteen harriers and associates tackled the various races that make up the Grasmere Gallop. The start at 11.00 was on a field at the edge of the village surrounded by lovely clear mountains and fells.

There were four races, a 5.7 km fun run/walk with a climb of 128 metres, a 10km trail run/Nordic walk with a climb of 311 metres and a 17km trail run with a climb of 478 metres.


The first mile was on a road, somewhat contested with a steady climb and the additional hazard of the poles of the Nordic walkers. Having left the road we continued climbing on a well made track before joining a rough track where the 5.7 km runners went left and we carried on climbing. Apparently the views were great but I just concentrated on where I was going as the terrain was very rough and undulating and I have a habit of falling.


There were two serious climbs both of which I walked as most other people did. On the descent we ran partly round a lake before joining the road for the last mile through the village, along the river walk and into the field to the finish. There were two water stations and the whole race was well marshalled. After a short debrief we retired for showers and rehydration and continued with a very enjoyable weekend.


Harriers times.

5.7 km run/walk

Archie Bislker. 40.10

Kieron Coghlan. 40.10

Annie Bisiker. 52.49

Sue Williams. 1.02.42

Brenda Langston. 1.03.16

Jan Bisiker. 1.21.49

Ian Coghlan. 1.21.49


10km Trail run

Jane Bisiker. 58.20 2nd F50

Jill Ross. 1.02.22

Graham Williams. 1.03.49 1st M70

Brian Langston. 1.04.49 2nd M70

Dave Mantle 1.06.31

Rachel Darby. 1.08.27

Paul Bisiker. 1.12.02

Richard Bisiker. 1.33.22


17km Trail run

Chris Ross. 1.26.10

Anne Coghlan. 1.49.58

Eddie Smith. 1.51.31 3rdM60


Report by Graham Williams




After we had warmed up, rubbed ourselves with Vaseline (not really), we set off at the same time as all the others although Brenda and I stayed towards the back. There were 6 of us, Brenda, Annie, Jan, Keiron, Archie and me. It was quite slow going over the line and we were hindered by a large group of Nordic Walkers, who walked in groups chatting so we couldn’t pass easily. The clacking of the sticks on the road was very annoying. We followed the same route up quite a steep road until thankfully we turned left through the woods and slithered down the path to the lake. As we arrived the first 10K runners were passing us. We grabbed some water and walked along the lake. It was a beautiful day but we couldn’t stop. There was a bit of a steep climb back up to the road, we had to keep to the side as the elite runners were passing us. Suddenly Jane shouted to us as she overtook us. We were hoping to be the first Harriers back. The final twisting riverside path took us back to the field. I decided to run the last bit but was overtaken right at the end by Jill, so was third Harrier home followed closely by Brenda, then Graham and Brian. It was a good feeling being given a medal, we had achieved something worthwhile.



Report by Sue Williams


5K Time Trial



Thanks to all those who ran the 5K Time Trials at Castlefields on Wednesday, here are the results. As before, we have included previous times and will add to this the September results so you can track your progress.


First Name Surname 29-Apr-15 08-Jul-15 09-Sep-15 20-Apr-16 08-Jun-16
Will Salmons 19.51 20.55 19:06 19:57
Robert Motram Jones 19.52
Jack Hodkinson 20.43 22.48
Ewan Jackson 20.48
Liam Duggan 20.57 21.25 20:31 21:17
Adam Morris 21.05
Hannah Talbot 21.08
Mark Oliver 21.12
Jake Oliver 22.36 23.06 23.45 22:29 22:46
Chris Elsley 22.41 23.05 22.23 21:20 21:40
Gabby Lufton 23.32 23.26 25.49
Ali Morgan 23.39
Kieron Mogey 23.42 27.45 25.56 24:17 24:25
Nigel Smith 23.46
Chris McCrady 23.47
Matthew Hilsdon 23.48 24.10
Alan Jones 23.50 23.33
Libby Gonsalves 23.58
Craig Baxter 24.02 22:20
Steve McHugh 24.08
Ben Deakin 24.18 23.05 24.10 21:25 21:50
Harry Dale 24.49
Robert Gray 24.49 23.52 24.08 23:34
Amy Oliver 25.01 27.30
Mel Deakin 25.17 25.44 26.10 24:25 24:43
Sarah Johnson 26.41
Lucy Payne 27.28
Helen Underwood 29.01 32.00
Ellie Smith (Blue) 29.01
Rachel Darby 29.12
David Plant 29.33 28.40
Louise Morgan 29.55
Karen Hilsdon 30.26 30.21
Cathy Behan 30.39
Amanda Pearce 30.59 29.55 30.42 29:36
Anabel Evans 30.59
Lindsay Ashforth 31.59 33.16
Angie Charlesworth 32.01 33.02
Chantel Sandford 32.10
Gemma Gray 32.11
Debbie Garcia 32.27
Sarah Gray 32.52 34.15 35:12
Ian Williams 21.00
George Hodkinson 22.47
Beth Darke 23.30
Taygen Pike 24.21 24.13 22:45 24:33
Ollie Patrick 25.30
Debbie McDermot 25.32
Olivia Black 27.36 27.16 27:40 28:54
Ryan Ashforth 17.52
Spencer Holland 20.32
Robbie Gorman 21.18 19:19 20:03
Michelle Fox 21.19
Dave Payling 21.26
Jim Smith 21.30 22:27 21:39
Chris Owen 22.00
Evan Davies-Fuller 22.30
Matt Bonney 22.52 19:48 20:09
Mark Deakin 25.17 27:15
Nathan Hine 25.40
Jane Bisiker 26.11
James Black 29.41
Polly Pye 30.09
Julie Mogey 30.30
Cieron Coghlan 32.48
Matthew Black 33.09 23:39 23:20
Ben Cook 21:10 21:35
Ben Jones 22:11 22:04
Nick Beckett 23:53 23:23
Chloe Burrows 25:12 26:59
Ruth Edwards 25:37
Faye Codack 27:58
Heather Bennett 27:59
Harry Beckett 29:41 32:09
Jenni Beckett 30:51 30:08
Isabelle Beckett 31:04 31:25
Michelle Evans 32:29 32:23
Katie Burrows 34:26
Tracey Burrows 34:27
Ian Heath 20:45
Kian Arnott 22:05
Jack Heath 23:52
Will Gray 25:32
Natalie Boswell 26:36
Paula Roderich 26:52
Danny Stevens 28:10
Ellie Withington 28:55
Charlotte Reeves 29:23

Westbridge 5

5th June 2016


Report Chris Elsley

There was a good turnout at Stone last Sunday morning as over 200 runners took part in the Westbridge 5.

Although run over a variety of surfaces, the course is flat and fast. Starting with a loop around a nearby field and alongside the river, runners then head off down the canal towpath towards Aston.

