Race Report January to March 2012




While most Harriers were running Stafford half, a few of us opted for a slightly longer lie in after the clocks had changed and set off to the outskirts of Wolverhampton in search of a March Hair (raiser). It was a fantastic day for a run round the fields and woods of Kingswood. It was a slightly different course this year and was measured at 6.33 miles, although to be honest I couldn’t tell you how it was different from the previous year. It’s a relatively flat course with just a few undulations, but you do feel the climb up to the finish from the last farm. Nathan Sabin had a fantastic run coming 6th overall, Michelle Fox was third lady and myself and Brian just enjoyed the run. The race was won by Dave Mansbridge of Telford AC in 35.32


6th Nathan Sabin 39.13 1st U20

27th Michelle Fox 45.16 1st L35 3rd overall

100th Jane Bisiker 54.52

112th Brian Langston 55.37


Jane Bisiker






So far we have found 118 Harriers who ran on Sunday. There may be more. Please check the list and let me know if you are missing from the list and also any of you that had a pb.

The race was won by Mark Dalkins of Telford in 1-10-29 with Chris Hollinshead second in 1-14-31. Matt Woodman was our next Harrier home in fifth place.

First lady Harrier was Runner of the Year Kirsty Stephenson in a time of 1-31-25.

All the times are below.


Pos Name Time
2 Chris Hollinshead 1-14-31
5 Matt Woodman 1-16-18 pb
20 Steve Vaughan 1-19-50
53 Mikko Kuronen 1-24-55
55 Ian Talbot 1-25-02 pb
70 Henry Mtonga 1-26-17
101 Jason Jones 1-27-54
113 Mark Bridgwood 1-28-48 pb
151 Chris Owen 1-30-52
164 Kirsty Stephenson 1-31-25
167 Chris Davies 1-31-33
169 Tamay Joshi 1-31-46
197 Mike St Dunn 1-32-26
210 Mike Down 1-33-33
220 Joe Atherton 1-34-09
240 Wayne Vaughan 1-34-43
243 Richard Caley 1-34-57 pb
251 Ian Hodkinson 1-35-07 pb
302 Deon Vlok 1-36-42
310 Tracey Gee 1-36-58
313 Rob Proctor 1-37-04
314 Steve Cooper 1-37-04 pb
318 Darren Mattock 1-37-13 pb
321 Mark Bentley 1-37-17
324 Neil Martin 1-37-20 pb
333 Tom Exton 1-37-30
387 Dave Payling 1-38-46
389 Eddie Smith 1-38-50
411 Alan Griffin 1-39-22
420 Steph Clayton 1-39-31
421 Tim Hough 1-39-33
446 Andy Bourne 1-39-56 pb
474 Chris Skellern 1-40-36
491 Gary Hemming 1-40-54
492 Mark White 1-41-02
530 John Burdett 1-41-44
533 Paul Risby 1-41-56
551 Neville Bland 1-42-34
560 Steve Babb 1-42-45
563 Dave Cook 1-42-48
575 Chris Elsley 1-43-02 pb
599 Marcus Clay 1-43-32
631 Chris Pearce 1-44-18
657 Louise Baughan 1-46-10
668 John Richardson 1-45-13
773 Dave Mantle 1-47-50 pb
802 Bernard Wilkes 1-48-32
827 Esther Batho 1-49-19
830 Amanda Clay 1-49-23
835 Andrew Stickland 1-49-29
837 Dave Stephenson 1-49-28
859 Steve Turner 1-50-02
902 Julie Addison 1-51-14
909 Mark Oliver 1-51-23
949 Ralph Wedlock 1-52-23
973 James Thorpe 1-53-01
988 Lisa Percox 1-53-16
995 Steph Holdbeck 1-53-23
1005 Jenny Addison 1-53-36
1007 Charlotte Vernon 1-53-57
1065 John Greatholder 1-54-35
1126 Graham Williams 1-55-57
1139 Katerina Jones 1-56-13
1158 Mike Jones 1-56-50
1159 Dave Irving 1-56-51
1165 Karen Murray 1-57-01 pb
1184 Bill Whitworth 1-57-42
1196 Amy Wilshaw 1-58-07
1219 Amy Yeomans 1-58-47
1230 Juli Cocrombe 1-58-54
1259 Karen Sabin 1-59-37
1293 Sandra Smith 2-00-17
1311 Jill Hodkinson 2-00-48
1326 Karen D Murray 2-01-13
1354 Lindsey Foster 2-02-13
1374 Ann Button 2-02-44
1399 Gail Earp 2-03-46
1448 Keeley Gilhooly 2-05-15
1451 Vicky Brady 2-05-18
1461 Sally Burns 2-05-49
1466 Dave Banner 2-06-09
1491 Carl Roberts 2-07-01
1517 Amy Wright 2-07-47
1525 Jeff Martin 2-07-57
1538 George Singh 2-08-16
1565 Steve Woodcock 2-09-23
1567 Tony Baker 2-09-34
1572 Sarah Johnson 2-09-45
1611 John Loft 2-10-55
1625 Kellie Lee 2-11-46 pb
1637 Liz Stanyer 2-12-20
1639 Simon Stanyer 2-12-21 pb
1643 Jo Oliver 2-12-25 pb
1645 Deborah Brown 2-12-30
1648 Marie Banner 2-12-33
1707 Frank Evans 2-16-33
1710 Allison Medford 2-16-42
1712 Holly Wright 2-16-48
1723 Alison Kelly 2-17-16
1788 Phillipa Brake 2-20-43
1831 Amanda Pearce 2-25-25
1838 Rebecca Dale 2-26-13
1855 Dave Preece 2-27-45
1856 Kim Preece 2-27-46
1864 Elaine Rock 2-28-33
1865 Sandra Elcock 2-28-34
1903 Anna Lehnhardt 2-33-54
1925 Sue Down 2-37-57
1928 Michelle Buckley 2-39-12
1938 Helen Law 2-42-03
1946 Ken Down 2-45-33
1953 Leah Wheatley 2-49-08
1962 Emma Whithington 2-51-05
1963 Cheryl Watkins 2-51-06
1964 Jill Martin 2-51-38
1971 Rebecca Humphries 2-55-23
1972 Louise Notley 2-5524
1978 Sandra Bunn 3-16-49



