Social Events

Harriers Presentation Night 2020

7:30 pm Friday 14th February 2020

Report by Simon Bromley

“Valentines night 2020 saw the annual Harriers Awards night take place at the Chase Golf Club and Spa.  A night to celebrate the achievements of the club members over the past year in the Harriers Challenge as well as recognise the members that have worked hard to improve their times or those that are an inspiration to others with the perseverance and dedication to supporting the club in many events over the last year.
As always, the guests were greeted with the smiling face of Bryan Dale, waiting with his camera to photograph everyone as they arrived with their partners, friends and running buddies.
The food at the chase this year was excellent and definitely set expectations for a great night ahead.  Once everybody had eaten and the raffle was done and out of the way, it was time for the celebration of achievement to begin.  The night started with our guest speaker, Bryan Dale. Bryan told stories of his personal achievements, how he earned an England vest and even a time when he ran with a group of Kenyan world record holding Olympians and left one of them trailing in his wake.
Bryan was also asked to help with the awards on the night and passed the camera over to his glamourous assistant, Paul Foster.
The night began with the presentation of the challenge awards before we moved over the awards for best Male & female newcomer and the most improved runner awards.  Ian Hodkinson came to the stage and spoke about each winners achievements in turn.  Tom Chell, took the best male newcomer with Vanessa Welham the female award and the clubs most improved runner, Antonio Treglia.
The Team Managers award this year was presented by Mark Oliver in the absence of Ed Smith.  Michael Dobson picking up the trophy for all his cross country running for the club.
I had the privilege of presenting the Club Person of the year award which was taken home this year by our junior coach Mark Oliver.
This year saw the presentation of 3 special awards to members who have been a part of the fabric of the club for over 20 years.  Chris Skellern, who has been coaching the juniors since it began.  Michael Jones, organiser of the cross country set up on the common as well as the limp wrist race every year and Graham Williams, club treasurer for over 35 years.  All three worthy of recognition.
The final awards of the night, the Harrier of the year awards for Male, female and veteran runners as voted for by the club members.  Each one this year demonstrated the true Harrier spirit of supporting the club, other runners and being a huge inspiration.
The veteran award was taken home by Chris Skellern, our female winner was Vanessa Welham and the male award presented to the amazing Michael Dobson.  Three winners that had truly showed Harrier spirit and very worthy of the title of Harrier of the Year.
Awards and speeches were done and everyone fed up of hearing me drone on the night was handed over to the DJ to get the party started.  A truly great night thanks organised once again by the lovely Lindsey Foster and properly enjoyed by all.”


Male Newcomer
Tom Chell
Female Newcomer
Vanessa Welham
Most Improved
Antonio Treglia
Male Runner of the Year
Michael Dobson
Female Runner of the Year
Vanessa Welham
Veteran Runner of the Year
Chris Skellern
Team Managers Award
Michael Dobson
Club Person of the Year
Mark Oliver
Special awards
Chris Skellern, Michael Jones, Graham Williams

Prizes were given for the winners of each group in the Challenge.

Photos of the night by Bryan Dale. The full set of photos are on his web site. Click here

Some winners weren’t at the event, Simon presented their prizes on Monday night training session.

Christmas jumper competition

Sunday 22nd December 2019

All the people that took part:-

The winner was Dan Findlay-Robinson


Stone pub run


Photos of the runners…




A good sized group did go for a night out to the Dog racing at Monmore Green on 18th May.

Tickets were £22 each (including transport) admission, race card, Food (scampi/chicken/beef burger/veggie burger & chips), 2 x free drinks, 2 x tote forecasts & 1 x jackpot tote.

It was really good value for money and a great night out for a laugh with fellow harriers, and we’re not racing for once!

Annual Presentation Dinner Tillington Hall

Friday 15th Feb 2019

Male Newcomer
Peter Williams
Female Newcomer
Mel Gorman
Most Improved
Liam Duggan
Male Runner of the Year
Phil Hilsdon
Female Runner of the Year
Debbie McDermott
Veteran Runner of the Year
Peter Williams
Team Managers Award
Spencer Holland
Club Person of the Year
Ed Smith and Darren Mattocks
Champagne Moment
Nick Beckett and Phil Hilsdon

Prizes were given for the winners of each group in the Challenge.



Pictures of the event.



Nsrra Awards night

11th January 2019

A number of Harrier were presented with their awards :-

Phil Hilsdon 1st Male V40 category
Peter Williams 2nd Male Group F category and 3rd Male 65-69 category
Karen Murray 3rd Lady V50-54 category
Chris Skellern 3rd Lady V55-59 category
Justin Green 2nd Male V45-49 category
Also special mention for Mick Jones who picked up a Lifetime Achievement Award 🏆

A massive congratulations to you all.

