Race Report October to December 2013




i thought i would end year with a marathon.this is a low key race,really low key.even lower than the trackless 10.organiser,time keeper,starter,marshal is the same person.

it is multiple return legs of the mersey estuary about 0.5m from albert docks. it is a mixture of concrete,tarmac and block paving with a bit of cobbles with 2 steps. this had to be done 4 times. in theory it is a fast course as it is flat,it was the wind which was the handicap.before getting out of the car the heavens opened,with really heavy rain.when it was time to start rain stopped.on the outward leg there was a headwind,wasn’t really that bad and it didn’t give much off an advantage on return leg

another year and might as well start the year with a marathon.today the weather was awful,high winds and rain,you could start at any time,so i did as the forecast looked dire .the headwind was strong,driving rain stinging your face,worst of all waves were swept onto the promenade .the return legs were a pleasure and the wind did help.over the race the rain died down,the tide was going out so not so many waves,but the wind didn’t. time difference between legs was about 10min which is lot considering each leg was just over 3m

times 12/12 3.31.42

1/1 4.10.40

chris owen



On a cold but dry December morning just 7 Harriers made the journey for this fast, 2 lap 10k race.
Athletes come from all over the country for this one as the course is virtually flat so has massive p.b potential. The race itself is split into two different start times. The “Elite” runners go off first (to qualify for this start you had to have run a 10k in under 40 mins previously) and then 45 mins later the “Masses” start. All the race times are added together after both have finished.

Harriers finish times

Elite Race
99th – 35:50 – Mark Bridgwood – P.B
112th – 36:29 – Ryan Nokes – P.B
186th – 39:16 – Alan Griffin

Masses Race

241st – 41:52 – Dave Payling
263rd – 42:39 – Leon Stringer
548th – 55:26 – Julie Nokes
712th – 63:54 – John Hateley

The race was won by Liverpool Harrier Jonny mellor in a time of 29:39 mins and the next 6 finishers were also all under 30 mins!!

National X/C champion Louise Damen was the first female home in an awesome time of 32:47 breaking the female course record in the process.

807 runners finished the race.

Mark Bridgwood.

Note from Leon Stringer.



I’ve just noticed that you’ve got me on the Race Reports page as running the Telford 10K in a blistering 00:42:39.

As it happened, I couldn’t find anywhere to park, got lost trying to find car park 2 and eventually gave up and went home!

I can see that this result comes from Telford AC themselves so these results might be questionable (there was no chip timing).

Hopefully you can remove my bogus time next time the page is updated before anyone expects too much from me!

Thanks and all the best for 2014,

Leon Stringer




Awaiting the full results but the winner was Chris Pearce showing that the rigours of three months training for Her Majesties Service does not in any way hamper you. Well done Chris.

Second was stalwart Stuart Fowley.

Third was the person who helped to work out the new handicap system. Mmmmm.

Having said that well done Liz and Simon, this was the closest finish seen in the handicap. The charge up the Valley was a sight to behold with most of the 30 odd runners in sight at the same time.

I say 30 odd not that I don’t know the exact number but only that they were Harriers and they were odd. Just look at the Christmas Jumper photo minus all the Santas, who hid away. I rest my case.

Report and results from Liz and Simon

On Sunday 22nd December 33 harriers braved the cold, windy and rainy weather to take part in the Harriers Christmas Handicap.
The conditions were muddy, very muddy! Plenty of runners slipped and slided and the corner turning into the valley claimed a fair few runners. The times of all runners reflecting how difficult the conditions were.
1st home was Chris Pearce whose forces training is obviously paying off with 2nd place to Stuart Fowlie closely followed by Simon Stanyer in 3rd place.
Back to the club for prize giving with goodies being handed out, not only to the top 3 but a variety of finishers for random reasons. A great hot meal followed by mince pies, made for a festive finish to the final handicap of 2013.
As always a big thank you to all the volunteers (The Santa time keepers doing a fantastic job having never done it before) and for all the marshalls as it is a very different role in the winter.
Liz and Simon wish you all a Happy New Year and hope to see the continued support, volunteering and runners enjoyment of the handicap in 2014.