After a short stretch along the A34, it’s back into Aston to rejoin the towpath and back to Westbridge Park for the finish.

Conditions were ideal and local runner Ben Gamble (Tipton Harriers) made the most of it to win in 26:11, 13 seconds ahead of Carl Moulton (Boalloy). Leading lady was Mandy Vernon (Trentham) in 30:26.

Richard Rea was the first of Stafford Harriers to finish, coming home in 24th in a time of 30:48.


Other Harriers times were:


Name Position Time
Spencer Holland 43rd 33:14
Ian Hodkinson 58th 34:14
Jim Smith 60th 34:21 PB
Ian Wood 62nd 34:26
Alan Griffin 64th 34:32
Mark Oliver 78th 35:33 PB
Chris Elsley 92nd 36:40
Nia Nokes 100th 37:14 PB
Jack Hodkinson 106th 37:37
Steve Turner 114th 38:11
Alan Jones 120th 38:42
Chris Skellern 129th 39:47
Mark Bentley 130th 39:53
David Taylor 140th 40:58
Tracy Ridings 143rd 41:04
Melonie Deakin 146th 41:26
John Finney 147th 41:45
Karen D Murray 156th 42:54
Karen Murray 168th 43:24
Amy Oliver 183rd 45:38
Charlotte Ward 184th 45:48
Joanne Oliver 185th 45:50
Liz Cook 190th 46:13
Natalie Godfrey 212th 48:58
Bill Whitworth 221st 52:51
Mick Jones 228th 58:24

Donna Louise 10k – Trentham Gardens

22nd May 2016


Hilsdon’s Stroll in the Gardens


More than 500 runners took part in the Donna Louise 10k at Trentham Gardens on last week.

The course is comparatively flat and Stafford Harrier Phil Hilsdon took advantage to win by more than a minute over his nearest rival, coming home in a time of 36:04.

Although a previous winner in events overseas, this was Hilsdon’s first success in the UK which made this a special moment for him.

Also featuring well for the Harriers was Richard Rea who finished in 9th position in 39:19 while Spencer Holland was 3rd in 42:28.

The full Harrier results were:

Pos Name Chip time
1st Phil Hilsdon 36:04
9th Richard Rea 39:19
21st Spencer Holland 42:28
39th Alan Griffin 44:34
55th Darren Mattocks 45:26
59th Jim Smith 45:35
68th Chris Elsley 46:21
80th Mark Oliver 47:20
85th Craig Baxter 47:33
100th Natalie Godfrey 48:45
106th Mark Bentley 48:54
115th Steve Turner 49:37
121st Shelly Burns 50:19
122nd Chris Skellern 50:19
134th Melonie Deakin 52:12
142nd Debbie McDermott 52:08
178th Anne Coghlan 54:13
190th Ruth Edwards 54:34
203rd Karen Murray 55:20
225th Graham Williams 56:35(1st Male 70+)
278th Sarah Whyte 59:25 PB
286th Amy Oliver 59:22
289th Jo Oliver 59:25
293rd Scott Kelsall 59:40
309th Fred Chidlow 61:02
315th Charlotte Ward 61:22
333rd Jennifer Beckett 62:51 PB
443rd Mick Jones 70:44

Leiden Half Marathon

22nd May


Report by Amanda Pearce
Sunday, 22nd May, I ran the Leiden Half Marathon, in the Netherlands. I wanted to do this race as my son is living in the town. What a contrast. Leiden is the Dutch
equivalent of York, historic and picturesque. The race started in the old city centre, then headed out into the countryside. I was hoping for fields of tulips and
windmills, but it was all pasture and cows, not quite so colourful. There are several races on the same day, so a constant stream of runners through the villages for
most of the day. The locals put on events to encourage spectators. Brass bands and BBQs. The race finished back in the city, with a run along cobbled streets beside
canals, ending in front of the impressive town hall. The course was soooo flat, and the roads out of town sooo straight. The course elevation was below sea level most
of the way. Toughest climb was a speed bump! Although I did not know anyone else, everyone knew me, as we all had our names printed on our race numbers. Plenty
of support from the locals, even so, I missed my harrier buddies.

Mentally, it was the Chase Half that I feared, but a change is as good as a rest, even when running. For every up hill, there was a chance to recover on the down.
I didn’t know how I would cope with Leiden. The same foot strike, same stride, same muscle groups, same flat even surface would soon find any weaknesses, but I
suffered no ill effects.


The Sherrifhales Shuffle

22nd May 2016

report from Ralph Wedlock



Two Harriers ran this years Sheriffhales 7 miler, myself and Michelle Fox


The race started at 11am from the village hall. This is a true multi terrain event. It takes you through

lovely Shropshire countryside between Sheriffhales, Lilleshall and Newport, passing through Lilleshall National Sports centre on the way.


The course is a mixture of road, tarmac path, bridle track, fields, dirt track and generally rough terrain. The weather was warm and slightly overcast. Parts of the course were wet and muddy due to the previous days rain. So for me, this slowed things down considerably. I found it a tough course to get around. The last mile fortunately offered me some respite with a little bit of gradual downhill and then onto some flat for the final push to the finishing line at Sheriffhales village hall.

A good race. I will be definitely be attending again next year.


Results: stuweb chip time finish time


First man Robin Stedman Newport & District 42:18 42:21

running club


First Lady Amelia Reynolds Telford AC 49:55 49:58




Michelle Fox chip time 51:14 finish time 51:17

(2nd Lady)


Ralph Wedlock chip time 63:25 finish time 63:35


Chester Half Marathon

15th May 2016


Spencer Holland and Natalie Boswell were among more than 5,200 runners who took part in the Chester Half Marathon.

BBC news presenter Louise Minchin was on hand to wave more than 5,000 runners off as they made their way through the historic city with good support coming from the sidelines.

Spencer broke 1:30:00 for the first time, finishing in 1:29:36 (221st place) while Natalie finished the course in 2:06:34 (3,354th place)


The winner of the race was Mark Kibiwott Kangogo from Kenya. His time was 1:03:58. The first lady was Julie Briscoe of Wakefield AC who came 19th 01:17:21



Report from Spencer Holland.


Two Stafford Harriers ran in the Chester Half Marathon on Sunday 15 May, myself (Spencer Holland) and Natalie Boswell.


The Chester Half Marathon was celebrating it’s 34th year with a record 7000 places available (only 5242 made it to the results list). The weather was good and the race started on time at 9:00am, yes 9:00 am! On a Sunday.


There was a small group of about 10 elite athletes at the front followed by a sign saying sub 1:30 runners, so I exaggerated my capabilities and lined up at the front. One of the elite athletes in front of me looked exactly like the ultimate running machine, an awesome sight, I thought he’s just got to win. BBC news presenter Louise Minchin waved us off from the start line, and we ran through historic Chester to plenty of cheers from a good quality crowd.


