Race Report April to June 2018

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Ironbridge 4+ miler

Wednesday 27th June 2018

Report Mel Deakin

This is race 4 out of 6 in the sexarathon series organised by Telford AC. I ran race 1 and 2 but had to miss race 3 as it was on the same evening as the Showground Relays so I really wanted to run this. However, the weather on the day was absolutely scorching hot so I very nearly talked myself out of going. This is where having other runners in the family is helpful as although Ben, Mark and I were a bit tired having run Crewe 5k the day before and Stone 10k on Sunday, we decided between us we would regret not going, so we would go and treat it as a training run. 

The run starts next to the Ironbridge car park. Apart from a short stretch on a minor road is all on off-road paths and tracks with a couple of bridges and a few steps to negotiate. The first half was mainly downhill, which of course meant it was uphill on the way back but not too difficult. Although it didn’t start until 7:30pm it was hot but on the paths there was shade which made it a lot easier than Crewe the day before. My Garmin measured the run at 7.6k which is a little over 4m. A good run I enjoyed and one I will do again.


1st Stuart Hawkes Tipton Harriers 21:01

1st female Clare Martin Telford AC 23:59

Stafford Harriers:

Michael Dobson 28:03

Mark Deakin 34:10

Melonie Deakin 35:17

Ben Deakin 35:42

Crewe 5k Tuesday

26th June 2018

Report Mel Deakin

This is a series of three 5k runs in Queens Park in Crewe – this was the second race, you can enter the series or each race individually. Ben, Mark and I have all run here before and although it is a bit of a drive it is well worth it, a good course and it is good to see how much you have improved (or in my case how much slower I have got due to lack of training!) We have previously had all weathers, rain, cool, warm and sunny. But this day was by far the hottest, the car thermometer was reading 31 degrees at 6:30pm – and the sun was still beating down. Great for spectators, but a challenge for those running. I stood on the start line, determined not to complain about the good weather and thought about Parkhall Cross Country in the winter! We set off, did the loop of the park then out, downhill to the turn point, then back up the hill to the park, then to the duck pond and the finish. Not our best times although Ben did outsprint Mark at the finish, I ran in a couple of minutes afterwards. A well deserved ice lolly later we drove home already looking forward to the third and final race in the series for this year in July.


1st Mark Dalkins Cheadle Running Club 16:34

1st female Gemma Barnett Vale Royal AC 19:22

Stafford Harriers:

66 Ben Deakin 24:29

67 Mark Deakin 24:31

79 Melonie Deakin 25:45



Stone St Michaels 10k

24th June 2018

Report by Chris Elsley

Closer to home saw the Stone St Michaels 10k which attracted 500 runners including 17 Harriers.

Run on a two lap course from St Michaels School on Lichfield Road runners head towards Stone town centre then on to the A34 and A51 and briefly along side the canal before returning for the second lap.

Youngster George Hodkinson was the leading Harrier finishing 47th in 38:40 just ahead of Justin Green (49th – 38:54). Another product of the Harriers’ junior system Ben Cook finished 64th in 40:03 while Ian Heath finished 78th in 40:55. Also finishing in the top 100 was yet another who has progressed through the junior ranks as Kian Arnott came home in 86th place in a time of 41:25.

Harriers to finish were:


Position Name Time PB
47th George Hodkinson 38:40  
49th Justin Green 38:54  
64th Benjamin Cook 40:03  
78th Ian Heath 40:55  
86th Kian Arnott 41:25 PB
138th Darren Mattocks 44:25  
150th Ian Wood 45:28  
197th Chris Skellern 48:19  
238th Mark Deakin 51:07  
248th Debbie McDermott 51:26  
255th Ben Deakin 52:33  
259th Mel Deakin 52:54  
262nd Peter Williams 53:06 PB
269th Bryan Hynes 53:35  
297th Mark Bentley 55:28  
308th Karen Murray 56:19  
358th Wendy Sears 58:51  

In a thrilling finish, race winner was Kevin Farrow (Derby AC) who pipped Heanor’s Matthew Bickerstaff by two seconds with Craig Pilsbury a further two seconds back.

Leading lady was Elizabeth Renondeau (Vale Royal AC) in 37:52.

George Hodkinson – Stone St Michaels

Ian Wood and Ben Green – Stone St Michaels

Stone St Michael’s Junior Relays

Results are on the Junior News Page

Tamworth gate gallop

24th June 2018

Report by Chris Elsley

In south east corner of the county, it was the Tamworth Gate Gallop that was on offer. This is an off road event starting from the Anker Valley Sports Complex and has been going for over 25 years raising valuable funds for the nearby St Giles Hospice.

The course is relatively flat but takes runners over a variety of terrain covering grassland, trackways and concrete paths with one or two gates and stiles to clamber over too.

Six Stafford Harriers runners were among the field of 300 competitors. They were led home by John Scott who finished 27th in a time of 42:59 , Nia Nokes who finished 68th in a time of 48:35 a head of Simon Bromley 69th in 49:02 while Alan Jones came home in 89th in 51:08. Richard Booth came home 127th in 55:16 Completing the six was Graham Williams who finished 168th in 60:20.

Leading runner on the day was Alun Thomas (South Derby Road Runners) in 36:43 while completing a double success for the club was leading lady Jenny Laing (42:39).



June Handicap

21st June 2018


Position Name Time Handicap Net Time
1 Jack Heath 36:23:00 8:00:00 28:23:00
2 Ben Cooke 36:34:00 10:45:00 25:49:00
3 Phil Hilsdon 36:43:00 13:45:00 22:58:00
4 Micheal Dobson 37:45:00 10:00:00 27:45:00
5 Dean Hibbitt 38:01:00 8:30:00 29:31:00
6 Matt Sargent 38:05:00 10:00:00 28:05:00
7 Richard Crump 38:06:00 10:00:00 28:06:00
8 Matthew Hilsdon 38:11:00 9:00:00 29:11:00
9 Ian Heath 38:15:00 12:45:00 25:30:00
10 Wayne Gallagher 38:18:00 10:00:00 28:18:00
11 Liam Duggan 38:26:00 11:30:00 26:56:00
12 Ian Wood 38:35:00 8:00:00 30:35:00
13 Richard Booth 38:44:00 7:15:00 31:29:00
14 Chris Skellern 38:47:00 7:15:00 31:32:00
15 Nigel Addison 38:54:00 8:00:00 30:54:00
16 Simon Bromley 39:34:00 10:00:00 29:34:00
17 Ian Hodkinson 39:51:00 12:45:00 27:06:00
18 Jake Oliver 39:53:00 10:00:00 29:53:00
19 Chris Ross 41:00:00 11:15:00 29:45:00
20 Ed Smith 41:28:00 7:15:00 34:13:00
21 Mark Bentley 41:38:00 4:30:00 37:08:00
22 Graham Williams 43:09:00 4:30:00 38:39:00
23 Jim Smith 44:05:00 11:30:00 32:35:00
24 Rachel Marsden 44:40:00 5:00:00 39:40:00

Staffs Moorlands AC, 8-race Summer Series

Race 3 – Shutlingsloe. 3.6 Miles.

