Runners for Staffs AAA County XC Championships

Do you want to run in Staffs AAA County XC Championships ?

To be held at Betley on Saturday 8th January 2022.

Races are

12.00pm – U13 Girls and U13 Boys – 1 large lap: Distance 3.3k approx.

12.25PM – u15 Girls and U15 Boys – 1 small lap and 1 large lap: Distance 4.3k approx.

1.05PM – U17 Girls, U17 Boys, U20/Senior/Veteran Women – 2 large laps: Distance 6.5 approx.

1.45pm – Under 20, Senior and Veteran Men – 3 large laps: 3 Large Laps Distance 9.7k approx.


More information

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Please put your name on the form below – closing date is 4th January

This form is now closed for submissions.


List of people that want to run for us

Ian Hodkinson
Nitesh Thakrar
Adam Lightfoot
Pete Chell
Caitlin Mills
Jake Oliver
Mark Oliver
Joanne Oliver
alan jones
Tom Davall
Ruth Edwards
Chris Skellern
Melonie Deakin
Jason Littlewood
Leon Stringer
Samantha Bream
Romy Williamson
Antonio Treglia
Vasu Krishnan
Lucas Willson
Justin Green
Ben Green
Richard Crump
Christopher Seale
Phil Hilsdon
Matthew Hilsdon


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