Race Report January to March 2009

March Hair Raiser


Report from Mike Jones:

March Hair Raiser, fifteen Harriers travelled to Kingswood to the south of
Staffs, with a little nervious, but it was a well run race around private roads
and tracks, gentle down hills and gentle gradiants, distance was 5.68 miles.

Steve Turner was the only Harrier to break 40 minutes, in a time of 39-54 in
37th place,
other times and places are:
39th Chris Skellern 40-15 1st L45,
48th Eddie Smith 41-22 2nd M50,
70th Nigel Addison 43-31,
87th Tracey Gee 44-47,
94th Julie Addison 45-35,
98th Craig Baxter 46-02,
116th Lisa Percox 47-26,
117th Steve Cartlidge 47-26,
118th Tony Baker 47-29
135th Mike Jones 49-00,
139th Karen Murray 49-38,
165th Stuart Fowlie 53-35,
187th Kellie Lee 58-24,
196th Sara Broome 61-04,
as you can see a couple of Harriers made a long waited return to racing,



So Harriers International have been off on their ventures again. Just a small party this time to check out the Prague Half marathon scene. With Graham Williams a stalwart International injuring himself in Hong Kong and New Zealand he decided to be part of the support group this time. This just left Dave Preece and John Finney to wear the yellow vest round the streets of Prague.
Over 4500 runners took part with a serious race up front that saw Kiprutto of Kenya finish in 1:00:07 with his fellow countryman Kamakya just 2 seconds behind. If that wasn’t enough excitement two more Kenyans finished 3rd & 4th in 1:00:15 and 1:00:19. In fact the first 9 finished in under 1:03.
In the ladies race yet again Kenyans finished 1,2,3 with the winner Kosgei finishing in 1:09:03.

So as you can see this was a seriously high quality field and so it was for our two Harriers. Dave Preece who is coming back strong finished in a good time of 1:33:59 which was 2 minutes faster than his Stafford time of two weeks ago. John Finney who has not run a half for some time now was more than pleased with his 1:43:27.

Here are Dave and John working hard at the 8 K mark

Both of them agreed it was one of the better Half Marathon Courses and was extremely well organized. It was a figure of eight course crossing the river twice and taking in all the sights of Prague. Other than a couple of underpasses and a tunnel it was very flat.
There was extensive TV coverage of the race with motorbikes and helicopters covering every move. There was fantastic support from everyone around the course. The Harrier supporters found it easy to follow the race and were able to see the runners at various points around the course. Although some did miss seeing Dave near the finish as they were in a bar. No names.
The weather on the day was very sunny and warm.
As for Prague everyone was impressed with the city and the people. The food was excellent and we believe the beer was good as well. We didn’t really Czech that out. (Much) “Czech that out.. see what I did there?”
We were in the same hotel as Rothwell Harriers a great bunch from Yorkshire (more yellow vests). They had three runners under 1:30 and 2nd L50 and 3rd V55.
Unfortunately they really showed us up by staying in the bar later than us.
We have promised a rematch next year on that one. We are already booking the hotel so put it in your diary 27th March 2010.


Coniston 14

Six Harriers tackled this tough 14 miler around Lake Coniston.
Tom Hobbins had a very good run, improving his previous race best by 17 seconds,
He finished 19th out of 1472 runners in a time of 1-26-40.

Other times were:
Mike Saint-Dunn 687th 1-58-33,
Lydia Atkins 860th 2-04-48,
Darren Bathew 1007th 2-10-32,
Sue Johnson 1082nd 2-13-21
Frank Grant 1463rd 2-58-20.

Ironbridge Half Marathon


Two Harriers chose Iron Bridge for their Sunday run. Here is a report from Steve Turner

Starting and finishing at Telford’s town park this race offers a rural and mainly traffic free course with stunning scenery. After a slightly congested start with a loop around the park the route heads off on tracks,trails and road towards Coalbrookdale, crossing over the River Severn at Ironbridge about the halfway stage. Running alongside the River Severn past the famous Jackfield tile museum and works before crossing the river again at Coalport and turning for the long steady climb home. After passing Blists Hill museum at 9 and a half miles the route turns back into the town park for a flat last 2 miles to the finish.
The race was won by Ian Mansell of Dudley Kingswinford running club in a time of 1:15:35.
There were 660 finishers with two runners from Stafford Harriers, George Fox and Steve Turner finishing in 1:40:32 and 1:41:26 respectively.