 21st June 2018

Report Dave Marsden
To the Macclesfield Forest for the third race in the series. It starts at the Trentabank Reservoir Visitor Centre and climbs immediately up through the forest towards Shutlingsloe, which is the third highest peak in Cheshire at just over 500 metres. After we left the woodland, the track levels off and took us round to the east of the peak before starting the final ascent to the top. This is a long, steep, rugged climb, the latter section being a ‘hands on knees’ scramble. There’s no opportunity for recovery at the top or to take in the views because once we passed the trig point the descent started. At first, this was difficult too, the pathway being steep and rocky, before levelling off to a rock-slabbed trail across the moorland. And finally stony tracks down through the forest to the finish.
The climb was approximately 245 metres over 2 miles and the descent 1.6 miles.
First:- Alistair Thornton LUOC 24:28
First lady:- Amy Shillock Newcastle AC 30:30
Dave Marsden 136th 40:41
192 finishers

Cattle Creep 10K

21st June 2018

Report by Leon Stringer

To Wolverton, just north of Milton Keynes, for the Cattle Creep 10K in the lovely surroundings of the Ouse Valley Park. A cattle creep is an enclosed passage to allow cattle to cross an obstacle, in this case its a 20 metre tunnel under the Grand Union Canal just short of the 9km point. With no light and limited headroom you must duck and shuffle along taking care not to bump into the runner in front. The race start is a short walk from the Wolverton House pub through some narrow lanes, then the course is along largely hard pathways around the park’s wetlands. There are some gates between areas of the park to slow down for but this is a fairly flat course. The race fell on midsummer’s day this year and with a 7pm start was a delightful way to spend the evening of the longest day.

I love this race but one quibble: the instructions advised that there was limited parking at the start and to seek alternative parking. If the start/finish is at a pub it would have been nice to park there and have drink after.

265 runners took part:
1st M: Ben Fairhall (Redway Runners) Gun: 35:21 Chip: 35:18
1st F: Deborah Smith (FitMK) Gun: 43:07 Chip: 43:02

99th Leon Stringer Gun: 56:21 Chip: 55:16

Marchington 10k

Sunday 17th June 2018

Report by Mel Deakin

This is a lovely little 10k which is organised to raise funds for St Peter’s school in Marchington near Uttoxeter. The course is through Marchington and surrounding roads, plenty of ups and downs to keep it interesting and challenging without it being too difficult. I really enjoyed the run, it wasn’t the easiest I have run this year but it is by far the smallest with just 70 finishers. Sometimes it is nice to do something different and more low key.  There was also plenty of parking, no queues for the toilets and from a spectator (or after you have run) point of view bacon sandwiches for sale! I hope to return next year.

1st Ian Salt 34:14  1st Female Jenny Dalkins 42:39

Stafford Harriers

15th Alex Langford 43:25

42nd Melonie Deakin 53:24

70 finished

Staffs Moorlands AC, 8-race Summer Series.

Race 2 -The Roaches. 6 Miles.

14th June 2018

Report by Dave Marsden

A dry, bright evening at Upper Holme off the Leek to Buxton road. There was breeze which was presumably the remains of Storm Hector.
The race starts on the road outside the Tea Room just above Upper Hulme and follows the road up towards the Roaches before turning onto a track which took us to the start of the climb up to the ridge. The first part is very steep, over a mixture of gritstone rocks and heather strewn peat paths. Then a brief flat stretch over more rocks before the final climb up a gritstone, irregular stairway. The course continues along the ridge, past Doxey Pool and up to the trig point before descending to Roach End. There is little opportunity to take in the panoramic views over Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire as the track along the ridge is littered with rocks and larger outcrops of gritstone. Any distraction would result in a painful fall.
At Roach End we returned to the road, a welcome relief after the previous couple of miles. We followed the road down the east side of the Roaches for approximately 2 miles before turning onto a track. This took us along a valley between the Roaches and Hen Cloud, before returning us to the road and down to the finish.
1st male Simon Myatt Stoke AC 36:01.
1st lady Leah Whiston Newcastle AC 42:22
Dave Marsden 124th 52:46
222 finishers.

Showground relays

13th June 2018

No race report

Dear all,

Following last night’s successful 2nd Showground relays, I’ve been trying to catch up on the day job.
But to no avail as I’ve been inundated with queries, bills, congrats & thank you’s !
However, can’t complain – I’d much prefer all of the above rather than complaints.

Anyway, after all the hard work & planning, it finally came & went off without a hitch !
The 2nd ever Showground relays worked as we intended and we hope that everybody involved enjoyed themselves.

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK-YOU to all of you for helping, volunteering, Marshalling, attending meetings, giving up time & hard work and helping to make this year’s 2nd an even bigger success than the 1st !
I couldn’t have done it without all of your help & the club really appreciates your support.

Thank you all very much

Ian Hodkinson
Stafford Harriers
SGR Race Director




For the runners here are the results in team and leg order.


