Our Sessions

For people 8 to 16 years old

We have a very active junior section, managed by a team of five fully qualified England Athletic Coaches. All have current DBS and EA licenses.
Monday evening is our open session, and any junior can attend.
Learn more about our juniors section

For people new to running

If you have done very little running or don’t think you can run, but really want to get started, the Club runs 2 complete beginners courses a year. You’ll be encouraged to jog/walk/jog/walk for gradually increasing distances along with others in the same condition as yourself.
Learn more about the complete beginners group

For people who can run for 55 minutes at 13 to 10 minute per mile

We hold three runs a week. Monday and Wednesday offer road run. Friday offers a road run in the winter and in the summer an introduction to off-road running on Cannock Chase.
Learn more about our Improvers groups

For people who can run for 55 minutes faster than 10 minute per mile

On Monday we have a group that takes people from our Improvers to our most experienced group
Learn more about our Progression group

For fast runners faster than 7.5 minute per mile

On Wednesday night we have a group designed to coach our senior juniors as they migrate to senior races

Learn more about our Fast group

For experienced runners that can run more than an hour faster than 10 minute per mile

Tuesday we hold Speed development session or a 7 to 8 mile mapped road run. Thursday in the winter we hold a 7 or 8 miles mapped road run, in the summer we move to Cannock Chase for off-road runs on gravel paths.
Learn more about our slightly harder runs

Speed Development

Tuesday is for experienced speed runners. Wednesday is open to all runners.
Speed development is a great session for increasing speed and improving recovery times.
Learn more about our speed development


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