Terrain: Tracks and trails, roads with a steady climb from 7 to 10 miles.

Weather conditions: Warm and sunny with a slight wind.

Milford 21

Six Harriers took part in this year’s Milford 21 with Nina Skilton the first home in 21st place and the first lady in the race. Chris Ross was first male Harrier home and the pair of them can boast that they actually beat Ben Gamble. How many Harriers can say that?

Harriers results


Pos Pos Name Time
21 st Nina Skilton 2:38:01 1st lady
46 nd Chris Ross 2:56:44
77 th Rob Simpson 3:07:32
93 rd Karen Davies 3:12:24 pb
112 th Ian Spencer 3:29:34
113 th Jill Ross 3:30:56

Stafford Half Marathon


This is it. A grand total of 84 Harriers finished the Stafford Half – a record for us beating the 81 who ran in 2006. Well done to everyone who took part. The race was won in fine style by Ben Gamble from Stone Master Marathoners in 1:09:12. This was over 3 minutes ahead of the second runner. For the Harriers well done to Tom Hobbins the first Harrier home in a pb 1:19:48 and Sally Gray our first lady home in 8th place in a pb time of 1:28:43. Here we have Tom Hobbins, Mike St.Dunn, Mark Cooper, Nina Skilton and Sally Gray early in the race. There were far to many of you to put all the photos on this site so check out Bryan Dale and Brian Smith at DK10K site for lots more photos. For the full results check here. Stafford Half results