Time Handicap Net time
Chris Pearce 00:42:34 00:15:30 00:27:04
Stuart Fowlie 00:43:16 00:03:15 00:40:01
Simon Stanyer 00:43:37 00:08:00 00:35:37
Nathan Sabin 00:43:54 00:20:45 00:23:09
Mark Bridgwood 00:43:57 00:20:15 00:23:42
Chris Skellern 00:44:02 00:13:45 00:30:17
Ian Hodkinson 00:44:17 00:16:30 00:27:47
Joe Atherton 00:44:34 00:15:00 00:29:34
Julie Nokes 00:44:43 00:05:45 00:38:58
Rachel Proctor 00:44:46 00:09:30 00:35:16
Tracey Jones 00:44:48 00:15:00 00:29:48
Mark Bentley 00:45:00 00:13:45 00:31:15
Adam Morris 00:45:42 00:17:00 00:28:42
Chris Elsley 00:45:59 00:14:15 00:31:44
Jack Hodkinson 00:46:05 00:18:00 00:28:05
Ed Smith 00:46:09 00:13:30 00:32:39
Dave Payling 00:46:25 00:16:15 00:30:10
Matt Woodman 00:46:26 00:21:15 00:25:11
Darren Mattocks 00:46:43 00:16:30 00:30:13
Michael Bamber 00:46:47 00:06:30 00:40:17
Brian Langston 00:46:53 00:09:30 00:37:23
Sara Broome 00:47:15 00:00:00 00:47:15
Caryl Gibson 00:47:22 00:09:45 00:37:37
Amanda Pearce 00:47:32 00:04:45 00:42:47
Alan Griffin 00:47:35 00:19:45 00:27:50
Ryan Noakes 00:47:35 00:19:45 00:27:50
Mick Jones 00:47:38 00:07:30 00:40:08
Jim Smith 00:49:10 00:15:00 00:34:10
Mick Bradbury 00:49:39 00:03:00 00:46:39
Keith Skelton 00:49:48 00:17:45 00:32:03
Natalie Boswell 00:49:50 00:07:30 00:42:20
Karen D Murray 00:50:55 00:09:30 00:41:25
Helen Morris 00:51:33 00:06:30 00:45:03



On a sunny December morning, the day after the last North Staffs Cross Country League at Westwood High, Leek a couple of Hardcore Harriers entered a local race near Newcastle-under-Lyme called the Dales Dash, organised by Newcastle (Staffs) A.C.

The venue was Apedale Community Country Park a former mine, but now converted into a heritage and beauty attraction, including an Energy Centre and an environmentally-friendly business park. Not a bad place for a weekend walk with the dog and kids with some education, history and a local café all to boot.

There were 170 runners in this event on a reclaimed mine on a multi-terrain course.

The two Harriers in question were Joe Smith and his coach Chris Skellern.


The race was a 10k event starting up a gradual, but long incline before settling into undulating local countryside.

The two Harriers ran well and despite being a little bit worried about running twice in two days Joe came through fine, coming a creditable 24th overall and 1st Junior Male in a time of 44m19s, with Chris coming in 83rd with a time of 51m27s – Joe was made up as this was his first ever victory and he is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a trophy with his name engraved on it!


Many thanks to Bill Barker Race Director who took time out to check the results personally on his computer. I am sure next year there will be even more runners entering especiailly from Stafford



report from Jim Smith.



The wet weather of the previous week made the Course for the ‘Suicide Six’ race in Baggeridge Park, close to Himley Hall, a muddy, slippery affair and included a water crosing which is almost waist deep and which was reinstated after last year when it ran too fast and too deep for safety. Despite the ominous name and the fearful tales of previous participants, who still run the event year after year, some 28 Stafford Harriers took part. Nathan Sabin led the Harriers home for the second week running, achieving 10th place in 39:37 behind winner Jack Gray, Birmingham Running and Triathlon, 34:37, while Chris Skellern was first lady Harrier (52:59) in the female event won by unattached runner Melanie James, 43:29.?


Harriers times were




Nathan Sabin 39:34
Mark Bridgwood 40:02
Joe Smith 43:56
Ian Hodkinson 47:13
Mark Orchard 47:14
Mark White 49:41
Richard Caley 50:04
Andy Bourne 50:11
Tracey Jones 50:22
Joe Atherton 50:24
Mark Oliver 51:37
Eddie Smith 54:34
Sandra Smith 55:40
Charlotte Vernon 56:07
Liz Stanyer 57:00
Jane Bisiker 58:19
Angela Brookes 58:43
Caryl Gibson 1:01:55
Sally Burns 1:03:17
Brian Langston 1:03:28
Simon Stanyer 1:03:59
Stuart Fowlie 1:08:49
Amanda Pearce 1:10:10
Mike Moore 1:10:33
Julie Mogey 1:12:13
Joanne Oliver 1:12:13
Ann Coghlan 1:12:13




Meanwhile over in Afghanistan, Phil Hilsdon won the Bastion 5k Parkrun in less than favourable conditions and was highly pleased with his time of 18:09. Good preparation for his intention to return home for some much needed ‘R & R’ in time to participate with his family in Stafford’s Santa Dash next week!??


