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Changes to Harriers Grand Prix

We have added an additional competition element to our Grand Prix Series.

The list of races and their dates haven’t changed. The series is still open to all members (senior and juniors) and you are still free to join in when you want, you are free to do just the events you fancy.

So what have we changed?

We have added points to runners performances. This will allow us to have a series competition as well as individual race performance.

We have two tables one for seniors and one for juniors.

Basically the faster your performance the higher the number of points will be awarded. To make it fairer the number of points you get is determined by the number of people that take part in the whole series and your relative performance in each event. We will recalculate your points every time someone new joins the series.


We have a new dedicated web page to the Grand Prix on our races menu.

Grand Prix Home Page


Free Mental Health Awareness Training for Sport Activity

Please find below details of a FREE training course on Mental Health Awareness Training for Sports and Physical Activity sponsored by togetheractive and delivered by MIND.


If any club member is interested please contact Claire directly, or if you want to ask questions I will forward any emails to Peter Williams our Mental Health Champion.



Dear All

I have had a number of queries about online CPD whilst coaches/staff/volunteers are in lockdown to ready ourselves for the return to play once our lives can return to some normality and here is a great opportunity…… We have been able to access a number of places for you and members of your team to attend the Mental Health Awareness Training for Sport & Physical Activity online and for FREE.

MIND has developed the course with support from UK coaching which is designed for coaches, sports administrators, volunteers and front of house staff.  They’ve listened to people living with mental health problems and people working in the sport and physical activity sectors to create a practical workshop with 4 modules that will increase your knowledge and understanding of mental health, providing you with the practical skills and strategies to be able to:

  • build people’s resilience, self-esteem and confidence
  • adapt your sessions to make them more inclusive
  • enable and support mental health recovery, and
  • tackle stigma and discrimination.

One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year and it is set to increase because of the pandemic. Completing this course will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to better understand and support people living with mental health problems, and create a positive environment that ensures they enjoy the benefits of being active and keep coming back for more.

You will get access to an extensive bank of resources that you can start using straight away.

After completing the course you will be able to download your certificate of completion.

The course has been awarded 3 CPD points by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA).

Please could you let me know how many places you/your organisation would like ideally with a name/email contact to be able to send them the voucher/link directly?

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch

With kind regards

Claire Greenwood  |  Satellite Clubs Manager

m: 07772 223015



Aviemore Trip 2020 – Deposits

The intended trip to Aviemore in Oct 2020 for the annual half & 10k races was, as previously announced, cancelled.

We are still hoping to return and rearrange the trip at some point but this cannot be guaranteed for 2021 at this point.

We are still holding a number of deposits from those who reserved a place on the trip. We can continue to hold on to these

In the hope that we can rearrange in the near future but we appreciate that some people may rather have theirs returned to them.

If anybody would like their deposit returned, please contact Ian Hodkinson (Trip organiser) by email ( or mobile (07703-687906)

All those who had entered the 2020 race(s) should have been contacted directly by Badaguish Events team regards refund or deferral already.


Thanks & regards


Membership Fees

All Memberships run from 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021

Over 70s – Free

Associate Members (non-runners) – Free

Juniors/Students – £20. All juniors and students will be registered with England Athletics.

Seniors Option 1 – £45. If you wish to be registered with England Athletics choose this option. You will need to be registered with England Athletics if you wish as a Stafford Harrier to enter races affiliated to England Athletics. This will include North Staffs cross country fixtures, Sutton Park relays, and the majority of road races.

Seniors Option 2 – £30. If you want to run with Stafford Harriers but do not intend to enter events affiliated to England Athletics choose this option. You will not be registered with England Athletics. If, however, at some point in 2020 you decide to enter an affiliated event you will either have to pay £15 to be registered with England Athletics or enter the event as an unattached runner and pay the appropriate levy. For some events, such as Parkruns, you do not need to be registered with England Athletics in order to compete.

All paid-up members of Stafford Harriers are covered by England Athletics insurance policy whether they are registered individually or not.

If you have any queries regarding any of the above please e-mail


Harriers Challenge 2021

We have published the groups for this year’s Challenge.

