London Marathon


Sunday 22th April 2018

Race Reports are here

Also Alex Langford raised £2500+ for children with cancer uk.

Race results so far. Please email us if we have missed someone.


2009 Phil Hilsdon 40-44 388 01:24:23 03:11:02
6032 Paul Higginson 40-44 1073 01:41:41 03:41:02
8853 Kev Darby 45-49 1143 01:44:48 03:56:18
9321 Nia Nokes 18-39 1171 01:52:05 03:58:22
15398 Alex Langford 18-39 5217 01:58:43 04:27:55
19715 Alan Jones 50-54 1464 02:07:50 04:46:18
21631 Dean Hibbitt 40-44 2760 02:00:28 04:54:15

London Marathon 2018

Stafford Harriers have for many years travelled together to London for the London Marathon staying overnight the night before the big race. It has always been organised by The County Staff Club. This year Happy Days Coaches are put on a one night stay with transport to registration and to the race start. For spectators they will be taken into London and then everyone will be picked up together near the finish for the journey home.

The cost is £117 pp sharing a twin room.

Below are full details of the trip and a phone number to contact and book.

London marathon 2018 ballot draw

Tuesday 8th November 2017 9.00 pm


Names drawn out in order –
1. Paul Higginson
2. Kev Darby
3. Dean Hibbitt
4. Shelley Burns
5. Charlotte Ward
6. Andrew Carter
7. Jason Littlewood
8. Craig Harris
9. Chris Elsley
10. Ruth Edwards
11. Ian Hodkinson
12. Debs McDermott
13. Simon Bromley
14. Steve Vaughan
15. Kerry Robertson
16. Rich Davies
17. Wayne Vaughan
18. Liz Simcox
19. Mel Deakin
20. Alan Jones
21. Sandra Smith
22. Georgina Coggins



First 3 have the ballot places



London Marathon 2017

23 April 2017


Place overall place gender place category name runner no category half finish
2114 2028 1172 Phil Hilsdon 32638 18-39 01:22:23 03:01:53
2944 2785 208 Ian Wood 27677 50-54 01:33:24 03:09:16
4105 3771 344 Michael Dobson 26010 50-54 01:36:22 03:17:01
5409 622 123 Michelle Fox 26916 40-44 01:40:25 03:25:31
5693 5007 2386 Ryan Nokes 31641 18-39 01:42:51 03:27:12
14203 3474 1863 Natalie Godfrey 26786 18-39 01:55:31 04:03:50
17233 12683 Ed Smith 26965 02:01:58 04:16:52
29332 9819 1732 Julie Petrek 41876 40-44 02:30:26 05:07:23
29382 9845 1738 Rachel Marsden 22966 40-44 02:24:18 05:07:41
35424 22408 10970 David Kumar 51430 18-39 02:37:55 05:51:32


London Marathon Draw 2017


At the committee meeting on Tuesday 6th December the draw was made for the club places in the London Marathon.

Heather Bennett
Ruth Edwards
Rachel Marsden



1st Frank Evans
2nd Richard Davies
3rd Karen Murray
4th Alan Jones



London Marathon 2017 Club ballot

We have been allocated 3 places for next year’s race.

The draw will take place during December 6th committee meeting. First 3 to get places and 4 reserves to be drawn but all names will be drawn to ensure fairness & transparency.

Usual rules on eligibility apply are on within the London Marathon page of our website.

Physical Rejection slips (no photocopies) to be given to any committee
member, please put your email address on the rear.

email rejection slips to be forwarded to Please ensure you include your name.

In either case by 29th November 2016.

Good luck


The rules for eligiblity are as follows.


1. You must have entered the London Marathon 2017 ballot and have a rejection slip. (No photocopies)

2. You must have been a fully paid up 1st claim member of the Harriers for 12 months. (From date of Marathon)

3. You must have run races as a Harrier or helped out at Harriers races on at least 6 occasions in the last 12 months.

4. If your name was drawn from the ballot last year you are not eligible to enter the draw this year.


Names of people in the draw for 2017

If you have handed in paper versions please can you email so that we can check your document has arrived.



Craig Baxter

Heather Bennett

Shelley Burns

Georgina Coggins

Kev Darby

Richard Davies

Ruth Edwards
Chris Elsey

Frank Evans

Alan Griffin

Spencer Holland

Alan Jones
Rachael Marsden

Richard Rea

Charlotte Ward

Bill Whitworth




London Marathon 2016

24th April 2016


Report Chris Elsley


23 Harriers were among the 39,000 who took to the streets of London for the famous London Marathon.


Phil Hilsdon (2.47.03) was the only one to dip under the three hour mark and finished a superb 648th place.


Mark Bridgwood (3.04.56), Andrew Locke (3.09.44) and Ian Wood (3.17.32) came inside the 200 minute barrier.


Name Time
Phil Hilsdon 2.47.03 648th place
Mark Bridgwood 3.04.56
Andrew Locke 3.09.44
Ian Wood 3.17.32
Kevin Darby 3.29.50
Mark Orchard 3.35.25
John Greatholder 3.57.47
Jane Bisiker 4.04.29
Debbie McDermott 4.05.15
Alan Jones 4.07.55
Liz Simcox 4.08.07
Mark Bentley 4.21.12
Angela Brookes 4.23.27
Ed Smith 4.32.25
Tina Darby 4.45.51
Sarah Johnson 4.46.45
Dave Cook 4.47.01
Rachel Darbey 4.47.58
Wendy Sears 4.50.34
Sally Liggins 4.50.48
Martin Moore 4.58.00
Angela Charlesworth 5.59.40
Annabel Evans 6.27.28


London Marathon Ballot 2016


At the committee meeting on Tuesday 3rd November the draw was made for the club places in the London Marathon. This year the London Marathon Company has cut the number of places available to club runners and so this year we only have three instead of the four we have had in the past.


