Stafford Harriers Grand Prix

Race 9 has started.

Race 8 results posted

Results published in the Junior News and Senior race results pages, the challenge tables have been updated.

Update 8th June: – Change to the rules for Juniors.
We will allow Junior Harriers additional time to complete the GP events and upload their results. We are aware some have been struggling to submit an accurate time and there is also the issue that they may need assistance or supervision from a parent.
So we will let them complete the 1 and 2 mile events at your convenience.

No GPS watch?
If you do not have access to a GPS enabled watch, not to worry – why not map out a route before you run it to determine the distance?  There are several websites that can help you easily achieve this such as or Once you have mapped out a course of a known distance and you are happy with it, you can then do the run, measure your time to complete and upload a photo of your time and possibly a screenshot of the mapped course to the Harriers Facebook page or website.

If you have a smart phone there are a number of apps that can track a run.



The Harriers challenge this year is…  well challenging.  Covid-19 has seen most of our challenge races cancelled for this year and the prospect of getting your trophy at the annual awards night is looking doubtful.  But have no fear, we’ve got your back.

A series of races, well, virtual ones for you to run over the course of a week for 9 weeks.  Starting at a one-mile sprint through to a half marathon.  The Grand Prix also includes the virtual NSRAA race, St Thomas 10k.

All you have to do is complete each event in between the dates shown and either upload your Strava or Garmin details to a weekly pinned post on the Harriers Facebook page or send your details directly into the website via email (or Contact Us)

We will record the results and update the challenge tables and award your points.

The Grand Prix series is also open to all members (not just challenge members).

The Events


Senior Grand Prix
1 Mile 2 Mile 5 Km St Thomas 10k 5 Mile 5k TT 10 Km 10 Mile 1/2
31/05 – 06/06 07/06 – 13/06 14/06-20/06 14/06 21/06 – 27/06 28/06 – 04/07 05/07 – 11/07 12/07 – 18/07 19/07 – 24/07


Junior (15+) Grand Prix
1 Mile 2 Mile 5 Km 5 Mile 5k TT 10 Km 5 Mile 10 Km
31/05 – 06/06 07/06 – 13/06 14/06 – 20/06 21/06 – 27/06 28/06 – 04/07 05/07 – 11/07 12/07 – 18/07 19/07 – 24/07


Junior Grand Prix
1 Mile 2 Mile 5 Km 5 Km 5k TT 1 Mile 2 Mile 5 Km
31/05 – 06/06 07/06 – 13/06 14/06 – 20/06 21/06 – 27/06 28/06 – 04/07 05/07 – 11/07 12/07 – 18/07 19/07 – 24/07



  1. You must complete each race on or between the dates posted, evidence of your run must be uploaded within 48hrs of the race finishing. Late entries will not be accepted. NB:- Juniors have extended time to run and submit results.
  2. Plan your route in advance of completing your run, thinking about elevation, terrain. any restrictions on your intended route.
  3. Evidence of your run must be submitted, either a photo of your watch, Strava details etc.
  4. You can play your joker but must advise the club in accordance with the challenge rules (see website for clarification)
  5. The above rules, except for a Joker, also apply to the juniors.
  6. Everyone’s safety is paramount. Especially for the juniors, however, the club cannot accept any responsibility of any injury received whilst competing in the Grand Prix. We would advise all runners to notify someone of their intended route and carry some form of emergency contact card in case of an incident.
  7. Junior runs should be supervised by a responsible adult or completed with the consent of parent or guardian
  8. We would advise all runners to carry water and a basic first aid kit when completing your run, but this is at your discretion and the club cannot be held liable in the event of any incident should you choose not to do so.
  9. Current government guidelines surrounding the current social distancing etc, must be observed.
  10. While everybody’s course will be different, in the spirit of sporting etiquette wherever you start is where you must finish.
  11. A separate entry is required for the St Thomas 10K. Click here