Vernon’s Limp Wrist Race 11:15am New Year Day

Every New Year’s day there is a race a 5-mile race with a difference

– where it’s not about how fast you run but how close to your predicted time you can be!

So it is all about knowing your pace and controlling it. Strictly no watches/GPS/mobile phones (just to be clear this includes any device that can measure time!!).

Entry fee £5 on the day.

Please make it easy on yourself and please download the registration form and fill it in beforehand.


First, 10 nearest people to their predicted time will receive cash prize £20 to £3.

£10 to any runner with the correct time (or share if more than one.)

All profit to Katherine House Hospice.

Prize giving at the Hungry Horse, as soon as possible after 12-30pm

Register in advance (pay on the day)

Download the following form:



From Castlefields car park, to and clockwise around the pool. Back through Castlefields, then along the disused railway to Derrington. Back to the pool, around and finish in St Martins Drive.

Help Required

We will need a few marshals, and someone with a bike to turn the runners at Derrington.

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