Thursday night road runs are returning 4th November.

After a long break, we are going to restart Thursday night road runs.

The routes for Thursday night are all mapped and measured. Click here to go and see them

As the routes range from 9.5km (5.9 miles) to 12.5km (7.7 miles) we recommend that you can run the distance and your speed is about 6.5 minutes per km (10minute per mile) or faster.  A good guide is running with the progression group or towards the front of the improvers’ road runs.

As with all our runs, no one will be left alone, mustering is compulsory.

There is no problem in giving it a go.

As always talk to one of our leaders/coaches if you are unsure.

The first run is 4th November. Booking is requested.

6:15 pm start from the Cricket and Hockey Club.


Book Here

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