Race Report July to September 2014


Stafford Harriers Press Report

Sunday 28th September 2014


Bill Whitworth

Stafford Harrier Val Stuart set herself a personal goal in 2014 which her team mates have enthusiastically embraced – running 70 miles in the season to celebrate reaching her 70th birthday and in doing so raising money for the Williams Syndrome Foundation, a cause very close to her heart.

This weekend saw Val choose the Nottingham Half Marathon as her penultimate event and, to show their support, a contingent of 13 Harriers accompanied her.

From the tree-lined University Boulevard, this fast flat course takes runners down around Highfields Lake and through the Trent building courtyard at the University of Nottingham, one of the most iconic buildings in Nottingham and on around the sights of Nottingham – the castle, the famous Trent Bridge cricket ground and Nottingham Forest Football Club before winding along the river to the finish at Victoria Embankment.

The event was won by Matthew Kimutai of Run Fast 1:04:21 with leading lady Gladys Kwambai also of Run Fast who finished in a time of 1:14:22.

Leading Harrier was Ryan Nokes in 95th place in 1:22:38 while Val Stuart crossed the line in 2:49:33

Harriers times were


name time
Ryan Nokes 1:22:38 PB
Ian Hodkinson 1:35:33
Gill Hodkinson 1:46:14
Mark Oliver 1:49:13
Rachel Davis 1:50:21
Ian Dale 1:51:54
Charlotte Ward 1:58:12
Richard Davies 2:02:29
Julie Mogey 2:08:17
Joanne Oliver 2:10:54
Lindsay Foster 2:10:54
Hannah Lloyd 2:34:35
Val Stuart 2:49:33
Marie Davies 2:50:45





Arrived on the Friday evening and stayed at the Holiday Inn Slough situated right on Slough train station which was handy to catch the 6 min train journey to Windsor.

This race was a 1pm start not sure why but was nice to have a lie in and enjoy breakfast with plenty of time to get to the start.

Felt excited but also little nervous as done very little training due to Ill health and no running for 3mths but I was determined to give it a go.


It was a well organised race plenty of water stations around the route and scenery beautiful around Windsor Great Park. Although very hilly there were also plenty of downhills.

I found the last 4 miles really tough and past a lot of runners needing st john ambulance assistance.

A very hot day combined with a 1pm start made this a very tough race for all.

But great scenery and a good one if you want a bit of a challenge. I wouldn’t suggest anyone else do it as their first Half marathon as it’s very hilly!

I especially enjoyed the turn at 12 miles down the last mile with Windsor castle in front of you. The support for the last two miles was excellent with plenty of encouragement.

Although I didn’t get a good time of 2hrs 41, I was pleased to have got round. A nice medal for finishing too.


Rachel Marsden


North Staffs Cross Country League

Race 1 – Winsford, Cheshire
Report Tracey Jones


The cross country season got off to a promising start for Stafford Harriers, with 15 ladies and 16 men competing in the first fixture, hosted by Vale Royal AC. It was great to welcome new members to the club Debbie McDermott and Glyn Wade straight into the squads as well as Rachel Davis, Justine Hall, Steve Jackson and Rich Rae joining the teams this year.

The ladies race consisted of 2 laps of the course totalling 3.5 miles whilst the men tackled 4 laps at 7 miles.

The ladies maintained their division one status this season and are currently 5th of 8 teams. The men were relegated to division two but after race 1 are leading the division consisting of 20 teams.


Results as follows:

25 Michelle Fox W35 24.29
36 Tracey Jones W40 25.34
47 Chris Skellern W50 26.23
54 Liz Stanyer W40 26.47
60 Julie Addison JW 26.58
69 Gill Hodkinson W40 27.39
76 Shelley Burns SW 27.55
85 Rachel Davis W45 28.16
99 Sandra Smith W45 29.15
104 Justice Hall W40 29.42
111 Jane Bisiker W50 30.10
113 Debbie McDermott W45 30.26
118 Jill Ross W45 30.58
166 Lauren Gee JW 38.40
168 Sara Broome W45 40.20

174 finished.


33 Phil Hilsdon SM 42.42
44 Nathan Sabin JM 43.28
54 Mark Bridgwood SM 44.22
79 Richard Rae SM 45.48
115 Ian Hodkinson M40 48.17
126 Jim Smith M45 49.10
144 Glyn Wade M45 50.30
153 Dave Marsden M60 50.55
156 Steve Jackson M40 51.01
165 Chris Ross M50 51.44
172 Darren Mattocks M40 52.04
203 Mark Bentley M50 55.20
214 Eddie Smith M60 56.37
232 Dave Mantle M60 60.52
237 Graham Williams M65 62.04
252 Michael Jones M70 72.52

256 finished.


Next race is 25th October 2014 at Stafford Common see the North Staffs Cross Country League website for further information.

If you would like to join the teams, please let Tracey Jones have your name and date of birth.



Saturday 27th September

Report by Caryl Gibson


We were supposed to do this race way back in February but back then flooding had vastly reduced the course so it was postponed to this September. Positives here, we got two weekends away in Bridgnorth but one negative, it meant we did miss the first cross country of the season in Winsford, another positive, however, at least I didn’t end up late and starting after everyone else! lol!
The race took place in magnificent grounds – we ran through woodlands, across fields, up steep gullies, down shingled paths, past Apley Hall, over cattle grids and past outbuildings bigger than my house.. so this was a bit like all the normal cross countries rolled into one – especially as we had opted for the 21K (other options 10k or 5k). Bonus – we got to do the course twice as the 21k was two laps! I did wonder what on earth I was doing as we embarked on lap two as others peeled off to the finish!
I did think early on – actually before I even started the race- that maybe combining a race with a weekend away was not the best idea! Friday night had been spent in Bridgnorth in a very nice wine bar where an impromptu surreal Northern Soul experience proved to be the highlight of the evening. It’s a long time since I have actually seen people dancing ‘proper’ Wigan style. The last time was when I was still in the North and Northern Soul was the norm so I just had to join in! Several glasses of wine later, no taxis to be had, the wine bar owner gave us a lift back to the camp site and my resolution not to drink before a race was in tatters!
Race day – OMG – couldn’t face breakfast, was dreading running – at least the race started at 2.30! and then we were off – lap one – not so good, passed the finish and start of lap two wondering what on earth I was doing? Lap two started to feel ok. Final home stretch I got past some other runners, finally finished, with thanks to the nice first aid man who stopped me from keeling over, made me walk round, fed me lemon drizzle cake and gave me a recovery drink.
Despite my hangover I got 2nd over 50 and even better beat the three ladies who got the 40+ trophies!
I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing a ‘hangover race’ unless everyone else is hungover too! In fact Saturday night I had to switch to cocktails as I couldn’t face red wine! So I guess that makes me a proper Harrier?
I would definitely recommend the Apley Estates run – but maybe not the boozy night the evening before!