By Bill Whitworth



Meanwhile here are some photo’s from the Bald Eagle himself, Brian Smith. If you want to see more of Brians photos try here,




Unfortunately Brian lost all his photos when Flickr deleted 150,000 photos, so the link above is his new site.





this is a total of 5 marathons over 5 days,you choose either to do all five or enter them individually .i decided to enter 2,first time i have run a double.

the course is based in rivington on the south pennine moors. in based virtually off road expect for a short bit from race hq to start of first lap.first section steep loose rock track, levels out,first set of steps up to rivington pike 120 total,steep down hill section,gentle down section on old cobbled road,steep downhill on slippery loose rocks.the next section was heaven,gentle uphill on solid compacted gravel,followed by over 200 steps uphill,a nice gentle downhill.end of lap 1 of a total of 8.for those who complained about steps at suicide 6,my race had over 2500.i wasn’t looking forward to day 2 ,as furthest i have ran after a marathon is about 10m and also the terrain . i needn’t have worried,i just kept plodding along,counting the laps of,yes the steps were getting harder. i usually use 3-4 gels,i had only had 1 on each day plus a few jelly babies and i felt fine.

my first day time i was slightly disappointed with,but terrain was awful

day 1 time 5hrs 22m

day 2 time 5hrs 26m, this time i was very happy with,only a 4m difference

report from

chris owen

Stafford Harriers Press Report Sunday

17th November 2013


from Bill Whitworth


While Stafford Harriers are taking part in the cross country leagues here at home, fellow Harrier Phil Hilsdon is currently on duty in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan as part of the MOD civilian workforce for LCS FWD from MOD Donnington and MOD Bicester, but still keeping fit by competing in the runs organised there to keep up fitness, morale and the competitive spirit.


On Armistice Day, he participated in a Camp race of just over 5miles which he won in a time of 31:30 in a field of 500 runners and together they raised some $10,000 for charity.


On Sunday the 3rd race of the North Staffs Cross Country League was held at Park Hall Country Park in Weston Coyney – an area which used to be similar to Cannock Chase and home to a considerable deer population, but which changed forever with the advent of coal mining and quarrying. Following the demise of this industry here, and with funding from Natural Connections, a scheme run by Natural England, it is now declared as Stoke-on-Trent’s only National Nature Reserve and the sandstone canyons within it are a Site of Special Scientific Interest for their geology and local communities have greater access to the park and benefit from their environment.


A large contingent of Harriers, from Juniors to Veteran runners turned up to contest the various age groups in this league which took place in largely dry conditions.


In the U11 Boys, the winner was Edward Pettit of Vale Royal AC in a time of 9:17

Ali Morgan and Jake Oliver coming home in an identical time of 9:54, and Owen Bradley 10:42.


U13 Boys – Winner: Jacob Droogmans Newcastle AC – 8:40

Harriers –

George Hodkinson 9:39
Ewan Jackson 9:55
Will Buckley 10:48


U15 Boys – Winner: Christian Smith Wrexham AC 8:59


Will Sammons 10:48
Jack Hodkinson 10:55
Owen Futes 13:23
Kieron Mogey 15:42


U17 Men – Winner: James Russell Cannock & Stafford AC 19:43


Antoine Criq 20:51
Joe Smith 21:39
Jack Sammons 24:10


U11 Girls – Winner: Sian Heslop Macclesfield Harriers 7:28

Unfortunately there were no Harriers in this category.


U13 Girls – Winner: Emily Lavery Macclesfield Harriers 8:17


Jamie Lee Taylor 10:30


U15 Girls – Winner : Katie Lowery Macclesfield Harriers 8:36


Amy Oliver 11:35


U17 Women – Winner : Tasha Stone City Of Stoke AC 10:35


Laura Taylor 13:57


Women – Winner : Kerry Marchant Staffs Moorlannds AC 21:27


Michelle Fox 24:48
Tracey Jones 24:59
Christine Skellern 26:25
Julie Addison 27:00
Liz Stanyer 29:20
Angela Brookes 29:37
Lauren Gee 30:23
Jane Bisiker 30:28
Caryl Gibson 31:13
Marie-Claire Darcy-Barron 31:47
Chelsie Cook 34:18
Sara Broome 39:11


This race leaves the Harriers ladies in 4th place in the league with one more event to go.