The names drawn out, in order were.


Mark Bentley

Rachel Darbey

Liz Simcox


The first four reserves were


Wiliam Gray

Julie Noakes

Frank Evans

Paul Higginson


London Marathon 2015

Place overall Name Runner no Category HALF FINISH
905 Ryan Nokes 30443 18-39 01:26:12 02:51:48
1486 Matthew Woodman 1203 18-39 01:27:58 02:57:47
1616 Phil Hilson 22114 18-39 01:23:32 02:58:36
3046 Ian wood 31762 50-54 01:33:21 03:10:51
3273 Michael Dobson 31272 50-54 01:33:32 03:12:29
3295 Kevin Darby 21919 40-44 01:30:57 03:12:36
3831 Ian Hodkinson 8023 40-44 01:34:51 03:16:05
3933 Steve Copnall 42022 18-39 01:30:55 03:16:57
4468 John Gomersall 22083 40-44 01:38:14 03:20:48
13972 Chris Elsley 22050 45-49 01:50:16 03:59:55
14727 Chris Owen 28329 40-44 01:58:33 04:02:54
16140 Shelley Burns 5052 18-39 01:54:19 04:08:53
19444 Karen Davies 28810 50-54 01:56:59 04:21:35
22410 Richard Davies 1499 40-44 02:08:55 04:32:24
23408 Graham Williams 29071 70+ 02:14:42 04:36:27
27858 Tina Darby 46754 50-54 02:21:18 04:56:00
28449 Ruth Edwards 2048 55-59 02:21:18 04:58:45
30645 Rachel Marsden 4982 40-44 02:21:17 05:12:17
34963 Holly Wright 41627 18-39 02:34:25 05:54:01
35826 Nikki Calladine 35951 18-39 02:49:56 06:09:52
35827 Maria Davies 46750 40-44 02:49:57 06:09:52
36061 Frank Evans 7606 70+ 02:54:27 06:16:11





The rules for eligiblity are as follows.


1. You must have entered the London Marathon 2015 ballot and have a rejection slip. (No photocopies)

2. You must have been a fully paid up 1st claim member of the Harriers for 12 months. (From date of Marathon)

3. You must have run races as a Harrier or helped out at Harriers races on at least 6 occasions in the last 12 months.

4. If your name was drawn from the ballot last year you are not eligible to enter the draw this year.





Here is a list of the Harriers who are running in the 2011 London Marathon. If your name is not on it then let me know as we want as many people as possible watching out for your yellow vests on the tele. We have 16 so far. Anyone else?


Steve Babb

Mark Bentley

Dave Chittem

Frank Evans

Mike Jones

Chris Hollinshead

Sally Gray

Karen D Murray

Chris Owen

Lisa Percox

Dave Preece

Kim Preece

Rob Proctor

Liz Stanyer

Kirsty Sephenson

Bernard Wilkes

Bill Whitworth




Fairly humid conditions provided an extra challenge for the runners competing in 2010 and a few of our contingent suffered disappointing runs for other reasons: But well done to everyone who

finished, particularly Chris Hollinshead who bettered his 2009 time by more than 6 minutes.


London 2009

Of particular note in the performances were:
Tom Hobbins, who knocked 14mins off his previous PB with a superlative effort that landed him in the St Johns Ambulance tent for a while at the end of the race,
and Mark Bentley who achieved a “Good for Age” time that gives him a guaranteed entry for 2010.


Race Day Checklist

Race day is approaching rapidly so you need to have a checklist of things to think of and take with you on the day:


  1. Make sure your travel arrangements and travel has been booked in advance, it saves last minute panic’s.
  2. Kit – prepare your race day kit in advance (see check list below), never wear new kit or shoes on the day, it may look good but if you get blisters it will hurt a lot in the latter stages.
  3. Eat well, plenty of carbohydrates in the last 3 days and drink lots of water, have a good pasta meal early on Saturday evening and just a light breakfast 2/3 hours before the start.
  4. Get a massage during the week before the race if you can.
  5. Do not panic if you missed some training last minute cramming does not work.
  6. Avoid alcohol in the last week, plenty of time to celebrate after the race.
  7. Rehearse your race mentally, be positive and confident.
  8. Get to the start nice and early.
  9. Use the loo’s early and avoid an unpleasant delay.
  10. Drink a little at each water/sports drink station.
  11. Warm up lightly, jog for 15 mins or so to get your muscles warmed up.
  12. Find your start place early, wear an old T.shirt that you can throw away once you get started, there is nothing worse than being freezing cold before you start.
  13. Don’t go too fast in the first few miles, it is far better to be slightly slower in the early stages than to be infront of your target plan.
  14. Make use of all aid stations on route, if your vest is chaffing get vaseline from the St Johns helpers it will make life more comfortable.
  15. Enjoy the experience – not many people will ever have the guts to do what your doing – be proud.
  16. When you start to get tired focus on the reason for doing this and think of the money you will have raised – enjoy the crowd and soon you’ll see that finishing line!
  17. After the race take a carbo snack or sandwich as soon as possible it will really start to aid recovery.
  18. If post race massage is available be sure to use it as it helps recovery.
  19. Try to collect your sponsorship monies as quickly as possible, show your medal to your sponsors and be proud of a wonderful achievement.

Kit checklist for race day

• tracksuit
• hat and gloves
• sweatshirt
• umbrella
• vest or t-shirt
• vaseline
• pants & shorts
• number and pins
• socks
• waterproofs
• race shoes
• directions
• dry socks for after race
• money for phone OR mobile phone, to give everyone the good news when you’ve finished
• towel
• shampoo
• food
• plasters
• kitbag