21 k Results

name time
Michael Dobson 1:43:50 4th overall
Caryl Gibson 2:19:28 2nd SVET (lady)
Joe Atherton 2:19:29


10 k Results

name time
Nicola Colley 1:18:47




the don (double or nothing)

10 mile & 20 mile & 40 mile
19 and 21 Sept 14

Report by chris owen


this weekend i did a a unique formula for a race, 3 races,each day the distance and elevation gain doubled

it all started with a gentle 10m run, the only trouble was the race started the otherside ot the wrekin and at 23.00 fri and had to run back to iron bridge via the summit of the wrekin. running with a head torch is not ideal but what made it worst was the mist,visabilty less than 20m. getting to the top wasn’t to bad, a few false summits,coming back down was awful the path was steep and loose shale and i lost so much time.the rest of the route was mixture of footpaths and country lanes.through one field we warned about a couple cows,it was actually a herd and all you could see were eyes.

saturday was a 20m fun run starting at iron bridge to a secret location.the route was quite roads and public byeways.there were many climbs with the notable one being brown clee hill ,highest hill in shropshire which was 3/4m steep climb .after 16m i descided there wasn’t any reason to push and save my energy for sunday and realy slowed down.the secret location was widerhope manor a 16c dwelling now a youth hostle.

sunday,this was the main event a 40m ultra, from widerhope manor back to iron bridge via the long myn and wrekin edge with a fwe other hills as well

the whole route was via written instructions or gpx files ,luckily i got a nice gamin unit was able to use the gpx which made navigation so much nicer but still got lost a few times by not concentrating

the event was organised by beyond marathons ,a injurded ultra runner who oraganisers low cost ultra’s with a twist.next one is a 50m night run with a grim reaper trying to catch you

breakdown of my times
10 mile 1.47.09
20 mile 4.22
40 mile 8.53.08 total 70 mile 15.02.17

the winner was charlie sharpe 9.50.07 nearly 3 hrs in front . lady was melissa arkinstah in 13.24.49





21 Sept 14


Report by Liz Stanyer


A beautiful cool sunny morning for the latest North Staffs and Harriers Challenge race. However it didn’t feel very cool on the run and a few of us ungrateful Harriers moaned that it was too hot.

I’ve not done this race before and I am now officially banning the use of the word undulating (that means you Tracey!) I don’t want to hear undulating again to describe races, which are quite frankly brutal.

The race starts on a downhill narrow country lane and from then on is either up or down with no flat all the way. It’s a fast start and then the ups come within the first mile and further on you come out half way up the notorious Cheadle 4 hill. Up and down, up and down with, granted, a particularly spectacular long downhill about 3 mile (I think?).

This gave me little comfort as I knew what goes down must go up and I was pretty done in at this stage. I thought the hills were tough and relentless, every corner turned showed a hill view.

I got totally disorientated at 5-6 miles to see Phil Hilsdon and others coming down a hill towards us and thought, with horror, that I had a big loop somewhere to do. However, unfortunately Phil and others had taken a wrong turn due to lack of marshaling and they added an extra 1.5 miles to their 7 mile race. (Cue lots of gloating from Jim Smith etc. claiming victory over Phil!)

The last mile is majority downhill, and I thank a Cheadle runner for telling me no more hills, but you are greeted with a sheer cliff face back up to the school finish.

A nice technical T shirt, or if you didn’t like it, you could just steal a different colour from a fellow Harrier couldn’t you Graham? At the presentation, Mark the organiser, was visibly upset at the marshaling error and very apologetic to those affected.

Well done to Michelle Rushton-Fox and Ian Wood for winning their respective age groups.

This is a very tough race, 7 miles a difficult distance as you go off hard thinking it’s not too long then realise 3 miles in that actually 7 miles is very long! I’m sure others appreciated the pretty countryside and ‘undulations’ of the quiet lanes, but for me, I was too busy saying “never again” repeatedly to take any of it in.



Harriers results

First name Surname Name Group Club Pos Time NSRRA
Steve Copnall MSNR Stafford Harriers 23 00:47:34
Ian Wood M50 Stafford Harriers 34 00:48:34 366
Keith Skelton M50 Stafford Harriers 40 00:49:04
Jim Smith M45 Stafford Harriers 44 00:49:52
Michelle Fox F35 Stafford Harriers 47 00:50:00 625
David Marsden M60 Stafford Harriers 64 00:51:20
Mark Bentley M50 Stafford Harriers 79 00:52:36 449
Tracey Jones F40 Stafford Harriers 88 00:52:51 171
Phillip Hilsdon MSNR Stafford Harriers 94 00:53:15 165
Chris Skellern F50 Stafford Harriers 99 00:53:33 549
Liz Stanyer F40 Stafford Harriers 123 00:55:40 232
Eddie Smith M60 Stafford Harriers 127 00:56:12 342
Rachel Davis F45 Stafford Harriers 132 00:56:45
Tracy Ridings F40 Stafford Harriers 135 00:57:08 331
Shelley Burns FSNR Stafford Harriers 145 00:57:40
Caryl Gibson F50 Stafford Harriers 156 00:59:05
Joe Atherton M55 Stafford Harriers 157 00:59:10
Sandra Smith F45 Stafford Harriers 158 00:59:12
Graham Williams M65 Stafford Harriers 166 01:01:16 65
Karen Murray F45 Stafford Harriers 180 01:03:35 224
Fred Chidlow M65 Stafford Harriers 186 01:05:18 384
Charlotte Ward F35 Stafford Harriers 197 01:08:34 603
Stuart Fowlie M50 Stafford Harriers 202 01:08:23
Bill Whitworth M70 Stafford Harriers 223 01:19:42 363






The Lichfield 10K drew a field of 26 Harriers on Sunday on an ideal running day as we head towards the autumn season. The event, which is highly popular in the region and regularly attracts more than 1,000 runners, was won by Chris Jordan of Leicester Coritanian in 32:48 and Natasha Blunt of Running Forever Running Club led the ladies home with her time of 39:19.