Download Results stafford half 2012
Photos from 2012 just loaded.

Well done to every one that took part. There are 97 photos and I know that I missed some people (sorry) and some have multiple runners.

Colin Mitchell






While visiting the family I took in the ten mile race with my daughter in law Sarah while my son in law did the twenty miler.The race was held at Dunsfold aerodrome where the Top gear team do theie testing. Being on an airfield there was plenty of parking and toilets. The races started at 9.30 with chip timing and the weather was sunny with a cool breeze. The first three miles were completely flat around the airfield, however the rest was undulating with a couple of quite serious hills. The race was on good country roads and well marshalled. There were three water stations on each lap stocked with water, jelly babies and powerbar jels. Finishers received a chocolate bar, medal and foil blanket.The ten mile race was won by Nick Morgan from Waverley Harriers in 58.24, first lady was Fiona Bushell from Burgess Hill Runners in 73.07. Sarah did 73.43 was 6th lady and third over 35. I did 84.05 and was fourth over 60 they did not do an over 65..In the 20 mile race the winner was Nicholas Terry of Serpentine in 1.51.42, first lady was Sarah Unwin-Mann of Reading Roadrunners in 2.14.43. Shane finished in 2.19.12.The race was well organised, the weather was kind and afterwards we went back to Sarah’s house for a BBQ to celebrate Mothers Day.


Graham Williams





The Apley Estate is at Norton (near Telford), home of Lord and Lady Hamilton.


This race is organised by the Black Country Triathletes. It was actually sleeting on my way over there so I was slightly aprehensive that I’d brought enough clothing for the race (I had the usual shorts + T-shirt). However the sun did come out (and stayed out), and after a shiverey wait (the start was postponed by 1/4 hour) we were on our way. The course is 2 loops; of 4 and 6 miles respectively. There was actually a 4 mile race as well as the 10 which makes for interesting tactical positioning on the first lap. I chased a few runners only to see them disappear at the end of the first lap.

The route was along estate roads, tracks and fields. It was firm underfoot and road trainers would have been fine (although I wore my trail shoes) The countryside was unspoilt and stunning, crossing over and following along the river Severn at one point. The second lap took us out along a valley with a steep slope to the left. Presently we ambled left and ascended a steep gulley, at the end of which a race official told me that I was nearly at the top. Imagine my delight when the climb continued for a further 10 minutes! The views from the ridge were lovely and I could see the valley that I ran along earlier. There was a short sharp descent which didn’t seem to provide nearly enough payback for the struggle up on to the ridge in the first place, then a 300 meter dash back along the estate road to the finish. All finishers received a Benny hat momento.

I finished 34th out of around 140 in a time of about 1:16. The winner running for the Black Country Triathletes came in at a few seconds under the hour. I was the only Harrier to participate.

A corker of a course. Adequately marshalled, stunning scenery, It’s a definite for my race calendar for next year.