Pos Name Gun Time Chip Time Class pos
26 Tom Hobbins 1:19:48 1:19:48 16 pb
38 Mike St.Dunn 1:21:18 1:21:14 36 pb
55 Mark Cooper 1:23:36 1:23:32 ? pb
68 Paul Douglas 1:24:41 1:24:39 4 V55
118 Keith Skelton 1:28:21 1:2810 23 V40
121 Sally Gray 1:28:43 1:28:37 2 L35 pb
140 Nina Skilton 1:29:33 1:29:26 3 L40
150 Joe Parkin 1:30:10 1:29:57 86
166 Malcolm Mountford 1:30:30 1:30:47 4 V50
195 Brian Denham 1:32:25 1:32:16 109
217 Mark Bentley 1:33:28 1:33:01 28 V45
277 Dave Preece 1:35:54 1:35:43 146 ?
289 Chris Skellern 1:36:20 1:36:08 4 L45
299 Mike Harris 1:36:37 1:35:52 155
317 Mick French 1:37:23 1:37:03 8 V55
319 Sereca Atherton 1:37:36 1:36:50 6 F40
332 Ed Smith 1:38:08 1:37:57 10 V55
338 Mike Down 1:38:25 1:38:14 181
344 Rob Simpson 1:38:48 1:38:39 44 V45
354 Bernard Wilkes 1:39:04 1:38:41 18 V50
360 Tim Hough 1:39:16 1:38:29 191
427 Joe Atherton 1:41:13 1:40:27 ?
493 Deon Vlok 1:43:14 1:42:45 242
499 Lydia Atkins 1:4321 1:43:11 25 pb
522 Kirsty Stephenson 1:44:12 1:43:28 27
541 Gareth Paddock 1:44:41 1:43:57 258
542 Jason Littlewood 1:44:43 1:44:14 259
550 Lucy Earnshaw 1:44:51 1:44:07 29
553 Karen Davies 1:44:56 1:44:46 12 L45
558 Keith Faint 1:45:45 1:44:51 21 V55
589 John Leese 1:45:49 1:45:39 14 V60
648 Eric Lander 1:47:13 1:45:58 15 V60
681 Vicky Lowndes 1:48:17 1:47:14 16 L40
716 Ralph Wedlock 1:49:14 1:48:18 39 V50
770 Rob Proctor 1:50:26 1:49:38 362
862 Lynn Lee 1:52:54 1:52:28 19 L45
888 Ian ‘Snowy’ Gardner 1:54:04 1:53:27 31 V55
898 Liz Stanyer 1:54:21 1:53:29 30 L35 pb
911 Crispin Tedbury 1:54:38 1:53:30 418
916 Caroline Stark 1:54:44 1:53:37 58
917 Andy Bourne 1:54:45 1:53:53 419
930 Emma Greensill 1:55:06 1:54:29 60
948 Tony Baker 1:55:26 1:54:31 110 V45
953 Steve Clarke 1:55:31 1:54:32 435
954 Craig Baxter 1:55:31 1:54:39 436
966 Anthony Pine 1:55:54 1:54:22 443
980 Darren Bathew 1:56:22 1:55:53 449
997 Lynn Geoghegan 1:57:01 1:56:06 34 L40
999 Stephen Cochrane 1:57:01 1:56:07 114 V45
Steve Turner 1:57:57
1032 Lisa Hawkins 1:58:02 1:57:28 77
1039 Ann Button 1:58:23 1:56:58 24 L45
1077 Michael Jones 1:59:38 1:58:45 29 V60
1087 Karen Murray 1:59:56 1:58:50 42 V40
1090 Dave Cowley 1:59:57 1:58:58 30 V60
1099 Rachel Potter 2:00:07 1:59:29 38 L35
1100 Sally Burns 2:00:07 1:59:09 87 pb
1104 Allen Aukim 2:00:08 1:59:32 124 V45
1108 Lew Badger 2:0016 1:58:48 31 V60
1139 Samantha Gill 2:01:27 2:00:19 43 L35
1141 Justin Harrison 2:01:29 2:00:41 499
1227 George Singh 2:05:38 2:05:14 35 V60
1266 Clare Oliver 2:07:13 2:05:43 111
1290 Sharron Hawkins 2:08:45 2:06:30 56 L35
1293 Karen D Murray 2:08:50 2:07:51 37 L45
1333 James Thorpe 2:10:11 2:10:04 562
1354 Rebecca Bostock 2:10:48 2:08:45 62 L35
1361 Joanne Carson 2:11:05 2:08:58 64 L35
1369 Karin Sabin 2:11:33 2:09:16 66 L35
1378 Scott Palmer 2:12:03 2:09:55 581
1418 Sarah Johnson 2:14:03 2:11:56 61 L40
1419 Deborah Brown 2:14:04 2:12:29 62 L40
1484 Paul Wilson 2:17:00 2:16:12 610
1494 Chris Howe 2:17:42 2:16:34 44 V55
1495 Bill Whitworth 2:17:50 2:17:37 46 V60
1534 Judith Colman 2:21:19 2:21:12 9 L55
1566 Gill Caldwell 2:24:21 2:23:16 5 L60
1567 Dave Trevor 2:24:49 2:24:43 637
1579 Richard Bisiker 2:25:33 2:24:25 641
1587 Andrew Carter 2:26:18 2:25:07 47 V55
1590 Natalie Mountford 2:26:39 2:26:08 163
1659 Kellie Lee 2:36:30 2:35:19 93 L35
1666 Tracie Wallis 2:38:36 2:36:21 95 L40
1694 Maureen Howe 2:48:36 2:45:50 14 L55


Here are a few familiar names of ex Harriers who were also around and would have boosted the figures even further.


Pos Name Time
76 Dave Constance 1:25:53
94 Adam Grew 1:27:07
142 Keith Jellyman 1:29:44
198 Joe Connolly 1:32:37
271 Karl Tyson 1:35:43
441 Mike Nugent 1:41:35
935 Bill Chidlow 1:55:14
1562 Christine Tyson 2:21:08


How many recognised Keith Faint without his Harriers Vest. 1:45 is a pb for him dressed as a clown.

Stafford 20

Twenty Four Harriers ran the latest NSRRA race on Sunday 8th March. The conditions just got worse as the race went on with rain, hail and high winds making it very difficult. Chris Hollinshead was first Harrier home in 4th position in a pb time of 1:36:59. Tom Hobbins had a remarkable run knocking one second under 14 mins off his pb time and Mike St-Dunn knocked almost 3 mins of his best time. Karen Davies had a superb run and was our first lady in 2:47:50 a pb by some 5 minutes. Here are the provisonal times and places. The provisional Harriers Challenge placings are on the Challenge page. … Paul Douglas 1st V55