Harrier times were

name time
Richard Rea 0:40:45
Paul Higginson 0:41:57
Alan Griffin 0:42:18
Jim Smith 0:44:56
Chris Skellern 0:46:41
Will Grey 0:47:03
Darren Pyatt 0:47:39
Chris Elsley 0:47:54
Rachel Davis 0:47:55
Garry Lee 0:48:33
Leon Stringer 0:50:05
Anne Coghlan 0:51:36
Richard Draper 0:53:02
Kate Waterhouse 0:54:04
Julie Crocombe 0:54:21
Joanne Oliver 0:54:34
Karen Murray 0:56:09
Charlotte Ward 0:56:50
Julie Mogey 0:57:13
Claire Bradshaw 0:57:22
Ian Coghlan 0:57:30
Amy Oliver 0:59:45
Gemma Gray 1:03:45
Sarah Gray 1:09:10
Rachel Marsden 1:09:14
Linday Ashforth 1:09:43



Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon


Meanwhile a quartet of Harriers chose to take part in the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon just over the border in Wales. Stockport Harrier Alexander O’Gorman won the event with his time of 1:08:35 and the leading lady for this event was Alison Lavendar of Oswestry Olympians who completed the course in 1:17:00.
Harriers who completed were


Michael Dobson 1:25:31
Sandra Smith 1:55:07
John Hateley 2:11:13
Nicola Colley 2:16:56





A beautiful September evening saw 33 Harriers take part in the September Handicap with almost as many helpers! It was really great to see so many, with people taking on the timing and number recording for the first time, not an easy job, and lots of marshals too. It was also brilliant to see support out on the course. Big thanks to all!


So the race this time was won by Holly Wright who won it from the front after taking 4 minutes off her previous time. 2nd was Ian Coghlan with Simon Groom a close 3rd. Congratulations to you all.

The timings worked well with 30 runners finishing within just over 4 minutes of each other and 11 runners within 34 seconds of each other! This created really close positioning throughout the race, always someone to chase and some great sprint finishes (although defending champion Michael may argue about the ‘great’ bit on his sprint finish! More like a speeding dive across the line!)

Well done to all, thanks again to all the helpers who made it a successful enjoyable evening.

A reminder that the next handicap will be on December 21st. It’s a challenge race, a great build up to Christmas with the presentation and drinks and hot food back at the club. Please let me know in advance who can help and see you all then!


Liz Stanyer.

Ian, Holly and Simon

Name Time Handicap Net Time
Ruth Edwards 00:39:32 00:02:00 00:37:32 1st time
Holly Wright 00:41:32 00:01:00 00:40:32
Tracey Burrows 00:42:05 00:01:00 00:41:05 1st time
Ian Coghlan 00:42:27 00:09:00 00:33:27
Simon Groom 00:42:33 00:15:45 00:26:48
Jim Smith 00:42:42 00:16:00 00:26:42
Keith Skelton 00:43:00 00:16:45 00:26:15
Ian Hodkinson 00:43:03 00:17:00 00:26:03
Jack Hodkison 00:43:06 00:18:00 00:25:06
Leon Stringer 00:43:12 00:13:30 00:29:42
Liz Stanyer 00:43:19 00:13:30 00:29:49
Nigel Addison 00:43:30 00:11:00 00:32:30
Julie Addison 00:43:50 00:14:30 00:29:20
Jill Ross 00:44:00 00:10:30 00:33:30
Jane Bisiker 00:44:05 00:10:30 00:33:35
Gary Lee 00:44:08 00:13:30 00:30:38 1st time
Jenny Addison 00:44:13 00:12:30 00:31:43
Chris Elsley 00:44:14 00:15:00 00:29:14
Mark Oliver 00:44:19 00:16:00 00:28:19
Angela Brookes 00:44:20 00:13:00 00:31:20
Amy Oliver 00:44:21 00:09:00 00:35:21
Steven McHugh 00:44:22 00:12:30 00:31:52 1st time
Chris Skellern 00:44:27 00:14:30 00:29:57
Graham Williams 00:44:34 00:10:00 00:34:34
Michael Bamber 00:44:50 00:06:00 00:38:50
Richard Caley 00:44:50 00:17:00 00:27:50
Paul Dunlavey 00:44:59 00:13:30 00:31:29
Mike Moore 00:45:07 00:03:00 00:42:07
Mark Bentley 00:45:19 00:14:30 00:30:49
Sarah Johnson 00:45:33 00:09:00 00:36:33
Ian Dale 00:46:10 00:16:00 00:30:10 1st time
Amanda Clay 00:46:13 00:12:30 00:33:43
Craig Baxter 00:48:10 00:11:30 00:36:40


Stafford Harriers Press Report

7th Sept

by Bill Whitworth

As the sun shone down 57,000 runners in various states of excitement and trepidation prepared themselves to take part in the BUPA Great North Run which covers the 13.1 between Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields, taking in some of the most memorable structures and views of the area. Among them were 10 Stafford Harriers, who like everyone participating, were hoping they might be the 1 millionth runner to cross the line since the inception of this now world renowned event.
Britain’s Mo Farah won the men’s race in his time of 1:00:00, sprinting narrowly ahead of his rival, Kenyan Mike Kigen who was accorded the same time. Leading lady was Mary Kietany who also made history when she broke Paula Radcliffe’s existing course record by 1 second with her time of 1:05:39.

Harrier Runners were



Position Name Time
3000 Alan Griffin 1:41:08
3932 Tim Hough 1:44:05
4917 Rachel Davis 1:46:40
5536 Gill Hodkinson 1:48:10
8342 Angela Brookes 1:53:59
12270 Virginia Brown 2:00:27
12423 Alan Jones 2:00:40
17042 Tracy Kenny 2:08:53
30832 Lisa Goring 2:35:06
23070 Paul Stubbs 2:19:42



Sadly, none of them took the millionth runner spot! But they seemed to enjoy themselves.


We do recommend that you have a ‘cool down’ after a run but I have not seen this in the training manuals. PB

Closer to home, the South Cheshire 20 was one of the events in the Harrier’s Challenge and drew entries from 9 Harriers. This is a hilly course, with one or two that test the runners just at crucial times in the race , most notably at just before the halfway stage. Telford AC runners led the way in both the men’s and ladies’ events with David Webb completing the course in 1:47:56 while Michelle Clark recorded a time of 2:16:23.

Harriers competing here were




Position Name Time
54 Michelle Fox 2:33:27
55 Keith Skelton 2:33:27
96 Martin Moore 2:46:40
107 Liz Stanyer 2:50:59
123 Mark Bentley 2:57:02
141 Caryl Gibson 3:02:30
146 Anne Coghlan 3:04:52
162 Karen Murray 3:13:54
183 Charlotte Ward 3:25:52

Meanwhile in Wolverhampton, another contingent of Harriers competed in the Wolverhampton 10K and the Wolverhampton Half Marathon.

Michael Dobson took 10th place finishing in a time of 39:44 for the 10k which was won by local runner, from Wolverhampton and Bilston, Phillip Nicholls in 31:12.

