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Covid Update

Afternoon Harriers.


In light of the announcement from the government yesterday regarding the new variant of concern, Omicron, everyone attending a session from Tuesday will once again be required to provide us with contact details so we can reinstate our track and trace program.  Although track and trace is currently not required at the minute, outside of official contact tracing, we take your safety seriously and want to ensure that we do all we can to protect all of our club members and their families as best we can and hope that everyone can feel safe at our sessions have the best Christmas they can.


Simon Bromley (Chairman)





Weather watch

Welcome to winter…

With tomorrow training session at risk due to the current weather, I thought I would remind you all when and how we give notice of cancellation.

When do we cancel a training session?

  1. Our first and most important reason is safety. This includes getting to and returning from the venue as well as taking part.
  2. Availability of a session leader. All of our training session requires a leader to manage them.
  3. Availability and safety of the venue.

How do we communicate the cancellation?

As soon as we can we will issue a notice on our website and as many of our social media portals as possible. Including Instagram and Facebook.

For the evening events, we hope to have this in place by 4 pm but sometimes this isn’t possible.

Your responsibility?

As always you, as the runner, are responsible for your own safety. Parents or guardians are responsible for your dependents. So if you think anything is unsafe — then take the safest option and don’t do it.

If you have time and it is safe to do so please inform us before the event.

If we are recording “track and trace” info please inform us after the event so we can adjust our records.


Christmas Raffle

First Prize

Is a year’s membership to the club.

(Juniors and Students include EA affiliation, Adults membership without EA affiliation)

Second Prize

Is a box of 6 chocolate orange cupcakes made by Vanessa.


£5 for 5 raffle tickets, the money will go to supporting the club.

Entry closes 11th December. The draw will be made at the Xmas handicap 12th December

How it works

Your numbers will be generated automatically when you checkout ie pay.

You will get an email confirming your order and your numbers.

The draw will be made at the Xmas handicap 12th December. Winners will be published on the news page of our website.


To buy tickets

Chippy Social 1st Thursday of the month

Chippy social is on the 1st Thursday of every month.

Starts straight after the Thursday club run ( which normally gets back between 7-7.15 )
For those not running the club will be open from 7 pm

We think the event will finish approx 9.30/10 pm

£2 each for food  — please book via the event calendar if you want food 0therwise just turn up.

DON’T FORGET bring some money for drinks!

Book via the event

Harriers Lottery Bingo IV


Prize pool £133.00


Week 11 Draw results (27th November)

NAMES NUMBERS Numbers Required
Simon Bromley 11 22 21 28 47 58 2
Sarah Bromley 8 12 27 31 42 53 3
Wendy Sears 12 22 24 33 37 49 4
Graham Williams 5 14 26 31 48 53 1
Antonio Treglia 9 10 14 27 42 46 3
Rachael Marsden 2 15 28 32 41 50 3
Ruth Edwards 2 12 14 22 23 49 5
Chris Elsley 6 15 19 34 53 57 1
Nitesh Thakrar 5 6 11 15 20 31 2
Val Stuart 3 8 11 21 44 50 3
Liam Duggan 2 10 12 14 26 42 5
Jackie Allen 5 24 38 47 49 53 2
Darren Mattocks 2 5 10 11 47 52 3
Ian Hodkinson 6 8 12 16 28 42 3
Mark Bentley 5 14 21 22 27 52 1
Karen Hilsden 3 8 9 23 24 38 3
Sue Williams 3 14 23 25 36 48 2
James Bream 23 25 33 38 40 44 4
Alan Jones 1 2 3 10 21 23 3

Colour coded pdf version

Club Lottery Competition Rules

  1. Each person selects 6 numbers between 1-59
  2. The lottery drawn on BBC on Saturday night will be the only draw to count in the competition
  3. Every weekend, when the main lottery is drawn, the numbers that appear from the machine, if they match any of your selection will be used to cross off your selected numbers
  4. The Bonus Ball is not counted as a part of the selection
  5. The draw will keep going until a winner (or winners) have successfully had all their numbers crossed off
  6. The winner will be the first person or persons to have all their numbers crossed in the shortest number of weeks
  7. In the event of multiple winners, the prize pool will be divided equally between all winners
  8. Cost to enter is £10 (£7 to prize pool & £3 to Stafford Harriers)
  9. The last date to enter will be midnight on the 17th September 2021.  Any entries after that will not be counted.
  10. Open to all senior members of Stafford Harriers only


Winner of the first Bingo competition was Eddie Smith who won £259

Winner of the second Bingo competition was Sarah Bromley who won £182

Winner of the third Bingo competition was Antonio Treglia who won £147

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