Pos Name Time
4 Chris Hollinshead 1:56:59 1 st V40 pb
42 Tom Hobbins 2:10:47 pb
45 Mike Saint-Dunn 2:11:56 pb
61 Paul Douglas 2:16:51 1 st V55
127 Mark Bentley 2:30:08
149 Gary Hemming 2:34:55
150 Brian Denham 2:35:08
166 George Fox 2:37:12
168 Bernard Wilkes 2:37:15
173 Dave Preece 2:38:39
203 Ed Smith 2:44:10
204 Rob Simpson 2:44:26
222 Karen Davies 2:47:50 pb
265 Deon Vlok 2:53:21
272 Tim Hough 2:54:22
298 Ian Spencer 3:02:05
299 Jill Ross 3:02:13
306 Rob Proctor 3:04:05
328 Sally Burns 3:11:46
338 Lew Badger 3:15:55
339 Andy Bourne 3:15:58
342 Tony Baker 3:17:04
357 Karen Murray 3:30:30
365 Frank Grant 3:38:15


Here we have Andy Bourne showing off his new Harrier vest and Karen Murray very happy about something. Gary Hemming and Brian Denham finished only a few seconds apart. Then lots more Harriers ‘enjoying’ the day

Clound 9

Here are the times and positions of the six who ran the Cloud Nine. You can see how it has changed the Club Challenge positions on the Challenge page.

Pos Name Time
262 Karen Davies 1:25:22
307 Vicky Lowndes 1:29:27
377 Tony Baker 1:37:31
410 Rebecca Bostock 1:47:26
415 Mick Jones 1:50:40
427 Sara Broome 2:09:39

Cheadle 5

Only one Stafford Harrier made it up to Cheadle to run the annual Cheadle 5 and that was Kim Preece. The race was won by the Tom Humphries, (who was missed in last weeks National Cross Country Championships) but our Kim who is getting the running bug finished in 54:42. Thanks to Mick Hall for the photo.

The Terminator

Report from Lynn Geoghegan : I was visiting my son and his family in Tidworth for the weekend so decided to enter myself for a race whilst there. Pewsey is not far from Tidworth where my son lives and I found an 11 and half mile off road race and entered, it was not until it got nearer the date that I decided to check this race out. Not only was there water to go through but so many hills that I felt tired just reading about it, then wondered what had I done when I looked at the website for it. There was nearly 700 starters and we went off on road for about a mile, we then headed off road through undulating fields when I heard someone say ‘this is the first of the water’, going through mud ankle deep to reach the water I jumped in and waded through and tried to scramble out the other side I ended up in mud above my knees and unable to move but I was grateful to two men who grabbed a hand each and literally dragged me across the mud and left me lying on the grass the other side, I dusted myself off and carried on with my normal plodding pace. On reaching the first water station at 3 mile I had to remove one of my tops as it was very warm. We were told there were water stations at 3, 6 and 9 mile so was a little dissapointed when I reached the 3rd water station and they said I was at 7 miles and I thought I was at 9 miles, when I questioned it they said they had decided to add another one, did I swear, yes I did, but it was under my breath so don’t worry I didn’t let the Harriers down. I found it very difficult running in mud for such long periods of time but that felt easy when I climbed the first of 4 very big hills, walking up them was even hard work and the downhill was no compensation as they were so steep but the course was very scenic as most of the time we were at the top of hills. There was parts of the course where it became a little grid locked and walking was the only option as it was a single track and you could not overtake some may of found this a little frustrating but I loved it!! There was another lot of water before the finish where my husband was waiting patiently for me and from the look on my face on the pictures for the race I’m looking up as if to say just say one word! My grandson was near the finish shouting faster nannie, I don’t think he’s old enough to realise I only have one speed. Please google the terminator and look at the website and that will give more of an insight into the race, I finished in 2.20.34. I enjoyed the race and would do it again, I was just glad to complete it!! Terrain: very very hilly, multi terrain Weather conditions: Lovely sunny day With showers available at the finish, it is only right that runners should not enter the sports centre with muddy feet. Welcome to The Shoewash! http://www.pewseyvalerunningclub.com