The winner of the race, was of course, the guy I had seen at the start. Mark Kibiwott Kangogo from Kenya (google him, he’s amazing). His time was 1:03:58.

The first lady was Julie Briscoe of Wakefield AC who came 19th 01:17:21


The two Stafford Harriers results were:.

Spencer Holland, 221st, chip time 1:29:36, gun time 1:29:43 which was a PB, (as I started in the sub 1:30 area it seemed only right to make an effort)

Natalie Boswell, 3353rd chip time 2:06:34, gun time 2:10:07


Riga Marathon



Harriers’ siblings Nia and Ryan Nokes headed over to Latvia at the weekend for the Riga Marathon. Ryan, a comparative veteran of seven marathons, accompanied his older sister around the course on her first ever 26 miler and helped her to an excellent finish time of 3 hrs 40m 55 secs.

Clayton 10K




A total of 13 Harriers made the short trip up the A34 to Clayton last Wednesday for the annual 10k race with Ian Wood the first one to return home, finishing 59th in a time of 42:43.

The race which is part of the North Staffs Road Runners Association series starts from Our Lady & St Werburgh’s School and involves a two lap course with a couple of gentle climbs as runners head up Dartmouth Avenue and Seabridge Lane.

Apart from Wood, the other Harriers taking part in a field of 244 finishers were:

Darren Mattocks (78th – 44:52)

Chris Skellern (133rd – 50:00)

Tracy Ridings (148th – 52:01)

Roy Clay (155th – 52:51)

John Finney (162nd – 53:28)

Karen D Murray (179th – 55:24)

Karen Murray 183rd – 55:58)

Graham Williams (190th – 56:40)

Julie Nokes (210th – 59:59)

Bill Chidlow (215th – 60:36)

Gael Earp (220th – 61:29)

Mike Jones (239th – 69:35)


The race was won by Carl Moulton of Boalloy in 33:34 with Trentham’s Mandy Vernon the first lady home in 38:39.


Cannock Chase Half Marathon




On Saturday there was a new race on the calendar with the Cannock Chase Half Marathon, a gruelling off road challenge with plenty of climbs set to test the runners on a warm sunny morning. The race sold out several months ago.


Stafford Harriers produced a superb set of results with three runners finishing in the top 5 to give them top prize in the team event.

The triumphant trio were Steve Vaughan (2nd – 1h 32m 5s), Richard Rea (4th 1:33:16) and Matt Woodman (5th – 1:33:36).

Michelle Fox finished 40th overall (4th lady) in 1:53:06, just ahead of Alan Griffin (46th – 1:54:10).

In all, 19 Harriers were among the field of 435 who completed the course with the remaining Harriers being:


Dave Payling (59th – 1:57:45)

Ryan Nokes (61st – 1:57:54)

Nick Beckett (138th – 2:12:39)

Jane Bisiker (154th – 2:14:33)

Justine Hall (163rd – 2:16:41)

Ed Smith (222nd – 2:25:06)

Georgina Coggins (246th – 2:28:14)

Gina Brown (248th – 2:29:08)

Rachel Darbey (297th – 2:39:44)

Natalie Boswell (350th – 2:50:28)

Lin Bradshaw (401st – 3:03:37)


Report by Amanda Pearce


On 7th May, I took part in the inaugural Cannock Chase Half Marathon. Hills, heat, dust, snakes (and presumably crocodile infested waters, judging by the number of
people queuing to use the Stepping Stones across Sherbrook!).
A gentle uphill start, from Milford Common up the old railway cutting. Along Sherbrook valley to the first crossing at the Stepping Stones towards Seven Springs and
then the dreaded switchbacks. Good to see Brian Langston on the second hill. At least the first half of the race was in wooded areas, with a little shade. Then the
course took us back down into Sherbrook Valley, along the exposed valley floor in blazing sunshine, with a couple of climbs out and back down, just to make it
interesting. Final climb, up to the Glacial Boulder Trig Point, then a mostly downhill couple of miles to Milford. Another group of harriers lending support near Freda’s
The final water stop, was just over a mile from the finish. There was hardly any water left, and while a group of runners who had been ahead of me for the whole of the
race stopped to complain, I overtook them. All’s fair!
I was the last harrier home, which gave me the advantage of a rousing welcome as I crossed the finishing line. A super event which I will happily attempt again.


Market Drayton 10K




Report Craig Baxter

An absolutely stunning day for the race, if not a little too warm was everyone’s thoughts as all of the Harriers congregated together. My thoughts today, my birthday, was of only one thing, PB!!! With so much training done for the Ironman, it had to happen, didn’t it?


This year’s start was very well organised as I positioned myself next to Alan Griffin and Michelle Fox, in hope of what was to happen. Then we were off. I set off at what I thought was a decent pace. We left the school field and headed down the road and turned into the housing estate where we snaked through the houses. Still feeling good but realising that my start position may have been a little ambitious as runners flooded past me.


I went through the first mile, I looked at my watch and then it dawned on me that I may have gone off a little too hard, 6:50 for the first mile, oops! This was confirmed by Chris Elsley as he trotted past me. Time to hang on. Through the streets of Market Drayton we went, the support was fantastic from the locals. They seem to have totally embraced the size of the race their town now has.


I noticed through miles 2 to 3 that may pace was dropping rapidly as the heat was getting to me and my less than efficient calculator in my head was trying to workout what I needed to do for a PB. 4 miles came up as Ian Hodkinson and son Jack came past, with Ian, ever the coach telling me to hang on to them. I did try though. Now to the 5 mile mark, up the tough hill, back through the town. It then dawned on me I could still get a PB if I just could finish strong. Off I went like a man possessed, ignoring the support from the crowd. It was just me against the clock, and the heat. I passed Ian Williams up the final straight before the school field, he gave me some kind encouragement, I could now see Ian and Jack once again. I arrived into the school field to the sound of the race commentator saying that it was almost 45 minutes. It was on! Now came that hard sprint around the field. Bryan Dale shouting go Craig as I, for once, didn’t pose for a photo. It was getting close. 50 metres to go my demons in my head were telling me I’d missed it, but I hadn’t. I knew in the last few yards I had done. I crossed the line and stopped my watch. Yes!!!!!! 8 seconds off my PB. I celebrated by being sick by one of the marshals. I did apologise. I felt great really. It was a very hot day but I was so focused on the race I just ignored it. Thanks to those out on the course that supported me and thanks to those that came back to the pub for rehydration and race debriefing. It had been a great birthday. Oh my time was 46:17. My previous PB was 46:25 at Wheaton Aston in December. Get in. 45 years old and getting better……..



