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Welcome to winter…

I thought I would remind you all when and how we give notice of cancellation.

When do we cancel a training session?

  1. Our first and most important reason is safety. This includes getting to and returning from the venue as well as taking part.
  2. Availability of a session leader. All of our training session requires a leader to manage them.
  3. Availability and safety of the venue.

How do we communicate the cancellation?

As soon as we can we will issue a notice on our website and as many of our social media portals as possible. Including Instagram and Facebook.

For the evening events, we hope to have this in place by 4 pm but sometimes this isn’t possible.

Your responsibility?

As always you, as the runner, are responsible for your own safety. Parents or guardians are responsible for your dependents. So if you think anything is unsafe — then take the safest option and don’t do it.

If you have time and it is safe to do so please inform us before the event.

If we are recording “track and trace” info please inform us after the event so we can adjust our records.


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