English National C-C Championships

Six of our men made their way down to Parliament Hill Fields for the122nd running of the English National Cross Country Championships and one lady for the 77th Senior Ladies race. This course is famous for being one of the toughest courses in the Cross Country Calendar and it did not disappoint. The weather was glorious and there were fantastic views out over the city. However by the time the ladies race started, seven other races had churned the mud up and by the time nearly six hundred ladies had run well it was ‘muddy’. Lydia Atkins was our sole runner in the ladies race and she came home in 417th place in a time of 45:27 which for 8K in those conditions was very good. The race was won by Hatti Dean in a remarkable 29:34 and that was just 12 seconds in front of Sara Tunstall. A point of note was Gemma Miles (Phillips) who holds the course record for our own Staffs Knot could only manage 12th place in 31:05. Then came the men’s race. George Mafu in relaxed mode appeared to be asleep in the sunshine as others got ready for the off. It was quite a sight to see almost 1500 runners set off in a line across the muddy fields and climb the first hill. Ahead was a very tough 12K which mostly appeared to be uphill. Our runners said there must have been some downhills but all they could remember was uphill and mud. The race at the front end was very tight with Frank Tickner and Steve Vernon exchanging the lead but Tickner was the eventual winner in 38:02 eight seconds ahead of Vernon. For our own team it was Tom Hobbins who lead them home from our new boy George Mafu. This was only George’s third race and he has promised now to start training. Here are the positions and times from our lads. The Harriers were first Staffordshire team on the day.

Pos Name Time
617 Tom Hobbins 51:26
897 George Mafu 55:47
944 Keith Skelton 56:39
1283 Steve Turner 63:35
1310 Ed Smith 64:21
1417 Roy Clay 71:31

Full results Mens Race Ladies race Team Placings Men’s Teams Ladies Teams It seems it was all a bit to much for Ed on the train home. Thanks to Steve Turner for the photos.

Stourbridge Stagger


There were thirteen Harriers that made it down to Stourbridge for the annual Stagger. Conditions were not to bad considering the weather that had been experienced during the week. First Harrier home was Keith Skelton in 36th spot in 1:15:58 followed closely by Chris Ross who was involved in a deadheat one place behind in 1:16:49. He must have missed out on the dip as he was given 38th place. Chris Skellern was our first lady home in 1:25:12. 398 finished the race. For full results and photos have a look on Dudley Kingswinford website, it can be found on the links page. Here is a full list of the times for the Harriers.

Pos Name Time
36 Keith Skelton 1:15:58
38 Chris Ross 1:16:49
112 Chris Skellern 1:25:30
140 Steve Turner 1:29:02
158 Darren Bathew 1:30:38
175 Vicky Lowndes 1:32:07
178 Bernard Wilkes 1:32:28
272 Lew Badger 1:41:44
298 Jill Ross 1:43:56
326 Sally Burns 1:48:17
327 Andy Bourne 1:48:29
373 Mike Moore 1:57:13
397 Frank Grant 2:16:59

Report from Sally Burns as follows Report:

On a very fresh Sunday morning what else would you rather be doing? The course was a mixture of ice, snow and lots of mud, but the beautiful scenary made up for the big hill (that everyone forgot to tell me about). Although it was a cold morning the sun starting shining on our backs as the race went on. The Stagger was a very enjoyable 10ish mile race and well worth considering next year. A good turn out for the Harriers – well done to all who participated. Terrain: e.g. Road, Track, Trail, Country, Multi-terrain, Hilly, Undulating, Flat as a pancake Mulit-terrain, nice long stretches with a few stiles to get your legs going. Weather conditions: Cold and icy with a warming sun as the race went on.

Sally Burns

Hong Kong Marathon

An unofficial run as I couldn’t get entered due to the entries closing very early. So you’ll have to take my word for it as I won’t be in the results listing. The limit for the marathon was 8,000 and the race started at 08.00 (half marathon started at 07:10 with 15,000 runners). The race start was in Nathan Road, one of the main shopping streets in Kowloon, and very soon left the city onto dual carriageway roads to run out nearly to the airport. Then a U turn to start the return journey. From the start area there was no public support until the last 3km of the race, which ended in Victoria Park on Hong Kong Island. But the support on that last stretch was really noisy & enthusiastic. The route mostly climbed to the halfway point, though mainly long slow climbs and only by 240feet. At 35km we entered the tunnel to go for 2km under the water from Kowloon to HK Island and boy the climb out was really steep (120ft in a 1/2 km). This was followed by a long downhill stretch and flat road before a final steep but short climb over a road bridge at 41km (just where you really don’t want it). Temperatures about 24C+ and a little humid, though not too bad, with a gentle cooling breeze for the last 8km. I finished very tired in 3:23:45 – I need to start training. Pete Sarson (after a post-race bath and sleep).