Results for the rest of the Harriers :-

Pos Num M Pos F Pos Name Cat Pace per Km/Mile ChipTime GunTime
76 1385 0074 Kev Darby M40 04:02/06:30 00:40:15 00:40:23
156 1841 0146 Liam Duggan M S 04:20/06:59 00:43:09 00:43:22
171 299 0159 Alan Griffin M40 04:23/07:03 00:43:31 00:43:46
226 1829 0208 Darren Mattocks M40 04:30/07:15 00:44:44 00:45:02
251 731 0229 Chris Elsley M45 04:35/07:23 00:45:33 00:45:54
275 1175 0247 Ian Hodkinson M40 04:38/07:28 00:45:53 00:46:24
276 1177 0248 Jack Hodkinson M J 04:38/07:28 00:45:54 00:46:24
282 1372 0253 Craig Baxter M45 04:39/07:29 00:46:17 00:46:33
296 535 0264 Ian Williams M45 04:42/07:33 00:46:26 00:46:57
334 1534 0296 John Gomersall M40 04:47/07:42 00:47:23 00:47:53
440 188 0064 Chris Skellern F50 04:59/08:01 00:49:24 00:49:50
476 1899 0399 Alan Cook M50 05:02/08:07 00:49:35 00:50:24
483 1900 0076 Liz Cook F45 05:03/08:07 00:49:38 00:50:27 PB
534 1060 0436 Alan Jones M45 05:10/08:18 00:50:45 00:51:37
541 1901 0096 Chelsie Cook F S 05:11/08:20 00:50:59 00:51:48
551 1736 0099 Shelley Burns F S 05:12/08:22 00:51:03 00:52:01
565 1522 0453 Kieran Mogey M J 05:14/08:25 00:51:48 00:52:18
589 1945 0118 Debbie McDermott F45 05:17/08:30 00:51:57 00:52:49
594 1267 0471 Mike Evans M50 05:17/08:31 00:52:00 00:52:54
622 1914 0487 Simon Groom M40 05:21/08:37 00:49:10 00:53:30
635 908 0134 Melonie Deakin F45 05:22/08:39 00:52:49 00:53:43
745 1822 0182 Anne Coghlan F45 05:32/08:55 00:53:34 00:55:25
857 1256 0235 Karen Murray F50 05:42/09:11 00:55:50 00:57:03
879 873 0627 Paul Dunlavey M50 05:45/09:16 00:55:50 00:57:34
881 1831 0629 Graham Williams M70+ 05:46/09:17 00:56:17 00:57:39
892 1459 0634 Richard Davies M40 05:47/09:18 00:55:43 00:57:48
939 2318 0276 Georgina Coggins F35 05:50/09:23 00:57:07 00:58:21
952 1301 0281 Karen D Murray F55 05:51/09:25 00:56:30 00:58:29
1179 1384 0423 Tina Darby F40 06:09/09:54 00:59:29 01:01:33
1180 1458 0424 Maria Davies F45 06:09/09:54 00:59:50 01:01:33 PB
1181 1492 0425 Joanne Oliver F45 06:09/09:54 00:59:13 01:01:33
1195 1514 0434 Lindsey Foster F50 06:11/09:57 00:59:27 01:01:47
1338 1727 0530 Debbie Plant F50 06:24/10:19 01:02:11 01:04:05
1356 1495 0806 Mark Oliver M45 06:27/10:22 01:02:30 01:04:26
1357 1496 0540 Amy Oliver F J 06:27/10:22 01:02:30 01:04:26
1374 209 0551 Gemma Gray F S 06:29/10:26 01:02:47 01:04:48
1435 1266 0594 Marie Evans F45 06:36/10:38 01:03:27 01:06:04
1436 70 0595 Heather Bennett F45 06:36/10:38 01:04:12 01:06:04
1462 1371 0838 Michael Bamber M50 06:39/10:43 01:04:48 01:06:33
1464 1725 0839 Dave Plant M55 06:40/10:43 01:04:35 01:06:36
1512 1567 0850 Mark Burrows M40 06:46/10:53 01:05:43 01:07:40
1516 1564 0653 Tracy Burrows F40 06:46/10:54 01:05:50 01:07:43
1586 1151 0876 Michael Jones M70+ 06:53/11:04 01:07:45 01:08:47
1614 1629 0719 Charlotte Ward F35 06:56/11:09 01:06:59 01:09:19
1616 2358 0721 Angela Charlesworth F S 06:56/11:09 01:07:25 01:09:20 PB
1617 1340 0883 Alex Hill M S 06:56/11:10 01:06:21 01:09:21
1706 1517 0780 Julie Mogey F35 07:09/11:31 01:09:37 01:11:31
1762 2430 0822 Cheryl Metcalfe F S 07:17/11:44 01:10:15 01:12:52
1815 977 0858 Lindsay Ashforth F45 07:24/11:55 01:11:26 01:14:02
1846 1272 0878 Karen Jones F50 07:31/12:06 01:13:45 01:15:14
1885 538 0909 Deborah Garcia F45 07:39/12:18 01:14:25 01:16:27
1991 208 0994 Sarah Gray F35 07:59/12:50 01:17:44 01:19:46
2106 1423 1092 Sara Broome F50 08:56/14:22 01:25:58 01:29:16




On Wednesday 4th three Harriers took part in the Dudley K 10k with Richard Rea again performing well, finishing in 37:16 (12th) followed by Alan Jones (47:44 – 195th) and Steve McHugh (49:59 – 254th)


Birmingham 10K

1st May 2016


Report Colin Mitchell
A group of Harriers went to Birmingham 10K to prove to themself that they can run. This is just like many races throughout the year.

However many in the group had never ran before September 2015, they joined the Harriers via the Complete Beginners Course in September. Along with most beginners they started with self doubt and the constant nagging “too hard / I am going to die”.

But with determination they have conquered their first race with style. Well done.


Name BIB Club Pos Finish Time
Martin Smith 388 Stafford Harriers 106 00:40:56
Alan Jones 381 Stafford Harriers 727 00:48:20
Georgina Sumner 2455 Stafford Harriers 2869 00:59:13
Sarah Whyte 4910 Stafford Harriers 2976 00:59:46
Michael Bamber 6823 Stafford Harriers 3554 01:02:33
Charlotte Reeves 4169 Stafford Harriers 3690 01:03:15
Paul Foster 4909 Stafford Harriers 3971 01:04:53
Jennifer Beckett 4600 Stafford Harriers 4029 01:05:12
Austin Whyte 4165 Stafford Harriers 4062 01:05:23
Karen jones 4209 Stafford Harriers 4714 01:09:27


Lichfield Half Marathon

1st May 2016


Report Chris Elsley

Elsewhere, three Harriers competed in the Lichfield Half Marathon with James Found (1.26.09 – 31st) leading the way home ahead of John Finney (1.52.48 – 384th) and Edwina Gould (2.15.25 – 734th) in an overall field of 903 finishers.


