Top Twenty Tips

  1. Enjoy your running – do not over do it
  2. Always warm up and stretch properly
  3. Dress appropriately – be seen be safe and keep warm
  4. Look after your shoes.
  5. Try to run with others – it helps motivation
  6. Join a local club or running group
  7. If you feel unwell, don’t run – wait until you feel better
  8. If you are injured see a physio or massage therapist – never ignore injuries they don’t just go away!
  9. A sports massage once every two weeks will help keep you in good physical order
  10. Use the help-line for advice ~that’s what it’s there for
  11. Drink lots of water
  12. Watch your diet
  13. Keep a record of your training – you can then see the progress you are making
  14. Your training schedule is designed to prepare you to run the marathon, so take it seriously but don’t push yourself too hard too soon
  15. Always warm up well before races and jog to cool down afterwards
  16. Always tell your partner where you are running and carry a coin for emergency phone calls
  17. Don’t forget the sections on stretching and mobility
  18. Take care in icy condition
  19. Run off road on grass or tracks whenever possible, it reduced the risks of impact injuries
  20. Get loads of sponsors to help you raise funds for your chosen charity.
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