Alsager 5ml

On a very cold morning 1056 runners finished the Alsager 5. It’s the 5 miler you either love or hate. It was great to see Mike St.Dunn back running again and making Paul Douglas work hard. Paul managed to get 3rd V55 and Gill Caldwell 1st L70. There were also a lot of first time runs for Harriers and it was good to see 34 Harriers in the first race of the Harriers Challange. Paul Douglas enjoying the run as much as Jayne Dickens from Trentham. Liz Stanyer is enjoying it just as much. 1124 says “Come on Kim that’s your dad’s vest with pins in isn’t it?” Here’s how the Harriers finished.

Pos Name Time
146th Mike St Dunn 30:35
149th Paul Douglas 30:38 3rdV55
245th Nina Skilton 33:17
269th Pete Sarson 33:48
271st Mark Bentley 33:50
281st Steve Turner 34:12
282nd Mike Harris 34:12
300th Dave Preece 34:27
318th Dave Marsden 34:52
334th Ed Smith 35:09
368th Rob Simpson 35:45
380th Chris Skellern 35:56
508th Eric Lander 38:15
528th Darren Bathew 38:40
554th Craig Baxter 39:11
568th Karen Davies 39:25
645th Liz Stanyer 40:36
670th Natalie Mountford 41:18
688th Lew Badger 41:48
705th Lynn Geoghegan 42:08
712th Andy Bourne 42:15
713rd Jill Ross 42:16
816th Bill Whitworth 45:23
822nd Rebecca Bostock 45:34
873rd Frank Grant 47:12
875th Dave Trevor 47:14
895th Karen Murray 48:02
940th Chris Howe 49:38
970th John Hately 51:18
977th Gill Caldwell 51:35 1st L70
979th Nicky Walker 51:40
988th Sara Broome 52:03
1017th Kim Preece 54:43
1032nd Maureen Howe 55:45

Four Villages Half Marathon

Only 5 Harriers made it to this year’s race – far fewer than normal.
The race was won by Neil Renault of Long Eaton RC in a time of 1:07:47, with Ben Gamble 3rd in 1:09:25 and Michelle Ross-Cope of Stoke AC as 1st Lady home in 1:14:04.

The Harriers that ran were:

Mark Bentley 288th in 1:33:23
Mike Harris 386th in 1:36:49
Bernard Wilkes 561st in 1:42:15
Chris Skellern 631st in 1:44:11
Michael Jones 1085th in 1:56:29


Our very own Sara Connor (nee Houlton) raced against Haile Gebrselassi in the Dubai Marathon on FIRDAY !!
Haile finished a little ahead of Sara, winning the race in a time of 2:05:29.

But Sara wasn’t too far behind, finishing 291st overall in a time of 3:54:35 (chip time 3:49:52).
Sara was 54th lady home and only 21st Senior Lady.

Perhaps it was the home town conditions that suited her – apparently their was a torrential downpour during the race.
See here for good photo’s and report of the race.

A milder day than recent times and dry, though some paths were slippery with ice and a cold wind blew at times.
This is a 15 mile run over Cannock Chase where runners are required to visit 6 trig points, including the Rifle range, Castle Ring, Brereton Spurs and the Glacial Boulder. 161 runners finished and the winner was Tim Werrett of Mercia Fell Runners in a time of 1:35:47.

Harriers running were:

Peter Sarson didn’t enter due to a recent foot problem, but managed to run in a time of 2:09:05

Who are these two looking lost?

Trig Points race

A milder day than recent times and dry, though some paths were slippery with ice and a cold wind blew at times.
This is a 15 mile run over Cannock Chase where runners are required to visit 6 trig points, including the Rifle range, Castle Ring, Brereton Spurs and the Glacial Boulder. 161 runners finished and the winner was Tim Werrett of Mercia Fell Runners in a time of 1:35:47.

Harriers running were:

Peter Sarson didn’t enter due to a recent foot problem, but managed to run in a time of 2:09:05

Who are these two looking lost?

Vernon’s “Limp Wrist” 5 mile run


As last year the first home in the race was Ben Gamble of SMM in a time of 26:45 (exactly 1 min. faster than predicted and 51 secs, faster than last year). But in this race the prize winners are those who get closest to their predicted time – without the benefit of wearing a watch for guidance) And look how close the top 9 were (great pacing or pure chance ??) :

Photo’s from the event at Brian Dale’s and Mick Hall’s sites.