Stuart Hawkes (Tipton Harriers) won the event in 1h 12m 35 secs while the leading lady was Nichola Jackson (1h 26m 43s) of Preston Harriers.


Uttoxeter Half Marathon

1st May 2016

Report Chris Elsley

Sunday saw the Uttoxeter Festival of Running with the familiar Half Marathon and Junior Race along with a new 10k race which incorporated the opening section of the half marathon route.

The Uttoxeter Half is one of the toughest on the local scene with plenty of climbs and undulating surfaces and very little on the flat. Most challenging of the climbs comes at 7 miles up Buttermilk Hill while there is another long drag between 10-12 miles.

The reward comes at the end with a fast downhill section back to the finish at Uttoxeter Racecourse.

Stafford Harriers had two runners finishing in the top ten with Phil Hilsdon 7th in a time of 1hr 18m 9 secs. Matt Woodman was a couple of places behind finishing in 1:19:28.

Other Harriers to run were:

Steve Vaughan 27th – 1:24:42

Ian Wood 66th – 1:34:32

Spencer Holland 73rd – 1:35:32

Chris Elsley 102nd – 1:41:38

Ryan Nokes 107th – 1:42:29

Nia Nokes 128th – 1:44:52

Natalie Godfrey 140th – 1:45:48

Chris Skellern 155th – 1:48:29

Craig Baxter 156th – 1:48:34

Tracy Ridings 181st – 1:52:46

Shelley Burns 184th – 1:53:08

Steve Turner 193rd – 1:54:42

Alan Cook 198th – 1:55:34

Liz Cook 201st – 1:55:38

Julie Nokes 243rd – 2:13:28


Carl Moulton (Boalloy) was the race winner in 1:12:09 with Michelle Buckle of Newcastle taking the ladies prize in 1:29:35.

The Harriers Ladies finished 2nd in the team contest while the men finished 3rd.


Entry numbers in the 10k were a little disappointing but Gael Earp didn’t mind as she managed to pick up 1st place in her category in the Ladies Section.


There was success for two Harriers in the Junior Race as Ben Deakin (8m 34s – U15) and Matthew Hilsdon (U13 – 9m 33s) won their respective age categories. Ben finished 3rd overall and Matthew 8th out of a field of 54 runners.


Barlaston Ups and Downs

Thursday 28th April 2016


Report Chris Elsley

Local runners managed to evade a thunderstorm ahead of the final leg of the Spring Treble which took place at Barlaston Downs last Thursday.

Fortunately, the weather had cleared by the time the race began from Oulton Cricket Club and runners sprinted off along the road to the Downs with the faster ones fancying their chances in the fastest mile competition.

Conditions were surprisingly good along the course which proceeded alongside a stream before climbing up to the trig point at the top of Downs Banks and back down the other side. Another lap is encountered before the climb back up to the finish at Oulton CC.

There was another good turn out of Stafford Harriers, Richard Rea once again leading the team home in a time of 33.04.


Other finishers were :



Robert Mottram Jones 36.24

Chris Ross 36.49

Ian Hodkinson 37.04

Jim Smith 37.32

Spencer Holland 37.35

Alan Griffin 37.59

Darren Mattocks 38.34

Adam Morris 39.30

Ian Wood 39.40

Mark Oliver 39.55

Jason Littlewood 40.49

Chris Elsley 40.58

Steve McHugh 46.01

Mick Jones 62.02



Nia Nokes 40:45

Chris Skellern 43:52

Tracy Ridings 45:30

Melonie Deakin 46:25

Jane Bisiker 47:16

Karen Murray 49:47

Joanne Oliver 50:10

Karen D Murray 50:42

Julie Nokes 53:04

Amanda Pearce 53:29

Michelle Walker 55:52


The Mens Series was won by Matthew Connelly Smith of Stafford Tri while Deborah Thomas (Trentham) took the Ladies Series

Pelsall 5K & 10K

Sunday 24th April 2016


Report by Mel Deakin

After watching the start of the London Marathon on the telly, full of admiration for all those taking on such a challenging distance, Ben and I went to Pelsall to compete towards the other end of the distance scale. This is a relatively small event, 94 runners, which is organised by the local Rotary Club with Camba events doing the entries and timing. One lap for 5k, two laps for 10k, both groups starting at the same time. It is mostly on pavements with a stretch on grass when the course goes around Pelsall Common and just one long hill to test the legs.

Both Ben and I ran the 5k distance. Ben ran really well and finished 3rd. I was really pleased to run under 25 minutes and was totally amazed to get a trophy and some gorgeous flowers for being 1st lady.


5k results:

1st Ian Smith unattached 18:05

3rd Ben Deakin Stafford Harriers 21:04

1st lady Melonie Deakin Stafford Harriers 24:44


10k results:

1st Luke Bottomer Lichfield Fitness Centre 36:16

2nd and 1st lady Leonie Balden BRAT 37:00

London Marathon

24th April 2016


Report Chris Elsley


23 Harriers were among the 39,000 who took to the streets of London for the famous London Marathon.


Phil Hilsdon (2.47.03) was the only one to dip under the three hour mark and finished a superb 648th place.


Mark Bridgwood (3.04.56), Andrew Locke (3.09.44) and Ian Wood (3.17.32) came inside the 200 minute barrier.

Other finishers were

Kevin Darby (3.29.50)

Mark Orchard (3.35.25)

John Greatholder (3.57.47)

Jane Bisiker (4.04.29)

Debbie McDermott (4.05.15)

Alan Jones (4.07.55)

Liz Simcox (4.08.07)

Mark Bentley (4.21.12)

Angela Brookes (4.23.27)

Ed Smith (4.32.25)

Tina Darby(4.45.51)

Sarah Johnson (4.46.45)

Dave Cook (4.47.01)

Rachel Darbey (4.47.58)

Wendy Sears (4.50.34)

Sally Liggins (4.50.48)

Martin Moore (4.58.00)

Angela Charlesworth (5.59.40)

Annabel Evans (6.27.28)


Ian Wood reports


Standing on the green start with my bin liner keeping me warm and feeling a bit nervous for my 12th London start, on the good side it was not snowing but it did start to sleet in the first few miles!

I was surprised to be in the green start as I did not read my instructions (well how many men do) and expected to start on the red start which allowed me to spot the celebrities such as dame Kelly Holmes, Gary rowett, Danny mills,judge rinder and Sophie raworth waiting in the next pen.

I was in pen 2 along side a Roman soldier a lobster and two daffodils the old tee shirts and bin liners started flying and we were off and running.