Team Name Leg Time
ANGELA & MATES Mel Deakin A 15:21
ANGELA & MATES Selena Powell B 16:15
ANGELA & MATES Julie Nokes C 18:29
ANGELA & MATES Angela Lloyd-Abbot D 25:32
CHRIS & THE GIRLS Chris Skellern A 14:29
CHRIS & THE GIRLS Deb McDermott B 15:02
CHRIS & THE GIRLS Isabel Mcloskey C 14:24
CHRIS & THE GIRLS Nia Nokes D 12:54
FLYING HARRIERS Phil Hilsdon A 10:46
FLYING HARRIERS Justin Green B 12:05
FLYING HARRIERS George Hodkinson C 11:27
FLYING HARRIERS John Scott D 12:18
Harriers Awesome Foursome Matthew Hilsdon A 13:22
Harriers Awesome Foursome Reuben Willson B 14:52
Harriers Awesome Foursome Matthew Black C 14:24
Harriers Awesome Foursome Lucas Willson D 13:16
Harriers Boy Racers Finlay Summers A 18:44
Harriers Boy Racers George Holland B 20:31
Harriers Boy Racers Connor McCaig C 18:36
Harriers Boy Racers Murphy Hamilton D 18:09
Harriers Fast & Furious Ben Cook A 13:28
Harriers Fast & Furious Jake Oliver B 12:15
Harriers Fast & Furious Kian Arnott C 12:28
Harriers Fast & Furious Ben Deakin D 14:20
Harriers Glitzy Girls Taygen Pike A 16:40
Harriers Glitzy Girls Lizzie Jasper B 16:31
Harriers Glitzy Girls Chloe Burrows C 16:14
Harriers Glitzy Girls Saffron Latham D 17:07
Harriers Little Gems Isla Fraser A 14:52
Harriers Little Gems Victoria Shrehorn B 16:50
Harriers Little Gems Rose White C 17:19
Harriers Little Gems Edie White D 18:34
HARRIERS MIX Tracy Burrows A 19:22
HARRIERS MIX Mel Gorman B 18:54
HARRIERS MIX Laura Jones C 18:43
HARRIERS MIX Max Parry D 15:48
Harriers Thunder Buddies Ben Green A 14:48
Harriers Thunder Buddies Dylan Shrehorn B 14:55
Harriers Thunder Buddies Jack Heath C 13:45
Harriers Thunder Buddies Robert Gray D 15:24
Harriers Young Flyers James Black A 14:16
Harriers Young Flyers Joe Sandy B 16:29
Harriers Young Flyers Jayden Morning C 18:11
Harriers Young Flyers Ned Holland D 19:02
MURRAY MINTED Samantha Murry A 16:59
MURRAY MINTED Ian Wood B 14:05
MURRAY MINTED Karen Murry C 16:48
MURRAY MINTED A.N. Other D 12:51
Norfolk & Chance again Jim Smith A 13:41
Norfolk & Chance again Simon Bromley B 14:10
Norfolk & Chance again Steve McHugh C 14:27
Norfolk & Chance again Alan Jones D 13:56
SPENCER & THE YOUTH Matt Sargent A 12:31
SPENCER & THE YOUTH Jason Littlewood B 12:47
SPENCER & THE YOUTH Spencer Holland C 12:52
SPENCER & THE YOUTH Richard Crump D 12:47
The Becketts Jenni Beckett A 14:50
The Becketts Harry Beckett B 15:43
The Becketts Isabelle Beckett C 15:48
The Becketts Nick Beckett D 12:47
The Sloths Jenny Farrant A 18:40
The Sloths Stephen Farrant B 17:07
The Sloths Jessica Farrant C 17:56
The Sloths Harley Farrant D 17:08
TRIPLE H & RICH Dean Hibbit A 13:43
TRIPLE H & RICH Ian Heath B 12:23
TRIPLE H & RICH Garath Hudson C 13:43
TRIPLE H & RICH Richard Booth D 14:45
WILLIAMS & FRIENDS Dave Marsden A 13:59
WILLIAMS & FRIENDS John Finney B 17:13
WILLIAMS & FRIENDS Graham Williams C 14:50
WILLIAMS & FRIENDS Peter Williams D 13:56


Potters Arf Marathon

10th June 2018

No race report


Position Name Time Cat Cat Pos PB
85 Justin Green 01:32:21 M45 9  
207 Alex Langford 01:41:32 MSEN 111  
411 Chris Skellern 01:51:26 F55 3  
447 Wayne Gallagher 01:53:29 MSEN 235  
584 Debbie McDermott 01:58:43 F45 19  
620 Eddie Smith 02:00:58 M65 3  
675 Caroline Nichol 02:03:27 F35 25 PB
827 Karen Murray 02:12:57 F50 9  
860 Graham Williams 02:14:33 M70 7  
957 Julie Nokes 02:24:34 F55 8  


10th June 2018
A small number of members took part this year. I will find their results shortly.

A small army of members took to manning one of the two feed and water stations. 3 loops, a hot day and delayed start (due to fog in June !) the runners were bunched up and so at times we were pushed to keep the drinks available.

Some of the feed station team having its own drinks.


Staffs Moorlands AC 8-race Summer Series

Race 1 – Tittesworth Reservoir. 4.5 miles. 

7th June 2018

Report by Dave Marsden

A warm, dry evening for this event which starts at the visitor centre on Tittesworth and takes an anti-clockwise route on trails round the perimeter of the reservoir. Slightly undulating but nothing too demanding compared to some of the upcoming races in this series. 

There were 266 finishers. 

First male finisher Mark Dalkins 27:04

First lady finisher Leah Whiston 31:32

Dave Marsden 142nd 39:13

The second race is over the Roaches. 

Westbridge 5

3rd June 2018

Report by Chris Elsley

Stafford Harriers’ Phil Hilsdon was once again the leading runner from the town club as he finished 7th in last Sunday’s Westbridge 5 race.

Run from the Westbridge Leisure Centre in Stone, the 5 mile course takes runners along the canal towpath, around nearby Aston before returning to the finish at the Leisure Centre.

In warm conditions, Hilsdon finished the course in 28m 59 secs, the fastest time on the day for his age group.

Hilsdon was followed in by youngster George Hodkinson  who finished 27th in a time of 31m 50s while Justin Green completed the course in 32m 15s to finish 32nd.

 Harriers in the field of 232 finishers were:


Position Name Time PB
7th Phil Hilsdon 28:59  
27th George Hodkinson 31:50  
32nd Justin Green 32:15  
48th John Scott 33:31  
62nd Spencer Holland 34:51  
68th Ian Hodkinson 35:10  
96th Simon Bromley 38:10  
117th Ian Wood 39:56  
119th Chris Skellern 40:10  
128th Mark Deakin 41:00  
130th Richard Booth 41:11  
149th Mel Deakin 43:37  
150th Eddie Smith 43:42  
151st Peter Williams 43:52  
160th Russ Horsley 44:49  
166th Ruth Edwards 45:21  
175th Karen Murray 46:31  
183rd Mark Bentley 47:33  
194th Julie Nokes 49:22  


Race winner was Carl Moulton (Boalloy RC) in 26m 55s almost one minute ahead of Ian Salt in 2nd place. Leading lady was Sophie Goodfellow (Newcastle, Staffs) in 32m 58s (41st overall).

Spencer Holland doing some last minute training ahead of the Staffordshire Ironman on Sunday


London 2 Brighton Challenge 2018

Part 2 of 8 Ultras

Report by Stuart Fowlie

It was just three weeks ago I completed the Isle of Wight Challenge and like the fool I am, I am lined up on the start line at Old Deer Park getting ready to run/jog/crawl down to Brighton Race Course the next 100km journey of the planned 800.

Can I just say, I have never been so nervous before the start of a race as I was Saturday morning? I think I have recovered sufficiently, some checks made confirmed I am minus two toe nails, two other nails are black, there are three holes in the soles and heals of my feet, I have several yards of tape on my feet, but I think I am good to go.

Go is the cry and off I headed down to the Thames Path, Kingston here I come. The trundle down the towpath dodging the boat crews wasn’t the most scenic start to a race, but it gave me time to get back into the swing of things. Teddington locks soon came and went as we were guided off and through Kingston, dodging road works, Saturday morning shoppers and dog walkers alike. The sun had broken cover as we headed into the first check point, very aptly placed behind Surbiton Cemetery. So not too much hanging about, I was making good time and my pace was good already looking forward to the next leg and meeting up with my biggest supporter Gaynor at Oak Park the 25km mark.

So, under the A3 we went heading South to Cheam, through Stoneleigh Rail Station we ran. I think that day we were the only thing that was running through the station, judging by all the cancellations showing. As we left the station we started a steady climb towards the Downs, which would last the best part of the next 5 plus miles. Passing two well-known establishments HMP Downview and Highdown, but no time to stop the next check point 25km was soon in sight and I had a few hotspots on the old feet that needed treatment.