In the Half Marathon Ian McBride of Salford Harriers won the event in 1:10:59, while the ladies’ event was won by Audrey Wilson from Wolverhampton and Bilston in 1:28:47. Four Harriers completed the event.


Position Name Time
114 Ian Williams 1:40:27
522 John Hateley 2:17:37
670 Simon Groom 2:57:30
45th Lady Natalie Godfrey 1:40:20




Report from Ian Hodkinson,


Only 87 entered with 83 finishing on a fairly good course from the Leisure Centre up to the top of Fair oak pools following the heritage trial then

Looping round just Marquis Drive to return back the same route to finish beside the brook, outside the leisure Centre.

Due to the nature of the route, it was pretty much a steady uphill first half ending with the steep hill towards marquis drive before the 2nd half came all the way back down hill.

Most of the paths were excellent considering the weather with just the occasional puddle and plenty of mud splats!

The race was won by Gareth Briggs in 36.22mins with first lady coming 17th in 46.23mins being Lisa Knight of C&S.

Only 6 Harriers made the very short trip across the chase with the first home being Steve Vaughan in 5th place in 39.40mins

This is a really good course which follows plenty of ground covered in our Sunday club runs & is very cheap to enter, with a little room for improvement in the organising.

Definitely worth a go before it gets too popular.


Others harriers results as below;

Position Time Name
5 39.40 Steve Vaughan
10 42.26 Ian Hodkinson
14 44.55 Ian Wood
33 49.47 Will Gray
81 70.49 Debbie Garcia
83 75.03 Sarah Gray




Report by Graham Williams


Another race and yet more hills following Meerbrook. Nearly ninety NSRRA runners braved the elements and the Roaches. This was how NSRRA described the Leek Half Marathon. The weather was drizzly, very windy on the roaches, even some sunshine and for the latter runners pouring rain. Only ten Harriers competed but there were still some good performances with Michael Dobson first Harrier home and Michelle Fox first lady. Race winner was Carl Moulton of Boalloy Running club in 1.17.10 and first lady Michelle Buckle of Newcastle Staffs AC in a time of 1.31.18.


Harrier times as follows

Pos Name Time
25 Michael Dobson 1.30.50 2nd V45
42 Ian Wood 1.33.54 3rd V50
50 Keith Skelton 1.35.05
79 Michelle Fox 1.40.54
147 Mark Bentley 1.54.44
160 TracyRiding 1.58.55 First Group X
165 Graham Williams 2.00.26 3rd Group F 3rd V65
179 Karen Murray 2.08.02 3rd Group W
198 Charlotte Ward 2.19.27
200 Michael Jones 2.20.56 2nd Group G 3rd V70




Despite all the problems on the night Joe has come up with the goods and supplied the results of the Trackless Ten. The Challenge Tables have been updated.

It’s a good job Chris Owen isn’t in the Challenge as he put his chip on his dog’s collar and it finished 10 to 15 seconds in front of him. Would have got him disqualified.


Pos Time
1 01:00:54 Ryan Nokes PB
2 01:01:01 Phil Hilsdon PB
3 01:07:35 Ian Wood
4 01:08:38 Mark Jeffery
5 01:10:15 Alan Griffin
6 01:12:17 Dave Payling
7 01:12:37 Ian Dale
8 01:13:09 Richard Caley PB
9 01:14:54 Jim Smith
10 01:15:11 Tracy Jones
11 01:17:12 Chris Owen’s dog.
12 01:18:42 Chris Skellern
13 01:19:24 Leon Stringer
14 01:21:04 Paul Reese
15 01:21:44 Chris Elsley
16 01:22:22 Eddie Smith
17 01:22:27 Caryl Gibson
18 01:23:34 Alan Jones
19 01:23:34 Sandra Smith
20 01:23:57 Jill Ross
21 01:25:36 Tom Mellor
22 01:26:26 Richard Davies
23 01:26:45 Karen D Murray
24 01:27:37 Steve McHugh
25 01:31:29 Colin Eccleston
26 01:32:23 Katrina Jones
27 01:33:05 Ian Coghlan
28 01:33:34 Charlotte Ward
29 01:33:35 Eddie Gould
30 01:33:39 Alan Hewson
31 01:34:38 Mike Jones
32 01:35:26 Julie Nokes
33 01:38:02 Becki Hollins
34 01:38:03 Sally Liggins
35 01:38:13 Tina Darby
36 01:38:45 Stuart Fowlie
37 01:40:01 Lindsey Foster
38 01:42:32 Rachel Pine
39 01:42:32 Ruth Edwards
40 01:42:39 Kelly McHugh
41 01:42:51 Michael Bamber
42 01:43:01 Helen Morris
43 01:49:37 Holly Wright
44 01:52:32 Sara Broome
45 02:00:37 Val Stuart




4th August 2014


Caryl and Joe ran the Half Marathon at the weekend. Below is a report but as it has pictures embeded then it comes as a PDF.

Download2014Islay half



Staffs Knot

30th July 2014


A record number of runners took part in perfect weather.

Again perfect organisation and a great number of Harriers helping out.



By the way Joe seems to have worked through the night to get the results ready.



5 Mile results

Race Pos Forename Surname Gndr Cat Cat pos Time
8 Matt Woodman M MSen 8 28.48
12 Mark Bridgwood M MSen 11 29.15
15 Ryan Nokes M MSen 13 29.36
20 Phillip Hilsdon M MSen 17 29.58
47 Steven Copnall M MSen 28 32.29
64 Jack Hodkinson M MSen 36 33.24
72 S R Jackson M M40 9 33.48
74 Alan Griffin M MSen 41 34.07
90 Jim Smith M M45 14 35.16
102 Alan Cook M M50 8 35.45
108 Thomas Exton M MSen 50 36.17
129 Tracey Jones F F40 6 37.12
131 Darren Mattocks M M40 19 37.15
143 Chris Skellern F F50 1 37.37
154 Liz Stanyer F F40 8 38.25
166 Dave Cook M MSen 63 39.12
172 William Gray M MSen 65 39.22
180 David Taylor M M45 29 39.59
182 Marcus Clay M M40 28 40.04
184 Roy Clay M M55 7 40.10
188 Ralph Wedlock M M55 9 40.26
193 Jenny Addison F FSen 9 40.50
195 Angela Brookes F F35 7 41.02
203 Graham Williams M M65 4 41.33
209 Liz Cook F F45 3 41.47
215 Jillian Ross F F45 4 42.24
218 Alan Jones M M45 32 42.39
220 Tracey Ridings F F40 12 42.43
227 Richard Davies M M40 33 43.15
246 Fredrick Chidlow M M65 7 44.28
252 Joanne Oliver F F40 16 44.54
253 Amy Oliver F FSen 14 45.09
270 J H Jackson F F40 19 46.16
282 Charlotte Ward F F35 19 47.00
289 Liz Simcox F F40 21 47.35
296 Mike Jones M M65 11 48.04
300 Michael Bamber M M50 20 48.12
315 Julie Nokes F F50 14 49.24
324 John Hateley M M65 14 50.26
335 katy Sigley F F35 26 52.15
343 Maria Davies F F40 25 53.54
347 Holly Wright F F35 27 54.46