Joe Atherton






Could two weeks be so different? The forty mile drive to Ashby de la Zouch threw

up a snow shower, hail stones and temperatures more suited to January. After

last weeks Stafford 20 the three Harriers that made their way into

Leicestershire were ready for anything that could be chucked at them. Chris

Ross, Rich Caley and myself lined up alongside 1000 other runners for what was

described on the website as undulating and challenging, this it was. All three

of us put in good, respective runs. The evergreen Chris Ross seems not to be

showing any signs of ageing with a chip time of 2:20.44 in 113th place, the ever

improving Rich Caley finished in 385th in 2:47.11 and even I picked up a PB of

3:04.38 to finish in 608th.

This race is so far removed from last weeks Stafford 20, with loads of water

stations offering cups or bottles of water, gels, jelly babies, chocolate and

extremely enthusiastic marshals. I have to say the marshalling was the best I

have come across. I would recommend this race to anyone with a spring marathon

in mind, testing but very fair. Well worth the early start and journey.

The race was won by Mark Powell of Wigston Phoenix in 1:52.23 and first female

was Claire Spencer of Kimberworth Striders in 2:16.02.


Craig Baxter





Report by Craig Baxter

With London in mind and with much dread I knew I had to enter the Stafford 20. With many miles already under my belt this year I started with assured, but eventually misguided, confidence. Lap one is always a settler on this course, a steady climb past the Showground down Weston Bank and into the village of Salt. Then you start to head back to Beaconside and the dreaded climb past the University for the second lap. I felt fantastic at this point and really started to move well all around the second lap, things were looking good. Then bang, lap three disaster, I struggled up the hill I turned into Hopton Lane were I then stumbled and tripped into the grass verge, breaking the fall with my already bandaged wrist. This really shook me up for a good while and forced me into walking the majority of the final lap. I finally dragged myself over the line with what bit of energy I had left, disappointingly outside of my PB by over a minute. On the day the support from my fellow Harriers who were either racing or watching was nothing short of a godsend, so a big thank you goes out especially to Sandra Smith, Dave and Maria Banner, Ian and Vicky Talbot, Simon Stanyer and the girls, Frank Evans, Chris Skellern, Pete Burns and drinks station girl Lauren Gee.



Report by Mike Jones.

Thirty three harriers completed this years Stafford 20, on a beautiful sunny day, provided you wore the right clothing, it was noticeable that a lot of runners were over dressed, and the runners that did best were only wearing vest and shorts.

Well done to the four harriers that got PB’S, over half the harriers running were it for the first time, and found out that running a 20 mile race is a lot different than running a half marathon.

Pos Name Time
3rd Chris Hollinshead 1-59-29 1st M45
29th Steve Vaughan 2-12-58
61st Paul Douglas 2-20-33 1st M60
75th Sally Gray 2-22-59 2nd lady 1st L35
83rd Chris Ross 2-25-11
87th Chris Owen 2-25-29
116th Kirsty Stevenson 2-28-35 4th L35 PB
127th Mark Bridgwood 2-30-11
134th Mike Saint-Dunn 2-31-08
148th Ian Hodkinson 2-33-31
154th Wayne Vaughan 2-34-53
175th Tracey Gee 2-38-31 4th L40
178th Neil Martin 2-39-36
181st Eddie Smith 2-40-06
211th Dave Payling 2-45-35
219th Mark Bentley 2-46-31
227th Rob Proctor 2-47-53
229th Richard Caley 2-48-09
231st Dave Cook 2-48-45 PB
251st John Finney 2-51-54
257th Ralph Wedlock 2-52-41
290th James Thorpe 2-59-35
291st Lisa Percox 2-59-35 PB
316th Esther Batho 3-07-08
319th Liz Stanyer 3-07-40
320th Steph Holbeck 3-08-03
330th Craig Baxter 3-11-21
334th Sally Burns 3-12-10
339th Bill Whitworth 3-12-58 3rd M70
344th Mike Jones 3-14-23
347th Karen Murray 3-15-06 PB
369th Karen D Murray 3-21-03
403rd Kellie Lee 4-15-59
404 finished.




When I got up on Sunday and saw the weather my initial thought was to head straight back to bed. I’m so pleased I didn’t.

17 Harriers made the start line of the Cloud 9 race in Congleton on a dreadful morning for a hill race. From the start we all knew this wasn’t going to be easy, ankle deep mud across a field before we even started the climb up the Bosley Cloud. Then came the climb. Slippery conditions scrambling over rocks made the ascent very slow going, but the camaraderie of all of our fellow runners was a great help. On reaching the top of the Cloud we were greeted with a snow shower. Then came the fun bit, a take your life into your own hands descent. The only way to do this was, going for it. It should have been a welcome relief, but you have no time to consider this when hurtling past rocks and trees at high speed. The head for home was a nice easy road run leading on to a canal tow path back to the finish.

Personally it has now become my favourite race and I would highly recommend it to all Harriers. The marshalling on the day is fantastic and the soup and roll a bonus.


Craig Baxter

Harriers Finishing Times and positions.