As promised Gaynor was there to greet me and organise me, check me over, refilling my drinks supply, stuffing snacks in my pockets. And off I would set for the second biggest climb of the event two of the longest stages that would turn out to be the cruellest. The sun was now at its highest and the heat of the day was taking its toll on all. Having dropped down into Coulsdon, we would start to climb up Happy Valley and skirt around Surrey Golf course. Conditions under foot were dry, but the ground was so uneven all around were concerned about turning over an ankle. Then at just after 22 miles I met my nemesis, the Style and as I attempted to scale it an attack of cramp in both legs hit me. Hobbling on I made my way under the M25 and eventually got going again passing the 50km marker knowing that Tulleys farm was just a further 6kms south, and that ever reminder that Gatwick was nearby as planes past overhead.

Arriving at the 56km checkpoint I was spent, Gaynor ushered me into the tent sat me down tried to feed me, but sweet tea seemed to be the only thing that would stay down, I was exhausted. So, I proceed to lie down and take a power nap. Woken it was time to do some running repairs on the old feet. The three holes I had started with were surviving, however two new ones had developed and were not pretty to look at. But we got my shoes back on somehow and were ready for what was going to be one of the best lightening shows on display. I was ready to go again, just another 44kms to go, that’s what I kept telling myself.

It took a few kilometres to get the legs and feet going again, but the next station was only a small 11km hop away and I had a lot of places to make up having rested for far too long at the last check point. Just before 1am I checked into the 67km point, the country lanes had allowed me to make good time. The light show had kept me entertained and the drizzle had allowed me to cool down. I made it a very quick turnaround as I was desperate to beat the 24-hour mark.

Head torch fading I would occupy the next few hours fight my way along woodland trails that hadn’t seen too much sunlight which resulted in some heavy muddy clay. Somewhere East of Haywards Heath I lost a shoe to the mud. I managed not to put my foot down, however if you had caught me on camera I am sure it would have been worth £250 on a TV program. Shoe restored, don’t know how, I ploughed on and like all good events the checkpoint deemed to be at 80km was closer to 81. But the good news was I had climb up the ranks 50 places. Totally unexpected Gaynor had managed to surprise me by being there at the checkpoint as I came in. If one wasn’t emotional already, he was now. Pep talk over there was just one obstacle in the way Plumpton Bostal 1000 meters straight up. With dawn breaking it was just 6km to the base along a set of country lanes. Passing through the final check point I had again made up a few places, things were going well.

As I attacked the last climb, the old hare and tortoise adage was true again. But there wasn’t time to take in the view I might I have missed the 24-hour mark but there is always the 25 hours to beat. I was soon descending down the other side to Falmer passing the Barclay Card Stadium and making my way onto a footpath that seemed to go on forever. But at 99km it did end as we were lead onto Brighton Race Course I even managed to trot the final furlongs to the finish emotions did get to me, as my biggest support and fan Gaynor was at the finish line to present me with my finishers medal.

My official finish time was 25hrs 00mins 31secs placing 409th out of 842 runners that finished from a starting line-up of 1210 at Old Deer Park in Richmond.

The winning runner was: Rick Nicholls in 10hrs 09mins 05secs and the winning Lady was: Isobel Rea in 10hrs 42mins 06secs.


5K Time Trial

23rd May 2018

Report Mark Oliver

Over the summer we hold a number of 5K time trials on the disused railway to Derrington.

Thanks to those who helped out with the timing and recording of results

First Name Surname J/S 12-Apr-17 31-May-17 9-Aug-17 20-Sep-17 4-Apr-18 23-May-18
Ben Cook J 20:20 18:46 18:42
Liam Duggan S 20:30 20:13 20:27 20:02 20:10 19:48
Jake Oliver J 21:29 22:29 27:23 21:50 20:00
Richard Crump S 20:30
Lucas Wilson J 21:46 20:38
Nick Beckett S 22:20 21:21 21:09 20:53 21:03 20:41
Matthew Hilsdon J 21:31 21:58 22:20 22:02 23:41 21:22
Jason Littlewood S 20:35 19:25 21:38
Wayne Gallagher S 22:11
Alan Jones S 22:20 22:02 22:56
Murphy Hamilton J 23:20
John Freeman S 24:43 23:32 23:55
Name Not Known S 23:31 24:07
Brian Rawlings S       23:52 24:11
Richard Booth S       24:28 24:16
Jack Heath J 23:55 21:45 27:23 25:12
Chris Elsley S 25:16
Jenni Beckett S 24:23 24:39 24:19 24:08 24:22 26:02
Harry Beckett J 27:54 28:25 29:55 30:37 34:50 26:02
Max Parry S 26:32
Leon Stringer S 26:52
Bryan Hynes S 27:03
Chloe Burrows J 29:34 27:31 26:45 27:19
Samantha Murray S 27:35
Saffron Latham J 26:51 26:24 27:40
Sandra Smith S 26:48 27:40
Maxine Mills S 31:01 30:13 27:56
Karen Gretton S       29:52 28:22
Tracey Burrows S 29:51
Shirley Smith S 30:33 30:14 29:25 29:49 29:56
Mel Gorman S       31:21 30:01
Sarah Gray S 32:54 31:42 32:55 33:55
Angela Llloyd-Abbott S 45:03

Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon & Half Marathon

20th May 2018

Report by Chris Elsley

Stafford Harriers’ Phil Hilsdon finished 53rd in last Sunday’s Liverpool Rock n Roll Marathon, finishing the gruelling 26.2 miles in 3 hrs 06 mins 36 secs.

Two other Harriers were among the field of 3,234 finishers. They were Ruth Edwards (1,767th – 4:36:30) and Rachel Marsden (2,497th – 5:07:14).

The marathon starts at the Albert Dock on Liverpool’s waterfront, before heading towards the Cavern Club and a jaunt down Penny Lane.

From here the route heads north of the city, with a run around Goodison Park, through Stanley Park and the majestic Palm House.

Runners will pass Anfield stadium then return to the city with spectacular views of the Liverpool skyline and River Mersey.

Runners then pass the Liver Buildings and head towards Chinatown and running through the Chinese Arch and Princes Park, Sefton Park and Otterspool Park culminating in a finish on the waterfront promenade alongside the ECHO Arena.

The rock ‘n’ roll element consists of live music along the whole length of the course to encourage the runners, culminating in a festival concert at the finishing line outside the ECHO Arena – this year headlined by 90s Liverpool favourites Space.

Also on the agenda are half marathon and 5k events and completing the 13.1 mile half marathon were Alan Jones (984th – 1:46:23 and Shelley Burns (1,711th – 1:54:26)

Chillington Hall Half Marathon

20th May 2018

Race Report by Graham Williams

I travelled to Brewood with Deb and Ed for the second running of the half marathon which replaced the Cannock Chase Half. Arriving early we parked 20 yards from the start line and 40 yards from the toilets! The setting of the race was within the beautiful grounds of Chillington Hall, the home of the Giffard family for over 800 years.