Fun run results



Runners No Time Race Pos Forename Surname Gndr Cat Club
523 12.00 1 Will Sammons M U21 Stafford Harriers
511 12.05 3 George Hodkinson M U21 Stafford Harriers
506 12.09 4 Owen Turner M U21 Stafford Harriers
505 12.40 5 Ewan Jackson M U21 Stafford Harriers
508 13.38 6 Jake Oliver M U21 Stafford Harriers
514 13.56 7 Ali Morgan M U21 Stafford Harriers
527 14.29 10 Taygen Pike F U21 Stafford Harriers
510 14.47 13 Kieran Mogey M U21 Stafford Harriers
501 15.41 15 Robert Gray M U21 Stafford Harriers
512 15.43 16 Matthew Hilsdon M U21 Stafford Harriers
507 16.00 17 Alfhe Darby M U21 Stafford Harriers
533 16.31 18 Sami Morgan M U21 Stafford Harriers
504 16.37 21 Evie Jackson F U21 Stafford Harriers
536 16.41 23 Lara Tolley F U21 Stafford Harriers
526 16.43 24 Polly Pye F U21 Stafford Harriers
502 19.10 27 Lucy Taylor F U21 Stafford Harriers
513 21.20 31 Amy Simcox F U21 Stafford Harriers
509 21.28 32 Lilia Mogey F U21 Stafford Harriers
503 21.42 33 Katie Taylor F U21 Stafford Harriers
520 21.49 34 Rose White F U21 Stafford Harriers





Race reports



Race report by Amy Oliver
I enjoyed this race a lot. It was my second 5 mile race after JCB and I wanted to see if I could get a quicker time. I started off at quite a fast pace because I felt on the JCB race I could have gone quicker. I managed to sustain this speed throughout the whole race and was really encouraged by all the marshals. At about 4 miles, after the tough hill, I gradually picked up my pace as I knew there wasn’t far to go. I purposely made sure I didn’t eat too much heavy food that day as I find if I eat too much I get a stitch. I was really thrilled with my time of just over 45 minutes as my time for JCB was 49.26.


Thunder Run 8 stage 10k lap relays

26/27 July 2014

By Joe Atherton

I arrived at 2:30pm on Friday and Darren Mattocks, Esther and Steve Batho were already there and had been busy erecting the Harriers gazebo and tents. We put up another two or three and spent some time sorting out the communal area. The Sun was hot and the inside of the tents were like the inside of a very hot thing, only hotter.

Esther & Co went off to register the Teams while I checked to make sure that the Fosters had made it unaffected by the long journey. The first few seemed a bit dodgy but I persevered and indeed they did get better.

Craig (Bingo!), Bridgie, the Bisikers, Ang & Mark, Leigh and Simon (Stafford FM) arrived in the course of the remainder of the day with some going back home again when they saw what and who were there. Never mind; the remainder of us spread out and had a pre-race party (because we are Serious Runners).


Race Day


What I initially thought was a crap sleep turns out to have been excellent compared to the following night (5 hrs vs 0.00 hrs) but I felt excited and itching to get off on the first leg. The rest of the posse arrived in plenty of time for their legs and thankfully for us in the C Team Craig volunteered to take Alan G’s place after he pulled out unexpectedly.

I lined up along with several hundred other Leg 1 / Solo runners ready for the start. The Sun was hot and unrelenting and I knew that this was going to be a tough call. The first 1k took us to the bottom of a steep climb through the woods, and the one and only bottleneck of the whole event. However I was just glad to get into the shade even though I was a little disappointed to be walking unbidden. The middle of the course varied from shady woods with treacherous roots and dips, to stretches along the sides of fields and hedgerows. We actually looped back to the camp for a fly-by and some welcome support from fellow runners and their families. We surfaced from our final wiggle through the woods just before the 8k mark. A short climb up a rise gave us a good view over the surrounding countryside with Catton Hall in the distance. Then we dropped down doubling back towards the finish area. The 9th kilometer was downhill / flat and the fastest of the course. The tenth was through the encampment and the support was totally immense (although during darkness they whispered the ‘well done’s and ‘keep going’s while I whispered back my thank-yous).


The intermediate legs


Esther and Steve had this ingenious idea of bringing along a whiteboard with all of our teams listed with the expected times of handover. This meant that we could set our alarms and have naps in between legs. It also served as a brain replacement since by 5 in the morning I didn’t even know what running was let alone when to do it.

I ran at 12, 7:45, 3:30 and 11:30, taking over from Craig and handing over to Ed. The 2nd stint was probably my best because it was light and the temperature had dropped significantly compared with the afternoon’s leg. The 3rd leg was in darkness plus headtorch. The latter part of the course through the woods was especially treacherous with the roots and other obstacles being 10 times more challenging than daytime running. It was the last leg that I will never forget though. The temperature was up again but very cool with a welcome breeze in the woods. The support in the last 2k was so incredibly loud that next year’s event may come with a health warning and free ear plugs. I don’t think that any of the Trentham Runners will be able to talk this morning.

My reception at the Finish funnel was probably the best that I can remember in 20 years of running. However Shelley brought the First Harriers TR24 to a crescendo by getting us all to run in hand-in-hand with final Harrier Rachel across the finish line.

Let’s get this on the Harriers diary as an annual event, but please remember that it is a Team event and so your commitment needs to be 100%. On that note a well done Esther not only for the superb organising but also for being a stalwart in the face of so many last minute cancellations.



Report by Rachel Davis


I was totally unprepared as to how taking part in this years Thunder Run with the Harriers was going to test me not only physically but mentally. Three teams of 8 were entered & the race started at midday Saturday.

For the next 24 hours we took it in turns to run 10k twisting & turning through various terrain of forest & open fields from blazing hot sun to pitch black & showers during the night wearing head torches.

The lack of sleep & eating all over the shot started taking its toll on me after my 3rd run which I’d done at 5 in the morning. I was at an all time low tired, emotional & feeling totally empty of all energy.