20th Steve Vaughan 1-02-22
118th Keith Skelton 1-14-05
157th Darren Mattocks 1-16-28
181st Joe Atherton 1-18-27
202nd Wayne Vaughan 1-19-37
240th Dave Marsden 1-23-08
256th Chris Elsley 1-24-27
278th Ralph Wedlock 1-26-37
296th Craig Baxter 1-28-22
332nd John Greatholder 1-32-35
337th Graham Williams 1-33-16
340th Jane Bisiker 1-33-46
355th Karen Sabin 1-36-30
373rd Karen D Murray 1-40-00
375th Kellie Lee 1-40-22
386th Simon Stanyer 1-43-12
399th Mike Jones 1-48-04





A few thousand people, bright sunshine and the fantastic backdrop of London from the course of the National Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill, is what was awaiting the nine running Stafford Harriers and their support team of four. A truly amazing setting for this superb event, saw the nine Harriers put in brave performances on a difficult course. The only juniors that entered were all from the U13 girl’s team; they were Elisha Walker – 67th in 12.59, Hannah Talbot – 161st in 13.44 and Ellie Baxter – 286th in 15.08. Three very good performances in a big field of 368 runners, well done girls. In the senior ladies race the sole runner was ladies team manager Tracey Gee running a really good race to finish a very respectable 313th in a time of 37.20 out of 650 runners. Then came the last race of the day, with the start reportedly resembling a scene from Braveheart with 1688 runners charging off the start line. Impressively the senior men managed to enter a full team of six, with first Harrier back Keith Skelton 1081st – 52.30, then followed by the very impressive Rich Caley 1194th in 54.02, then came Darren Mattocks 1270th in 55.15, followed by Joe Atherton 1306th in 55.57, then men’s team manager Eddie Smith 1454th in 59.01 and finally the streamlined Craig Baxter 1615th in 105.35. This put the Stafford Harriers team in 122nd place overall. The team and their enthusiastic supporters then went off for a race de-brief in a few local London hostelries where well deserved re-hydration took place. A great day out and much to be proud of for all Stafford Harriers involved.

Report from Craig Baxter and photos from Liz Stanyer.

Provisional Results


Other Harriers made their way to a couple of local five mile races. They were the Knype Pool 5 mile in Biddulph where Dave Marsden was 49th in 39.33 and in the Action Heart 5 mile in Dudley, Neil Martin finished in 68th place in a time of 34.30 followed by Christine Skellern in 115th in 37.50. Well done to them for flying the Harrier flag locally.








When I woke up Sunday and looked outside and saw white stuff on the ground I thought ah.doing a 10k on icy roads okay but not 26.2.looked on the organisers website for any info, none so I risked the 70m trip. Arrived at the start in nice village called Temple Giuting. (Just a few miles form country files Adams farm of which we do pass) this is another low-key marathon by the same organisers as Gloucester and again consisted of multiple laps. The start was approx 1m from race HQ, so there was a 10/15min walk so had to decide what to wear, as it was sunny but a slight chill. Decided a vest an old t-shirt which I could dispose of when the horn went. The course cannot be described as flat. 2m point a long steep climb and at 6m was a 2m very gentle climb with a strong cold cross wind, with a nice 1m downhill at 7/8m.then had to repeat the above another 2 times. Second lap was getting hard work especially the 2m gentle climb. Third lap the steep climb really got me gasping and might have been quicker walking. The gentle climb was even worst but I knew that the last mile was going to be easy. It’s so nice to do the last mile quicker than the first. As it a multiple lapse there was only mile markers up to 10 and 1 at 20,which helped mentally. I wasn’t expecting quick time because of profile, but completed in a Pb time of 3.12.59

Chris Owen





On a cold, icy Saturday morning at 9.30am we parked our car at Tackeroo campsite, the temperature gage read -10oC. Hell in the Middle could only mean one thing, especially in those conditions – HARD WORK! We made our way to the start at Rifle Range Corner, the atmosphere was welcoming, a band trio on one corner, burger vans and people in costumes around the next. At the start was a stilt wearing, fire flash wielding devil –then at just after 10.30am we were off. The course was so icy it was difficult to gain any kind of speed and indeed mine was an odd style of running. There was hill after hill and trees to dodge. I loved it – it was great fun. The course had been reduced on the morning due to safety but the 9.5 miles were fun but very challenging. After about 7.5 miles the sound of music started booming through the trees – this could only mean one thing – The Bog Of Doom! Waist high in freezing, icy muddy water, what else would you rather be doing on a Saturday morning? More weaving through trees and then finally the end was in sight.

If you enjoyed Suicide 6 but could manage a bit more, you’ll absolutely love Hell In The Middle! Anyone who has run with me on the chase knows what a wimp I am (especially on the hills) but this was great fun, with fantastic camaraderie and an amazing atmosphere. Apologies Lynn I couldn’t find a photograph.