By the time of the start at 11.00am it was getting very warm but the trees provided some shade giving some comfort. We started on a tarmac road but then ran on for a mile along a well made farm track before turning round and coming back another mile. This was followed by a lot of stony paths around a beautiful ornamental lake. At around three miles we entered a wood and ran the next two miles on flattened grass with plenty of ridges which I did not enjoy as I struggled to keep my balance and was overtaken by lots of runners. The positive element was there was plenty of shade. Having left the woods we crossed a couple of fields, rejoined the stony path and did a second loop through the wood. The last half mile was on a good tarmac road. There were no real hills just a few gentle inclines. The course was well marked, there were ample water stations and the trees provided shade from the sun.

The race was won by Harry Perkins who used to run for the Harriers in a time of 1.27.21 and first lady was Michelle Fox in 1.43.08.

The Harriers ladies won the team prize, Michelle Rushton, Debbie McDermott and Julie Birtles.

The Harriers times were as follows:

Michelle Rushton 1:43:08 Ladies Team Prize
Deb McDermott 2.01.37 Ladies Team Prize
Scott Palmer 2.06.35  
Ed Smith 2.07.42  
Julie Birtles 2.17.42 PB & Ladies Team Prize
Graham Williams 2.27.53 1st over 70
Liz Shillito 2.41.22  


Press Report

16th May 2018

Press Report Chris Elsley

There were two 10k races run on the local scene over the past week, starting with the Clayton 10K last Wednesday evening.

The popular midweeker attracted a field of almost 250 runners who set out from a small field near to the race HQ at Our Lady & St Werburghs School.

Nine of the runners were from Stafford Harriers with Phil Hilsdon continuing his excellent form to take 6th place overall in a time of 36:30.

Alan Jones was next in – some 100 places and, in a time of 48:08, more than 11 minutes  behind Hilsdon while Chris Skellern was first of the Harriers female contingent in 49:40 (126th).

The Harriers were:


Position Name Time PB
6th Phil Hilsdon 36:30  
106th Alan Jones 48:08  
126th Chris Skellern 49:40  
144th Debbie McDermott 51:10  
162nd Mel Deakin 53:26  
168th John Finney 54:25  
183rd Graham Williams 56:12  
190th Karen Murray 57:25  
208th Julie Nokes 01:01:34  

The race was won by Carl Moulton for the 3rd year in a row, the Boalloy RC member finishing more than a minute ahead of Uttoxeter’s Ian Salt.

The ladies race went to Sophie Goodfellow (Newcastle AC) who finished in 39:05 but spare a thought for Trentham’s Michelle Buckle who had to settle for the runners up spot at the event for the 6th consecutive year.


Market Drayton 10K

13th May 2018

Race Report Chris Elsley

On Sunday, over 2,300 runners descended on the Shropshire town of Market Drayton for their sell out 10k.

This is a popular race, if only for the extensive goody bag on offer to finishers, and filled up within hours of going on sale – a whole year in advance of the race.

Sunday’s event involved more than 20 Harriers  – a full list of runners is not yet available as a number of results were missing due to timing issues while many other runners did not register an exchange of numbers causing the organisers a great number of issues when awarding prizes.

Of the results declared so far, Liam Duggan was first Harrier home in 42:17, followed by Alex Langford (43:38) and Alan Jones (47:22).

Race winner was Stuart Hawkes of Tipton in 32:10, ahead of team mate Martin Williams while Vicky Wright of Hyde Village Stiders won the ladies race in (37:11).


Results so far.

They are having a problem with the results so if you have an issue please go to their results page and supply the required info. Press here


Position Name Time PB
133 Liam Duggan 42:17  
172 Alex Langford 43:38 PB
360 Alan Jones 47:22  
447 Chris Skellern 48:37  
476 Ben Deakin 49:16  
573 Ian Williams 50:42  
563 Steve McHugh 51:01  
662 Mel Deakin 52:52  
914 Graham Williams 55:40  
1073 Scott Kelsall 56:55  
  Karen Murry 57:27  
1233 Liz Shillito 59:34 PB
1391 Kelly McHugh 01:01:58  
1392 Tracy Burrows 01:02:00  
1472 Jo Probyn 01:03:26  
1514 Jason Webber 01:04:07  
1516 Tina Darby 01:04:07  
1515 Kev Darby 01:04:07  
1555 Suzanne Brotherhood 01:04:30 PB
1647 Selena Powell 01:06:07  
1791 Dawn Gibbons 01:08:19  
1897 Sarah Gray 01:10:29  
1965 Lindsay Lillico 01:12:27 PB
1984 Deborah Garcia 01:12:49  

Phoenix Flyer 5k

Wednesday 11th May 2018

Race report by Mel Deakin

Following on from Lilleshall 5 miler, this 5k race is the second in the sexarathon series (ie six races) organised by Telford AC. It is held in the town centre of Dawley, Telford, and is three laps. I arrived in good time and jogged around the course and quickly realised it wasn’t flat. Along, up, down, along, up, down x 3 laps made it nicely challenging without being too difficult. When we lined up to start along the main High Street surrounded by the shops I did wonder if things would get a bit congested as in places the course is narrow with some tight turns and I anticipated some would get lapped. However, it all worked out fine, I did get lapped by some super speedy runners on lap 2 but it didn’t cause any issues for me. I really enjoy running this distance and although it is a bit of a trek to run for half an hour, I am really glad I went and it is a race I will do again.


1st Stuart Hawkes Tipton Harriers 15:15

1st female Claire Martin Telford AC 17:24

Melonie Deakin Stafford Harriers 25:57


The Isle of Wight Challenge 2018

Part 1 of 8 Ultras

Report by Stuart Fowlie

Where do I start. Well I am setting out to complete 8 Ultras between the 5 May and the 7 Oct this year. All in attempt to raise money for a wonderful cause the Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (Veterans Clinic). Just Giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/stuart-ultrachall-grandslam

So, on Saturday following a great journey south myself and my Solo Supporter Gaynor reported in at the start line of the Isle of Wight Challenge 2018 at Chale.

Ahead lay 106km’s of a what can only be described as very mixed terrain, high cliffs, roads, narrow causeway’s and straight out of the racers handbook, elements that are liable to being muddy!

On the dot Runners and Joggers set off at 7am, sun already up and with running directly West on the back of one’s neck. I soon arrived at the first check point (10km’s) with all going as planned, next stop the Needles and Nodewell Farm (21km’s). The climb out of Freshwater Bay and the Needles high point, was a monster and to receive a call from Gaynor having just reached the top lift my spirits. Refuelled and checked over by my trusty supporter I was let go, so Hampstead farm here I come at 35km’s.

I don’t know what happened on this leg but I felt like I was hit by a bus. The heat from the sun was hammering down and the conditions under foot were more in place on a good winters day cross country. But like runners do we seem to rally round and help each other and I think that’s what got me to the next check point. So 35km’s done I was now moving onto “Plan B” or was it “C”. Step back respect the weather, drink plenty and the aim is to finish, a gave myself a good talking too.