It was becoming apparent from the times we recorded on a chart that it was likely that I was going to have to go a 4th time as earlier runners in my team had been putting in some incredible fast times.

The race rules stated a team member had to be on the course at all times of the 24 hours & it looked like Tracy was going to be coming back at 11.55. For the lap to count it had to be completed.

I slowly walked down to the start with my Harriers top back on & came across Craig who had just finished his lap. He’d seen me earlier after my 3rd run & his face said it all he gave me a hug & a kiss told me to be safe. I have to say it was 100% the support I got from my fellow Harriers that I made it back to the start line & when Tracy came in with a few minutes to go I set off with the baton on my last lap & I’ve no idea who was down at the start but I heard them cheer me on my way which lifted me.

Support had previously been tremendous around the course but as everyone had started making there way to the finish for the presentation it was just me & the other last competitors, whether they were running or walking, giving each other encouragement to get to the end.

Suddenly at 9km the support was back other running clubs/spectators cheering us on.

It was when I came to the final hill that I was completely blown away & I’m hoping they saw the smile on my face when I saw the support that was waiting for me from all the other Harriers. The cheers they gave to get me up & round the last bit to the finish straight where, very fittingly, they joined me & ran to the finish line together will stay with me as one of the most memorable moments I’ve experienced. Tears of joy this time hidden by my sunglasses.

The camaraderie that had developed between all 3 teams in just 24 hours was to me summed up in this moment & if you listen to the video footage you can hear the commentator as we cross the line saying ‘what massive support some of you have this is incredible’ couldn’t have put it better myself.

Once again a massive thank you to you (Esther) & Steve for organising it an amazing weekend my name is already down for next year!



Here are some photos of what is set to become a Harriers Annual. The Harriers are so hi-tech now we even have photos from a helicopter.


Trentham 10K

20 July 2104


Report by Liz Stanyer


Another hot sticky humid morning for the latest NSRRA race, the first running of the trentham 10k which was formerly a popular 10 mile event. There were lots of grumblings about the cost of this event as at £14 it was far more costly than similar NSRRA races. Would it prove to be worth the inflated price? Personally, for me, sadly not.
The start was poor, 280 runners packed in to a narrow lane on a steep downhill. The start whistle blew and it took 12 seconds before I took a single step. It was then a clumsy stop/start down what should have been a decent charge downhill, due to massive slow running congestion.
The running then finally opened out onto the wider road and we were away.
The hill up to the motorway was a slog and the steepness of the hill past the caves didn’t disappoint. However running all the way to the top to then turn around a cone and head straight back down was demoralising and in parts impossible to run freely, and to then turn sharp left and hit the same gradient hill you’ve just slogged up, well that was a killer.
There are some lovely long runnable downhills after you’ve trashed your legs on those hills, but it was from here on in I completely messed up my race. For some reason I thought the markers were in miles not kilometres and foolishly thought I was motoring, wow I could still see Tracey and Chris! I got to 6 and thinking only a quarter of a mile to go put in a surge of pace, chuffed to bits to be feeling so great in the latter stages of a tough 10k. That was until I saw a sign in the distance for 7 and the realisation of how wrong I was slowly hit home. I felt crushed to know I had miles not metres left to run!
The long hill after the roundabout came as a shock, I had forgotten that one. More good down hills to finally get to the exhausting end which involves a lengthy steep up hill before a drop down to the finish.
I much preferred this race as a ten miler. I didn’t like the start and the hill section of running up, round a cone then down, then up, was messy and very hard work.
Listening to other runners comments post race I wasn’t alone, so I hope that Trentham take note and bring back the Trentham 10 miles, not kilometres. And in the meantime I will learn to check my watch against the number markers!


Place Name Time
54 Ian Woods 42:39
74 Michelle Fox 44:29
86 Tim Hough 45:32
88 Robert Proctor 45:54
108 Tracey Jones 47:08
122 Chris Skellern 47:48
128 Darren Mattocks 48:19
133 Mark Bentley 48:44
141 Liz Stanyer 49:18
160 Eddie Smith 51:58
168 Tracy Ridings 52:44
190 Graham Williams 54:29
214 Gael Earp 57:44
228 Michael Jones 60:37
232 Charlotte Ward 60:52
255 John Hateley 64:22
261 Bill Whitworth 67:01


The 2014 Edition of the Harrier Games

19th July @ Rowley Park


Report by Ian Hodkinson


This years’ Games were a fun event (seriously!) open to all Adults & Juniors.
Anyone who had ever dreamt of being the next Mo Farah or Usain Bolt – had the chance to have a go on a proper track Vs their fellow harrier friends !
27 Juniors & 23 Adults were able to experience running track races against a top class field of fellow harriers on Rowley Parks top quality track & at the same
time beating Mum’s, Dad’s, friends & other harriers.
This year we held the Annual Harriers Games @ Rowley Park Stadium on a Wet & Humid day with early morning thunder storms (which might have scared a few runners off).
But, by the orders of Mr Chairman, the rain held off just in time for us to get the games off with the traditional 1 miler race.
Everybody ran 3 x track events (2 x long + 1 x short or 2 x short + 1 x long), with all athletes grouped into leagues of similar abilities.
There were some top performances on the day with some very close finishes (plus a couple of Juniors beating their Dad mentioning no names)
I think it was fair to say that everyone who took part really enjoyed themselves, if not in the races at least at the social & presentations held afterwards
At the Morris Man. Prizes generously donated by Craig were awarded to each group winner.
Full results & Group standings are as below:-