The first few miles were nice and steady we joined up with the other starts then headed for the cutty Sark then onwards to tower bridge reaching the halfway point in 1hour 36 minutes looking at my Garmin it shows half a mile more!!

I then headed to wards canary wharf with the temperature starting to rise now but it was fairly sheltered through canary wharf to pass the runners coming the other way. It was at this point that dame Kelly Holmes went past looking very smooth heading for a very good time (3hours 11minutes 27seconds) I did try to keep up but she was soon gone.

It was then time to dig in for the last few miles along the embankment still feeling ok I was hoping to finish in 3 hours15 but this was not to be as the 3.15 pacer sprinted past with two miles to go.

Then came parliament followed by the mall. It was at this point I was overtaken by a lobster with the finish in sight, my finishing time was 3hours 17minutes 32seconds and my Garmin showed 26.8 miles covered.

I was happy with my run not as fast as I had hoped for I think I still had a bit left in the tank at the end.


I would like to thank all the Harriers for their support around the course it was great to hear you.

Blackpool Marathon

24th April 2016

Report Chris Elsley


While most eyes were focused on the London Marathon, Natalie Godfrey headed north for the Blackpool Marathon and smashed her pb with a time of 3.42.36.


Milford Murder

Thursday 21st April

Report Chris Elsley


Thursday night saw the second leg of Stone Master Marathoners’ Spring Treble with runners heading to Milford to race over a 5.5 mile course, known as the ‘Milford Murder’.


Starting from just behind Sister Dora’s runners face an immediate test with the climb up Oat Hill before descending down the other side. A 2 lap course follows , up Coppice Hill and back down to Stepping Stones before revisiting Oat Hill and back to the finish.


Richard Rea was once again the first Harrier back, finishing 7th on the night in a time of 35.49. Robert Mottram Jones was second Harrier (20th 39.44), closely followed by Chris Ross (24th 40.04).


In the Ladies section, Nia Nokes was the first Harrier home, 59th overall in a time of 45.07. Stella Denniss was next (73rd – 46.13) ahead of Chris Skellern (82nd – 47.17).


The remaining Harrier results were:

Ian Hodkinson (30th – 41.03)

Spencer Holland (36th – 41.41)

Alan Griffin (31st – 41.20)

Ian Wood (37th – 41.51)

Darren Mattocks (40th – 42.05)

Paul Bosson (41st 42.22)

Jim Smith (48th – 43.13)

Mark Oliver (51st – 43.45)

Chris Elsley (67th – 45.33)

Jason Littlewood (69th – 45.45)

Craig Baxter (78th – 46.36)

Adam Morris (81st – 47.03)

Steve McHugh (85th – 48.20)

Tracy Ridings (100th – 50.50)

Melonie Deakin (104th 51.42)

Karen Murray (110th – 53.59)

Karen D Murray (126th – 55.55)

Brian Langston (132nd – 56.40)

Joanne Oliver (140th – 57.21)

Fred Chidlow (143rd – 59.41)

Julie Nokes (144th – 60.47)

Mike Jones (149th – 68.43)

Amanda Pearce (152nd – 62.49)


Current Series Leaders ahead of this Thursday’s final round at Barlaston Downs are Men: Matthew Connelly-Smith (Stafford Tri) and Ladies: Deborah Thomas (Trentham)

5K Time Trial


“Thanks to all those who ran the 5K Time Trials at Castlefields on Wednesday 20/4/16, here are the results. We have included last year’s times and will add to this the July and September results so you can track your progress.”


First Name Surname 29-Apr-15 08-Jul-15 09-Sep-15 20-Apr-16
Will Salmons 19.51 20.55 19:06
Robert Motram Jones 19.52
Jack Hodkinson 20.43 22.48
Ewan Jackson 20.48
Liam Duggan 20.57 21.25 20:31
Adam Morris 21.05
Hannah Talbot 21.08
Mark Oliver 21.12
Jake Oliver 22.36 23.06 23.45 22:29
Chris Elsely 22.41 23.05 22.23 21:20
Gabby Lufton 23.32 23.26 25.49
Ali Morgan 23.39
Kieron Mogey 23.42 27.45 25.56 24:17
Nigel Smith 23.46
Chris McCrady 23.47
Matthew Hilsdon 23.48 24.10
Alan Jones 23.50 23.33
Libby Gonsalves 23.58
Craig Baxter 24.02 22:20
Steve McHugh 24.08
Ben Deakin 24.18 23.05 24.10 21:25
Harry Dale 24.49
Robert Gray 24.49 23.52 24.08
Amy Oliver 25.01 27.30
Mel Deakin 25.17 25.44 26.10 24:25
Sarah Johnson 26.41
Lucy Payne 27.28
Helen Underwood 29.01 32.00
Ellie Smith (Blue) 29.01
Rachel Darby 29.12
David Plant 29.33 28.40
Louise Morgan 29.55
Karen Hilsdon 30.26 30.21
Cathy Behan 30.39
Amanda Pearce 30.59 29.55 30.42 29:36
Anabel Evans 30.59
Lindsay Ashforth 31.59 33.16
Angie Charlesworth 32.01 33.02
Chantel Sandford 32.10
Gemma Gray 32.11
Debbie Garcia 32.27
Sarah Gray 32.52 34.15
Ian Williams 21.00
George Hodkinson 22.47
Beth Darke 23.30
Taygen Pike 24.21 24.13 22:45
Ollie Patrick 25.30
Debbie McDermot 25.32
Olivia Black 27.36 27.16 27:40
Ryan Ashforth 17.52
Spencer Holland 20.32
Robbie Gorman 21.18 19:19
Michelle Fox 21.19
Dave Payling 21.26
Jim Smith 21.30 22:27
Chris Owen 22.00
Evan Davies-Fuller 22.30
Matt Bonney 22.52 19:48
Mark Deakin 25.17
Nathan Hine 25.40
Jane Bisiker 26.11
James Black 29.41
Polly Pye 30.09
Julie Mogey 30.30
Cieron Coghlan 32.48
Matthew Black 33.09 23:39
Ben Cook 21:10
Ben Jones 22:11
Nick Beckett 23:53
Chloe Burrows 25:12
Ruth Edwards 25:37
Faye Codack 27:58
Heather Bennett 27:59
Harry Beckett 29:41
Jenny Beckett 30:51
Isabelle Beckett 31:04
Michelle Evans 32:29
Katie Burrows 34:26
Tracey Burrows 34:27

The Wrekin Streak Fell Race

20th April 2016

Report Ben Nash


When I entered the 2016 Wrekin Streak Fell I thought that I was the only Stafford Harrier crazy enough to take part, however I was wrong, there was another Harrier taking on the 212m climb, 2.75 mile race up and down the Wrekin, near to Telford.