Written by Sally Burns

Joseph Atherton 1:28:31 Finish 1:28:12 Chip 138 Overall Pos

Kenton Sharpe 1:51:40 Finish 1:49:57 Chip 649 Overall Pos

Sally Burns 2:07:56 Finish 1:06:03 Chip 967 Overall Pos

Rebecca Bostock 2:16:56 Finish 2:15:02 Chip 1066 Overall Pos

Lynn Geoghegan 2:59:18 Finish 2:59:18 Chip 1150 Overall Pos


Birminham Cross Country League

Stafford Common

Just some photos. Race report and results are on the Cross Country page.



After all the snow and the guessing games “is it or isn’t it on’, the Alsager 5 took place. Twenty Six Harriers eventually made it although there should have been double that number. It seems there had been a lot of work done clearing the course and had they done a bit more on communications then they would have had more than the 561 that turned out. It must be a record low for this race.

From the Harriers that did turn out Matt Woodman was 1st home in 45th place in 27-55 and first Lady was Chris Skellern in 215th in 35-49 and also 1st L45. Its looking good for the battles in the Challenge though as 10 Harriers finished within a minute of each other from Neil Martin to Alan Griffin and five of them finished in a space of 14 seconds.

All the Harriers times and positions are below.

Pos Name Time
45th Matt Woodman 27-55
82nd Nathan Sabin 30-00
204th Neil Martin 35-26 pb
215th Chris Skellern 35-49 1st L45
216th Steve Cooper 35-50 pb
218th Darren Mattocks 35-52 pb
220th Dave Payling 35-55 pb
234th Mike St. Dunn 36-15
235th Ian Hodgkinson 36-18 pb
237th Mark Bentley 36-19
239th Paul Risby 36-20 pb
240th Alan Griffin 36-29 pb
270th Jame Thorpe 37-26 pb
304th Steve Turner 39-02
308th Dave Mantle 39-10 pb
311th Dan Cooper 39-13
385th Karen Sabin 42-30
413th Gill Hogkinson 43-33
439th Bill Whitworth 44-33 pb
442nd Mike Jones 44-41
482nd George Singh 47-23
503rd Kellie Lee 48-56 pb
505th Alison Kelly 49-16
538th Gael Earp 54-47
542nd Judith Colman 55-18
547th Frank Grant 57-40


Midland Cross Country Championships Nottingham



Some times race reports are like buses… none for ages and then three at the same time… joking aside please continue sending them.. it is nice to read different views.. Anyone have any photos of the runners ? (Colin Mitchell)

First report by Craig Baxter

Another weekend and another Cross Country Race for the travelling Stafford Harriers. Twelve Harriers headed off to the beautiful surroundings of Wollaton Park in Nottingham for the Midlands Cross CountryChampionships. Traditionally the Midlands Championships brings out some of the best cross country runners in the UK and this year was no different, so this makes some of the performances even more special.

In the U13 girls race there were four Harriers running these included Elisha Walker in a very good 6th place, well set for a good year next year in her second year as an U13 alongwith Hannah Talbot 54th, these two were helped in no small part by, Amy Oliver 103rd and Emma Underwood 106th.

In the boys U13 Tom Sabin was the lone Harrier but wasn’t fazed by this and finished in a credible 17th.

Joe Smith was also the only entrant forthe Harriers in the U15 boys and came in 78th.

In the Girls U15s race two brave runners represented the club, these were Kayleigh Derry 90th and Laura Taylor 97th.

Nathan Sabin yet again put in another great run in his first year as a U17 with 37th in a very high quality field, with still another year in this age group things look good for Nathan.

Sadly only three senior runners made the start line and all three ran in the senior men’s race with Ian Talbot best placed in 185th, followed by Rich Caley 333rd and Ian Hodkinson 351st.

Well done to all.


Second report by Michelle Walker


Stafford Harriers juniors turned out in force on Saturday and did the club proud, each of them showing the determination to complete the course against a very strong field. Elisha Walker continued with her great form to finish in 6th place in the U13 girls 3K race and was supported by Hannah Talbot 54th, Amy Oliver 103rd and Emma Underwood 106th. In the U13 boys 3K Tom Sabin finished in a brilliant 17th place. In the U15 girls 4K Kayleigh Derry finished in 90th place followed by Laura Taylor. In the U15 boys 4K Joe Smith finished in 78th place and in the U17 men 6K Nathan Sabin had another great run to finish in 37th place.Three Harriers competed in the senior men 12k, first home was Ian Talbot 185th, supported by Richard Caley 333rd and Ian Hodkinson 351st, Well done to all that took part.