The race subcommittee has approved the groups and people ranking is calculated from last year’s Challenge result and current performances. Some times these are subjective views and open to dispute. If you strongly disagree with your group placement you can ask us to review it. Please contact us before the end of January.

If you can’t find your name or we have made a mistake please contact us.

If you haven’t made up your mind you have until the end of January to enter (you won’t miss any points from the first two races).

Your Joker.

Your Joker is still in play this year, it is worth double points in any race you choose. It can help you move up a place or two so please think about how and when to play it. To play it, you need to contact Ian (or via our contact page or email) a full week before an event starts.


Challenge 2021 page




Suspension of club activities

Staffordshire is in Tier4.

All club activities are now suspended until further notice.

Our New Years Day Limp Wrist race is virtual and so if you run alone, or with one other person from another household, you will be fine.


England Athletics Guidance Tier 4.

Following the UK Government’s announcement on Saturday 19 December of new Tier 4 areas (further updated on Wednesday 23 December), details have been released by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and Sport England as to how sport and physical activity is impacted within this specific Tier:

  • Organised outdoor sport for under-18s (including those who were under-18 on 31 August 2020) and disabled people is allowed. Indoor sport for under-18s is only permitted for education or to facilitate childcare that enables parents or carers to work, seek work or take part in education.
  • Organised outdoor and indoor sport for over-18s is not permitted.
  • People can exercise outdoors or visit some public outdoor places, such as parks, the countryside, public gardens or outdoor sports facilities. They can continue to do unlimited exercise alone, or in a public outdoor place with their household, support bubble, or one other person.
  • Outdoor sports facilities are allowed to open and can be used by individual households, bubbles or two people from different households. This applies to outdoor track and field provision where it is open locally
  • There are no exceptions for disabled people taking part in sport or physical activity indoors.
  • Competition licences within Tier 4 areas are suspended.


Harriers Lottery Bingo III

21 people entered and so the prize pool is £147

23rd January Draw – No winner yet.

NAMES NUMBERS Numbers Required
Simon Bromley 5 9 11 21 22 28 3
Sarah Bromley 11 21 22 28 47 58 3
Graham Williams 8 9 12 13 22 23 2
Jodie Clarke 11 23 25 31 33 38 2
Bryan Hynes 6 12 16 24 44 49 2
Robert Hoare 6 13 20 29 47 49 2
Antonio Treglia 9 10 14 27 42 46 1
Cathrine Wooldridge 4 5 26 28 32 39 1
Karen Hilsdon 3 8 9 10 23 24 1
Val Stuart 3 17 21 27 44 50 1
Ruth Edwards 2 12 14 23 27 33 2
Pete Chell 2 11 12 17 26 30 4
Nitesh Thakrar 5 6 11 15 20 31 4
Charlotte Ward 2 9 19 21 42 49 3
Alan Jones 1 2 3 10 21 23 1
Melanie Gorman 1 2 3 4 7 49 2
Ian Hodkinson 6 8 12 16 28 42 2
Darren Mattocks 2 5 10 11 47 51 3
Chris Elsley 13 19 38 33 52 56 1
Mark Bentley 4 10 20 24 40 43 3
Edd Smith 6 7 19 33 34 52 2


Full spreadsheet with colour coding of draw results.

Club Lottery Competition Rules

  1. Each person selects 6 numbers between 1-59
  2. The lottery drawn on BBC on Saturday night will be the only draw to count in the competition
  3. Every weekend, when the main lottery is drawn, the numbers that appear from the machine, if they match any of your selection will be used to cross off your selected numbers
  4. The Bonus Ball is not counted as a part of the selection
  5. The draw will keep going until a winner (or winners) have successfully had all their numbers crossed off
  6. The winner will be the first person or persons to have all their numbers crossed in the shortest number of weeks
  7. In the event of multiple winners, the prize pool will be divided equally between all winners
  8. Cost to enter is £10 (£7 to prize pool & £3 to Stafford Harriers)
  9. The last date to enter will be midnight on the 3oth October 2020.  Any entries after that will not be counted.
  10. Open to all senior members of Stafford Harriers only



Winner of first Bingo competition was Eddie Smith who won £259

Winner of the second Bingo competition was Sarah Bromley who won £182

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