The full race results can be found at http://www.merciafellrunners.org.uk/node/2756, but in brief Adam Morris completed the race in 24min 39sec coming 48 overall / 23 senior man, whilst I completed the race in 25min 50sec coming 71 overall / 32 senior man. In total there were 129 runners.


The conditions were almost perfect for the race, and I would like to say that the view from the top was worth the run up but there was no time to take in the view of the surrounding Shropshire countryside as the race was only half done and before catching my breath I began the 8 minute descent back down to the finish with almost wild abandonment of any self preservation.


Lilleshall Monument 10K

Sunday 17th April 2016


Report Chris Elsley


A small number of Harriers ran in the Lilleshall Monumental 10K and Fun Run on Sunday 17th.


The race is organised by Newport & District Running Club who say it is arguably Shropshire’s most scenic multi-terrain 10K. The course is mainly off road, through woodland, along tracks, passing historic buildings and churches it culminates in a steep climb to the monument.

1st Gareth Briggs of Wolverhampton and Bilston 38:35


29th (1st lady) Helen Stokes Mercia Fell Runners 46:52


Stafford Harriers:

31st Spencer Holland 47:03

136th Ralph Wedlock 57:17

139th Melonie Deakin 58:09


Fordhouses Fast 5k

Friday 15th April 2016.


Report by Mel Deakin

Mark, Ben and I made the short trip to Wolverhampton on a very damp Friday evening for the Fordhouses Fast 5k. Organised by Wolverhampton and Bilston AC with a full UKA licence, the course starts and finishes at the cricket club, and is a loop around Pendeford, mainly on pavements with a short stretch on a wide canal path. All very flat, elevation gain on Garmin was just four metres! Great if you want to go for a fast time, or want an easy 5k, or maybe as an introduction to racing at a relatively small event. It is well organised and marshalled throughout, only £7 to enter and you get a technical t-shirt on finishing. We ran at this event last year and loved it so returned this year to try and better our times on this course. Despite the weather being unfriendly, we all improved although I have to admit I cut it fine, just 2 seconds, whilst Ben and Mark did much better both getting 5k PB’s.



1st Jonathan Morris unattached 16:38

1st female Tess Clark Wolves and Bilston AC 18:00

47th Ben Deakin Stafford Harriers 21:38

79th Melonie Deakin Stafford Harriers 24:53

84th Mark Deakin Stafford Harriers 25:50

118 finishers.


Thursday 14th April


Report Chris Elsley

Kibblestone Clamber – the first event in this year’s Spring Treble, a three race series organised by Stone Master Marathoners.

For me it was a new venue, for others it was a return to old hunting grounds as Kibblestone used to host one of the races before a move to Hanchurch (the Hanchurch Hilly) in recent years.

As always, there was a good turn out of Harriers, helped by the fact that all three races are in the Challenge.

Our car load arrived early and picked up our race numbers. The sun was still shining and temperatures not too bad. Decisions – vest or t-shirt. Eventually I went for the t-shirt and, in my case, mandatory gloves. Past experience has told me how cool it can be in April once the sun has dropped.

Kibblestone is a three lap course, mostly off road. We set off from outside the Scout Hut and across a grassy field – a feast in waiting for some cattle. I was concerned that some vertically challenged runners could easily get lost in the grass but I think all have been accounted for.

From the field it was down some steps before the course began to get a little muddy. On lap one there were a few bottle necks in some of the trickier parts, particularly as we edged past the brook. One slip and you could have wet feet (but at least you could have clean shoes).

Then it was a steep climb up the first set of steps that I had been told about – no running here.

Through the woods, a few more steps, across a road, down a track, a slippy decent which I just managed to avoid falling at on each lap (that’s probably why Mick Hall had positioned himself there taking photos).

Eventually it was back on to a track way to complete the lap and do it all over again.

Some Harriers found conditions not suited to their road shoes and I was able to have a cat and mouse battle with Ian Wood for a couple of laps before his greater speed on the flatter, drier sections saw him pull away. Still, I was fairly happy with my time (approx 44.40). Full results to follow.

Onward to the Milford Murder next Thursday…..



Included in the opening field were 28 Stafford Harriers. Leading male for the Harriers was Richard Rea (9 points – 34.42m), followed by Chris Ross (21pts – 38.50m) and Ian Hodkinson (26pts – 40.41m).

The top three Harrier ladies were Chris Skellern (83 pts – 47.28m), Tracy Ridings (86pts – 48.40m) and Debbie McDermott (94pts – 50.00m)

Other Harriers to complete the course were:


Jane Bisiker (95pts – 50.04)

Mel Deakin (97pts – 50.25)

Karen Murray (104pts – 53.05)

Jill Ross (108pts – 53.50)

Jo Oliver (126pts – 60.05)

Amanda Pearce (130pts – 61.17)

Julie Nokes (132pts – 61.24)


Robert Mottram Jones (28pts – 40.19)

Spencer Holland (29pts – 40.24)

Adam Morris (31pts – 40.50)

Mark Oliver (34pts – 41.06)

Jim Smith (42pts – 41.58)

Darren Mattocks (48pts – 42.34)

Alan Griffin (55pts – 43.11)

Paul Bosson (56pts – 53.29)

Ian Wood (60pts – 44.15)

Chris Elsley (65pts – 44.39)

Craig Baxter (77pts – 46.45)

Steve McHugh (90pts – 48.58)

Alan Jones (92pts – 49.22)

Fred Chidlow (124pts – 58.30)

Mick Jones (141pts – 68.11)

Manchester Marathon 2013, 2014, 2015.



Bad news folks if your Marathon pb was in Manchester in any of the above years. Please see article below which explains all.




“Three years of Greater Manchester Marathon times have been declared invalid after the course was found to be 380m too short.”


The mistake, caused by a measuring error, affects about 24,000 runners who competed in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

UK Athletics will not now recognise times from those races, but the error was corrected in time for this year’s marathon, which was held on 10 April.

A true marathon distance is 26 miles and 385 yards.

Marathon courses are measured out using a bicycle fitted with a counter to calculate distance by the turning of the wheels.

The Association of UK Course Measurers (AUKCM) said an accredited measurer had ridden the course in 2013 but indicated there had been an error in the calibration of the bicycle wheel.

The organisation said it regretted the mistake and the effect it has on runners’ times.

“Significant errors in measurement are rare – our procedures are designed to find them at the reporting or checking stages,” it added.

Xtra Mile Events, organisers of the marathon, said the blame lay with AUKCM.

They added: “We all understand the anguish and huge disappointment this creates and want to assure our runners that we share the upset and emotion from the AUKCM news regarding the race distance.”


10th April 2016


Report by Chris Elsley

Going the extra mile or 20 last Sunday were a dozen Harriers who took part in the Manchester Marathon.


Robert Mottram-Jones was once again the leading Harrier completing the course in an impressive 3h.11.41 to finish 770th overall.