New for October – “Thursday Social”

You are all invited to join us from 8pm @ Cricket Club, Riverway.

Following the normal Thursday night club run (with just enough time for a shower & change or pop home & back)

Rather than go home and cook the tea & watch the soaps or question time, come & join us for a quick drink & a chip butty!

Either post run or just pop in for a social and catch up !

A good chance to end the week and have a good catch up with fellow harriers.

All welcome (£2 each for food)


If popular, will be continued on a regular (last Thursday of the month) monthly basis.

Penkridge Pub Run x Pints

8th September 2018

A great event yesterday for the Harriers that braved the rain on the run to Penkridge to take part in a pub crawl. Here is the gang at the Moat House on a much needed pit stop on the way to Penkridge. Hopefully this will turn into a popular annual event for the Harriers!

Water station (first of many)


Here’s the harriers carb loading!


Awards night 2017

Friday 16th February 2018 @ Tillington Hall

Male Newcomer
Simon Bromley
Female Newcomer
Kim Walker
Most Improved
Jason Littlewood
Male Runner of the Year
Simon Bromley
Female Runner of the Year
Nia Nokes
Veteran Runner of the Year
Chris Skellern & Sarah Gray
Team Managers Award
Mel Deakin
Club Person of the Year
Ian Hodkinson
Champagne Moment
Rachel Marsden
Special Recognition
Brian Langston

Pictures of the event.




Saturday 13th May 2017

An evening at Monmore Green Stadium at the Dog Racing at Monmore Green.

Last time we went everyone had a fantastic time.

Coach to take the strain.

£21 per person (over 18’s only).

Price includes:-

Coach to venue, Admission, Race-card, food (Scampi,Chicken, Beefburger or Veggie Buger and chips), 2 drinks at the bar, 2 Forecst Tote bets, Jackpot tote bet.

Awards Night 2016

Friday 17th Feb 2017

The Harriers Annual dinner and Presentation evening took place in Tillington Hall.


Challenge Group Winners

Group 3rd 2nd 1st

6 Amanda Pearce Bill Whitworth Mick Jones

5 Amy Oliver Steve Turner Julie Nokes

4 Debbie McDermott Jane Bisiker Mel Deakin

3 Nia Nokes Craig Baxter Tracy Ridings

2 Mark Oliver Chris Skellern Chris Elsley

1 Ian Hodkinson Spencer Holland Robert Mottram-Jones


Newcomer – Male – Nick Beckett

Newcomer – Female – Jenni Beckett

Most Improved – Nia Nokes

Team Managers Award – Ian Hodkinson

Club Person of the Year – Colin Mitchell

Champagne Moment – Craig Baxter

Runner of the Year – Male – Phil Hilsdon & Ian Hodkinson

Runner of the Year – Female – Mel Deakin

Runner of the Year – Veteran – Robert Mottram-Jones


Award winners

People arriving for the event

Annual Awards Evening 2015


The annual awards evening was held at the White Eagle Club on Riverway.

Amongst the awards given out on the night were the awards that you the members voted for on line.

This was again very successful and the voting was as close as we have ever had. However the winners in the three Catagories that you voted for were


Male Runner of the Year Richard Rea

Lady Runner of the Year Michelle Rushton-Fox

Veteran Runner of the Year Chris Skellern


Other awards were as follows


Male newcomer Spencer Holland

Lady newcomer Mel Deakin

Most Improved Karen Murray

Manager’s Award Ian Hodkinson


Club Person of the Year Craig Baxter

Champagne Moment Holly Wright

Special Recognition Joe Atherton



2015 Challenge Group winners.


Group 1st 2nd 3rd
1 Ian Hodkinson Michelle Fox Phil Hilson
2 Jim Smith Darren Mattocks Chris Skellern
3 Chris Elsley Mark Oliver Graham Williams
4 Tracy Ridings Natalie Godfrey Dave Mantle
5 Jo Oliver Julie Nokes Debbie McDermott
6 Frank Evans Bill Whitworth Amanda Pearce


Annual Dinner and Presentations 2014


On Friday evening the Harriers Annual Dinner and Presentation evening took place at the White Eagle Club. Many of you voted online for our Runners of the Year, in fact we had a record number of votes cast this year.


Your winners were


Lady Runner of the Year. Michelle Rushton-Fox

Male Runner of the Year Phil Hilsdon

Veteran Runner of the Year Val Stuart


Other awards by the committee were


Most Improved runner of the year. Joint winnners Liz Stanyer and Rachel Davis

Male Newcomer of the year Michael Dobson

Female Newcomer of the Year Justine Hall

Team Managers Award Liz Stanyer

Club Person of the Year Tracey Jones

Champagne Moment Val Stuart


The awards were presented by Esther Batho.



