We are always happy to welcome new members, whether you’re a beginner or experienced runner. We invite anyone interested in road or cross country running to come and try us for a couple of weeks. In that time, you can attend as many sessions as you need before having to join.

Although the current club formed in 1986, a running club called Stafford Harriers can be traced back to 1893. We currently have about 400 members spread across our junior and senior groups. Our goal is to spread the joy of running.

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We have a number of session to cover all abilities of runners. All our groups we use a mustering system to keep the group together while allowing people to run at their own pace. A back marker ensures that no runner is left behind, as safety is of paramount importance, especially in the dark or new locations.

Juniors Section

For people 8 to 16 years old. To find fun and friends running.
We have a team of five Junior coaches,  Chris Skellern (contact number 07791 502601) is our official Child Welfare Protection Officer. All our coaches are DBS checked.

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Complete Beginners

Twice a year (April and September) we start a 14-week program to take people who have never run or "can't " run to being able to run for 55 minutes. You will join a group of people with similar abilities so there is no need to be worried.

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Improvers Group

If you can run 55 minutes continuously for a distance, join a group for a 3 to 5-mile run. This group is aimed at those just starting out on the road to fitness and hoping to improve from a slow base. The aim is to show people that running can actually be fun and that you don't have to be an international class runner to belong to a club.

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Middle Group

A mixed-ability social group runs for those of you comfortable enough to run sub-10-minute miles for 5-6 miles.

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Progression Group

It is designed to help people move from the Improvers group to the Tuesday and Thursday runs. The session lasts an hour and the routes are mapped and measured. It is aimed for people who are regularly towards the front of the Improvers group and so should be capable of more than 10 minute miles for 5 to 6 miles.

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Slightly harder runs

This group is for more experienced runners. Fully mapped road runs that vary between 6 and 10 miles. In the summer we also have cross-country runs on Cannock Chase.

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Speed Development

Two groups: - An Improvers version Monday and Wednesday night and a more experienced group on Tuesday.
This is valuable training for all runners, not just track runners. It helps develop your heart strength and increases your ability to uptake oxygen for easier breathing and pumping into your muscles.

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We host three main races a year as well as hosting cross country and help organise our local Park Run.


Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December. A single annual payment that gives you access to all our training sessions and most include enrolment into England Althletics.

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