Third report by Ian Talbot


Only 3 male Harriers did this cross country event, Richard Caley, Ian Hodkinson and myself.

The 12k race set in Wollaton Park, Nottingham consisted of four 3K laps. The weather on the day was perfect for cross country with no wind or rain to battle.

A high quality field of just over 400 set off with Ian Hodgkinson only just managing to get to the start line at the very last minute after parking troubles.

The course was set up for a quick cross country with some ups and downs but nothing that would get into the mind too much. On the course some hardy Harriers were giving good support especially after such a long day for some who had been at the course since the first event. (many thanks to Michelle Walker ,Chris Skellern and Karen Sabin along with the kids who had run earlier in the day. Hannah, Elisha, Nathan and Tom).

On the hills Graham Allen was able to move from one tough point to another just in time to drive you on to the top, his encouragement was invaluable. Really enjoyed this race and each lap felt better as I was able to settle into my running.

The race was won in a superb time of 36.36 by James Walsh (Leeds City)

Myself I came 185th in 47.21, Richard was 333rd in 55.26 and Ian 351st in 56.32.


Quick Note


Next year these Championships are being stage by us on Stafford Common.



Gloucester Marathon



Since starting running 3years ago I have different goals1st year Idid all races going2nd year joined NSRRA and became a complete runner3rd year did races I enjoyed or might enjoyThis year I am mainly just doing marathons,with a few local races.Gloucester marathon is a low key marathon based on the outskirts of Glouceter in a suburb called Quegeley. It consisted of a 4m flat figure of 8 around the main town. It just felt like a winter training run as it was virtually all on pavements as the roads were to busy/dangerous. Then 3 laps of very undulating country lanes. The first 2m seemed short but the next 5m just dragged. I thought I was going to struggle as I did the trig race week before. At halfway I was on course for a sub 3.15(goal for gfa for london), but a 16m I was suffering. I had committed the cardinal sin, new trainers (same make as usual but a newer model). Never suffered with new trainers, that’s why I chanced it. I was coming to the stage of walking at the slightest excuse. I was so happy on completion of last lap as there was only 1m left. I had to battle the town agai, but this time it was better marshalled and a few cones were dotted about. It was well organised with friendly marshalls. Drinks stations had full cups of water which you had to help yourself to. My legs held out ,but my feet were pure agony. I still finished in a respectable time of 3.27.59
Report by Chris Owen


Blymhill 10k and Four Villages Half Marathon



Four Stafford Harriers crossed different borders into neighbouring Shropshire and Cheshire for the 2nd running of the Blymhill 10k and the very popular Four Villages Half Marathon. Just one runner took the northern route to Helsby for the Half Marathon, Jo Atherton came in 430th in a time of 1:37.30. The other three runners took on the very undulating Blymhill 10k with the ever consistent Chris Skellern first Harrier over the line and also first Female Veteran 40 in an overall position of 53rd in 46.08, followed closely by Michelle Fox in 55th place in 46.30 and then just thirteen place further back Dave Marsden in 68th in a time of 47.55.


Report by Craig


Brain Smith Photos





A great turn out for the first race of the Harriers Season with 20 Harriers braving the tough course. In perfect running conditions there were some great runs. The winner was Rob Little of Dark Peak in an amazing 1-39-32 over five minutes ahead of the second place runner.

In the prizes for the Harriers were Ian Talbot, first Harrier, home in 16th place and 2nd V40. First Harrier lady was who else but Chris Skellern in 47th and 1st L45. Next Prize went to Tracey Gee (62nd) and 3rd L40, not to be outdone was Eddie Smith (75th) 3rd V55. Then we had Brian Langston (129th) 2nd V65 and last but not least Amanda Pearce (130th) 3rd L55. The full results are on the Mercia Website below.

Ian and Eddie were two of the the team that ran the cross country the day before.


Full Results Click here

For more photos click on this link




Baggeridge Park



Twelve Harriers completed this third race in the Birmingham League and for many of them they were doing the Trig Race as well. It was run over a new course at Baggeridge Park but many knew it as a lot of it was over the Suicide Six course. Here is a link to some photos courtesy of Brian Smith.


Brian Smith Photos





This is the second time that I have run this event, held at Shuker Field in Newport but my first since I joined the Harriers so I was interested to see how my time compared to last year.

It is a 5K off road race which consists of two laps around a well marked out, flat course. The race is held in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Cost was just £5 with a ‘Macmillan’ green t-shirt to take away.

There was a good crowd at the start (there was a 2.5K fun run starting an hour later) and a band which all added to the atmosphere.

132 runners completed the course. First male home was Chris Davies of Telford AC in 16.53 and the first female was Claire Martin (also of Telford AC) in 19.05.

As for me, I was the only Harrier there, but I finished in 22.59 (24th overall), knocking off over two minutes from last year so being a Harrier is paying off!