GROUP A. 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 400m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Ian Talbot 390 2.22.04 1 27.21 1 60.91 1 3
Phil Hilsdon 388 5.08.30 1 62.18 2 10.38 1 4
Mark Bridgwood 386 5.08.81 2 64.09 3 10.40 2 7
Jack Hodkinson 278 5.18 3 2.24.18 2 27.49 2 7
Kev Darby 440 14.49 1 2.31.40 4 30.11 3 8
Ian Hodkinson 400 5.35 4 2.31.14 3 65.54 4 11
GROUP B. 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 400m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Steve Jackson 372 5.28 1 13.43 2 70.65 2 5
John Gomersall 373 5.33 3 13.24 1 2.46.30 3 7
George Hodkinson 251 5.30 2 15.14 4 68.52 1 7
Hannah Talbot 277 5.45 4 2.43.27 1 31.22 2 7
Jim Smith 376 2.44.40 2 30.90 1 73.32 4 7
Ian Dale 338 5.56 5 14.86 3 71.22 3 11
Joe Atherton 375 41.64 4 87.36 6 13.28 1 11
Dave Payling 385 2.47.89 4 33.68 3 76.56 5 12
GROUP C. 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 400m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
David Taylor 392 6.47 1 2.56.32 1 1.18 1 3
Caitlin Gomersall 374 2.56.48 2 34.60 2 1.19 2 6
Dom Mattocks 419 14.64 1 3.23 4 31.68 1 6
Caryl Gibson 339 40.97 5 1.42 3 15.09 1 9
Anne Coghlan 397 17.98 3 3.18 3 38.18 4 10
Julie Mogey 371 17.66 2 3.41 5 37.88 3 10
GROUP D. 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 400m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Gemma Gray 396 3.28 1 37.99 1 1.30 1 3
Katrina Jones 391 8.00 1 18.39 1 41.14 3 5
Hannah Lloyd 337 3.45 2 39.29 2 1.36 3 7
GROUP E. 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 400m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Amanda Taylor 393 4.07 3 45.50 1 1.52 1 5
Debbie Garcia 395 4.17 5 46.67 2 1.54 2 9
Sarah Gray 394 4.15 4 47.11 3 1.55 3 10
Juniors team one 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 600m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Gracie Marsden 301 18.36 1 40.26 1 2.44 1 3
Lucy Taylor 230 18.58 2 3.31 1 40.90 2 5
Katie Taylor 231 18.83 3 3.49 2 40.90 2 7
Ella Buckley 279 20.66 4 46.26 4 3.03 2 10
Lilia Mogey 229 20.66 4 47.68 5 3.17 3 12
Reece Bridgwood 215 22.27 6 50.52 6 3.20 4 16
Junior team 2 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 600m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Jessica Moseley 145 16.54 1 3.33 2 1.30 1 4
Evie Jackson 216 17.00 3 3.19 1 37.24 1 5
Grace Chalesworth 260 16.81 2 3.39 3 39.01 2 7
Aaron Dale 198 18.47 4 3.42 4 40.90 3 11
Sophia Bridgwood 228 18.89 5 3.43 5 43.25 4 14
Junior Team 3 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 600m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Harry Dale 232 16.44 1 3.00 1 1.20 1 3
Robert Gray 176 3.02 2 35.12 1 1.25 2 5
Cieran Coghlan 199 3.14 3 36.62 2 1.26 3 8
Matthew Hilsdon 175 7.12 1 3.22 5 1.34 4 10
Alfie Darby 303 17.77 3 3.17 4 38.26 4 11
Jack Brain 297 DNF 0 17.43 2 38.06 3 5
Junior team 4 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 600m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Ewan Jackson 197 14.94 1 2.42 1 31.45 1 3
Will Buckley 294 16.68 2 2.48 2 33.70 2 6
Alfie Marsden 213 3.03 4 33.94 3 1.20 2 9
Kieran Mogey 214 3.00 3 36.50 5 1.18 1 9
George Mills 302 17.27 3 3.13 5 34.32 4 12
Junior Team 5 1 mile PO 100M PO 800 m PO 200m PO 600m PO 3000M PO TOTAL
Oliva Gonsalves 296 14.40 1 2.56 1 29.74 1 3
Oliva Black 295 16.12 2 3.04 2 35.68 2 6



Finally, a big thank you goes to Craig Baxter (Chief organizer) & Mike Jones for sorting the entries, groups & results.
A special thanks also to all of the track officials for time keeping, race places, starters etc.. (Liz, Simon, Tracey, Ed, Darren, Joe, Craig) without their help we couldn’t hold the event.



JCB 5 mile

17 July 2014

Report by Graham Williams


A total of thirty six harriers ran the fourteenth race in the Harriers Challenge covering all six groups. Again it was a very warm evening although by all accounts not as warm as 2013. The race is two laps starting at the bottom of a steep hill which has to be negotiated some two and a half times with the last half mile a coned section where you can be either depressed to see who is in front of you or delighted to see who is behind. The race was won by Ben Gamble of Tipton Harriers in 25.38 with first lady Rebecca Harrison of Cheadle in 31.24. First home for the harriers was again Phil Hilsdon in ninth place in 30.04 closely followed by Ian Talbot in eleventh place in 30.36. With Richard Rea in fifteenth place the harriers had three runners in the top twenty. First lady harrier was Michelle Fox in 34.47. All harrier chip times as follows.


Place Name Time
9 Phil Hilsdon 30.04
11 Ian Talbot 30.36
15 Richard Rea 31.01
31 Ian Wood 32.50 2nd M50
38 Stephen Jackson 33.39
39 Steve Copnall 33.38
50 Ian Hodkinson 34.09
51 Darren Mattocks 34.20
57 Mark Orchard 34.33
59 Michelle Fox 34.47
62 Jim Smith 34.59
63 Dave Payling 35.02
64 Mark White 35.13
65 Tim Hough 35.25
73 Alan Cook 35.57
74 Robert Proctor 36.07
76 Richard Caley 36.06
108 Mark Oliver 38.09
109 Liz Stanyer 38.16 2nd F40
121 Rachel Davis 39.02
132 David Taylor 39.36
133 Chris Skellern 39.41 2nd F50
152 Anne Coghlan 41.08
161 Caryl Gibson 42.31
162 Joe Atherton 42.31
174 Graham Williams 43.05
175 Liz Cook 43.09
206 Angela Brookes 45.08
229 Michael Jones 48.08
238 Katrina Jones 49.13
240 Amy Oliver 49.33
241 Joanne Oliver 49.27
247 Michael Bamber 50.10
250 Stuart Fowlie 50.35
283 Sara Broome 55.11
288 Holly Wright 55.59



Stafford Harriers Press report

13th July 2014

By Bill Whitworth

While Sunday began wet in the morning, by the time of the start off the Cheadle 4 race, it was sunny and warm. The race is part of Cheadle’s summer festivals and after a downhill start, the runners have a steep climb before they cover the gentle descent to finish amidst the annual carnival.
This year’s winner was Ben Gamble of Tipton Harriers 20:55 with leading local lady R Harrison of Cheadle Running club finishing 26th in a time of 24:39. Yet again Phil Hilsdon was the leading Harrier in 10th place with his time of 23:37.