Men – Winner : Seb Duffy City of Stoke AC 35:08


Nathan Sabin 39:21
Mark Bridgwood 41:37
Ian Talbot 44:05
Ian Hodkinson 46:41
Alan Cook 47:39
Joe Atherton 48:29
Darren Mattocks 48:49
Richard Caley 49:36
Dave Marsden 49:41
Mark Bentley 53:02
Roy Clay 54:02
Dave Mantle 54:23
Bryan Dale 65:33
Michael Jones 67:27
Mick Moore 70:12





The final event of the North Staffs Road Racing League took place on Sunday, organised by Stone Master Marathoners and attracted a high number of Stafford Harrier runners. The Flying Fox 10 mile race was based at Standon Bowers and this hilly event had the added challenges of torrential rain and flooded roads.


Ben Gamble Tipton Harriers won the men’s race (53:45), with Karl Moulton of Boalloy taking second place (56:31) and leading Harrier Matt Woodman took third place (57:16). Leading the ladies home was Caroline Davies-Hale in 67:16, Ruth Watchorn-Rice in second with her time of 69:41 and Michelle Buckle taking third place in 70:55.


Pride of place, however, must go to the Stafford Harriers Ladies, Chris Skellern, Tracey Jones, Julie Noakes and Karen Murray, who confirmed their win over the season in the Ladies team Championship by completing the 12 races required.


Harriers completing the event were,


Matt Woodman 57:16
Alan Griffin 65:23
Ryan Nokes 66:13
Darren Pyatt 68:27
Ian Hodkinson 69:50
Adam Morris 70:56
Alan Cook 71:09
Paul Higginson 71:16
Tracey Jones 74:42
Paul Douglas 76:20
Mark Bentley 76:37
Chris Skellern 77:40
Ben Dellicompagni 77:36
Eddie Smith 80:04
Shelley Burns 81:10
Mark Oliver 81:29
Steve Turner 83:05
Gill Hodkinson 83:25
Esther Batho 84:52
Sandra Smith 85:28
Liz Stanyer 86:41
Rachel Davis 88:52
Sally Liggins 89:39
Angela Brookes 90:55
Joanne Oliver 91:44
Karen Murray 93:24
Darren Taylor 93:24
Julie Noakes 96:21
Bill Whitworth 97:18
Michael Jones 100:25
Stuart Fowlie 102:18
Mike Moore 109:33

Spooky Halloween Challenge


this seems to be the start of my silly marathon season.my next 5 marathons are multiple lap based on on either difficult or boring courses.this on was a 0.8m circuit at lightmoor telford,therefore 31laps+ a bit extra. it wasn’t as bad as i thought is was going to be as the lap had 4-5 distinct parts.from the starts fast gravelly downhill,uphill in 2 parts which became muddier as the race wore on,long down hill again gravelly.then we came to long tarmac up,short downhill,followed by more uphill to finish the lap.there was only about 200m which was flat.something else which made it different was the start was at 4 0’clock so head torches were required. it was a marathon which i actually enjoyed

i actually finished 2nd in a time of 4hrs.00m.49, is was a hollow victory as majority of the runners had already completed a marathon earlier that day.the true winner,won both both races,but this was also his 37marathon in 37 days

one race i didn’t report on was chester marathon

time was a disappointing 3-39-12

chris owen





Stafford Common provided the venue for the North Staffs Cross Country League event at the weekend, providing a challenging course for the runners after the rain in the week before the event. As the various events progressed the mud became more of a hazard and by the time the senior events took place the going was tough.


Stafford Harriers Juniors were out in force and acquitted themselves well in all age groups.