On to the halfway point Northwood House Cowes (52km’s). We trekked inland initially and then back out to the coast to join all the lovely Holiday makers enjoying themselves. One was question about being covered in mud up to the ankles and blood running down the arm, the reply being “it’s a hazard of an Ultra runner” now a walker. I don’t real know what time it was when I arrived at the 52km mark. But I do know the man with the Mic and the lovely Blue Suit knew my name what I was aiming to do for charity and all helped along by Gaynor prompting him as I made my way in to the check point.

Struggling to eat anything hot, Gaynor dashed off to get ice creams, whilst I tended to my feet. The mud had done some damage, so it was a change of socks and shoes and a bit of a patch up on the toes, fully restocked I had to make the chain ferry or end up waiting unnecessarily. I was now on my way to Ryde at 66km’s. Not the most scenic part of the trip as we were forced to travel on roads for most of the leg. Upon arriving in Ryde, I realised it had gone dark, bizarre I thought, but it was 9.30pm. Time to be buddied up and head torches it was.

The group of 7 I found myself in set off but soon broke up as we headed to Culver Down’s at 84km with me catching a few racers up from previous groups and getting myself back into the top 200 for the first time since 35km’s. The climb up to this check point finished a more than a few off. But waiting at the top was Gaynor her belief in me got me up there, along with the pizza on offer, rumour had it. At the check point I realised I was freezing, but again having spent all day playing in the sun and with it now being 1am in the morning, I should have known better. With Gaynor looking after me I grabbed some thermals and Woolley hat and set off knowing there was just one more check point (95 km) before the finish.

Most if not all of us were now walking, I was trying to get up and past 4km an hour mark, but the terrain did not make it easy and at one point getting up and over one small hill my pace was down to 27 minutes a mile. But I made it in just before 4.45am, rehydrated I made a quick few checks and I was off the final push to the finish line.

Who thought 11km’s could be so far and seem to take so long. What I did forget about at the time was yet again I was starting at sea level and heading back up to the top of the cliffs for the run down into Chale. The even bigger killer was you could see the finish line from the top with 2 miles to go and hear the music.

As I approached the finish there she was, Gaynor marshalling the Man in the Blue Suit with the Mic and shouting me in. I had finished this first part of 8. I didn’t break any records, but I was “Officially a Finisher” in a time of 24hrs 39mins 27secs placing 199th. A big thank you Gaynor for looking after me.

For the purists out there, the Winner was Matt Tucker in a time of 12:16:35 (the course record is 10hrs 27mins) it was brutal out there. The leading lady was Victoria Walsh in a time of 13:08:07. There were 485 finishers of the Full Island Challenge. Well done to all who took part.

Onwards and Upwards I start my next adventure on the 26 May at Richmond Park London finishing in Brighton.

Uttoxeter Half

6th May 2018

Report by Chris Elsley

Almost 300 runners took on the challenge of the Uttoxeter Half Marathon on Sunday morning with rising temperatures making fast times unlikely. The course is a particularly challenging one with the notorious Buttermilk Hill at around 6-7 miles the most testing of a number of climbs facing the competitors.

Among the field were 16 members of Stafford Harriers and once again the leading runner for the local club was Phil Hilsdon.
Hilsdon finished in an excellent 5th position in a time of 1h 22m 42secs and also picked up 1st place in the V40 category.
Justin Green was the next Harrier home finishing 37th in 1h 35m 57s while Jon Scott came 63rd in 1h 41m 56s.
The race was won by Carl Moulton of Boalloy in 1 hour 14 mins 21 secs more than four minutes ahead of second placed Ben Evans of Tamworth.
Leading lady was Joanne Bentley of Stone Master Marathoners in 1:33:45 (29th overall)

Steve Turner and Chris Skellern

Ed Smith

Position Name Time PB
5 Phil Hilsdon 01:22:42  
37 Justin Green 01:35:57  
63 John Scott 01:41:56 PB
71 Ian Hodkinson 01:43:38  
74 Liam Duggan 01:43:46  
121 Steve Turner 01:53:39  
125 Darren Mattocks 01:53:57  
137 Chris Skellern 01:56:48  
160 Debbie McDermott 02:00:53  
170 Eddie Smith 02:04:00  
184 Caroline Nichol 02:07:38  
196 Scott Palmer 02:12:22  
221 Karen Murray 02:19:23  
222 Mark Bentley 02:19:31  
244 Graham Williams 02:28:11  
256 Julie Nokes 02:35:14  


Majorca Half Marathon and 10K 2018

Report by Graham Williams

At 5.00am 17 Harriers including partners left Stafford for Birmingham airport to fly to Majorca for the Magaluf Half and 10K. We stayed at the Fergus Style Palma Nova hotel, which was situated right by the beach. The hotel was excellent with wonderful food and caring staff. Some people swam in the sea most mornings while others ran three miles along the promenade to the local castle.

The race was at 5.30pm on Saturday and on Friday we walked to registration at the local athletics stadium. Race day was strange due to the late start with people unsure what to eat and how much to drink. To save our legs we took a taxi to the start though Ed walked. We arrived early and passed the time listening to the local drum band and talking to other British runners. By 5.30 the air was getting really warm. Both races started together on the main road with the 10K on the left and the half on the right. After approximately half a mile they parted. The 10K route basically followed the road to Palma Nova where we ran past our hotel twice and had great support. Generally the course was flat apart from a nasty hill near the hotel. The half included quite a bit of the same route and also went past the hotel. The finish was over an astro turf area before finishing on the beach in Magaluf. The 10k runners did some rehydrating while waiting for the two half marathon runners (Debbie and Ed). Debbie was first female over 45 and was so exhausted by the effort that she hardly spoke all evening to such an extent I thought I had gone deaf! Ed was third over 65 and would have been second if he hadn’t stopped for a call of nature!

The week included two games of crazy golf on an amazing course and a brilliant bike ride along the coast. We also had a trip to Palma and visited the cathedral and took a train and tram to Puerto Soller. While we were there it was my birthday and as a treat, Richard took Sue and me on a flight in a four seater plane. The flight, weather and scenery were excellent and we buzzed our fellow guests at the hotel who waved at us. The weather was kind to us and an enjoyable week was had by all.

Results 10K:

Chris Ross 49.51  
John Finney 55.44  
Jill Ross 56.12  
Graham Williams 57.57  
Jane Bisiker 1.00.44 3rd over 55
Peter Williams 1.01.21  
Richard Bisiker 1.24.31  
Gary Steed 1.24.31  

Results Half:

Debbie McDermott 1.55.34 1st over 45
Ed Smith 2.00.41 3rd over 65


Spring Trebble Race 3 Barlaston Ups and downs

Thursday 26th April 2018

No race report

Pos Name AG Time
19 John Scott M 45-49 36:21
24 Ian Hodkinson M 45-49 37:11
38 Jason Littlewood M Sen 40:01
39 Darren Mattocks M 40-44 40:11
43 Stella Dennis F 40-44 40:58
51 Ian Wood M 55-59 42:30
52 Wayne Gallagher M Sen 42:32
57 Dave Marsden M 60-64 43:07
68 Chris Skellern F 55-59 44:09
76 Caroline Nichol F 35-39 46:18
102 Russell Horsley M 50-54 52:07
104 Karen Murray F 50-54 53:26
105 Julie Nokes F 55-59 55:13


Great Run Local – Glasgow Quays

25th April 2018

Race report Richard Booth

In most cases, the last Wednesday each month sees me in Glasgow for a customer meeting with work.  Once done I generally have the evening to myself and I’ve spent the last few exploring the area running.