Other Harriers who took part were


Place Name Time
10 P Hilsdon 23:37
53 I Wood 26:56
72 M Fox 28:08
90 T Jones 29:06
113 M Bentley 30:16
118 C Skellern 30:40
119 D Mattocks 30:40
123 L Stanyer 30:57
145 E Smith 32:29
152 T Ridings 33:08
171 F Chidlow 35:39
183 G Earp 36:56
206 M Jones 39:08
209 J Hateley 39:39
223 B Whitworth 43:34


Report by Liz Stanyer


A very drizzly start at the Cheadle 4 road race which soon cleared to overcast with the odd break of sunshine. A relief not to run in the blazing sunshine that seems to occur for every north staffs race I’ve done this year.
Just over 230 runners took part in this challenging 4 mile race with 15 harriers chasing points in their respective north staffs leagues.
The 1st mile is fast as it’s a slight downhill and plenty of space to go for it before hitting the hill. The next mile is all up hill which varies in gradient, flattening briefly in parts to then rise again. 3rd mile is all downhill to a flat ish final mile. The last mile takes you back to the road where you started and then you can see the finish but know you have to go all the way around the park to get to it.
A low key race, tough in parts but well organised and a nice finish in the park.
Matthew Hilsdon had a great run in the fun run which preceded the main 4 miler.

Black Country Half


Report Jean & Bill Whitworth


At the weekend, the Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon was this year’s Harrier Charity Run and although there were a few puddles on the course after the previous night’s rain, it was as nowhere nearly as bad as previous years and we were rewarded when the sun came out about halfway through the race.
The race winner was Steve Brooks (Unattached) in 1:18:24,and the leading lady was Monika Lampart (Unattached) in 1:44:26.
Twenty-four Harriers completed the course, led home by Ian Talbot in 1:28:10 who was 4th overall with 555 runners completing the event.
Other Harrier times and positions were:

Place Name Time
4th Ian Talbot 1:28:10
14th Richard Rea 1:32:18
41st Ian Hodkinson 1:39:21
55th Paul Higginson 1:41:33
63rd Alan Griffin 1:42:36
65th Mark White 1:42:44
77th Richard Caley 1:44:23
85th Simon Groom 1:45:28
125th Mark Bentley 1:49:45
165th Rachel Davis 1:52:58
167th Mark Oliver 1:53:17
183rd Gill Hodkinson 1:54:58
215th Tracy Ridings 1:56:54
225th Eddie Smith 1:57:32
269th Shelley Burns 2:01:46
280th Anne Coghlan 2:02:49
308th Graham Williams 2:05:23
316th Natalie Godfrey 2:06:09
340th Caryl Gibson 2:08:02
394th Joe Atherton 2:15:21
459th Joanne Oliver 2:26:04
460th Julie Mogey 2:26:11
461st Charlotte Ward 2:26:11
548th Val Stuart 3:10:19



78th Pete Hodgett’s Memorial Handicap



Report by Liz Stanyer


Only 21 harriers decided to take part in the summer handicap with a warm welcome to the 2 new comers Steve and Simon. This was Steve’s first encounter with the Harriers and we hope he enjoyed it enough to come back.

It was disappointing to see so few helpers this time. If it hadn’t have been for Gill and Simon responding to urgent phone calls, two of the runners were going to have to pull out to help or the handicap would not have gone ahead. The plead for help went out in plenty of time and it’s a shame that with so many members we could only manage 4 helpers for a couple of hours for this summer evening event.

I understand Craig has stated there will be a rota for future handicaps as we are in grave danger of not being able to hold the handicap without sufficient help. Please can members put themselves forward, it’s a great little event and to either Marshall or help time keeping adds another dimension to being part of the Harriers, one which people enjoy and others benefit from. The next handicap will be a Thursday evening in September, so please can volunteers give me their names so we know we are ok to go ahead.

So on to the race. It was a warm dry evening with rain threatening but weather man Mick told us rain wouldn’t appear until later (he was right!). There were long stretches of the course where you were completely alone due to fewer runners (and this is why we need marshalls), however hit the valley and there everyone was.

Michael Bamber came in for a storming victory to promptly announce his retirement from racing once crossing the line.

Sara Broome continues to improve and moved up a position from last time to take 2nd.

3rd was Jack Hodkinson taking his Dad in style, despite starting a minute behind.

Full results below.

Time Handicap Net time
Michael Bamber 00:41:45 00:04:15 00:37:30
Sara Broome 00:42:04 00:00:30 00:41:34
Steve Copnall 00:42:22 00:15:30 00:26:52 1st run
Jack Hodkinson 00:42:55 00:18:00 00:24:55
Ian Hodkinson 00:43:08 00:17:00 00:26:08
Mick Jones 00:43:18 00:06:00 00:37:18
Liz Stanyer 00:43:29 00:13:00 00:30:29
Leon Stringer 00:43:35 00:12:45 00:30:50
Chris Elsley 00:43:40 00:14:30 00:29:10
Simon Groom 00:43:50 00:15:30 00:28:20 1st run
Mark Bridgwood 00:44:11 00:20:00 00:24:11
Jane Bisiker 00:44:19 00:11:00 00:33:19
Rachel Davies 00:44:24 00:13:30 00:30:54
Nigel Addison 00:44:27 00:11:30 00:32:57
Mark Bentley 00:44:28 00:14:30 00:29:58
Darren Mattocks 00:44:53 00:15:30 00:29:23
Alan Jones 00:45:47 00:13:30 00:32:17
Louise Morgan 00:45:50 00:04:00 00:41:50
Chris Skellern 00:45:54 00:14:30 00:31:24 78th run
Richard Caley 00:46:11 00:17:00 00:29:11
Holly Wright 00:48:33 00:04:00 00:44:33


Berryhill 10k

1 July 14

Report by Graham Williams
On a warm still evening eighteen Harriers took part in the eleventh NSRRA race hoping to improve on their tally of points in the various leagues. The race consists of one small and two large laps of a former colliery spoil heap with some testing hills and several sections off-road including some sand areas. The race was won by Ben Gamble of Tipton Harriers in 32.44 with first lady Michelle Buckle of Newcastle AC in 41.44. First harrier home was Phil Hilsdon in a very creditable fifth place in a time of 37.46. Michelle Fox was first lady harrier in 43.58.


In the Junior race trying to emulate Phil, Matthew Hilsdon finished 30th in 12.30 and Karen Hilsdon finished 39th in 15.55.


Harrier positions and times


pos name time
5 Phil Hilsdon 37.46
13 Ryan Nokes 38.26
19 Mark Bridgwood 39.45
41 Ian Wood 43.15
44 Michelle Fox 43.58 3rd F35
62 Tracey Jones 46.17 2nd F40
74 Chris Skellern 48.23 1st F50
85 Liz Stanyer 49.34
93 Eddie Smith 51.39 2nd M60
96 David Taylor 52.07
101 Tracy Riding 52.33
103 Graham Williams 53.10
105 Esther Batho 53.25
119 Karen Murray 56.29
123 Fred Chidlow 58.35
124 Mick Jones 58.47 3rd M70
135 Julie Nokes 63.35
137 Bill Whitworth 65.35