Juniors U11 Boys (1.7k) winner – Callum Moss City of Stoke 5.55



Jake Oliver 6.49
Owen Bradley 7.44


U13 Boys (3k) winner – Ben Lee Vale Royal 10.09



George Hodkinson 11.24
Ewan Jackson 11.44
Alfie Spencer 12.39
Will Buckley 13.31


U15 boys (4k) Winner – Christian Smith Wrexham AAC 13.53



Will Sammons 16.24
Jack Hodkinson 18.45
Owen Futers 19.47
Kieron Mogey 24.14


U17 Men (5k) Winner – James Russell Cannock & Stafford AC 19.21



Antonoine Criq 21.04
Jack Sammons 21.53
Joe Smith 24.32


U11 Girls (1.5k) Winner -Lauren Cade, City of Stoke 6.25


U13 Girls (1.7k) Winner – Iris Davies Cannock & Stafford 5.53



Millie Stanyer 8.26


U15 Girls (3k) Winner – Katie Lowery, Macclesfield Harriers 10.13



Hannah Talbot 12.14
Ellie Baxter 12.32
Ellie Smith 12.52
Amy Oliver 13.16
Emma Underwood 14.10


U17 Women (4K) Winner – Tasha Stone 17.08



Laura Taylor 21.28


Senior Women (5K) Winner – Claire Martin, Telford AC 20.21



Tracey Jones 24.42
Christine Skellern 26.02
Shelley Burns 27.23
Julie Addison 27.49
Sandra Smith 28.50
Liz Stanyer 29.07
Lauren Gee 30.22
Marie-Claire Darcy-Barron 30.38
Jane Bisiker 30.47
Caryl Gibson 31.01
Charlotte Ward 33.15
Chelsie Cook 34.07
Sara Broome 40.51

Men (10k) Winner – Alex Brecker, City of Stoke AC 35.20



Nathan Sabin 40.18
Ian Talbot 42.42
Alan Griffin 43.52
Adam Morris 45.05
Alan Cook 46.51
Ian Hodkinson 47.51
Darren Mattocks 48.10
Mark Oliver 50.50
Eddie Smith 53.28
Dave Mantle 54.47
Steve Turner 55.48
Michael Jones 69.02
Bryan Dale 71.37
Mick Moore 72.05




There were 20,000 who took to the streets of Birmingham for this years BUPA Half Marathon. Thousands lined the course giving support and millions of others sat at home watching on TV.

We have found 27 Harriers who took part in the run but there are others we saw but haven’t found in the results yet. This was due to number swapping by Harriers and not any fault of the race organisers.

In fact those that ran could not fault this years organisation. It was probably one of the best Birmingham Half Marathons ever. We know that there was a lot of Harrier spotting on TV and I am sure you will hear from those that appeared. There may even be photos on popular media sites.

At the moment these are who we have found. If there are others or you know of any changes please let us know.


194 Allan Griffin 1:25:21 pb
257 Mark Bridgwood 1:26:55 pb
373 Ryan Nokes 1:29:08
432 Adam Morris 1:29:52 pb
644 Ian Hodkinson 1:32:23
647 Dave Payling 1:32:25
770 Simon Groom 1:33:35
2317 Joe Atherton 1:44:01
2831 John Peach 1:46:20
4229 Shelley Burns 1:52:23
4246 Gill Hodkinson 1:52:30 pb
4492 Sally Dean 1:53:27
4556 Esther Batho 1:53:38
6239 James Thorpe 1:59:41
6243 Juli Cocrombe 1:59:42
6559 Ann Coghlan 2:00:54
7223 Virginia Brown 2:03:43
7343 Jon Loft 2:04:14
7803 Rachel Davies 2:06:14
9555 Tina Darby 2:14:28
9556 Kev Darby 2:14:28
10928 Sydney Stubbs 2:22:10
10986 Marie Banner 2:22:44
10987 Carly Smith 2:22:44
12243 Kate Sigley 2:31:58
12262 Sally Liggin 2:32:03
12263 Helen Morris 2:32:03




Twenty one Harriers started this years Trackless 10, with Steve Vaughan first home in a time of 61-16.



1st Steve Vaughan 61-16
2nd Darren Pyatt 66-16
3rd Alan Cook 70-11
4th Chris Ross 72-22
5th Tracey Jones 74-14
6th Mark Bentley 75-38
7th Chris Skellern 75-56
8th Darren Mattocks 76-46
9th Eddie Smith 79-56
10th Chris Elsley 81-31
11th Sandra Smith 86-14
12th Graham Williams 89-41
13th Karen Murray 92-37
14th Julie Noakes 92-37 PB
15th Gareth Hart 93-02
16th Mike Jones 94-51
17th Jazz Mahil 96-20
18th Gemma Stokoe 99-20
19th Rebecca Martin 99-22
20th Stuart Fowlie 106-29


Thanks to Karen Sabin and Carol Jones for time keeping allowing me to run, also thanks to Jill Ross for manning the turn round at 5 miles.