Glasgow has a lovely network of open spaces by the River Clyde which are utilised by walkers, runners, cyclists and commuters.  On a previous visit I noticed what appeared to be an organised run taking place whilst running in the opposite direction.  Checking out Strava I discovered it was organised by Great Run Local (www.greatrunlocal.org).  It’s a group similar to Parkrun but on a smaller scale that organise free 2k & 5k runs each week.  They are held across the country (albeit in smaller numbers) throughout the week.

Users can register on their website and then get either a plastic card or pay extra for a wristband.  The difference to Parkrun is that you use the card/wristband to “tap out” at the end of your run to register you have finished.  It’s a good idea and suits the smaller scale of these runs in comparison to Parkrun.

The 5k course is a 2½ laps of the banks on the Clyde, crossing it 4 times. With the exception of the bridge you’re running directly east and west so the gusty westerly wind certainly wasn’t pleasant for half the run!!

There were 36 runners doing the 5k run. 

1st Bryan Mulgrew – 17:39

1st Lady Pauline Henderson – 24:02

Leader Harrier (ahem) Richard Booth – 23:57

It’s certainly something to look forward to for future Wednesday nights whilst in the area.


Sunday 22th April 2018

Report by Chris Elsley

Seven Stafford Harriers were among the field of over 40,000 runners who took part in Sunday’s London Marathon, enduring the hottest ever temperature’s recorded for the event.
Phil Hilsdon was the first to finish, crossing the finishing line on The Mall in 3 hrs 11 mins 2 secs to come home in 2,009th position.
Paul Higginson – one of three lucky members to win a place via the club ballot – was next, exactly 30 mins behind Hilsdon, to take 6,032nd place. Another ballot winner, Kev Darby took part just two weeks after running the Manchester Marathon but still managed a respectable 3:56:18 (8,853rd). Nia Nokes also finished inside the 4 hour mark, completing the distance in 3:58:22 (9,321nd) while the trio of Alex Langford (4:27:55 – 15,400th) Alan Jones (4:46:18 – 19,715th) and Dean Hibbitt (4:54:15 – 21,631st) also managed to overcome the intense heat to break the 5 hour barrier.

Report by Alan Jones

Sunday was my 4th, and by far, most difficult marathon.
I don’t want to use the word “disappointed” as, given that so many didn’t finish, along with what happened to Matt Campbell, that would be a little harsh. Perhaps “frustrated” is more appropriate. To train for months, and look forward to perform to the peak of you (moderate) ability, then to have all of that taken away, within 8 miles by the bloody weather, yes I’m FRUSTRATED!!

When I checked my pace at mile 10, and saw that, unless it was 10 degrees cooler North of the river, my sub 4 ambition was no longer achievable. Coupled with seeing many others seeking assistance at the road side, I was convinced that the best thing to do was to be sensible (yes, I know), and slow down, or risk not finishing at all.

It was there that I met with Tim Rees of Chase Harriers, I have known Tim, and his wife Sara for a few years now, after bumping in to them on the Tyne bridge at the Great North Run a few years back. Tim was also having a tough time, so it was great that we were able to help each other over the remaining 15 miles or so. This included posing for this picture, and joining hands aloft across the finish line. So not the time I hoped for,but I think, by helping each other get to the finish, still a satisfying achievement…but still frustrating!!

Also Alex Langford raised £2500+ for children with cancer uk.

Race results so far. Please email us if we have missed someone.


2009 Phil Hilsdon 40-44 388 01:24:23 03:11:02
6032 Paul Higginson 40-44 1073 01:41:41 03:41:02
8853 Kev Darby 45-49 1143 01:44:48 03:56:18
9321 Nia Nokes 18-39 1171 01:52:05 03:58:22
15398 Alex Langford 18-39 5217 01:58:43 04:27:55
19715 Alan Jones 50-54 1464 02:07:50 04:46:18
21631 Dean Hibbitt 40-44 2760 02:00:28 04:54:15

Spring Treble Race 2 Marquis Madness

Thursday 19th April, 2018


Pos Name M/F AG ChipTime
14 Justin Green m M 45-49 28:03
18 John Scott m M 45-49 29:05
21 Ian Hodkinson m M 45-49 29:16
24 Liam Duggan m M Sen 29:39
33 Jason Littlewood m M Sen 30:53
37 Darren Mattocks m M 40-44 31:30
46 Spencer Holland m M 45-49 33:06
57 Ian Wood m M 55-59 33:44
60 Steve Turner m M 55-59 33:43
65 Chris Skellern f F 55-59 34:13
80 Richard Booth m M 40-44 36:21
86 Mel Deakin f F 45-49 36:52
90 Caroline Nichol f F 35-39 37:33
96 Graham Williams m   39:27
98 Russell Horsley m M 50-54 39:47
104 Karen Murray f F 50-54 40:43
106 Mark Bentley m M 55-59 40:56
109 Julie Nokes f F 55-59 43:10


Lilleshall 5 mile race

Wednesday 18th April 2018

Race report by Mel Deakin

This race is the first race in a series of 6 organised by Telford AC. It is a 5 mile road race starting and finishing at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, all on tarmac roads and paths. Starting near the hockey pitches, then running down the very long driveway, the first couple of miles is downhill then a loop around the village then back to the driveway and then up hill to the finish –  definitely nowhere near as challenging as the Lilleshall Monumental hill but just enough to make you work hard. I thoroughly enjoyed this race, the weather was great, the setting beautiful and it was very well organised. For me it was a welcome change to run a shorter race after a long winter and spring marathon training. For Ben it was his first race for a while due to injury. A lovely evening out and a race I will definitely do again.

1st  Martin Williams Tipton Harriers 26:23

1st Female  Clare Martin Telford AC 29:15

Stafford Harriers:

162 Ben Deakin 40:15

203 Mel Deakin 43:00

403 finished

Newcastle 10K

15th April 2018


No race report .



Position Name Time Extra Cat Cat Pos PB
8 Phil Hilsdon 35:57 206 M40-44 1  
20 George Hodkinson 37:54 211 MU40 17 PB
41 Justin Green 40:16 167 M45-49 3  
92 Nia Nokes 44:28 322 FU35 4 PB
99 Ian Hodkinson 44:45 210 M45-49 14  
133 Jason Littlewood 46:28 268 MU40 54  
138 Darren Mattocks 46:48 286 M40-44 27  
152 Alan Jones 48:02 231 M50-54 14  
168 Ian Wood 48:56 471 M55-59 10  
173 Chris Skellern 49:10 395 F55-59 1  
193 Richard Booth 50:12 49 M40-44 34  
220 John Finney 52:09 147 M70+ 6  
234 Chris Elsley 53:17 135 M50-54 25  
240 Caroline Nichol 53:51 318 F35-39 5  
274 Gill Hodkinson 55:51 209 F45-49 5  
278 Jo Oliver 55:54 330 F45-49 6  
281 Graham Williams 55:59 460 M70+ 7  
317 Karen Murray 59:09 313 F50-54 11  

But some photos from Peter Williams.