Four other Harriers also broke four hours: led by Paul Higginson (3:23:10) followed by Michelle Fox (3:24:59), Adam Morris (3:27:03) and Mark Oliver (3:44:04)


Other Harriers to finish the increasingly popular race were


Anne Coghlan – 4:09:47

Paul Morris – 4:29:44

Alice Holly – 4:30:26

Lindsey Foster – 4:34:31

Joanne Oliver – 4:36:27

Rachel Marsden – 4:49:23

Wendy Sears – 4:56:08


Race winner was Steve Bayton of Hallamshire Harriers in 2:22:34 with Kelly Crickmore of Stockport Harriers taking the Ladies prize in 2:48:04



Report by Rachel Marsden

I travelled up on the Saturday to Manchester to check out the race village and check out the area where I would be starting on the day. We then went to get some food (pasta overload) before heading back to the hotel for an early night.

Marathon day it was a fine and sunny morning as I left the hotel at 7am for a short drive to park the car at Old Trafford which after being stuck in traffic finally arrived at 8.15 luckily I only had a 5 min walk to the start. The race starts at 9am – By now nerves and nausea had kicked in I was hoping to see Jo & Lindsey who I had trained with but couldn’t find them as I waited to start at the Trafford Arch, it took only 5 mins to cross the start line , as with any marathon the first few miles were congested, but was soon at a comfortable pace where I tried to keep at 10-11 min mile, we first did a loop round Salford quays before heading out to the villages of Sale, Brooklyn, Altrincham, Timperley and Carrington, the crowd support at each village gave you that push to get to and look forward to the next village and of course the Stafford Harrier support at Brooklyn & Altrincham – it was great to have support from other runners Mark Vaz from Penkridge being one and another from Cannock running club – I made sure I took on small amounts of water at each water station and the gels – I was at mile 15 when I heard my name being called I turned round and it was Jo& Lindsey at last we managed to run together but only for a short time when I couldn’t keep up with them – I got to mile 18-21 which I found were the toughest and when you know you still have 7-8 miles to go, I slowed my pace down through those 3 miles before pushing myself again to get to the finish where the crowds and my husband and kids (who had missed me at Altrincham cause i’d gone passed too quick !!) were awesome I knew I needed to keep going, I could see the finish line up ahead and crossed the line in 4:49:23 knocking 23 mins off my previous time – I was over the moon never thought I could do it under 5hrs , training must of paid off.
Lovely medal & T-shirt , goody bag and a pint of beer to all Finishers still think £60 entrants is a little steep.

I would recommend Manchester Marathon although there were a few problems car parking and collecting bags for a few runners at the finish, overall it was a friendly and well supported race and I would consider doing it again.




7th April 2016


18 Harriers took part.



Name Time Handicap Net time
Phil Brown 41:23 07:15 34:08
Jenny Addison 42:55 07:15 35:40
Ian Hodkinson 43:57 14:30 29:27
Nia Nokes 43:31 12:15 31:16
Natalie Godfrey 44:55 12:15 32:40
Paul Stanbridge 45:04 12:00 33:04
Darren Mattocks 45:04 13:30 31:34
Alan Jones 45:28 12:30 32:58
Ryan Nokes 45:30 15:00 30:30
Craig Baxter 45:33 13:00 32:33
Graham Williams 46:07 03:30 42:37
Jane Bisiker 46:25 09:45 36:40
Chris Skellern 46:53 12:00 34:53
Karen Murray 46:57 08:30 38:27
Amanda Pearce 47:29 02:45 44:14
Mark Bentley 47:44 12:45 34:59
Julie Noakes 48:22 04:15 44:07
Mick Jones 50:12 03:00 47:12

Newcastle 10K

3 April 2016


Report by Chris Elsley

Stafford Harriers were out in force for last week’s Newcastle 10k road race with 29 members running in a field of 451 finishers.

The course has a testing first half as runners take on the long steady climb up Alsager’s Bank but the reward is a good mile and a half descent before the finish along a disused railway line back in to Newcastle.

First Harrier to complete the course was Robert Mottram-Jones (40.11 – 38th), almost two minutes ahead of club mate Richard Quine (42.01 – 67th) with Ian Hodkinson third Harrier home (42.25 – 76th).

The rest of the field was:
Keith Skelton 42.59 – 85th

Ian Wood 43.59 – 101st
Jim Smith 45.07 – 132nd
Jack Hodkinson 45.24 – 136th
Spencer Holland 45.43 – 143rd
Darren Mattocks 46.05 – 156th
Chris Elsley 46.31 – 171st
Nia Nokes 46.39 – 175th
Natalie Godfrey 48.34 – 201st
Mark Bentley 48.20 – 207th
Alan Jones 49.07 – 220th
Chris Skellern 49.35 – 232nd
John Finney 50.42 – 243rd
Tracy Ridings 50.32 – 250th
Steve Turner 52.00 – 269th
Debbie McDermott 52.06 – 270th
Ruth Edwards 54.11 – 303rd
Melonie Deakin 55.11 – 317th

Rachel Darbey 58.05 – 355th
Amy Oliver 58.47 – 362nd
Gael Earp 60.00 – 378th
Charlotte Ward 60.20 – 380th
Julie Nokes 62.34 – 396th
John Hateley 63.20 – 404th
Bill Whitworth 65.04 – 410th
Mick Jones 66.08 – 416th

The race was won by Mark Powell of Leicester Coritanian in 32.40 with Louise Dawson (City of Stoke) the lead lady in 40.22.



Harriers Handicap



No results yet but here are some photos from Mel Deakin of a very muddy run on The Chase.


Sutton Park Road Relays




Report by Natalie Godfrey


Saturday 2nd April saw the return of the Stafford Harriers at the Midland Women’s 6 Stage and Men’s 12 stage road relay championships in Sutton Park.


After taking 3 trips round Sutton Coldfield (male navigators!) we made it to the venue in time for the rain to stop and the sun to break through.


Stafford Harrier ladies had a full team made up of Michelle Fox, Chris Skellern, Natalie Godfrey, Melonie Deakin, Tracy Ridings and Deb McDermott. We came 33rd out of 57 teams.


Will Taylor, Spencer Holland, Ian Hodkinson, Darren Mattocks, Ed Smith, Ian Wood, Rich Quinne & Roy Clay ran for the men … 4 short of a team so 4 of them had to double up. We came 43rd out of 64 teams.


Both respectable results given the competition!


There will be similar events to this coming up later in the year, if you’re interested in participating email natalie.godfrey@rocketmail.com for ladies team or eddiesmith52@virginmedia.com for the men’s. It’s just a bit of fun, there’s no pressure and it’s a good day out 🙂




Photo’s, from Debbie Mc Dermott, of the day at Sutton Park.