Thanks to everybody that entered, £110 was raised for Katharine house in memory of Vernon Olivant who invented the race.




Aviemore 10K

Sunday 13th October 2013


Report Jean & Bill Whitworth

While the rain poured down in Staffordshire, a contingent of local runners and their loyal supporters headed for the Highlands of Scotland to take part in the 10K and Half Marathon in Aviemore. Starting up in the Queen’s Forest at Badaguish, close to the base of the Cairngorm Mountains and along the shores of Loch Morlich, this event is a mixture of forest trail and road running. In fact it claims to be downhill all the way! The concerned faces of the pre- race coach travel from the hotel were replaced by wide smiles (and a few painful grimaces) as everyone exchanged their tales and ‘ifs’ ‘buts’ and ‘maybes’ post-race.


Aviemore 10K Race results



Darren Taylor (Stafford Harriers) 48:06
Colin Earp (South Cheshire) 50:23 (SB)
Gael Earp (Stafford Harriers) 52:42 (SB)
Bill Whitworth (Stafford Harriers) 55:47
Elaine Morgan (Chase Harriers) 1:01:00
Andrew Carter (Stafford Harriers) 1:07:00 (Chuffed to be back!)
Kath Swingwood (Chase Harriers) 1:49:00


Aviemore Half Marathon results



Darren Washington (City of Stoke) 1:21:24 (80th Half Marathon in 11years)
Chris Ross (Stafford Harriers) 1:27:13
Mark Orchard (Stafford Harriers) 1:30:06 (PB)
Alan Burt (Chase Harriers) 1:35:50
Chris Owen (Stafford Harriers) 1:36:41
Angela Brookes (Stafford Harriers) 1:50:19 (PB)
Jill Ross (Stafford Harriers) 1:50:31
Ken Bloor (Trentham) 1:51:54
Colin Pheasant (Chase Harriers) 1:55:28
Graham Williams (Stafford Harriers) 2:00:11
Brian Langston (Stafford Harriers) 2:00:42
George Singh (Stafford Harriers) 2:02:29
Janice Wainwright (Chase Harriers) 2:05:01
Marie Burt (Chase Harriers) 2:40:35 (PB)
Angela Allison (Chase Harriers) 2:55:20 (first race in 18 years!)


The Bells of Pattingham

13th October 2013


Report Liz Stanyer

7 hardy (mad?) Harriers travelled to Pattingham near Wolverhampton to tackle ‘The Bells’ 7 mile off road race. All of us said “we must be mad” as we stood in the village hall, soaked and windswept from the small walk from the car park to the hall.
Simon got all excited by the obvious prospect that he was going to be 1st (only!) male harrier home and encouraged us all to celebrate with him before he had even set a foot on furrowed fields.
Then with 10 minutes before we had to leave for the start Ian Talbot turned up. I won’t repeat Simons exact words, but to say he was disappointed is an understatement!
The start is very wide in a field that soon narrows so there is an almighty charge to avoid any bottle necks. It is immediately apparent this is going to be very muddy and very slippy. Then up we go and the first half is predominantly uphill with one particular hefty drag that goes on a bit. Then it’s a bumpy ride around the perimeters of farmers fields, with a few good downhills and a couple of uphill lumps.
Somehow ( I never take note of where we are heading) you then do the earlier part of the race in reverse which is all downhill, to then take you through woodland to a long stretch of ankle deep, shoe sucking mud.
The church bells can be heard guiding you home and I completely misjudged the last mile thinking we had a massive hill and lengthy field before the finish (as we had in a previous year), but it never came and the finish appeared surprisingly quickly.
A Bells of Pattingham horse brass, cup of tea and a piece of homemade cake are your reward for completing a pretty tough off road race.
We really enjoy this race. It’s challenging but runnable, varied and scenic, with only the slight frustration at times of being stuck behind people as it’s too difficult to overtake.
We especially enjoyed the prize giving ceremony with the local lady vicar and her assistant who was unable to pronounce the simplest of names. We held our breath as she was unable to say Chris Skellern so we remaining harriers shouted out it’s pronounced Chris Scabby!
Well done to Michelle Rushton-Fox, 1st lady under 40 (that’s what the vicar said!) and Chris Scabby, sorry Skellern, 1st lady over 50.
No other results as yet.
Liz And Simon (2nd male harrier) Stanyer.

Katherine House 10K

6 Oct 2013


No race report yet. But a photo from the web.