Chris Elsley




from Pete Sarson

Well I ran the NZ version on Sunday – and even got on the national TV news video footage (about 26secs into the video in green & yellow vest).I got 19th overall and 1st V60


Check the video HERE






104 braved the morning after the night before to take part in this years Bare Wrist run. Simple rules everyone predicts their time and without the aid of a watch tries to get as close as possible to the predicted time. Winner of the race is the one that gets closest to the prediction. I don’t know how they train them at Mow Cop but they had the first two runners 2 seconds and 3 seconds out.


Here is the full list of times.


Pos No First name Last name Club Predicted Actual
1 332 Clare Holdcroft Mow Cop Runners 38:16 0:38:18 00:02
2 342 Abi Aartse Tuyn Mow Cop Runners 47:28 0:47:31 00:03
3 521 Graham Williams Stafford Harriers 44:20 0:44:24 00:04
4 330 Mick Beardmore Cheadle R C 34:43 0:34:37 00:06
4 270 Eddie Smith Stafford Harriers 38:02 0:38:08 00:06
4 311 Matt Woodman Stafford Harriers 28:00 0:28:06 00:06
7 337 Arthur Rodon Unattached 39:17 0:39:24 00:07
8 512 Bernard Wilkes Stafford Harriers 38:29 0:38:37 00:08
8 345 Dean Winsor Unattached 32:32 0:32:24 00:08
10 524 Shane O’Conner Waverley Harriers 33:30 0:33:21 00:09
11 298 Russell Barron Stafford Harriers 29:00 0:28:50 00:10
12 269 Tracey Gee Stafford Harriers 38:50 0:38:39 00:11
12 527 Alan Jeavans Unattached 37:26 0:37:15 00:11
14 341 Jo Aartse Tuyn Unattached 47:26 0:47:14 00:12
15 399 Chris Owen Stafford Harriers 34:30 0:34:43 00:13
15 313 Tom Sabin Stafford Harriers 36:12 0:35:59 00:13
17 314 Colin Pheasant Chase Harriers 45:48 0:45:32 00:16
17 397 Stephen Burrows Trentham R C 34:54 0:35:10 00:16
19 513 Tom Johnson Stone Master Marathoners 34:55 0:35:14 00:19
20 515 Vicky Lowndes Stafford Tri 38:45 0:38:25 00:20
21 393 Rosemary Wilson Trentham R C 38:50 0:38:28 00:22
22 392 Ian Wood Oak Park 32:20 0:32:43 00:23
22 394 Julie Griffiths Stone Master Marathoners 47:00 0:46:37 00:23
22 303 Chris Elsley Stafford Harriers 36:02 0:36:25 00:23
25 315 Darren Taylor Chase Harriers 37:55 0:38:21 00:26
26 317 Ann Williams NSSRA 40:48 0:40:20 00:28
26 522 Pam Davies Stone Master Marathoners 42:42 0:42:14 00:28
26 307 Keith Skelton Stafford Harriers 33:30 0:33:02 00:28
29 510 Charles Larsson Newcastle A C 37:59 0:37:30 00:29
30 506 Graham Fletcher Newcastle A C 37:25 0:37:55 00:30
30 306 Chris Skellern Stafford Harriers 37:42 0:37:12 00:30
30 344 Guy Aartse Tuyn Mow Cop Runners 33:27 0:32:57 00:30
33 268 Brian Langston Stafford Harriers 43:25 0:42:53 00:32
34 333 Paul Bosson Stafford Harriers 34:56 0:35:31 00:35
34 338 John Corbett Unattached 34:25 0:35:00 00:35
36 507 Bill Whitworth Stafford Harriers 49:10 0:48:33 00:37
37 310 Kevin Uzzell Stone Master Marathoners 37:13 0:36:35 00:38
38 351 Julie Addison Stafford Harriers 37:38 0:38:17 00:39
38 518 Amanda Pearce Stafford Harriers 52:10 0:51:31 00:39
38 336 Chris Barlow Stone Master Marathoners 40:29 0:41:08 00:39
41 350 Gareth Briggs Staffs Moorlands A C 28:45 0:28:05 00:40
42 322 Les Hall Norton Canes Road Runners 50:27 0:51:17 00:50
43 390 Paul Risby Stafford Harriers 39:15 0:38:23 00:52
43 346 Louise Boughan Stafford Harriers 41:10 0:40:18 00:52
45 316 Craig Baxter Stafford Harriers 41:49 0:40:55 00:54
46 353 Mark Hughes Trentham R C 55:00 0:54:05 00:55
