Speed Developments

Covid-19: – Limited spaces, booking required, Improvers Monday and Wednesday at the Cricket Club, Slightly Harder group Tuesday at the Cricket Club.

Tuesday evening session

Every Tuesday, during summer or winter, you will have the opportunity to join a group of members who choose to run hill work or interval sessions on track, grass or road (depending upon the weather).

The groups are generally lead by our Team manager Eddie Smith and start from the Stafford Cricket and Hockey Club after the group greeting/introduction talk from 6:00 pm.



Wednesday evening session

An improvers version of speed training session is held every Wednesday meeting at 6 pm at Rowley Park Stadium.

This is valuable training for all runners, not just track runners. It helps develop your heart strength and increases your ability to uptake oxygen for easier breathing and pumping into your muscles.
It helps you cope with a faster pace at any distance, 100m to a marathon.


Give it a go – you know it makes sense!

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