The Annual Presentation evening on Friday 28th February was enjoyed by over 70 Harriers with a number of prizes being awarded to runners who had represented the club at numerous events over the last 12 months. Although the evening was dominated by the Adult runners, the Juniors also had received their awards prior to the event.



Junior Male Runner of the Year George Hodkinson

Junior Female Runner of the Year Amy Oliver

Most Improved Junior Runner Will Sammons


Individual Awards voted for online by the members were,

Male Runner of the Year Alan Griffin

Lady Runner of the Year Shelley Burns

Veteran Runner of the Year Val Stuart


Voted for by the committee were,

Most Improved Runner Gill Hodkinson

Male Newcomer of the Year Phil Hilsdon

Female Newcomer of the Year Julie Nokes

Team Managers’ Award Mark Bridgwood

Champagne Moment Chris Owen

Clubman of the Year Bill Whitworth


In the 2013 Harriers’ Challenge, there were 7 groups where runners competed at a range of distances and nominated races throughout the season, amassing points which determined their places within each group. Trophy winners were as follows

Winner 2nd Place 3rd Place

Group 1 Mark Bridgwood Nathan Sabin Phil Hilsdon

Group 2 Ian Hodkinson Alan Cook Chris Skellern

Group 3 Allan Griffin Adam Morris Michelle Fox and Tracey Jones

Group 4 Jim Smith Mark Oliver Angela Brookes

Group 5 Shelley Burns Gill Hodkinson Jane Bisiker

Group 6 Joanne Oliver Mike Moore Julie Nokes

Group 7 Chelsie Cook Stuart Fowlie Sara Broome



Friday 1/3/13


Congratulations to :-


Male Runner of the year — Nathan Sabin
Female runner of year —– Chris Skellern
Veteran Runner ————- Chris Skellern
Most improved ————– Joanne Oliver
Female Newcomer ———- Sandra Smith
Male Newcomer ————- Ian Hodkinson
Club Person of the year —- Dave Preece

Team Managers Award —– Sandra Smith

Special recognition awards – Pete Burns and Mick Jones.
Champagne Moment ——– The Harriers Bee Team, Holly Wright, Steph Clayton and Shelley Burns for dressing up as bees for the Katherine House 10k.


Not forgetting the winners of the Harrier Challenge 2012 :-


Group 8: Holly Wright, Val Stuart , Gael Earp

Group 7: Shelly Burns, Jo Oliver, Kellie Lee

Group 6: Bill Whitworth, Amy Wilshaw, George Singh

Group 5: Graham Williams, John Greatholder, Sandra Smith

Group 4: Ralph Wedlock, Craig Baxter, Mark Oliver

Group 3: Ian Hodkinson, Dave Payling, Richard Caley

Group 2: Darren Mattocks, Neil Martin, Steve Cooper

Group 1: Nathan Sabin, Mark Bridgewood, Ian Talbot





The Harriers had their normal Birthday get together in Penkridge on Saturday 10/11/12. This one was a bit special as one of our number had a special birthday to celebrate. Below is a link to photos of the night and see if you can guess who had the special birthday.


Penkridge Photos – Thanks (or not) to Caroline Nicol.


There does seem to be a lot of ‘redeye’ on the photos and I am not sure if this was the camera. It can’t have had anything to do with the amount of alcohol consumed can it?






Liz Stanyer must be congratulated for organising yet another great evening at the Dog Racing at Monmore Green on Saturday 19th May. Thirty odd Harriers made their way down to the dog track, and I do mean odd. Many of them had never been before and most hadn’t a clue how to read a race card never mind how to place a bet. However with two free drinks a meal and a couple of free bets everyone was soon in the swing of things.


Fourteen races all happening at 20-minute intervals it kept everyone on their toes and soon everyone one was shouting with delight or bemoaning the fact that their dog had been got at. Like the true athletes Harriers are, they were checking out which dog was having the nervous pee before the race and dashing off to back it.


There were winners and losers on the night but everyone agreed that it was a great social evening and could well become an annual event on the Harriers Social Calendar.


Below are some photo’s of the evening and you may spot a photo of a very smug Pete Burns who had just won £45 on a £2.50 bet. However he didn’t really have a clue what he had done and had to ask Frank Evans to explain it all to him.





A very successful Annual Dinner and Presentation evening at the White Eagle Club in Stafford.


The result of the online voting for the runners of the year was very well supported and also very conclusive.







Other awards were,

Lady Newcomer of the Year Amanda Pearce

Male Newcomer of the Year Matt Woodman

Most Improved Runner of the year Kirsty Stephenson

Team Managers Award Darren Mattocks

Club Person of the Year Jane Bisiker

Champagne Moment Sara Broomes’ Plaster Cast



Thanks Liz for the photo’s.