Stafford Half

15th April 2018
The Stafford Half postponed from March due to snow. Unfortunately the new date clashed with an other popular local event (Newcastle 10K), so a much smaller Harriers turn out this year.

No race reports yet.

My first attempt at matching members with the results (please let me know if I have missed yours).


Position Name Time Bib Cat Cat Pos PB
135 Simon Cope 01:32:04 1665 M 78 PB
161 Spencer Holland 01:33:09 1998 M45 20  
175 Ian Heath 01:33:43 3170 M45 24 PB
194 Liam Duggan 01:34:37 1544 M 102 PB
277 Nick Beckett 01:37:45 3895 M40 41 PB
532 John Scott 01:45:27 1995 M45 79  
644 Simon Groom 01:48:31 63 M45 95  
681 Dave Marsden 01:49:19 2768 M60 5  
849 Jenny Beckett 01:53:09 167 F35 25 PB
859 Scott Palmer 01:53:20 905 M45 145  
870 Neil Eisenhauer 01:53:42 2340 M45 134 PB
951 Karen Alsopp 01:55:12 656 F45 17  
1054 Scott Kelsall 01:57:16 2580 M40 149  
1067 Claire Jackson 01:57:28 1664 F 69  
1077 Ruth Edwards 01:57:47 1307 F55 9 PB
1123 Jon Freeman 01:58:45 1425 M 454  
1191 Ian Williams 02:00:04 982 M45 175  
1269 Sally Liggins 02:01:45 1803 F50 23 PB
1345 Mel Deakin 02:03:40 3302 F45 37  
1500 Mark Bentley 02:08:04 273 M55 55  
1566 Dave Mantle 02:09:50 3386 M65 9  
1586 Julie Nokes 02:10:17 1132 F55 12  
1642 Rachel Marsden 02:11:44 898 F40 70  
1653 Tina Darby 02:11:57 1026 F45 68  
1750 Liz Shillito 02:15:12 559 F40 90 PB
2058 Wendy Sears 02:28:28 338 F55 27  
2180 Charlotte Ward 02:39:38 2098 F40 133  
2227 Lindsay Lillico 02:48:30 1067 F40 141  
2229 Robert Curtis 02:48:30 1920 M45 266  
2303 Frank Evans 03:24:34 3686 M70 8  

Group photo

My photo’s at Queensville bridge (approx 3.5 miles)


Spring Treble Race 1 Hanchurch Hilly

Thursday 12th April, 2018


Pos Name M/F AG Club ChipTime GunTime
33 Ian Hodkinson m M 45-49 Stafford Harriers 41:22 41:31
43 Darren Mattocks m M 40-44 Stafford Harriers 44:32 44:38
50 Dave Marsden m M 60-64 Stafford Harriers 46:06 46:13
57 Jason Littlewood m M Sen Stafford Harriers 47:08 47:17
61 Ian Wood m M 55-59 Stafford Harriers 47:54 48:04
73 Chris Skelern m M 55-59 Stafford Harriers 50:00 50:09
77 Caroline Nichol f F 35-39 Stafford Harriers 50:40 50:50
96 Russell Horsley m M 50-54 Stafford Harriers 56:14 56:30
101 Julie Nokes f F 55-59 Stafford Harriers 1:00:58 1:01:08



5th April 2018

A fine evening but the rain over the last week made the going wet and muddy.

Results followed by pictures of some of runners.

Position Name Time Handicap Net Time
1 Matthew Hilsdon 39:08:00 7:30:00 31:38:00
2 Ian Heath 40:25:00 12:45:00 27:40:00
3 Dean Hibbitt 40:39:00 8:30:00 32:09:00
4 Dave Marsden 41:04:00 8:30:00 32:34:00
5 Jake Oliver 41:11:00 10:00:00 31:11:00
6 John Freeman 41:57:00 8:00:00 33:57:00
7 Stella Dennis 42:16:00 8:30:00 33:46:00
8 Brian Rawlins 42:25:00 8:00:00 34:25:00
9 Liam Duggan 42:53:00 12:45:00 30:08:00
10 Jack Heath 43:09:00 10:00:00 33:09:00
11 Chris Skellern 43:55:00 8:00:00 35:55:00
12 Sandra Smith 45:16:00 7:30:00 37:46:00
13 Mark Bentley 45:31:00 4:30:00 41:01:00
14 Jo Oliver 45:56:00 6:30:00 39:26:00
15 Julie Nokes 47:31:00 2:30:00 45:01:00
16 Ian Wood 49:50:00 11:00:00 38:50:00
17 Mel Gorman 50:30:00 4:30:00 46:00:00

5k Time Trial

4th April 2018

Over the summer we hold a number of 5K time trial on the disused railway to Derrington.

Thanks to those who helped out with the timing and recording of results

The results of the everyone that took part.

First Name Surname J/S 12-Apr-17 31-May-17 09-Aug-17 20-Sep-17 04-Apr-18
Phil Hilsdon S 18:05 19:16 17:50 17:21 17:53
Robbie Gorman J 18:37 19:48 19:32
Justin Green S 19:21 19:43 19:11 19:45
Liam Duggan S 20:30 20:13 20:27 20:02 20:10
Ian Heath S 19:53 20:00 20:49
Nick Beckett S 22:20 21:21 21:09 20:53 21:03
Kian Arnott J 21:29
Jake Oliver J 21:29 22:29 27:23 21:50
Matthew Hilsdon J 21:31 21:58 22:20 22:02 23:41
Brian Rawlings S       23:52
Jenni Beckett S 24:23 24:39 24:19 24:08 24:22
Richard Booth S       24:28
Kev Clark S       24:32
Ben Green J 27:09 26:55 26:20 25:10
Saffron Latham J 26:51 26:24
Selina Powell S 26:02 26:43 26:33
Chloe Burrows J 29:34 27:31 26:45
Sandra Smith S 26:48
Jack Heath J 23:55 21:45 27:23
Rose White J 26:46 27:57
Caitlin Saunders J 26:01 24:48 27:03 26:58 28:52
Min Charlesworth S       29:18
Shirley Smith S 30:33 30:14 29:25 29:49
Karen Gretton S       29:52
Mel Gorman S       31:21
Claire Heath S 31:10 32:38
Karen Hilsdon S 30:24 31:05 31:27 32:38
Sarah Gray S 32:54 31:42 32:55
Steph Burrows S 30:20 31:19 33:06
Harry Beckett J 27:54 28:25 29:55 30:37 34:50
Valerie Stuart S 36:06 38:02 37:47 37:17 38:38