47 304 Kate Evans Spa Striders 38:45 0:37:48 00:57
48 271 Lauren Gee Stafford Harriers 42:53 0:43:52 00:59
48 526 Mike Cutler South Cheshire Harriers 42:53 0:41:54 00:59
50 305 Mike Jones Stafford Harriers 43:25 0:44:25 01:00
51 391 Mark Churton Stone Master Marathoners 40:27 0:39:21 01:06
52 256 Frank Evans Stafford Harriers 54:00 0:52:51 01:09
53 321 Sarah Gardner-Hall Norton Canes Road Runners 37:50 0:39:06 01:16
54 329 Graham McLachlan Mikchelin A C 39:55 0:38:38 01:17
55 328 John Dunn NSSRA 39:59 0:38:41 01:18
56 508 Adrian Lees NSSRA 38:20 0:39:39 01:19
57 297 Kim Preece Stafford Harriers 49:13 0:50:33 01:20
58 352 Nigel Addison Stafford Harriers 37:46 0:39:08 01:22
59 292 David Preece Stafford Harriers 49:10 0:50:34 01:24
60 396 Peter Dennett Andover Tri 37:36 0:39:02 01:26
61 349 Mak Singh Unattached 39:40 0:38:13 01:27
61 354 Grahame Cope Uttoxeter road runners 39:11 0:37:44 01:27
63 340 Lorraine Clarke Mow Cop Runners 49:32 0:48:03 01:29
64 523 Mac McCoig Stone Master Marathoners 48:49 0:47:19 01:30
65 509 Jason Blount Newcastle A C 43:40 0:42:08 01:32
66 334 Ian Talbot Stafford Harriers 34:10 0:32:35 01:35
66 302 John Guest Trentham R C 36:09 0:34:34 01:35
68 318 Mark Neeld Stone Master Marathoners 28:10 0:29:48 01:38
68 514 James Thorpe Stafford Harriers 39:08 0:40:46 01:38
70 516 Richard Lowndes Stafford Tri 36:00 0:34:17 01:43
71 511 Katrina Jones Stafford Harriers 46:03 0:44:19 01:44
72 504 Esther Batho Stafford Harriers 39:28 0:41:14 01:46
73 254 Mark Bentley Stafford Harriers 38:47 0:36:47 02:00
73 335 Mark Eccleston Stafford Harriers 41:00 0:43:00 02:00
75 319 David Smith Unattached 46:20 0:44:19 02:01
76 324 Mark Oliver Stafford Harriers 38:43 0:40:48 02:05
77 400 Stephen Leighton Unattached 43:36 0:41:30 02:06
78 525 Mike Moore Stafford Harriers 48:19 0:50:36 02:17
79 519 Sarah Williams Stragglers 39:56 0:37:37 02:19
80 300 Ian Hodkinson Stafford Harriers 38:49 0:36:27 02:22
81 339 George Singh Stafford Harriers 52:00 0:49:37 02:23
82 343 Frank Lain Unattached 37:55 0:35:24 02:31
83 272 Joe Atherton Stafford Harriers 37:20 0:34:45 02:35
84 347 Sonia Lockett Stone Master Marathoners 54:10 0:51:32 02:38
84 348 Kate Sutcliffe Stone Master Marathoners 54:10 0:51:32 02:38
86 517 Stu Turner Stafford Tri 38:45 0:35:55 02:50
87 520 Richard Williams Unattached 41:00 0:38:09 02:51
88 528 Richard Caley Stafford Harriers 45:00 0:42:03 02:57
89 312 Nathan Sabin Stafford Harriers 28:30 0:31:28 02:58
90 331 Darren Hunt Mow Cop Runners 43:47 0:40:39 03:08
91 308 Kathy Ling Wrekin R R 01:08:12 1:11:30 03:18
92 326 Val Stuart Stafford Harriers 58:50 0:55:30 03:20
93 301 Judith Colman Stafford Harriers 58:10 0:54:39 03:31
94 502 Sally Nixon Stafford Harriers 59:25 0:55:34 03:51
95 325 Joanne Oliver Stafford Harriers 51:56 0:48:02 03:54
96 501 Dave Banner Stafford Harriers 52:14 0:47:50 04:24
97 505 Julie Fletcher Newcastle A C 55:33 0:50:55 04:38
98 327 Danny Taylor Unattached 40:00 0:35:21 04:39
98 398 Hilary Rees Unattached 48:00 0:52:39 04:39
100 395 Nick Boulton Unattached 54:15 0:48:40 05:35
101 503 Sarah Johnson Stafford Harriers 48:48 0:42:56 05:52
102 320 Andrew Cotton Unattached 58:10 0:51:36 06:34
103 401 Maria Banner Stafford Harriers 55:57 0:48:01 07:56
104 323 Sarah Hodgson Wrekin R R 00:00 0:49:52 10:08



If you would like to see where you finished in the race on actual times then here it is in pdf format.