NSRRA presentation evening Jan 2012


As you can see, the Harriers managed to squeeze a few drinks into the proceedings and as usual were the last ones on the dance floor after all the other North Staffs clubs stamina had faded and wilted. So in our social, dancing and drinking capacity we were the undoubted NSRRA champions.

Prior to this were the presentations in which Stafford Harriers did rather well.

They are as follows

Karen D Murray 2nd Group W
Karen Murray 3rd Group W
Tracey Gee 3rd Lady Vet 40-44
Chris Skellern 1st Lady Vet 45-49
Karen Murray 3rd Lady vet 45-49
Karen D Murray 3rd Lady vet 50-54
James Thorpe 1st Group F
Eddie Smith 3rd Men 55-59
Mick Jones 3rd Men 65-69

Stuart Dunston trophy for best performance in group W at Clayton 10k Karen D Murray.

Well done to all the Harrier NSRRA runners as there are some pretty tough runs to conquer to complete your 12 races.


Report by Liz





What a night it was, it really was, what a night. The Dancing Queen celebrated her Birthday in some style with all her ‘A’ List celebrities. Abba, The Spice Girls, John& Yoko, Alice Cooper, Ozzy. Even Freddie Mercury and Amy Winehouse were there. Here is a note from Liz.


Dear all,

Thank you so very much to all the Harriers who contributed to my 40th birthday collection. I was truly speechless ( hard to believe I know ) at the generosity shown by you all. I loved the champagne flute and of course the Moet to go in it and I have read and laughed out loud at your comments in my card. I want to let you know that I will be spending the money on a much needed new pair of trainers. I also had a Pandora bracelet for my birthday and I will be buying a charm to go on the bracelet with the money. That will be my something to remember from you all.

Thank you so much to all who came to my party. It was great seeing you all and I absolutely loved some of the outfits. The Spice Girls have been talked about by everyone, and I still can’t believe the fabulous Ozzy who I truly didn’t recognise.

I wanted my 40th to be a whole lot of fun, and thanks to the Harriers it really was. I had such a blast and it was all I hoped it would be. I hope you all had fun too, and thanks once again to you all!

Liz x



Here are a few photo’s to be going on with. We hope to get more on the site soon.



While most Harriers where eating pasta and getting an early night on Saturday in preparation for the half marathon, the party people where out raising money for a good cause. Over a thousand pounds was raised and they are still counting up. A good night was had all round. Hopefully next year it won’t clash with the half marathon and more Harriers will get their posh frocks out for a good cause.

Jane Bisiker




The annual dinner and awards evening was held at the White Eagle Club on Friday 25th February.

We had very successful evening, so many thanks to Craig Baxter and all his helpers.



The three that were voted for online were.

Male Runner of the year Chris Owen

Lady Runner of the Year Liz Stanyer

Veteran Runner of the Year Chris Skellern


Other awards voted for by the committee or others were.

Male Newcomer of the year Steve Vaughan

Lady Newcomer of the Year Esther Hughes

Most Improved Runner of the Year James Thorpe

Team Managers Award Jenny Addison

Champagne Moment Winning Ladies Team in NSRRA

Club Person of the Year Jointly Eddie Smith and Tracey Gee


Here is a small collection of photos.







Here are some photos from Eddie Smith and I have more to follow from Liz Stanyer.. Awaiting report on all the prizes the Harriers won.



December 2010


We had very successful evening, so many thanks to Craig Baxter and all his helpers and elves. The venue was a great success as was the disco. There is no doubt that it was also helped by the great contribution of our very own master chef. I am sorry Nigela eat your heart out you will never match a Jackie Grant buffet. Many thanks Jackie (and Frank)


We also held the draw for the London Marathon places.

As a thank you for all he has done for the Harriers for so many years and also to enable him to complete his 100th marathon in London, members proposed that one place be given to our President Mike Jones. It was of course an unopposed proposal and we send our thanks and best wishes to Mike.


The rest of the club places went to, Karen D Murray, Bernard Wilkes, Liz Stanyer and Chris Owen. The reserve places went to 1st Kim Preece and 2nd Lisa Percox.


So now the serious training starts best of luck to you all and also to the all the supporters who need to start their training and the planning of their routes around the underground.





Liz, Caroline and Andy organised a night at the dog racing track for the Harriers.

The £15 Package included:

  • Admission
  • Race-card
  • Scampi, Chicken or Beefburger and Chips**
  • 2 Drinks from the bar
  • 2 Forecast tote bets
  • Jackpot tote bet

Transport to the event and back was from Stafford on a chartered coach.